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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
73,206 backers pledged £2,090,104 to help bring this project to life.

£2 Million Reached! You did it!

Posted by Playtonic Games (Creator)

Even through the swirling fog of E3 media war, with just 13 hours to go you dug deep into your pockets, purses and wallets to ensure and ensure Yooka-Laylee hit the £2 million stretch goal![*]

This means backers and Paypal customers (who've pledged on any of the game tiers) will get free extra content after the game is released! Will it include clothing to hide Yooka’s shame? Who knows… only time will tell!

Thank you all so much!

Whoever you are, wherever you are reading this right now, please immediately stand and applaud yourselves! (and pass on our apologies to onlookers)

But wait! It's not over yet! There's still 12 hours to go - and a small number of '64-bit Edition' limited edition rewards remaining! Let’s keep going and see the campaign out in style meaning we can now buy even more aerosols of Mr Sheen (or whatever your regional equivalent of a mascot-branded polish is) to buff the game to all new levels of shiny-ness!

Keep your eye on our Twitter feed throughout the day and we'll keep you updated over the remaining hours - and there may be a little fun surprise in store there too… 

[*] well, technically we're actually over that if you include the PayPal figures with now over £37,000 from over 1500 backers, wahey!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Joe Costello on

      I've switched my pledge from the wii-u copy to the Steam digital version, it says i now have access to the toybox - where can i access this/redeem the code?

    2. Missing avatar

      k0tti on

      Congrats! I am confident this game will rock :)

    3. Kelley Hendrix

      @Michael - I had a problem with a different kickstarter with the same issue. if you go to your account, a message will show on the page that there was an issue with your payment and to click on fix to resolve the issue. I actually had to call my credit card company to resolve it as they thought it was an abnormal purchase and canceled the transaction.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael K on

      I have get the message, that a problem with the payment exists. In the FAQ I can read:
      "If your pledge was declined, just log in to Kickstarter and click the “Fix payment” button in the banner at the top of your screen."

      But, where ist the "Fix Payment" button? I really don't know what problem is existing. My card is valid, and I cannot change the card settings. I only can remove the credit card. Is it possible that it is a problem with the German Site of Kickstarter?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonas Franzén on

      YAY, we did it!!!

    6. Georgi Bankov on

      We did it! Can't wait for this game :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Fictatious on

      So will we get an email so we can give you our info to get our rewards? (This is kinda my first kickstarter- Yes I am a scrub).

    8. Ed D. on

      Any word on a DRM free option? DRM free disc install? Etc

    9. Marc Ryan on


    10. Calios on

      Our personal thanks to you, for all the childhood memories you brought to us with Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chaz Knott on

      High Five everybody we funded a new chapter where are childhoods left off!

    12. Andrew J Taylor on

      Reason I back this game I already play like games on Banjo-Kazzoie / DonkeyKong want me back this game as well! Excited for games in late 2016!

    13. Bryn Perkins on

      You Playtronics guys have been some of the nicest, kindest folks I've ever encountered as a geek and a gamer. I'm proud to back this one, and if the full game is even half as good as I expect, I'll more than consider this worth it.

      ... So, what's next on the docket?

    14. Benoît Guibert on

      Congratulations on reaching this final stretch goal! I've got the feeling... No I KNOW Yooka-Laylee is going to be awesome, on par with the amazing platformers that we used to have =)

    15. Missing avatar

      Trevor on

      I'm really excited for this game. Congratulations on funding your Kickstarter and meeting all of your stretch goals. You guys are all completely awesome, and I can't wait to see future updates to this game.

    16. ARM X Author on

      Congratulations! Thanks for being so great with the fans, and taking the risk of putting in your own resources prior to the KS to get Yooka-Laylee off the ground! But then...they should be "off the ground." Perhaps we will find them climbing and/or swinging in the trees?!

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Barri on

      Now to play the Waiting Game.

    18. Xavier-Alexandre Riancho on

      YEAAAAH, moar free deehaylsees!!!

    19. Jamie Harris on


    20. Tyler N. Nix on


    21. Trong on

      Congrats on the £2 million!

    22. OddworldCrash on

      Glückwunsch! Congratulations, you did it! Can't wait for your game :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Cameron Hons on

      Congratulations to all at Playtonic Games for making our childhood become a reality and I am really looking forward to playing Yooka Laylee on its release.

    24. Robert Wollenberg on

      So unbelievably excited for you guys and for this game!

    25. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      Please give us a physical console version, please give us a psychical console version.

    26. Matthew DeAngelis on

      What a great way to end the campaign!!

    27. Rodolink on

      fuck yeah free DLC! thank you Playtonic!

    28. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      We made it, hot dang! I can't wait to play Yooka Laylee!

    29. Missing avatar

      Ryan Lindsley on

      Now, just have to wait 1.3 years... (sigh)

    30. Missing avatar

      Frédéric Ponton-Fournier on

      Congratulations! Hopefully we'll see a glimpse of the game today in Nintendo's E3 Direct, or tonight at the PC Game presentation...

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael N. Mitchell on

      Ever since you guys announced the future DLC stretch goal there have been people complaining online saying things like, "Why isn't it on the disc?" Don't listen to them! You guys already have a full game and a goal in mind. Don't delay the game, please!

    32. Missing avatar

      gabriel sampaio on

      Good job everyone

    33. Danny on

      So happy!!!

    34. Travis Shoemaker on

      Congrats, everyone!

    35. GoldLiger on

      Yeah Nintendo Digital Event starts in about 3 and half hours.

    36. Alessandro Saiko on

      Congratulations! Glad to see it happen and reaching thus far. Now I can't wait until it's finished and running on my Wii U :)

    37. Wayne Griffin on

      Congratulations! I was a little saddened by Microsoft's announcement of Rare Replay (30 great games for $30) because I thought "These games belong on a Nintendo console." So, I greatly look forward to playing the spiritual successor on my Wii U. Once again, congratulations on a HIGHLY successful Kickstarter campaign and good luck on the actual work (of which you seem to have no shortage thanks to hitting ALL of the stretch goals! Wahey, indeed!).

    38. Tobias Günther on

      Nintendo Press conference?

    39. Ryan McCuddy on

      YEAH! grats! i'm so excited!

    40. Aaron Digulla on

      > Will it include clothing to hide Yooka’s shame?

      Isn't he wearing pants with "Nude" color? Would make a nice gag: Yooka and Laylee getting into an argument about his "missing" pants (you can make him pull the waistband to demonstrate he wears some) and then into what "Nude" means for a chameleon ;-)

      Also he could lose his clothes during the game and try to hide behind bushes.

      Lastly, how about "shed skin" as a special move to escape death at the last moment?

    41. Martin Thaulow Schultz on

      I just found out that people don't like it when you applaud in a library! Congratz guys! Can't wait to play it!

    42. CottonSwop on

      WHOA! 3MIL! thats incredible! Yooka-Laylee is going to be amazing!

    43. James Appleman on

      Congrats guys! :D

    44. Taylor Marks on

      So what's the next stretch goal? Projects normally get a lot of funding during the final hours, from all the people who decided to just sit back and watch and wait initially. Something like 10% of the funding comes in the final hours.

      So what do we get for, say, 2.25 M pounds?

    45. Missing avatar

      Charlie king on

      Congrats Guys what console should i get it On! �

    46. Ross Romeo on

      Also forgot, congratulations in making it this far to reach the goal! :)

    47. Ross Romeo on

      Thank you for inspiring me to play Banjo Kazooie and understanding the series as I played it. I hope this new project will be completed can show the lost platforming style, just like the old days! :)

      Ross Romeo aka ChronologicalGamer