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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
73,206 backers pledged £2,090,104 to help bring this project to life.

Important Update: Prepare Final Choices!

Posted by Playtonic Games (Creator)
Today we have a very important update on how console backers will soon be able to prepare their final platform choices for Yooka-Laylee, ahead of the game’s April 11 release.
Very soon we will unlock BackerKit surveys and allow you to make final adjustments to your game platform including Nintendo Switch, plus the opportunity to upgrade to a physical version for PS4 and XB1. Wii U backers affected by our recent announcement can also request a refund.

Thanks for your patience on this: we’ve been working very hard here at Playtonic not just to keep everyone as satisfied as we can, but to deliver the game you expect too.

First, an important reminder: Ahead of console surveys being unlocked (we will send another update to let you know when that happens), we encourage all Kickstarter backers to make sure they have access to their BackerKit account and contact BackerKit support to solve any issues. We’ve also prepared a detailed FAQ that should answer any questions you may have.

Digital console backers: Please note that if you choose to step up to a physical console version a £20 GBP upgrade cost will be required, which covers cost of goods, handling and shipping.

We continue to work closely with Nintendo on plans for a Nintendo Switch version of Yooka-Laylee and more details will be revealed in the future. We’d like to thank our many Nintendo fans for their continued patience and understanding while we form our plans: we hope to make your platform of choice a great place to experience Yooka-Laylee in the future!

Note: Upon release, the Switch version will be delivered to backers via digital game codes and thus no additional upgrade cost is required.

Forthcoming options depending on your current platform choice 

When we unlock your survey through BackerKit, Wii U backers will be able to do one of the following: 
- Change to a PC digital Steam version (and receive Toybox Plus on PC Steam to compensate for price difference) 
- Change to a digital console version (Xbox One, PS4 or Switch) 
- Upgrade to a physical console version (Xbox One or PS4 - £20 upgrade cost applies) 
- Request a refund 
 *Please note that all Wii U backers who don’t choose another platform will be defaulted to PC digital Steam 
When we unlock your survey through BackerKit, Xbox One & PS4 backers will be able to do one of the following: 
- Change to a PC digital Steam version (and receive Toybox Plus on PC Steam to compensate for price difference) 
- Change to a different digital console version (Xbox One, PS4 or Switch) 
- Upgrade to a physical console copy (Xbox One or PS4 - £20 upgrade cost applies) 
- If you’re happy with your original choice, do nothing at all! 

PC digital backers 
- Thank you for your support too. You don’t need to make any adjustments to your survey and will receive your pledges as planned. 

Huge thanks again to all backers for your patience and support as we work through the process of delivering many physical items, plus complex fulfillment plans, to ensure that everyone is as satisfied as possible with the game, on their platform of choice! 

Look out for another message soon alerting you to when your BackerKit survey is unlocked.   
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    1. James R Stabile on

      I wanted pc but never got my code. kinda pissed, wanted to play the game. now im getting screwed. glad i put money down 2 weeks into the kickstarter.

    2. Brett Sheffield on

      I want to change my PS4 digital to Switch digital. I only got the Switch a couple weeks ago and I didn't realize I would have it when I stayed with PS4.

    3. Richard Hare on

      I asked to changed my version to console from Steam but havent got a responce i havent been getting any email updates for project and havent been on here all that much to check

    4. Jeanelle Lane on

      I also would like to change my PC digital copy to a console version.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      I'd like to change my version of the game. Is it too late?

    6. Corey on

      I have a question for for backers who got the Wii U version. If the backer decides to op for the Nintendo switch version but doesn't get the system until many years later. Would their code they receive from Kickstarter expires?

      That's one of the main concerns I have at the moment. I don't want to get a Yooka laylee code for the switch and then find out that is got a x amount of time to redeem it before it expires.

    7. Ellen Hartwig on

      Multiple times over three months I've asked for support on my issue, and got no help. I've had to trawl and dig for answers to my questions to find that for some unknown reason, you won't allow Steam backers to change to console.

      Considering that this is just a digital download code, I can't imagine why you would allow all console backers to change their digital AND physical pledges, and box Steam backers in. We are still backers, and our money helped bring your project to life. In the time that we have been excitedly waiting for release, multiple new consoles have been released, changing the gaming landscape. I don't even have Steam installed anymore, and cannot fathom why you wouldn't want ALL your backers to experience the game in their chosen way!

      Changing to a PS4 digital code from a Steam code can't possibly be that difficult? I would appreciate some answers as I'm very frustrated that I will now not be able to nor interested in using my Steam copy, and will thereby be wasting money. I will now have to buy a consumer copy, losing all benefits of being a backer. VERY disappointed!

    8. Samson Wick on

      Just got the email about the surveys being unlocked, but noticed mine is still locked. After reading through the FAQ it looks like I needed to read between the lines to get an answer to the question you keep quietly ignoring. Those of us who backed the physical PC release back when that was the only physical option are apparently not going to be given the option to switch to a console version now that those are available physically. Between ignoring GOG users who would liked to have tried the ToyBox (well technically you did answer me personally with speciousness and condescension) and the oh-so-not-surprising about-face on physical console editions, I should have expected this. All I have to say is this game better be a-freakin'-mazing to offset your mishandling of the campaign. I get that you guys have to be careful to watch your bottom line and not overextend, but it doesn't look like you have made a single decision in favor of your customers or doing the right thing whenever you had as much as one iota at stake.

    9. Richard Courtenay on

      Would love to be able to
      a) Add a second copy on another platform
      b) Add a physical Switch copy

    10. Gallant Goon on

      ohhhhh i cant wait!!!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      KS Yap on

      Hi there. It would be great if you have an option for us to convert steam backers to console version. Just newly bought a console and would like to switch platform

    12. ??

      Will there be a physical retail release in the future for NS with all DLC pre-installed?

    13. Felipe Chavez on

      I do hope I can change my backer info, because I need to switch it from WiiU to something else.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tom Galbally on

      I too would like to change from Steam to physical PS4 version and I'm happy to pay the difference. My old gaming PC died & I now have a PS4 which is the only way I can play it.


    15. Matt 'Phisix' Owen on

      Pay £20 to upgrade.... or pay £30 for a second physical game..... Yeah I'll go for option 2

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam King on

      These options really need to be fixed. Don't force the people who made the game possible in the first place to get a refund just to get parity with those who didn't back the game at all.

      - Physical Switch version needs to be available
      - Toybox for consoles
      - Upgrade cost to physical less than buying the game outright

    17. John Parry on

      I've had to do what I suspected I was going to have to do to access Toybox for the PS4 version.

      I pre-ordered the game on Amazon, got the Toybox download code and cancelled the pre-order. It's ridiculous having to do it in this way and it wasn't something that I liked doing but it's been over six months since people were allowed to access Toybox on PC with no suggestion that it's ever going to happen on console.

    18. Missing avatar

      mark Andreasen on

      Regular people getting the game cheaper than its backers and no pat on the shoulders... Give some goodies, at least, for the backers...!?!?!?!Thanks for nothing. It's the last time I'm going to back these developers...

    19. ??

      @ARM X Author:

      1. DLC codes never expire on Wii U and 3DS.

      2. At the very least, the 1st set of DLC will be free for all backers (both digital and physical). I do not know about 2nd set of DLC and onwards being free for backers or not.

      3. I do not know.

    20. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      Backers who pledged £35 or higher already have the Enhanced Toybox+. I'm genuinely curious what sort of price difference compensation would be available for those, if they were to opt for a Steam version?

    21. ARM X Author on

      Some clarifications are needed:

      1.) Do the download codes have an expiration date? (As a Wii U backer, chances are I won't get the Switch in its first year. or even shortly thereafter. So that code would likely sit around for a while...)

      2.) Do the backer copies (digital or physical) get future DLC free?

      3.) Is there any possibility of a "physical" Switch release down the line? (If so, could backers choose that--with the surcharge noted for PS4/XBOX One--and wait for the eventual release?)

      Outside of that, I think it's a fair update. You've done what you could given the circumstances, tough as they may be. I'm still somewhat disappointed in how things ended up, but not as much as I could be. (The extra physical charge being more than retail stings a bit, but I understand that the logistics involved are affecting that; that's why knowing if additional content for backers is in play is important.) Regardless, I hope you'll be able to find success on Switch in the larger market. If you can get it out in stores before Mario, especially in the launch window, I think it could be a pretty big deal.

      ...If nothing else, the delay will give me time to try to finally 100% Banjo-Tooie on N64, which I've neglected for far too long. Without a doubt, members of your team made games that were way ahead of their time in scope, ambition, and gameplay. They still stand up today. Actually, in many respects, the achievements of your past games aren't being matched by the games of today. It may be a much longer wait now that the Wii U version was cancelled, but I'm looking forward to seeing how Yooka-Laylee turns out. All the best!

    22. Brandon Barlow

      Aren't backers supposed to get all future DLC free? That may help offset Amazon or Best Buy folks getting in at a lower price. Have they talked at all about that DLC mentioned in the $2M stretch goal?

    23. Rob Dukarski on

      I am a PC backer. Am I able to upgrade to a console platform? I was able to get a new Xbox One S as a gift from a friend for Christmas and would love to play Yooka-Laylee with it!!

    24. Murilo on

      I am a PC backer. Am I able to upgrade to a console platform? I am very interested on Nintendo Switch and I'd love to have it.

    25. Diddy on

      I'm backing with a PC BOXED DELUXE EDITION with the hope (from day one), to convert this physical PC version into a physical console (Wii U) version. As a physical version comes with the digital one and there is no digital Wii U version anymore, hopefully it will be possible to get the Switch version instead. And as a collector I very much hope that there will be a boxed Switch version I can turn my PC boxed version into it ...

    26. Brett Wilson on

      I'm with BSL and eddzdawg: I recently bought a PS4, and my PC is wearing down after many years of use, so I doubt it'll
      be able to handle the necessary peocessing power for this game now. Is there a way for PC choosers to switch to Console Physical/Digital at all? It'd be wonderful to have that living room experience like I did with BK and BT. Creating the option might be tricky during this challenging time (with the Switch news and all), but I know a few of us would be grateful to have the option :)

    27. Tyler on

      I selected the PS4 version and would appreciate if a release date for the Switch was announced before deciding between Switch and PS4.

      That being said, I think it is worth saying that Playtonic Games should be applauded for offering a refund to Wii U users. It is perfectly within the "right" as a Kickstarter campaign to say "choose a different version" and leave it at that. Bravo, Playtonic Games!

    28. Missing avatar

      ZeroStreamX010 on


      As mentioned from this update, and from their twitter, they said they'll unlock the backerkit survey again later on this week, so once they have done that, you'll be able to change the option. Then again, from this description, it's kind of vague whether you can change from PC to console or not.

    29. Missing avatar

      StarDust4Ever on

      Hi. I looked up my bavkerlit survey to check my reward option. I would like to change to Switch option as I already have a console on preorder but there is no option to chage my preference. I do not want a Steam code since I'm a console gamer.

    30. Seppo Seppälä

      Meanwhile I am super happy about the physical release, I am also scratching my head about the fact that regual buyers gets the game cheaper than the backers who made this game possible in the first place. I would be ok with the higher price if you guys would offer come backers' exclusive goodies inside the box, free/backers exclusive DLC for eg. or I dunno... something.

    31. Stephen Neyens on

      Will I be able to switch from PC digital to Switch digital?

    32. Missing avatar

      ryan calderbank on

      What happened to console backers receiving the toyboy? Is that still happening?

    33. Missing avatar

      Piet Stokman on

      Tick, tock, tick, tock.

      Another promise is about to be broken...

    34. Missing avatar

      David Austin on

      Are there plans for a Switch Physical version? I was hoping to upgrade to that - Just feels right having it on a Nintendo cartridge.

    35. Missing avatar

      Josep Ricard Zurita Nicolás on

      I also would like to change from the Steam version to a console digital version (ps4).

    36. Mohan Ram on

      I have already answered this way back in Aug 2015! I had chosen Wii U, since it won't be coming out for that system, I would like to change mine to Switch. But I can't see where to do that!

    37. Missing avatar

      William Melnyk on

      I will definitely be changing my Wii U backer kit to the Nintendo Switch. This game was always Nintendo only to me.

      I would love to get a Switch physical copy also.

      Is there any news on this, could I upgrade my backer kit to get a Nintendo Switch digital download code AND a Nintendo Switch physical copy? I know this would be more than the £20 but I really would like a digital and physical copy as I plan to do with all Switch games for convenience and a physical collection as the carts and cases look so damn awesome :-)

    38. Missing avatar

      lawrence on

      I'd really like to upgrade my pc digital to a switch digital but we don't seem to get that option. Any chance it could be added?

    39. Per Olav Kapstad on

      Would be great to know something about the Switch release date. Have backed the Wii U version and will probably get the Switch version either way (though i own a Xbox One). But some info regarding the release would be appreciated :)

    40. Zachary Klimek on

      I'm not sure that leaving my comment will make a difference on the matter considering several people have the same question, but just for good measure, can we switch our PC version to console (Nintendo Switch for me)?

    41. Tracey Craig

      Is it possible to add an extra digital copy when backerkit opens up? (PS4)

    42. Missing avatar

      Piet Stokman on

      We can't decide whether to switch or refund, without knowing the Switch version's release date.
      Plain & simple.


    43. Billy Young on

      £20 upgrade price plus my £15 pledge...£35? Or I can order from Amazon and get it for £27 as I'm a prime member? You seriously need to rethink the upgrade price...we backed this from the start...upgrade price should be no more than £10!

    44. ??

      Will NS port date be given before the survey at least?

    45. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      Ah yes, Toybox Plus on Steam to compensate the price difference. What if I already HAVE Toybox Plus on PC Steam because I originally backed in the tier that would get it in the first place?

    46. Shaun Brown on

      I pledged for a physical copy of the wii u version. Pretty upset the Switch version won't be boxed, do we get a discount or something?

      I'm a collector so having the successor to Banjo Kazooie on my shelf was pretty exiting.

    47. Die Antwoord on

      Are the physical rewards coming soon? I haven't read about those in a while.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mr-Sven on

      My only redemption for Yooka-Laylee was the idea that I'd have a physical Switch copy to sit on my *fucking* shelf for the next year until I can get my money together to afford the new system. Not only do I not have to worry about that, since it won't be happening (at least for the time being, digital only? Really? Thanks for the time crunch.) but now we see that even if it did happen, digital backers would've had to end up paying more for the physical copy of the game than someone who didn't even back the project to begin with. I know this isn't a "preorder service" but c'mon.

      @Jordan Robinson
      Oh piss off. I cared when the version I backed got cancelled. A lot of people did.

    49. MisterXYZ on

      So, still no way for PC backers to upgrade to the Toybox edition... I emailed you during the campaign multiple times and you never replied so I backed the wrong tier. Now I have to rebuy the game on Steam just to get something I should've had in the first place. Is there any way for me to request a refund (or possibly increase my backer tier, finally)?

    50. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      The main issue to me is we don't know anything extra about the Switch situation.

      They need to do an update saying where they are on the Switch version and an estimate for when it will be out.