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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
73,206 backers pledged £2,090,104 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Edward T. on

      I would love a stretch goal for full orchestral scores!

    2. Robert Dietrich on

      I recommend the WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln. They are doing a great job for VideoGameMusic for a long time. :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Substitute on

      @James Reinhofer If they had the rights, I bet they would make Banjo & Kazooie / Microsoft the villain.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Reinhofer on

      ~60,000 British pounds to go for the last stretch goal. Hope you guys get it.

      I'm curious who the main villain(s) are going to be. Doubt it'll be a witch/wizard.
      Kind of hoping the villain is actually a buddy duo too. Might make fighting them interesting.

    5. Jorge Hernandez

      Man can't wait for this game to come out. Wish i could help with programming so that this game will be awesome for everyone

    6. Bayan on

      I love the sound of this stretch goal! As a huge fan of Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack, composed by my 2nd favorite video game composer of all time, Koji Kondo, right behind the Great and Graciously Gifted Grant Kirkhope, I say rev up that orchestra!

    7. Jared Fite on

      I don't see the full orchestra being a negative. Full orchestral scores can add so much character and feeling to a game. That being said, a toggle between the two styles seems like the best solution. We just shouldn't nix the idea of a full and beautiful orchestral score just because some of us want to have the feeling of nostalgia.

    8. Katherine Davis on

      I agree with the comments on a camouflage ability and how it will be very cool to see, and clothes would work against that. Perhaps various outfits could be bonuses for unlocking certain milestones, such as obtaining all coins in 3 or more levels, etc. I personally love how they titled this update "The Home Stretch" when there are still 40ish days until the Kickstarter closes. :) I know our fan base can do better. Let's show the Playtonic team just how excited we all are for this game!

    9. Missing avatar

      Bryan Deijnum on

      @Felix - I totally agree! Shorts would make sense going with the Banjo theme.
      ...Or a backpack?

    10. Missing avatar

      JON LINDSAY on

      I'm glad to hear you guys are keeping an eye on Kickstarter ‘bloat’. Scope creep is a dangerous thing if not kept in check.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nick Sanchez on

      Because then his camouflage ability can't work. He's a chameleon so naturally they will give him a camouflage move and clothes would ruin that.

    12. Felix Shaw on

      Why not give Yooka a piece of clothing? Shorts? Shirt? Anything just to break up the colours, and make him stand out more. (Plus it would make him more interesting to look at like Banjo did.)

    13. Ruben Estrada on

      @ krayzkrok... Having more staff can actually be a bad thing. That's actually one of the reasons Rare fell apart. Also, having more staff, the original members of Playtonic won't have the same amount of control/influence with the project and it may take away some of the game's "Rare" feel. So with that, I have to disagree. However, I do agree on a choice to toggle between orchestrated and digital music. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Swinney on

      Haha! Just now got the "Polished To The 9th Degree" Quote!

    15. Die Antwoord on

      I think we should have both options like most people are saying for orchestra or old school. That way everybody is happy. I don't think anyone should pull their pledge though just cause it reaches the orchestra goal without even hearing it first. Honestly how can you say it will ruin a game that is like 1% complete if that. But I definitely would enjoy having both versions myself, and hopefully both versions would be included in the CD soundtrack. Also Wii U physical copy please! One other thing, does the "Nth degree" mean like Nintendo degree of polishing?

    16. Rob Crowther

      Whether you've planned to avoid "stretch goal bloat" or not I think with 43 days to go you might as well make the next stretch goal "we'll develop a second game."

    17. Shane Donovan on

      I think an orchestral score would be great, but the music you've sampled is perfect as it is, I would love to see an option to have either original or full orchestral sound, also, I hope you guys get all the way to the 2 mil mark, and please raise your wages and just include minor updates to the game

    18. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      All I can say is Online co-op please! At least throw at some crazy number for a stretch goal so we know what to shoot for. I trust you guys know what you're doing though.

    19. Missing avatar

      Philippe Côté on

      Great stretch goal! Without going "full orchestra", maybe you guys could do like Nintendo did with Mario Kart 8, which is to have a band playing the songs. Mario Kart 8 is one of those games in which I really enjoy the music because it has added warmth. :)

    20. Luke Peterson on

      When it comes down to the soundtrack I really don't mind what playtonic chooses to go with in either way. I can't say I've ever played a rare game, and I thought 'this should sound different. I don't like the style.' I just accepted that rare knew the feeling that best worked with what they wanted to project. I just think that they know the world they're creating, and the feeling that they want to project with it should be their choice, rather than outsiders telling them that something should sound this way or that.

    21. Johnny Pereira on

      I do love hearing orchestral scores, I really love the way that Mario Karts 8 has his own orchestral band and soundtracks, but the feeling is completely different, If you would ask me If I prefer had the original Gruntilda's Lair/ Spiral Mountain soundtrack or a orchestra version, I would ask for the original

    22. Luke Peterson on

      I'm not sure how some of you can think you're against orchestral scores. Did you not appreciate the soundtrack on Kameo and nuts and bolts? I loved the Kameo soundtrack. Just wish the tracks that I got on the cd were longer!

    23. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Orchestrated music, nice! Might I make some suggestions for additional stretch goals?
      -Expanded development/Q&A team. Yes. I do have absolute faith in you guys, but with the addition of multiplayer and a release on six consoles with an estimated release date somewhere in october 2016; I still worry for the state in which the game is going to be released with what will be a relatively smallish team (15 people). Expectations are going to be high and a platformer more so then other genres has to work pretty much flawlessly when released, from the camera to the bugs.
      -World editor; even if it's PC only, nothing can extend the life expectancy of a game more than user generated content
      -Additional modes such as boss rush and a new game+
      -Secret bosses

    24. Pedro De Bergia Bispo on

      Think this game w'll be able to play in PC with Xbox gamepad right?

    25. Johnny Pereira on

      Yes!! Please this! krayzkrok has a great point!!

    26. krayzkrok on

      I'm also not an automatic fan of orchestral scores; they have their place, they obviously sound great, but they're not always the best match for a particular style. If you must do it, though, perhaps allow us to toggle between the orchestral and the digital scores. I know the digital score will be created first and used as a basis for the orchestral version, so why not give us a choice, perhaps tweak each to best suit the sounds they can create. Make both camps happy, inconceivable!

      Also, I'd rather see future stretch goals go towards getting elements of the game done quicker; more staff to implement all those great ideas, better testing, more content etc. Sometimes stretch goals can actually work against my desire to back the game, although I'm sure you have a good handle on this.

    27. Johnny Pereira on

      This is my personal opium, I think that one my most nostalgic moments from Banjo Kazooie is definitely the soundtracks. And I think that a lot of us here can agree with me, we would like to stick with the same style and tunes from the old sounds we had on N64. I've heard a lot of remakes from banjo kazooie tones into orchestra versions, such as the youtube channel The Synthetic Orchestra . And although they look really awesome and smooth, I feel that It's not the same thing and that I prefer the way the original sounds. Just wanted to share my opinion, congratulations for your success on the kickstarter, good for you guys. Hope to see an amazing game in the future!

    28. Sebastian Feder on

      Plus shorts and a hat for Yooka would be great plus possible red color for Laylee ;)

    29. Sebastian Feder on

      Just checked out Grant Kirkhope's Tweet from yesterday featuring the original orchestra score from Nuts and Bolts, and as controversial as this game has been discussed, hearing the soundtrack again made me remember how much I loved that part of the game.
      So from me it's big thumps up for an orchestrated score!!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Robert Wright on

      I actually prefer the idea of it not being orchestrated. Honestly orchestra was one of the causes of a decline in the quality and catchiness of video game music since the early 00s. If Kirkhope had been forced into the limits of orchestra during Banjo Kazooie he wouldn't have composed the soundtrack the way he had. If it were up to me i'd have the entire game in an N64 style soundfont, but that's just me.

    31. Aaron Digulla on

      I'm pretty sure someone already brought this up but: How about a sandbox mode for the game or a level editor for the next stretch goal?

    32. Missing avatar

      Brian Harris on

      A Grant Kirkhope and David Wise score fully ORCHESTRATED?! This game continues to be a dream come true.

    33. zacH on

      I'm actually a big fan of the lower-fi soundtracks, personally... I love chiptunes (not that I think they'd be a good fit for this sort of game), and I really love the instrumentation techniques used in both the Banjo games on the 64 and the SNES Country games. I do like cool orchestration too, with Jet Force Gemini being a big game for me when it comes to sweeping scores, but live instruments aren't really necessary for me in this sort of game. Lo-fi can sometimes be more memorable, I've found.

      That said, as long as this game gives our excellent composers a bigger piece of the pie, I'm for it. :) Whatever technique they decide to use for their respective tracks, I'm sure it will be great.

    34. John Michael Guerrero on

      Bigger office. I'm appalled my money isn't going to a mountain side lair composed of green boulders in the form of a witch face. :D

      Super happy that the campaign is going well, regardless of what happens, you guys deserve all the time and money possible. <:

    35. Adeon Writer on

      I'd just like to put in my voice that I absolutely LOVE the idea of an orchestral soundtrack - And I fear many commenting otherwise may not really understand what it means!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Xun on

      A Kameo EoP quality sound track? Oh my god yes. Yes, yes, yes!

      Now I've got to change my shorts, excuse me...

    37. Steven Kolln on

      I do not care about any content or new features. All I care about is a clean release. If that means the game is delayed another 6 months, year, or whatever I am totally okay with that :) Games like shadow of mordor and others recently that have been released polished and with no bugs have been great. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME! :)

    38. Nicholas Day on

      Oh yes oh yes please

    39. Samuel Workman on

      If THIS stretch goal is met, my ears will die and go to heaven when this game comes out!

    40. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Awesome, the music possibly being recorded live will sound good. Just look at how Nintendo has handled this sorta stuff recently people, 3D World, Mario Kart 8.

    41. Trevor Long on

      I think NG+ would be a very nice addition.
      Like the same worlds with different enemy placement, with fewer health pick ups, and enemies with higher HP

      I would also like to suggest giving Yooka some pants and a hat.
      His design is just a little too bare. Shorts, and a hat.
      Or something.
      I dont know, you are the game designers, not me. Im going to go play BK now.

    42. Missing avatar

      Colin B. on

      I hope you think about making your local multiplayer games able to be played online. That would be awesome.

    43. Brandon on

      New game+ worlds would be a nice stretch goal with harder enemies/puzzles and a secret boss. To answer your twitter post about amiibo functionality - alternate costumes for the characters or a stop n swap function?

      Add some randomized weather effects to worlds with a day and night system. Add something similar to jinjos? New 3DS port? Console physical copies, please.

    44. Brandon on

      @HenFjo Don't start that tumblr stuff here. Seriously.

    45. Missing avatar

      HenFjo on

      If there is going to be gender diversity in the game, I think it would be nice if women voiced female characters.

    46. Robert Mazzoni on

      "Our next stretch goal, for example, will allow us to get a bigger office."

      But Playtonic, think about it, you could be the next Ion Storm! This game could be the Daikatana of the generation! To live on in infamy for all of time! What man on this good Earth could hope to resist such a siren call?

    47. Luke Peterson on

      Yeah orchestral soundtrack! Great that you're making a cd soundtrack for this!

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrew Merideth on

      Oh man would it be cool to be a part of that orchestra. That's a job I'd love to do!

    49. Missing avatar

      OddballXP on

      Emi1y has some advice for you concerning a goal to expand to 25 team members, I think you should read it!

    50. Benedict Murray on

      You used the word lounge in your update. For that, more money.

      If you can squeeze the words settee and lazy susan into this update or better the game I'll shower you with things.