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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
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Boxed Version Update!

Posted by Playtonic Games (Creator)

Greetings, backers and welcome to the sort-of-monthly Playtonic Labour Update, serving as both an insightful update on the progress of the Playtonic team, and a rare break for us from the punishing development mines (don’t worry: we’ll be pushed straight back down the dev shaft as soon as we’ve pressed the submit button).  


This month the Playtonic team exhibited at the EGX expo in Birmingham, where attendees were offered the opportunity to be the first members of the public (other than Kickstarter backers!) to sample a short demo of Yooka-Laylee. It was an excellent few days, topped by some humbling media coverage (BBC! Shortlist!) and best of all the lovely things visitors said about our game. 

In case you missed the hoo-ha, the brummy bash was also the platform for our latest Yooka-Laylee video, featuring a parade of major supporting characters and a very special guest… Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight! 

As our own Chris Sutherland explained, the guest appearance emerged from a mutual admiration between Playtonic and the Californian studio: "We've always been fans of Shovel Knight and thought it'd be great to have some guest star characters from the rest of the indie community. It's great for indies to be able to do that. There's no kind of big barrier, you don't have to go through seven levels of approval, you just go: yeah, we're going to do that." 

It was also very nice of Yacht Club to supply both the 3D model and voice of their titular warrior. You can look forward to meeting and assisting him in Yooka-Laylee early next year! You will have spotted all kinds of new and familiar characters in the same video – plus an aural glimpse of a new Grant Kirkhope tune – but be assured there’s still much, much more you don’t know about waiting to be discovered in the final game. 



With everyone safely back in their office chairs, development progresses unhindered on Yooka-Laylee. As we get closer to launch and our plans take final form, we’re finally able to clarify many of your most burning inquiries and requests. One such query we’re delighted to tackle today is the ever-booming call for a boxed version of Yooka-Laylee. Do we have plans for a boxed release? Today we can confirm that the answer is, yes! 

 We’re delighted to be able to offer Yooka-Laylee in both digital and boxed flavours in time for the game’s launch in Q1 2017. As we speak, our business badgers are busily burrowing away on an initiative that will allow Kickstarter backers to upgrade their digital pledge to a physical version, if they choose to do so. We’re not ready to share the exact details just yet, but very soon you should be able to stick your head in the badger hole and look for yourself. 


It wouldn’t be an update without a bit of housekeeping, and today’s involves Kickstarter Backer game credits. 

Kickstarter backers are reminded to please stick to the below guideless when providing your name for the Yooka-Laylee backer credits. Our credits overlords tell us they’re quite intimidated by the impending mandate to shift through 70,000 names, and would really appreciate it if you could triple-check that your supplied credits name falls in to the guidelines below to avoid your name not making the scratch. 

Backer credits guidelines: 

  •  Anything that is not identifiable or verifiable as a name or nickname risks not being included 
  • ASCII art and Unicode characters are not allowed 
  • Only the first line of text will be used 
  • Anything above the character limit will be cut off 
  • There should be no messages to Playtonic in the credits name field 
  • URLs and hashtags are not allowed

If you need to make changes to your backer credit, please visit Backer Kit and if necessary contact their support. 

 Thanks for your support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dante2k4 on

      So, I backed the physical version of this because I assumed it would be the only way to get it physically at the time. I'm fine with the price I paid, it's all a part of the way Kickstarter works, but I'm wondering if there's a way to get that switched to a PS4 version now instead of the PC version. My primary goal was to have a physical release of this game, but I'd MUCH rather have it for a console than my PC.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andreas Johansson on

      I would also like to upgrade to a physical Playstation 4 version, hopefully with support for the Playstation 4 Pro.

    3. Patrick Inglis on

      Desperate for an update.

      Requested a Wii U digital copy back when that was something people still used. Would really much prefer a physical PS4 copy

    4. Missing avatar


      Any update yet? I'm hoping to snag a PS4 physical ASAP DAY 1!

    5. Rob K on

      I would be interested in upgrading to a physical Wii U version as well. Any news?

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Hope we get some news on upgrading soon.

    7. Missing avatar

      StarDust4Ever on

      Also my username is "StarDust4Ever" if that's acceptable for backer credits. I don't know if the 15 Pound tier qualifies me for credits or not.

    8. Missing avatar

      StarDust4Ever on

      With Wii-U being in it's twilight years, is a physical Wii-U release still on the cards? I backed Wii-U digital as my platform of choice but would not mind upgrading to a boxed copy.

      Also with Switch around the corner, any chance this gets released for Switch as well? I may even buy it on both platforms. :D

    9. Martin . S on

      Would also be interested in switching to a physical version

      also any way to change the size of the shirts?
      I asked for an XL but have lost a fair amount of weight since then so would need an M right now

      thanks in advance


      Backerkit doesn't let you edit the name.

    11. Michel Morand on

      Any update on this ? It's been a while this came out... Thanks !

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Any update on when/how we can upgrade to the physical release?

    13. Missing avatar

      Josh Simmonds on

      I'd be interested in switching to a physical version! (Wii U.)

    14. Missing avatar

      Joe van Richter on

      A physical Switch version would be awesome. The Switch even supports Unity so porting wouldn't be that hard.

    15. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      I'd like to upgrade to Nintendo Switch retail!

    16. Missing avatar

      Trevor Goody on

      I'm definitely interested in converting my digital Wii U copy to physical.

    17. Missing avatar

      SIDSTART on

      I'm looking forward to be able to upgrade to a physical version!

    18. David Wayne Nichols Jr. on

      Strange. For some reason in the email version of this update, it spells Chris Sutherland's name as Christ Sutherland in the third paragraph. Oh well. All hail our one true savior Christ Sutherland, as he explains all!

    19. ShadwSonic on

      There are some things I'd like to have confirmed before I choose to upgrade to boxed:

      1. Will this change when I receive it? I'm planning on a day one LP, so I need it as early as possible.

      2. How much data will this game take? The more GB it eats, the more likely I'd want it physically to save space.

      3. Will this cost more than my current pledge, and by how much? I expect this one, at least, will be answered when the full details are revealed.

      Without those pieces of knowledge, I cannot make an informed decision.

    20. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      Since you've got a boxed version for PC, I take it this is a boxed version for console. That's why I backed a boxed version as I want a physical version.

    21. Missing avatar

      Joshua Koerner on

      How do I change my name in the special thanks?
      There isn't an option as far as I can see when I go to change it on BackerKit.

    22. Shaun Brown on

      "Do we have plans for a boxed release?"
      I backed the "Physical Release" tier, so I assumed this was already confirmed...

      "Anything that is not identifiable or verifiable as a name or nickname risks not being included "
      Could you clear up what this means exactly?
      Are nicknames allowed or not? My nickname is my identity online so I'd like to keep it if possible.


    23. Missing avatar

      Matthew Philpott on

      @David, I have this also so I guess that's just a consequence of the formatting?

    24. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Cesari on

      Wow I'm really looking forward to this!!! Playtonic Games.. You're doing wonderful, amazing things (like resurrecting my childhood).

    25. Kevin Kenel on

      I'm just curious if we can switch from PC physical to console physical. If not that's alright.

    26. Chris Bingham on

      Is it possible to change my Digital Copy into a Physical Copy?
      I would really love a Physical Wii U Copy of Yooka-Laylee :)

    27. Tony Stark on

      Thanks for this! Can't wait.

    28. Missing avatar

      David on

      My name in the survey appears as "Your Name: XXXX XXXX", the x's being my name.

      Does somebody know if the "Your Name:" part is supposed to be there? Perhaps I forgot to erase that when I originally filled the survey?

    29. Miguel Vallés on

      This is amazing! That's incredible news guys, thanks a lot.

    30. Missing avatar

      BenjyMLewis on

      If we can upgrade to get the physical version, can we also upgrade to be eligible for the Toybox if we're not already?

    31. Brian Holme on

      Got to play the demo level at Twitch Con this weekend was really fun

    32. TheSpeedyMouse on

      When we can update to physical please tell us! :D Also I think it was two updates ago where in the comments I asked why the snow world's transformation is a tractor... I am so stupid! It is a snow plow and it is awesome. ;) Anyways for my name in the credits I had my name with TheSpeedyMouse as a nickname in the middle, like the Banjo-Kazooie credits. Is that okay?

    33. Missing avatar

      Terry on

      I got the pc boxed deluxe version already..... what is this going to mean for me?

    34. John McMillen

      They don't have time to check everyone's name themselves. It's up to YOU to go to Backerkit and click the link under 'Pledge Level' to see if your name doesn't violate any of the rules.

    35. Cats777

      Is the name I put OK? Thanks.

    36. John McMillen

      ATTENTION.... when you are on the backer kit page, click the link under pledge level to see what you typed in.

    37. Missing avatar

      Joe van Richter on

      Thats awesome, now we just need an amiibo and a NX Version ;-P

    38. Jacob A. McBride on

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart Playtonic!!!!!!! I'll take one boxed copy for the Wii U :-D

    39. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Yeah so can I change my PC boxed deluxe to Wii U?

    40. Joe El-Diablo Forster on

      will the physical copies be able to be preordered on amazon etc outside of kickstarter? i want to keep my wii u digital reward but im planning on getting the ps4 version too and would prefer it digital. and the team 17 ps4/xone versions have differences to the pc/wii u?

    41. giga-ganon on

      So what's the difference with the deluxe boxed version?

    42. Kevin McKenna on

      Can't wait to be able to upgrade to a physical version!

    43. Ember Melodica on

      Seems a lot of people are having difficulty verifying their name. I am also having trouble.

    44. Missing avatar

      Nick Malthouse on

      What do you mean only the first line of text will be used? when I view my name on backer kit it puts it across 2 lines because of its length, but its still way under 40 characters, is that what you guys are talking about?

    45. Philip Henry Bamford Lane on

      How do i upgrade to the boxed version and is my name too long.

    46. Fabiano 'Kavis' Pires on

      I can't see where to check how I wrote my name. When going to they only ask for my email for the survey, and after getting the link in the email there's no way to edit anything only "Reward and Add-ons are locked". I want a boxed version instead of a digital one =(

    47. Philip Henry Bamford Lane on

      How do i upgrade to the boxed version and is my name too long.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jessica Chandler on

      Oh. my. GOSH.

      Physical Yooka Laylee?? As in... something I can HOLD? Oh.. my god.

      I think someone will need to hold me with this news. I can't wait.

    49. Kris Will Ritchie on

      IT says 'Reward and Add-ons are locked" via backerkit and I cannot change my name. Any aid in how to change the credits name? My father who recently passed was a big Rare fan and I wanted to change my name to his!

    50. Missing avatar

      Ignatius Chibitty on

      Hey all! Thanks so much again for making this game. The thought of playing this game some time down the line is making me giddy! I saw that in your latest update you were offering a physical boxed version. I was wondering how I can go about changing the reward on my pledge from a digital copy to a physical one. I hope you can let me know. Thanks again.