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"Better a broken bone than a broken spirit." - Lady Allen of Hurtwood, an early advocate of Adventure Play
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Kindred Spirits

Posted by Erin Davis (Creator)

Hi All --

As the editing process continues I have a few quick updates.  Namely - we are not alone!  There are many kindred spirits out there who *get* it.  Who are writing and creating -- who feel this pull towards adventure, see beauty in unlikely places and they're spreading the word!

Exhibit A: 

Joan Almon at The Alliance for Childhood has just released a booklet: Adventure: The Value of Risk in Children's Play.  It includes all the facts and figures you're grasping for when defending risk and play in your community - and it's only $12.95!  Inside you'll recognize several photos of The Land. The more adults that take an interest in self-directed play, playwork and risk... the smilier my smile gets.  So check it out. 

Adventure: The Value of Risk in Children's Play
Adventure: The Value of Risk in Children's Play

Exhibit Deux: 

Audio from the film is included in this incredible new installation in New York.  If you're in the area check out Empire Drive In -- it re-uses disposable artifacts from consumer culture for creative and playful gains AKA your can watch movies from the back seat of a junked out Mustang!

During the day audio excerpts from the film will be broadcast through the the once booming, now busted car speakers via low-power radio. I'm thrilled to participate in this whimsical project that breaths new life into forgotten objects.  

"This isn't junk... this is a story."
"This isn't junk... this is a story."

Special thanks to the curator of said audio, the talented and inspiring (and backer of this film!) Ann Heppermann for including us.  Now go, go, go if you can and enjoy!

Also have you read this article?  Indeed, we are not alone. 

Play on, everyone!


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