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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
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64-Bit Edition in the Wild!

Posted by Playtonic Games (Creator)

Straight off the factory conveyor belt, it's the first Yooka-Laylee 64-Bit Edition!

In case you're puzzled as to why we're making games for a near-20-year-old games console, the Kickstarter-exclusive cartridge package is actually a limited edition flash drive (we have enough frame rate problems as it is, thanks).

The retro-themed edition comes complete with classic box, signed manual (illustrated by the legendary Wil Overton), digital copy of the game, CD soundtrack, art book and of course the aforementioned physical game thing with built-in flash drive. 

If you managed to snap one of these up, then no doubt you'll be very happy indeed. You lucky thing.


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    1. Taylor Neil Waddell on

      I had pledged for one until I realized it wasn't an actual game, I'm so happy I caught my mistake. $500 for a flashdrive and a box? No thanks

    2. Joe Oliveira on

      NO THANKS on the $500. I almost died.

    3. Frank Li on

      Any updates on that Toybox?

    4. Missing avatar

      Darque on

      This is amazing. I so want it I'll keep it treasured

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Egger on

      "Can't afford to spend 535 US dollars for a N64 game."
      If you read the full caption, it is not a real N64 game. It is just a retro style "box" for a limited edition USB flash drive. The bottom of the "box" is most likely cut to fit into a real N64. That is why it sits so well in the N64. The graphics and game play will be too much for the poor old N64 plus it would cost too much to make the real cartridge as no one is manufacturing the boards for them any more.

    6. KomaruTheHylian64 on

      These were like 500 hundred right? yea, no fair lol
      only 17 here!

    7. Wolfman

      That is super cool! I still have an N64 and would love to add this game to my collection.

      It's just too bad that the N64 Cart retro edition is only available at the high end of the backer levels. Can't afford to spend 535 US dollars for a N64 game.

    8. Michael Miller on

      @Matthew Brennan That was actually one of the stretch goals (which they met). Can't wait to see that!

    9. Welder Jonathan Cruz on

      Is it possible to run this cartridge on my Nintendo 64?

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Brennan on

      What would be really cool and nostalgically awesome would be a 64-bit shader option to give the graphics a Nintendo 64 game visual vibe. Maybe accompanied by the soundtrack playing as a MIDI score. Just for fun, but this game is going to look and sound amazing anyway. :P

    11. Mikey on

      Happy i got one of these! So pumped

      Would it be pal/ntsc or region free?

    12. Missing avatar

      JON LINDSAY on

      It's hard to imagine but at one point load screens were almost non existent even for open world games.

    13. Ricky Johnson on

      T_T I wish I was getting one of those

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean Machan on

      I'm still not sure how this does it plug in the computer? What happens when you do put it in a N64 and turn it on? How many licks does it take to get to the center?!?

    15. Caleb Child on

      I just nerded my pants when I saw that picture.

    16. Zombie_Socks_96

      Why oh why did I back out of my N64 pledge. :/crai

    17. Missing avatar

      Adam J. on

      Dat carpet!!!!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      I would by the N64version if it existed.

    19. Missing avatar

      Frank Thames

      Wait, so the game is finished? Did I miss an update?

    20. Maicon Hieronymus on

      @Jorge Hernandez:
      It is a flash drive. So it won't work with the N64.

    21. Jorge Hernandez

      Does it actually work on an N64?

    22. Chub (The Stub and Chub Show) on

      Glad I pledged a big pay check for this. I will have mines in mint collector's edition.

    23. Carlo Di Donna on

      @ Sebastian A. Feola Lonzarich

      Sorry to say, its too late to get one now, they were only available during the kick starter campaign

    24. Carlo Di Donna on

      Luck, had nothing to do with it XD

      well ok.. maybe a little :P

    25. Missing avatar

      John Steinmeyer on

      It looks awesome guys, I can't wait!

    26. Missing avatar

      oliver clark on

      Im Sooooo Glad I Got One, it was a pricy pledge but it is all worth it in the end.

      (sits and waits by the door for the box to arrive) :3

    27. Rex705 on

      I got one of these I am so happy :)

    28. Eblo on

      Any updates on the Toybox experience?

    29. Luis Rodrigoandrés Morales on

      The cartridge looks pretty clean and without scratches If this are made from real disposes N64 cartridges beats me but they look amazing!

      Wishing I was able to pledge higher!

    30. David V. Kimball on

      WHAT I WANT THIS. I would actually play it on my N64.

    31. Felipe Chavez on

      This is why I wish I still had my N64. �� ..I want one.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      That was one of the heaviest clicks I've ever made but I'm so glad I did!

    33. Alex Trautman on

      So are these Superman 64 cartridges that you are clearing to make these drives?

    34. Sebastian A. Feola Lonzarich on

      I WANT THIS!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!! Where's the option to buy one???????? PLEASE!!!!

    35. Alex Grave

      I wanted one soooo, but the cartridge pledge was waaaay over my budget limit T-T curse me for not having a job...

      Btw, it that the actual game in 64 bit running off an N64, or is it just for decoration?

    36. Kris Dalman on

      Now if only it actually played the game on the N64 would it be truly awesome.

    37. Missing avatar

      Leo C. on

      "(we have enough frame rate problems as it is, thanks)."



      (i'm so hyped for this game)

    38. Phillip Pether on

      That N64 looks like it's seen better days! The cartridge looks awesome though. =D

      I'm curious what's on the flash drive though. Any special secret things we can see in it?

    39. Missing avatar

      Miles Targosz on

      Oh my god, IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I wonder what this game would look like 64-bit?

    40. Missing avatar

      Andrea on

      Frame rate problems? Please don't let this be a game playable only on 500€ GPUs...

    41. Aerokii on

      Looks great! Those who were able to afford this are pretty lucky- and I'm pretty jealous!

    42. Matt Prince on

      I can't wait to receive mine!! :D

    43. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      That's so cool. I wish I could have gotten that :(