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£8,662 pledged of £25,000 goal
By Legendary Games
£8,662 pledged of £25,000 goal

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We'll be Back

Thank you one and all for your support with the Year 0 project.  We were just over a third of the way to our target, which is pretty good for our first time on Kickstarter with an unknown brand.  We have learnt a lot about this process, made  a lot of good press connections and most importantly met you guys, the backers, who have wanted to support our project.  Rest assured we still believe in the game and concept of Year 0.  We will do a bit of work on it and will  come back early in the new year wiser, stronger and better prepared for success.

Please stay in touch with us. 

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Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year

Legendary Games

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Final Count Down

Thankyou everyone who has backed so far.  We are now in the final countdown to the end of the project.  If you know anyone who might like to play now is the time to drop them a line.

Hope to join you in the bunker.

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Bunker Video - Latest Cut

Thanks for everyone who has pledged so far we are moving into our final few days so we remain hopeful of a final rush.  We have made some edits to the video thanks for all your feed back on it.  You can see the final version below.  Please tell all your friends about us and please make sure you follow our progress with the game on our community page here:

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Tank Commander

Invulnerable to small arms fire the main battle tank of the 21st Century is king of the battlefield.  An armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat combining operational mobility and offensive and defensive capabilities. It can go almost anywhere, faster than almost any other unit and has the firepower to overwhelm every land based unit.  Only other tanks, dug in artillery or rocket equipped choppers hold any fear for the tank commander.  Every other unit will be blown apart by the large-calibre main gun, mown down by secondary machine guns or ground to dust under its armoured tracks.

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First Cut of the Year 0 Nuclear Bunker Video

We have just completed the first cut of the video that will introduce people to the game.  Shot in a real nuclear bunker close to the design studio please share this video with your friends.  If the Kickstarter is successful we will be adding some more scenes with more people but what we have is great and conveys the game feel. 

Unfortunately the file is too large to upload to Kickstarter

It can be found on you tube here:

facebook here:

We are also thanking everyone personally who has pledged at Controller level or higher on our twitter account here:

Thanks again for pledging please tell your friends about us we have only 8 days left to pull in the remaining cash.