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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
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Switch Progress Update!

Posted by Playtonic Games (Creator)
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Hello! Because it's been a little while since we last refreshed you on our progress, today we have an update on our efforts to complete Yooka-Laylee for Nintendo Switch.

The Playtonic team has been working tirelessly to bring Yooka-Laylee to Nintendo Switch and we're very nearly there (we promise!) However, we've encountered some final technical hurdles and had been waiting for the arrival of Unity 5.6 in order to fix them. Although this has now been released, it has unfortunately introduced other issues which we are working with Unity to resolve before we can submit to Nintendo and lock in our release timeline.

We understand the frustration that it's taken so long to get the game in your hands but we hope that you understand that we're working as fast as we can and want the game to perform as well as it possibly can on Switch. Once these remaining issues are resolved we hope to finally be able to commit to and share a launch date. Thanks as ever for your patience and please bear with us - we are getting there!

In the meantime, see this page for a sneak peak of how the lizard and bat are looking!

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    1. Jason Smith on

      I don't mind waiting for a quality product, but an update would be nice every month or so

    2. Missing avatar

      Piet Stokman on

      Nearly 2 months later.. STILL NOTHING!
      'Soon, soon, soon, very soon, soon soon, soon'...
      Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla...

    3. Niklas Hawener on

      And another month later – what's the status? Still working on "some final issues" to release "very soon"?

    4. Missing avatar

      Piet Stokman on

      Do you hear that?
      No, me neither. Total silence...

    5. Missing avatar

      Mr-Sven on

      At this point I don't even care.

      Killing the Wii U version killed my excitement for this game and the fact that there's still no Switch version hasn't allowed it to return. I would've waited for the Wii U version even if it was inferior graphically; seems like the situation isn't different either way.

    6. Jorge Hernandez

      I don't blame ya'll on problems porting the game, I know how difficult unity is because it is harder to work like unreal, and I know you try to apply the updates you make with the switch same as with other consoles. So I don't mind waiting a bit longer, and for everyone esle TAKE A GAME DESIGN CLASS I DARE YOU YOU WILL UNDERSTAND HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO GET ADJUSTED TO THAT STUFF.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian Peterson on

      For everyone defending playtonic. They are adults and can take and I am sure expect the criticism. We don't want them to release garbage, but we have a right to quest their decision since they have our money.

      1) The issue is this is an investment by us backers. The excuse that it is late and things come up does not cut it and certainly wouldn't fly to any other investors. Details detail details. We took a chance with you and deserve a bit more respect. This isn't a sony, microsoft, pc, versus nintendo thing here, it is a "you have my money where is my product" thing.

      2) Playtonic has continued to issue updates for other consoles, so how "hard" are they working on the switch version.

      3) A 2 second video of the game on switch doesn't give us the warm and fuzzies. How about a video update from playtonic that speaks to us kickstater investors about the switch progress?

    8. Missing avatar

      Rueckkoppler on

      1. The wait is terrible sucks for every Nintendo fan.
      2. BUT: There's logical reasons why we are in this situation.
      3. It's not because Playtonic don't care & hate us, they're working hard right now
      4. But they don't want give a date that they cannot promise, since they DON'T want to release a rushed port or hear your whining when they can't meet said date because of technical problems one can't foresee with the resources they have (Playtonic is not Ubisoft and not Nintendo).

      Whine when the port turns out to be terrible, but there's nothing else they could do right now other than working hard on this port and THEN give a reliable date.

      @Sven Schiefer: It's called ,,Setzen, sechs!" and is a very overused term mostly used by people who switch their minds off & go on an angry rant :)

    9. Sven Schiefer on

      So, after more than five month all we get is twelve seconds of the game and the message, that the game will be released...soon? Wow. And you think it is a good idea to release it around Mario Odyssey? Wow. I can't think of a better way to let the game fail. I thougt it would be the first game on my switch, now it looks like I'm going to play it somewhat 2018? No physical version? You really must hate Nintendo owners. I'm still looking foward to play the game, but the way you are doing it, here in germay we would say "sechs, setzen!".

    10. segagamer on

      I don't know why there's so much whining on here... People who purchase Nintendo hardware should be used to not being a priority. There are many other ways to play this game already and they will play better than the Switch ever will - play it on that instead.

    11. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      The divide is unbelievable here. You guys address each other as "entitled monsters who are incessantly whining." while praising Playtonic for about as bad of a non-update as it gets. Let's face it: Most of us fall under the camp of polite, but frustrated.

      The game looks fun, but Nintendo backers have been severely disrespected and left out to dry. It's been five months since other consoles' got their launch. Most of us backed it on Wii U. I'm sure many people jumped ship, but tons of us just followed with our support to Switch. Most people in this comment section (with a few exceptions) are not swearing at Playtonic or being unreasonable. All we want is some kind of actual update or bone thrown to us. Either of these things would make countless people content in waiting patiently for longer:

      -a direct response to "will we get a physical release?"
      -a release window time frame

      Every other console got a physical release, despite Nintendo having the majority of the backers and majority of the people that still collect physical games (and have a console with storage issues). But if it isn't happening, at least have the guts to come out and say it. All the ignoring and non-answers is what frustrates people the most. Similarly, I get that there may be things outside of your control that prevent you from giving you a release date, but just give us some idea. 2017? 2018? What are we looking at?

      I love you guys. You made my favorite series of all time in Banjo-Kazooie. Jet Force Gemini, etc. also rank among fond memories for me. I was infinitely excited for Yooka-Laylee. I convinced many of my friends to back it when it was announced. I talked about it to anyone that would listen. I've now seen them all play it on their physical copies with no idea when and if I'll get my own.

      For those of you angrily swearing at Playtonic, it solves nothing.
      For those of you making countless excuses for Playtonic, you're enabling.

      Am I being unreasonable or stating anything that isn't true? No. We are just asking for a little show of faith from you guys akin to the faith we showed in you when we backed the game. Commit to a physical release or tell us like men that we won't get it. Estimate a release window. Stop treating us like children. The witty dialogue in your updates that I used to look forward to is now becoming a cheap substitute for substantive information.

      Level with us. Help us help you. If you make good on your mistakes, I'm more than happy to back again. If you just keep stringing us along, put out a digital only release in mid 2018, without any kind of apology, I'm sad to say that you're going to lose many fans.

      Still wishing you the best and rooting for you guys, even if you're on thin ice.

    12. Sciaenops on

      I just wanted to take a moment and say that Yooka-Laylee was the final straw that made me go back to school and learn programming in hopes of making my own games. You guys made something magical, and I wanted to thank you all for that.

      But please take your time with the Switch port. Make it as beautiful and bugless as you can, so that when it releases we can all sit back and say "holy moly, this is spiffy!" I can't wait to experience the magic all over again! I've never given up hope in yall!

      I have, however, given up hope in my fellow backers. You guys have been acting like spoiled, entitled children ever since the game got funded. Either grow up or shut up.

    13. David Dimov on

      This is getting out of hand. I’ve waited so long for this and can’t play it cause of this delay. Seeing price drops for other versions is kind of a slap in the face. Playtonic should give all us switch version kick starters a free PC version to tide us over. I totally feel like I missed out on this game.

    14. Niklas Hawener on

      Come on guys – not even a timeframe? Are we talking 2017? 2018? Your updates on the Switch version are getting crappier and crappier. Hope the sequel is already funded, because you won't see a single Dollar from me on Kickstarter again.

    15. Nicolas Boa Fritz on

      I really would like to enjoy the game
      I chose back then to get it on PC but didn't know you'd release it on switch.

      I never got my PC key in the hope that I could have the switch version instead.



    16. Missing avatar

      Bryce on

      Good luck getting a refund. Apparently me consenting to a switch version when I was hopeful for a reasonably quick release (they wouldn't or couldn't specify a date) and then not receiving a game for 5 months doesn't entitle me to a refund and ending our business relationship in their eyes. Additionally I should apparently feel sorry because they're working on this to the detriment of other projects. My bad. I just assumed it was professional courtesy to deliver on a promise. Sounds like they'd benefit by having a publisher with clear expectations and deadlines for future funding since taking my hard earned money to fund them is such a damn inconvenience. I predict they'll dissolve before that or releasing a switch version happens. Hope of a refund then is abysmally low, but I do look forward to exploring our options with those similarly affected.

    17. Rakuraiji on

      My goodness -_- they sure gonna release this game close to Mario odyssey, wonder why it sells poorly and just blame the Switch for the lack of sales. Also it's far to late for most who where interested in this game, since, most certainly, they already have it on another console or PC.

    18. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      Interesting, strech goals such as PS4 and One got a shitty port from external company, Wii U was canceled, and no Stretch goal machine such as Switch get a direct port from you. Im glad I´m not wasting more money in Kickstarter since months ago

    19. Captain N on

      If there will be a physical copy with all patches pre-installed from the get go I will probably get the switch version as well :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Axel Aristud Ortega on

      Should have just kept it on Wii U like you guys promised. Far too late for this game to really make any big sales on the switch. Given how poorly it did on initial release. Still, would definitely be cool to see this game on the go. Maybe that alone might generate some buzz.

    21. Claudio Mengoli on

      I hope that you sell this Switch porting, like the other version at the same price.

    22. Missing avatar

      b2135 on

      no problem guys, I've waited this long so a few more months won't hurt ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      Jhon Montoya on

      Its cool im patient. Cant wait to finally play it with all those patches.

    24. Jacob A. McBride on

      Having issues? Why don't you just cancel it?

    25. kiwikenobi on

      I'm not in any rush because I'm still trying to find a Switch for retail price. Take all the time you need to fix the game up. ^o^;>

    26. Missing avatar

      Brian Peterson on

      What problem? I hear a little BS as you blame everyone but yourself. I get it that it takes time and I am on board with a delay for quality, but you never said what the problem was. Maybe better planning would have helped! It better not be for some "feature" no one will cares about.

    27. Philhouse

      Delays are unfortunate, but it's looking good and I'm looking forward to playing.

    28. Owen Swerkstrom on

      Looking forward to it. This year, do you think? Maybe? If it won't be ready for the holidays, will you release a racing adventure first? ;^)

    29. Missing avatar

      Brian Peterson on

      What problem? I hear a little BS as you blame everyone but yourself. I get it that it takes time and I am on board with a delay for quality, but you never said what the problem was. Maybe better planning would have helped! It better not be for some "feature" no one will cares about.

    30. ARM X Author on

      I appreciate the update and your continued hard work on the project. I can imagine how frustrating this is. I want to have a functional game above all else at this point, so no worries there.
      Speaking freely as a backer, I am still personally disappointed that it couldn’t come to Wii U, and the combination of delays for the Switch and the revelation that it is having problems being ported to the Switch (much like the Wii U), is kind of disheartening, making me wonder ever so slightly if it should have just been reworked for Wii U in general. (Probably not, however, considering retail viability.) Given the delay, like others, I would love to get a physical Switch copy, even perhaps for a very small, reasonable surcharge. It’s been tough seeing the game on store shelves and going on sale even, after investing in the Kickstarter. But I understand that these things happen and I have no ill will toward the process of it all. It’s just a sad feeling, is all.
      I wish you continued luck. I still very much appreciate the creative spirit of this endeavor. I feel a little bad for the team, though, that things couldn’t have come together smoother. I was really hoping this game could get an honest look from people, with all the improvements since its launch, on a Nintendo console before the launch of Super Mario Odyssey. Though, frankly, you should take heart. I haven’t heard it talked about much, but Odyssey is drawing big time from the legacy of Banjo-Kazooie with how it handles integrated worlds, NPCs, item gathering, and even to some extent transformations and aesthetic choices. You were way ahead of your time!

    31. Missing avatar

      Sylvia Rogers on

      Looking great ... thanks for all your hard work. I'd much rather have it right and wait a bit than have you rush it to completion and have it not be all it could be.

      Just one thought (in addition to agreeing with Meshal's comments below): is there any way that we would be able to get a hard copy of this game - or, at least, put all the information in one place so that when it's downloaded, the entire thing will be on an SD card? There is very little space on the Switch without the SD card, and to have to constrain the game to those specs would be a shame. Downloadable games are great in certain circumstances, but not all. Also, a hard copy would be a greatly appreciated "thank you for your patience".

    32. Meshal on

      Thank you for working so hard. I'm very much looking forward to the game and so is my brother. I understand you want the Switch version to be right so you can turn momentum around after the Playstation, Xbox, and PC debacle. All I ask is that you put your hearts into it.

      Also, as I'm sure you know, Super Mario Odyssey is right around the corner. If it happens to release around the same time Yooka-Laylee is going to be in trouble. If I were managing the product, to the dismay of my backers, I would postpone Yooka-Laylee until January. However, as a reward for those waiting, extra mini-games or sidequests could be added. It would give you more time to flesh out the game.

      Just a thought. Good luck with the release and I hope many more lovely games come from your studio. Don't let backers get you down!

    33. Kevin Hana on

      Looking great! I have the PS4 ver and am eager to play this on Switch as well! Frame rate seems good and stable so keep up the lovely work!

    34. Kosmo Kramer on

      Don’t sacrifice quality for speed, please!

    35. Justin Patterson on

      Hi Playtonic,

      What sort of issues are you encountering? I've been making games as an engineer with Unity3D for 6 years or so, so if I can help in any way for bouncing ideas around let me know!

    36. Cari "MiX" Garafalo on

      Thanks for working so hard, I wish I could lend a hand somehow. I really appreciate all the effort and am looking forward to playing it!

      I'm sorry to see the bits of negativity posted here, and understand where they're coming from, but having experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of working on games and massive projects in general, setbacks are always a given. It's difficult to bite one's tongue and remember to be compassionate, but it's often hard to have compassion without similar experiences of one's own to relate with. Please know that those of us who /can/ relate are rooting for you and are sympathetic. It's better to take your time to polish it than it is to release a flawed version! (Though, if some flaws are potentially useful or fun, like Sonic Boom's "Knuckles pause jumps" perhaps you might consider giving /optional/ patches after release? Pretty please? I think it would be a blast, hehe!)

    37. Brandon Baker on

      Is the switch version going to be physical, if i havent opened my ps4 copy yet, can i exchange for switch?

    38. Dunkare on

      Boo! But ok. I endured all my friends finishing the game in Steam and PS4 already and now theres Mario Odyssey coming soon. Guess I wont be playing Yooka anytime in the coming months now. But after all, I knew the risk when I chose the Switch version..

    39. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      I don't want a broken game, but it still has been almost 6 months since everybody except most of the backers got a broken version of Yooka-Laylee, despite that you PROMISED with a STRETCH GOAL all versions would release simultaneously.
      I've lost all interest in this game following your self-righteousness, lack of candid communication and complete betrayal of your backers. You should have just delayed all versions until the Switch version was ready, I mean the other versions weren't even ready when they released; you just got them kind of complete after updates last month. It's like you are trying to make the worst decision every chance you get. You could have been candid, honest and open that the game wasn't playable on any platform and delayed all releases into this summer/fall and then after some proper development time, you could have been candid about if there were any Switch issues and asked us if we'd accept the other platforms releasing early despite the stretch goal; but no, none of that happened, so the game got very critical reviews for being broken and unfinished and was received far more poorly than it could have been and your backers feel betrayed, undervalued and lied to.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kieran Fifield on

      Let's say, and I don't think that it's unrealistic, this comes out Q1 2018. If this is the case, the best thing a day 1 'Wii U' backer can hope for is that you release a physical copy and upgrade Switch backers for free. You can now buy physical copies of the PS4 and XBONE versions for literary a 3rd of what I paid to be an early days backer, and as of yet, still in limbo, despite having had an interest from day one. I know you guys are working hard on optimising the game and I genuinely do look forward to playing this on the go. I just hope my game calendar has space for this by the time it arrives....

    41. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Suys on

      Take your time, make it the best version of the game. Also, I am still hoping for a physical release though.

    42. Missing avatar

      Stephen O'Brien on

      Hooray.....too bad I've only a WiiU.

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Taibleson on

      Really appreciate the update. While many backers might be frustrated, I believe it’s only because having YL portable is a dream come true. Game development isn’t easy, it will be worth the wait <3

    44. Missing avatar

      Augusto Giovanni on

      When I put 49€ in it i thought it will release in Wii U. After the announcement for a Switch release i was like « hey, after all i will play it everywhere and that's great »... And in April it was released in all supports but the Switch was... delayed in an unindetermined date. So... i'm a little bit frustrated.
      However this seems to be great in the Switch, hope it will have no blocking bugs so we can enjoy it at 100 %.

    45. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Thanks for the update. I'm ok with that. Take your time. I prefere a polished Switch version.

    46. Andrew Voigt on

      I want the switch version but you didn't let me upgrade. Why are you updating me in it? Bad PR much?

    47. Nick Lessard on

      I can't pretend I haven't been a little disappointed in the wait for the chance to play the game on a Nintendo platform but I trust the team is doing everything they can to get the game out for us on Switch finally. It's been a messy process; starting (and cancelling) the Wii U version, moving development to a brand new console, and now trying to clean everything up in a new Unity version. I'm glad they haven't given up and am looking forward to finally playing through this game on my Switch!

    48. Missing avatar


      Just give me my goddamn refund for this POS game you wasted my money and time on!

    49. Missing avatar

      Rueckkoppler on

      Thanks for the info! Next time, I hope you consider using Unreal. Might work better & Nintendo supports it now with the Switch as well :)