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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
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GOG Version & 64-Bit Edition Restock!

Posted by Playtonic Games (Creator)
Guess what? Go on, guess. No? OK, well we’ve managed to get some more stock of the most popular Yooka-Laylee backer rewards. And for the horribly wealthy (or poorly budgeted) among you, there’s even a new VIP tier!
How very exciting. Let’s have a rundown of what we have to offer, shall we? Version Confirmed 

Alright, alright - you can stop asking now: YES Yooka-Laylee will have a DRM-free version and YES it’s coming via

Today we’re double-delighted to confirm that a DRM-free version of Yooka-Laylee will be available via on day one for PC, Mac and Linux alongside its Steam-enabled half-cousin. 

If you’ve already shelled out for a PC, Mac or Linux code via Kickstarter then be calm, dear backer, as before release we will present you with the option to switch your code to a version, all smug with its absence of DRM-ness. 

More 64-Bit Stock 

Expansion Pak required.
Expansion Pak required.

Another thing you can stop ruddy asking about is the availability of our super sexy 64-Bit Edition (as it's referred to internally) because we’ve now sourced 200 further sex-tacular units. RIP 90s sports game cartridges!

The retro-themed package comes complete with classic box, signed manual (illustrated by the legendary Wil Overton), digital copy of the game, CD soundtrack, art book and of course the aforementioned physical game thing with built-in flash drive. We might even chuck in a complimentary tea bag if we like the sound of your name.

The limited edition ’64-bit’ package has been one of Yooka-Laylee’s most sought-after backer rewards, with all packages to date selling out faster than defective amiibos on eBay. So if you want to own one, you’d better get in quick – because we won’t be making any more! 

Launch Party Tier & More T-Shirts 

Be the coolest kid in the club.
Be the coolest kid in the club.

Guess what else we found down the back of the couch? Pineapple Chewits! For you lot, however, we’ve sourced another bumper batch of £90 PC Boxed Deluxe + T-Shirt editions. So if you’ve already backed the standard PC Boxed Deluxe and what to get in on the exclusive Insert Coin attire action, we can now offer a limited number of upgrades. 

Elsewhere, we’ve decided to celebrate the final days of our campaign with an extra special opportunity for our high-end, unquestionably wealthy backers. From today we’re offering ten backers the opportunity to attend the Playtonic Yooka-Laylee launch day, which includes a day in our office and live stream, dinner with the team and receipt of a signed customised console. Full details are on the Rewards page. 

Sincere thanks for your continued support and don’t forget to join the clan on Twitter and Facebook.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      So just to be sure, alongside the digital copy, the physical cartridge contains an additional copy and is not just a retro-styled flash drive? So I'll be getting 2 versions of the game?

      (and if it is 2, is the physical copy basically another steam code/can be used as one, or is it a simple install and download on your PC with no Steam attatched?)

    2. S.D. on

      DRM-free Linux backer on board now! Thanks, Playtonic :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Liam Busey on

      Thanks for providing a DRM-free option! You have yet another backer. :)

    4. Radon on

      You´ve just won another backer! :)

    5. David

      Does this mean that the physical disc will contain the DRM-free version? Otherwise the disc seems a little pointless, if you still need to use steam.

    6. Missing avatar

      dicetrain on

      Yay! The GOG revolution is real.

    7. Vince Vazquez

      AWESOME! I love, LOVE, over Steam and anything else :D

      A small update, but noteworthy anyway all the same. The more people who support other platforms, the better for all consumers! Go Playtonic!

    8. Jacob Pavlic on

      Did you take the boards out of those old 64 carts, or will a Yooka Laylee cart play WWE vs. NWO?

    9. Missing avatar

      Bradley Klawunder on

      Thanks for explaining what DRM free means. That was a great description actually. Now I totally understand

    10. Mineupfast on

      DRM-free? Yes!
      God bless, Playtonic.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mobstars on

      How do I contact you guys to switch my rewards to the 64 bit edition?? I'm in the same tier already.

    12. O.F. on

      DRM free means that you get a copy of the game that you can install on however many computers you want and download as many times as you want, and you could potentially give it to all your friends too but you don't do it because you are a responsible person and you tell them to pay for their own copy instead because you respect developers and don't want them to have to include nasty DRMs that make playing your games a pain if you change your machine or want to play on another one and also because you believe in freedom which is a nice thing to have.

      That was the short answer. ;-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Bradley Klawunder on

      what does DRM free mean

    14. Missing avatar

      Songbird on

      Would you might going back to that couch and see if you can't find any CDs stuck under the cushions? I'm getting one with my current pledge, but I'll see if I can't find some more change in my pocket to give if I could obtain a second CD. ;-)

    15. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      This is the most hilariously snarky update I've read in a long while xD

    16. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Very disappointing that you continue to restock the 'limited' rewards. Will be downgrading my pledge.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bradley Klawunder on

      Wish I had enough money to get the 64 bit....

    18. Missing avatar


      A Steam-/DRM-free version is excellent news!
      I just increased my pledge :-)

    19. MrFortyFive on

      Great to hear about the GOG version! I'll be getting my copy there when I'm given the option. Thank you!

    20. Missing avatar

      Julio C. Chacon Jr. on

      Nice to hear tabout he options, not to mention the procured cartridges for more "physical" copies of the "64-bit version" - who needs sports titles anyway?

      BTW, the plural of amiibo is still amiibo - at least according to the source. :)

    21. Sam Costello on

      Thanks for the clarification everyone. I'll be getting a console version anyway (my PC is nowhere near gaming quality sadly), but I do have a Steam account. I just had never heard of GOG until now

    22. O.F. on

      That's super cool, I'm not in for a PC version, but if I were, I'd definitely go with GOG.

      I also wonder about the Toybox ... there's not much news about the toybox, but it will be available DRM-free as well, right ?

      (Maybe it was always planned this way, maybe I'm getting it mixed up with an early access thing from some other campaign ... I don't know anymore ...)

    23. Felipe Chavez on

      Dat Classic Box art doe. ��

    24. Heiko Tobola on

      PS: Why not using the key for both systems, GOG + STEAM ( I also love the cards & archivements)

    25. Joost Meulemeesters on

      DRM means digital right management and has a lot of restrictions (you are not allowed to copy, mod or share said product) So DRMS free means it's you OWN the product without the restrictions.
      Your second question:
      Steam requires you to use the Steam client to play the game.
      GoG allows you to download the game and play it without the need for a third-party client.

    26. Heiko Tobola on


      I love GOG and I´m looking forward to get the E-Mail for switching my game to GOG version.

    27. Missing avatar

      Andrew Anderson on

      Where's the option to switch to the GOG version?

    28. John O Sullivan on

      @ Sam

      the GOG one should be DRM free and will run independently . where as the steam version will use the Steam DRM and tied to your Steam account.
      I would guess the steam version will use some of the Achievements and trading cards

    29. Marc Godhusen on

      DRM isn't beneficial. I'm very glad that you make a GOG version!

    30. Sam Costello on

      Can someone tell me what the difference is between GOG and Steam, and what is the benefit to DRM in regards to this game?

    31. Missing avatar

      Dave Reichelt on

      Great update and i wish i could wear those t-shirts right now! :D

    32. Cody Graves on

      Thank you guys so much, I've been trying to get all of my games on GOG rather than Steam lately so this is very good news!

    33. Radoslaw Jurga on

      Thank you very much for the release on GOG!

    34. N. Cooper on

      YES! This was the update I was waiting for! My internet is so awful that having to be online to play a game often means not playing the game, so I am SUPER excited you guys did this! Thank you so much!

    35. Missing avatar

      dizz on

      Will the tea bag be used?

    36. Matthew DeAngelis on

      Thank u guys so much for not believing in DRM!!