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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
73,206 backers pledged £2,090,104 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Darmin Hadzic on

      I'll trust you guys on this, but Team17 hasn't exactly been the greatest group in recent years.

    2. Missing avatar

      David Jasinski on

      You know, I have a big soft spot for Team17 from their days of yore and I'm sure they'll be an adequate asset to you in the business and management aspect of things, but their QA history in recent years is the absolute last thing you should be lauding as an upside. Seriously, they couldn't find a bug in a featureless white box with an army of anteaters.

    3. Disco Dinosaur 64 on

      As long as the game remains faithful to the classic style of Banjo i'm fine with this ^^

    4. Spencer Venkus on

      Now that the Paypal is over, will you provide an update that gives the total raised with Kickstarter + Pay Pal?

    5. Geir Eivind Mork on

      I was a Team 17 fan in my amiga days, I'm still one today. Can't complain about this :)

    6. Missing avatar

      JON LINDSAY on

      I echo the sentiments below. I really appreciate the transparency and the team's commitment to delivering a solid game, especially because this is Playtonic's PREMIER title, so it an important one. The more laser focused you lot can be, the better.

    7. ARM X Author on

      Great news! I appreciate the transparency and the way you have stuck to your promises. Please continue to pursue your vision for Yooka-Laylee to the fullest.

    8. Vince Vazquez

      Bravo! What a fantastic partner for you guys! When I think of notable UK gaming entities, the WORMS developer/publisher definitely is near the top of the list. And their quirky and fun games is a beautiful match for Yooka Laylee! I'm glad you guys are working together and that the Playtonic Team now has someone to handle some stuff so they can just focus on making a great game.

      Talented game creators should have some security; they should have a publisher that has their back. Bouncing from crowd-funding to crowd-funding ALONE for a budget is too risky for veterans who are guaranteed to deliver a fantastic game -- it's the equivalent of living check-to-check. You guys deserved better, and I'm super happy to see that Team17 agreed. Awesome job, both of you! \(^-^)/

    9. Jason DeSante on

      honestly I'll do as much playtesting as you want for free. I'll do sound design help and mixing. whatever you need that the other guys find too time consuming. Seriously you can find help to make things work. Just please don't use a company with a reputation that inside Loggo.

    10. Jason DeSante on

      its funny to see so many comments talking about a physical copy. how about a game? yea that's cool. I don't want a box I want a game. All this talk and effort about a box. How useless! Seriously, how useless all this useless talk is! Just like deciding to partner with a company with a horrible reputation because they gave you personal compliments and backed the game and live close to you. So what if you can have a beer with them. Don't make art with them if they are bad artists. They're sharks and smell the money. When the money is gone they will be gone too. I'm not a Team 17 fan and never was, it's just funny when I meet people that have been fans of Team 17 for a very long time, and have nothing but bad things to say about Team 17, yet they still won't shut up about team 17. They talk about how Team 17 hasn't made a good game in a decade, and how they hate all their most recent games, and how they've played all their most recent games. I think these people are stupid and crazy and I'm not really friends with anyone who likes Team 17 games, because I found them stupid for other reasons and eventually stopped talking to them.

      That said, wtf.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Iván Ramos
      Please, don't assume I didn't read just because you missed the point I was making (probaly my fault).
      I read it.
      That post was a PR/Marketing post, a press release if you will. It's made to make both part in a agreement looking good. It doesn't always end like it was explained or they later find a way to circumvent what they said before. That's why I'm asking to be more specific.

      I beg to differ. Team 17 WAS a great company. That happened many years ago. Who doesn't love Worms? But that cannot be a free pass for all that happened later. So a promising company with a promising game is now partner with a not anymore good company, I don't see how that could be a good news. I read the post and while they say that they'll help only with localization, we cannot be sure. As long as money are involved, crowdfunding project demostrated that there's often some change that doesn't benefit the backers or the project but a partner added later in the process.

      It's also rude to assume that I'm blindly posting a negative comment. I read it and I'm asking for more information, as the one provided are non enough.

      @Anthony Vaughn and @Renabu
      Read it. Didn't you?
      Team 17 was often criticized for the lack of testing of their games. Knowing that they are now responsible for the QA testing is alarming at least.
      I agree that Playtonic still control its own rights, but there are many other ways to screw up a project. Also, we are not sure if Team 17 at some point won't suggest/push a decision that will ruin it. For instance, retailers and distributors had, in the past, bring up drm on physical copy where they were not intended to be. A steam copy for physical release while a drm free was provided digitally, happened with Broken Sword 5 for instance due to their shady distributor. They had to resend the game disc with a drm-free copy to all the backers later at their expense.
      I also don't know if the game will be regionally priced, but with a partner distributor like Team 17 it is likely to happen.

      I agree with @Sir Steel, @GoneJackalsLegacy, @cikame, @Polyjester

      Team 17 wasn't able to produce a decent game in years, focusing on milking their ip and selling due to the reputation they earned in the past. You can understand a failure, but we see a pattern here and it seem it won't change soon. They managed to ruin even a simply enhancement of one of their old game.
      But that's not the main issue. They proved they didn't care as they always find a way to push an anticonsumer choice using marketing and false promises. I really don't think it's good to let them do the marketing for Yooka-Laylee, it would be the same as just saying "the game won't be good but it will sell".

      In the end it also make me question Playtonic. How can no be aware of Team 17 as they are now? It shows that they hadn't followed what happened in the industry in years. So how can they make good choice about the game in the first place?
      See, partnership with a bad company make you also questionable.

      Please understand that most of the critics here are not out of thin hair, there are good reasons. It also means that those backers care.

    12. Polyjester on

      Team 17 inexplicably fucked up the HD remake of their own flagship series with a subpar version of Worms World Party. An HD remake of World Party should've been the simplest thing to not screw up, but they found a way to do so anyways, and consumers raised a shitstorm about it. Go ahead and look at its comments on Steam if you don't believe me.

      Now, I don't know whether that means anything with regards to bug testing for Y-L, but I'm still more than a little wary as a result, and understand why other people are freaking the hell out about this. I've always loved Worms, but I don't know if the Team 17 I loved back then is the same Team 17 that exists now. Please don't ignore the 'haters,' we have genuine reason to be concerned about this decision, and we only want what's best for Yooka-Laylee.

    13. SweetTaLe on

      Sounds like the possibility for a physical copy of this game exists, and that makes me happy. Great to hear you guys found help either way, I hope the game is coming along smoothly.

    14. Jason DeSante on

      It was sad when Rare was bought by Microsoft and I was 9 years old when I heard that news. It's just as obvious then as this is now.

      What is up with these people making greedy decisions and not noticing how much they are going to get screwed in the future?

      I now know that it's most likely because you spend so much time actually making games. It's similar to musicians who lose track of reality because they spend too much time playing music and then they have extremely uninformed opinions about the way the music industry works because they were too busy actually making music.

      Its just sad. We don't want you to get screwed, but you're willingly walking into a situation where you will get screwed. Why do you want to get screwed so much? Just use a buttplug for now or something.

    15. Jason DeSante on

      just sell the company to microsoft right now and give up. team 17 have a reputation for being really bad, so you partner with them because they gave you personal compliments?

      seriously fuck off with your stupid bullshit. Just admit it you all haven't paid attention to gaming in a long time and had no idea how disrespectful team 17 have been to their customers. You had no clue they've been putting out shit game after shit game.

      Now make another post saying you're sorry, and will have higher standards.

    16. Jasae Bushae on

      People are freaking out way to easily. ^^;
      This simply means that the developers don't also have to distribute. It doesn't mean their replacing the creative team and dropping quality. XD
      There is a difference between developers and distributors!

    17. Renabu on

      Whoever is freaking out, have they not read the specific parts saying "QA testing and certification, etc." Basically saying no hand in development other than "Does this have bugs?"

    18. Jason DeSante on

      why didn't you let Microsoft buy Playtonic, you fucking sellouts! Team 17 are you serious? Why did you do this?!?!?!?!?

    19. Jason DeSante on

      I hope you let people that want refunds to get offered refunds, because I know that a lot of people will want to get refunds now that you announced you've partnered with a publisher, something you said you wouldn't do, and that the publisher is Team 17.

      We backed you on Kickstarter so you can make an awesome game, not so you can shit down our throats.

    20. Jason DeSante on

      NO no no no no I don't like this.

      Did you partner with Team 17 so you now have an excuse to make a horrible game?

      Seriously why did you do this?

    21. Missing avatar

      cikame on

      Be wary especially on the Q&A side, this is just an outside opinion of course but Team17 games have been iffy for quite a long time.

    22. Ostler5000 on

      I sure hope having some of their team involved with Yooka-Laylee won't interfere with Team 17's usual schedule of releasing 5 new Worms games every week.

    23. Daniel Rodriguez on

      Congrats on the publishing deal!

      And just a note I would be greatly interested in a Physical release on Xbox One.

    24. Andrew-David

      Congratulations! Although I do agree with @GoneJackalsLegacy's comment. Keep an eye on them, don't lose track of your original vision and goals! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Retour2Kick on

      Team 17 isn't what it used to be...

      Be wary of them, they haven't made a decent Worms for a good decade: Worms Armageddon (1999) remains the best by far, while Worms 4 Mayhem was only 'okay' (2005).

      Everyone who worked there in the last 5 years reported really awful upper management, undermining all the efforts of the actual developers. And since you contracted them for marketing, be aware that their marketing department is completely out of touch with the current market and regularly fails to identify the actual target audience of their product.

      I really hope you'll keep an eye on them - no matter how nice are some of the *people* there, the company itself is clearly subpar and you shouldn't trust it blindly.

    26. Emmanuel Alvarez on

      Fantastic news! Thanks a lot for the update, Guys! ;)

    27. Ryan J Porava on

      Please release physical copies of this game. I am very excited about this release, but I abhor digital only releases.

    28. Diddy on

      I'm still dreaming that there will be a pyhsical Wii U version in my shelf once a (publishing) partner pops up that supports your vision & mission. That might be Team17 as well - who knows.

      To live the dream of getting a physical console edition, I pledged for the "PC Boxed Deluxe Edition" and have high hopes that this package will be magically transformed into a "Console Boxed Deluxe Edition" one day - knowing the fact that a physical console version is more costly than PC & therefore willing to pay the additional costs. Although you mentioned that a pyhsical edition for consoles are not on your roadmap, I'm still sticking to my pledge level because I love your work you have done for my beloved SNES and N64 console so much.

      Who of my fellow backers do dream the same dream I'm dreaming?

    29. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Steel on

      Oh also, although I compare their newer games to Worms World Party I will admit that Worms World Party and Worms World Party Remastered pale significantly in comparison to Worms Armageddon (1997 I think?) in terms of everything and Worms 2 (1995 I think) in regards to customization.

    30. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Steel on

      Although you claim that Team17 won't impact development, I can't help but feel disappointing in your choice primarily because Team17 has failed to produce a decent Worms game since Worms World Party back in early 2000 (I haven't tested their remakes of Alien Breed).

      Every new Worms game since Worms World Party is just bad, it plays poorly, has dumb physics, poor collision masks, terrible user interfaces, abysmal levels of customization, bland graphics with horrific blurred backgrounds that hurt to look at etc.

      And most importantly, from a tactical game point of view, every action in their new games don't have predictable behaviour/outcomes.

      Their new Worms games since Worms World Party are also exceedingly buggy and perform terribly so I don't have much hope that they'll provide any Quality Assurance that can actually assure the quality of a product. So I hope you (The devs) will test your product alongside them and not make them exclusively test it for you.

    31. Matthew DeAngelis on

      Thought u guys were gonna have a third party company publish Yooka Laylee but team 17 should do.

    32. Lino on

      Now you guys HAVE to sneak in a Worms reference somewhere. ;)
      Glad to know you've got backup for the boring not-making-the-actual-game stuff. Ignore the whines, they just never bothered to read. :P

      @James: For you, this news affects nothing, you're still getting your physical copy. It won't arrive on launch day though (and that was never promised).
      They've been clear since the start, they WON'T DO physical RETAIL releases anytime soon because that means finishing the game in advance of the launch date, which means less development time. After the game is launched, THEN they can do physical releases as it won't affect development time.

    33. Missing avatar

      Anthony Vaughn on

      @Michele Did you not read the whole thing? Team 17 will handle "localization, QA testing, certification and store management", and that Playtonic still owns full rights and creative freedom to the game. Team 17 will have no say in how the game is actually made beyond helping to squash bugs.

    34. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      That's ok, just don't go full Inafune on us.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Also @Michele read the whole post before blindly posting a negative comment.

      And @James if you pledged for a physical release, you're getting one. It's just they're not making physical releases for retail, only for backers.

    36. Vryl

      @Jon - so long as Laylee doesn't carry a bazooka with shots that are affected by the wind as a replacement for Kazooie's eggs.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Team 17 is a great company that makes extremely underrated remakes of their flagship game. They're creative, have limitless replay value with friends, and are overall fun games. Not to mention they're only helping with the localization stuff. I think it's a great partnership of two great classic video game companies.

    38. Kye King on

      Keep up the good work�����������������������������������������������������������������������

    39. Jon M on

      If there isn't a worms joke/reference somewhere in the game as a result of this partnership, I'm going to be greatly disappointed! :)

    40. djnforce9 on

      Awesome move bringing Team 17 aboard. They have proven to be highly creative when it comes to weapon design in their Worms series; I hope to see that applied to "Yooka-Laylee" as well.

    41. Missing avatar

      Iván Ramos on

      Team 17 will always have a place in my heart after the Worms games. And now that they're dedicated to publishing, I'm glad they're doing it this way, and partnering with such respected developers. Cheers to all!

    42. Missing avatar

      Iván Ramos on

      Michele, this entire post was dedicated to explaining what Team 17 will be doing for the development of Yooka-Laylee. Please read it in full.

    43. Elsdrake on

      team 17, that sounds familiar, let me google it ONLY SHIT WORMS...ohhhh now things will get interesting...and thats a good thing

    44. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      This news sounds terrible and I'm a bit concerned.
      I want to be reassured that Team 17 won't have a say in the development.
      As you may know Team 17 has an history in screwing up its customers with anticonsumer practice, unfinished product, lack of testing and milking ip. They also seems to not be able to develop good games anymore but they also seems to not be bothered and released them again. They indeed are good at making the most of releasing a game, even if it is not worth it, that's why I'm concerned. If your plan is to produce and half-backed games, promoting it with all your strength and then don't care about your customers, then maybe Team 17 is a good choice.

      Can you disclose (you have to actually) a little to what extend Team 17 will interact with you and the developement of Yooka-Laylee.

    45. Missing avatar

      James on

      Why the hell did I spend the extra money for a Physical copy then, if there are no plans to release it??

    46. Zan Knox on

      Wow, They sound like a really good group of people to work with, not to mention that some of them have backed this project up personal. How did you guys found that out? That must of been a bit of a surprise and shock for you guys when you heard that bit of news.

    47. O.F. on

      I think I trust the "Worms" people, they feel like a good match for ex-Rare Devs, and +1000 for a Worms Cameo !
      Also, I really hope You'll look into physical release for consoles, I'd definitely "buy" the game a second time to have a boxed WiiU version.

      Keep up the good work Pla(y)tonic people !

    48. Alex Brailsford on

      That's awesome guys!!!!

    49. Fruits on

      Hope physical console releases be part of this later on.