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The inspirational and outrageous true story of one man's quest for the highest video game score...EVER!
The inspirational and outrageous true story of one man's quest for the highest video game score...EVER!
The inspirational and outrageous true story of one man's quest for the highest video game score...EVER!
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    1. Andrew Seklir & Tim Kinzy Creator on

      Hi Scott, in order to ensure all our higher tier backers were able to see the film, we sent you (and everyone else) a VHX download link on June 24th. According to VHX, your email was received and opened.

      Some backers reported that this email landed in their spam folders, which may well be what happened with yours, so we have resent you a VHX downloadable link, please check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox.

      If you have any more problems viewing the movie, please email us directly at

      Blu-rays are coming soon. After surviving a few roadblocks in authoring, we are happy to announce it is currently being manufactured. We appreciate everybody's continued patience with our final reward delivery. God bless us everyone!

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Zeiser on

      Was wondering the same thing Steve...seems everyone but me has already seen the movie, and I was an early backer!

    3. Steve Grunberger on

      When might the blu-rays be shipping ?

    4. Scott Backer on

      I watched the movie recently and really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot.

    5. Steve Grunberger on

      When might the blu-rays be shipping ?

    6. Rick Reynolds on

      I got a link that doesn't seem correct. I get a NOT FOUND page at I would love to get an updated link.

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Leftwich on

      I didn't receive my digital link. I backed this early on and EVERYONE has seen the film but me.

    8. Mauro Gatti on

      I haven't received my digital download link either. Can you please check?

    9. Michael Ryan McBride on

      I have not yet received my download link. The e-mail address on file for me is valid but I have nothing yet.
      Thanks in advance.

    10. Andrew Seklir & Tim Kinzy Creator on

      Hi Linsey, so sorry you did not receive your link today. Turns out we did not get your email update in time before finalizing our list for Filmbuff, so your link went to the previous email address we had on file for you. We're happy to provide you an iTunes download code on us, but please double confirm your email address first by sending us an email at We really want to make sure you get it :)

    11. Missing avatar

      linsey lapsey on

      Where's our download link? Being sold on Itunes and multiple other places yet actual backers don't have their download links. Unbelievable!!!

    12. Tim McVey on

      14 hours. Unreal. :/

    13. Scott Lambert on

      It's been 9 hours with no update or download link. If guys have been up all night trying to solve this, great. If you, however, got a full night's sleep, then that shame will be piled on to that which you've already earned by letting this go on for as long as it has. Even the star of your movie is calling bullshit.

    14. Andrew Seklir & Tim Kinzy Creator on

      Deepest apologies to our backers. Our distributor, Filmbuff was supposed to send email with download links this evening, but it appears there's been some kind of snafu, we're investigating now. Hope to have a resolution shortly.

    15. Tim McVey on

      Hello Backers!

      This coming Friday, June 24th, will see the worldwide digital release of MAN VS SNAKE!

      First and foremost, we’re happy to announce that our backers will be getting their copies of the film before the general public. Backers who pledged at the digital download tier (as well as those who pledged at the DVD and Blu-ray tiers) will receive an email with a download link to their personal copy of the film (and extra features if qualified) on THURSDAY, JUNE 23 -- NO LATER THAN 8:59 PST.


      11:12 PM CST = 9:12 PST

      I'm assuming you did mean 2016?

      I thought you meant AM and that passed. So I assumed you meant PM now that has passed too. In 46 minutes June 23 will have passed as well.

      Yes I'm fucking pissed. No I don't really care who's knows.


    16. Andrew on

      Just following up on my comment a week ago that's been left unanswered. I'd like an update (of some sort) from you as to your progress on delivering the required content to FilmBuff. Please show some transparency of the progress so we all have clear idea of where we stand with regards to our digital and physical copies of the film. What's completed and what remains? Have you completed any of the tasks in the 2 months since the deal was signed? What is your time line towards completion? Is everything already completed on your side and it's now over to FilmBuff to work out their release plans?

    17. Scott Backer on

      Yes, would definitely like to see another update please.

    18. Andrew on

      With 2 months now passed since the distro deal was signed, what progress has been made towards delivering our digital and physical copies? You mentioned that you're required to get certain things handed over to FIlmBuff (commentary, subtitles, etc) - what's the status of these tasks? Is everything done from your end? Are there outstanding tasks? (if so, what's your timeline on completion?). If everything is done from your side, how far off are FilmBuff from the release of our film?

    19. Steve Grunberger on


      I sent you photos of the figures and of the customs forms as proof they were sent. I paid for the figures out of good faith. You blocked me so i could not communicate from that point.
      I paid $200 for the kickstarter.
      What a tosser. Never stole anything loser

    20. Tim McVey on

      Steve Grunberger - I sent you money for gaming figures several years ago. I never received my figures. Or the refund you promised me.

      What was your Kickstarter amount? I'll send you the refund. Minus what you stole from me already.

    21. Roberto Dillon on

      Honestly I don't really understand what kind of distribution deal you are seeking and why it is so important (if there was any update on this I apologize, I guess I missed it).

      This movie, like many others on retro games that have been published in the last few years, will find its natural audience on easy to reach digital distribution channels like Steam or GOG, not in traditional "brick and mortar" video shops. Besides, movies on Steam can also be streamed only and not downloaded (if it's piracy you are so worried about) so I really don't get why you haven't gone this route and made everyone happy months ago. You are still in time though... ;)
      I really hope to actually see this movie in the near future!

    22. Andrew Seklir & Tim Kinzy Creator on

      Hello Andrew,

      To answer your question, currently there is no new news we can share, other than we are still working out a deal. In short, yes, there have been some delays. Unfortunately, we are unable to go into specifics, because we are in the middle of negotiations. So even if we feel we may be close, to have an update before the update wouldn’t seem practical or beneficial to anyone at this point.

      Believe us, we are extremely excited about the movie and are very much looking forward to bringing it to the market (and sharing the film with our backers). We completely understand and are sympathetic to your frustration about the length of time it has taken so far, but please know we benefit nothing by delaying the process at all. We have done our best to update everyone with our progress as best we can throughout the last couple of years, but only when there something relevant towards the finished product and its release.

      We are extremely grateful for all the Kickstarter backers support — for without it, we wouldn’t have the movie we have today. We do appreciate everybody’s continued patience and will have an update with the latest developments, hopefully very soon.


      Tim & Andy

    23. Andrew on

      I came across the Facebook page today for MvS and found a comment there from Andrew & Tim indicating there has been a delay on finalising their deal. Announcement still to come, but delayed. This comment was posted on Jan 28th - it's now Feb 5th - but they have not bothered to let us know about it. Really highlights my views below. Way to go guys.

    24. Andrew on

      Andrew & Tim - It's now been two weeks since you stated you were 'finalising our deal this week'. What was the outcome? Has it been finalised? Has there been a delay? As has always been the case with you guys, we are left with NO idea about the current state of things and can only guess. How about communicating with your backers to let us know either way (you do remember us right? The people who contributed money to help make this happen..). I'm not surprised to see backers like Steve below, fed up and wanting their money back. I don't blame him and I know he isn't alone. You've shown so little interest in engaging with us over the last 2.5 years since you received our money, it's really disappointing. I don't mind delays in projects as I accept they always occur, even delays as long as we've faced here. What frustrates me (and has ultimately lead to me losing patience with you) is your continued lack of communication and your ignoring of backers. If there are delays, be open about it. If there is progress, let us know. Regular updates and engaging with your backers go a long way to maintaining their support through the bumpy times. We're only days away now from passing 4 months since the last update, still with no release date locked in for something we paid for almost 2.5 years ago.

    25. Steve Grunberger on

      Almost 2 weeks since the finalizing the deal and still nothing.
      I want my money back as i could care less anymore. Out of all the kickstarters I've backed this is the worst for keeping us updated and the only reason we've not seen it is due to a financial deal. Yet so many non backers have seen it and got some of the rewards for free. Talk about a kick in the guts

    26. Andrew Seklir & Tim Kinzy Creator on

      Hey guys, finalizing our deal this week. Update to follow. Please stay tuned! Thank you for your patience.

    27. Steve Grunberger on

      So a friend of mine was at the Houston Arcade & Pinball Expo and not only did he get to see MVS he also got a signed Don Bluth poster (signed) for free.

      So us backers PAID to help all this, and yet we are kept in the dark, haven't seen the film and people got FREE posters that we paid for. I must say this is VERY bad for us backers. Got our money and now keep us in the dark almost 2 years after the said date we'd have the film.

      I wish I could get a refund as this is the WORST experience I've ever had on Kickstarter.

    28. Steve Grunberger on

      Last i heard was they are waiting on a distribution deal before they can give us the film as doing so would hurt the financial deal.

      Disappointed is an understatement.

      Oh i hope the screenings to the non backers was fun for them.

    29. Andrew on

      Andrew & Tim - Your last update was now 3 months ago, with no additional information provided since about about the progress of getting the movie into the hands of your backers. Your continued lack of communication with us is really disappointing. Looking below in the last month, David made a comment 4 weeks ago, I made a comment 3+ weeks ago and tomikoo also commented 3 weeks ago - I'm disappointed again that you can't respect your backers enough to either reply here in the message section with something (anything) or send us a message. These comments were close to the Christmas break, but still - if I took money from 375 people and was 2 years behind on delivering, I'd be working my butt off to get them what I promised and be in constant contact with them throughout the year. Don't forget or ignore us. Maybe nothing has happened in the last 3 months since the last update? Maybe you've jumped through a few more hoops and are edging closer to distribution? Maybe there are good reasons for the continued delay? Who knows? We sure don't!! If there are further delays getting the film into our hands, please provide some details so we can have an understanding. How many companies are you in talks with for distribution? Who are the companies you're talking to? What stage are the talks at? What are the hold ups? How long are the hold ups expected to take? Are the hold ups all on their end? You're not going to be able to answer everything people want to know due to confidentially agreements, but you need to show progress is being made - otherwise, from where I'm sitting, it looks like you guys are doing nothing.

    30. Missing avatar

      tomikoo on

      Man... I'm not the type of guy who is whining the moment the project goes past the estimated delivery date, as pretty much every project does that. But this... this is getting a bit out of hands, eh? I have to echo the few comments below: I'd imagine we, the actual dudes who made it POSSIBLE in the first place by backing, would've seen this movie already. I mean: it has to be ready, as it has been on festivals, what, 4 months now? And no updates whatsoever about the situation. No digital download links, nothing. This is exactly the type of behaviour, that turns people away from Kickstarter. You're not only making a bad name for yourself, but for the whole KS scene. I hope we'll be able to get the digital downloads ASAP.

    31. Andrew on

      Hi Guys, It's been over 2 months since your last update and as David pointed out, we're now 22 months and counting past the original estimated delivery date. Getting a physical (or at least digital) copy of our movie into backers hands should be your top most priority. At this point your progress with making this happen has been very vague and road map to the goal unclear. Please start posting regular updates so we can see clear progress being made and have an idea on an actual date to receive the final product we all paid for quite awhile back.

    32. David Adams on


      You stated that we would be able to downloaded the film after it has been released to the film festivals. The updates have made clear that this has occurred and that things have progressed well. I do no suspect it is entirely out of line to expect an ETA on when the film will be released to backers. The estimated delivery of our rewards was Feb 2014, we are now looking at a delay of 22months and counting. I am somewhat concerned that you have completely abandoned your commitments to your supporters. I feel jaded by my experience of supporting this film and will be wary of any future projects. The endless delays and exhaustive excuses have eroded my trust and confidence.

    33. Sarah on

      Congratulations on killing it in Austin and for all the great reviews. The theatrical trailer is fantastic !!

    34. Steve Grunberger on

      I thought the backers would be seeing this before everyone else. I mean even a digital download before the blu-ray would be great.

    35. Roberto Dillon on

      Great news! When can we download it?

    36. Missing avatar

      Nancy Reilly Seklir on

      Fantastic Andy & Tim!
      So apt that your fantastic film is picked up for the Fantastic Fest!
      Keep 'em rolling!

    37. Scott Backer on

      Looking to hear from you guys again.....

    38. Missing avatar

      sleighte on

      Any updates on post-production? Last update said possibly finished by June...maybe a fall release?

    39. Scott Backer on

      Same here, looking for an update.

    40. Missing avatar


      Just wondering what the status of this is? Been quite awhile since we heard anything and I would love to be able to watch what I backed :)

    41. Roberto Dillon on

      Any news? Can we watch this? ;)

    42. Missing avatar

      Dan Karlinski on

      Agreed. Any updates? you guys promised me a video in december

    43. David Adams on

      Hello, I am very excited about seeing the film now and curious how close we are to a download date or release date. Very excited to see a final product.

    44. Martha S.

      It's been 4 months since your last update!

    45. Andrew on

      Well overdue for an update guys. Where is everything at? Thanks.

    46. Martha S.

      Have I missed something? What is the status, please?

    47. Andrew Seklir & Tim Kinzy Creator on

      @Bruce Murray:

      Hi Bruce,
      We are fine tuning the film, making it the best we can -- Currently we are awaiting on some animation from JoHo studios, clearing some great soundtrack music, and working with our composer to add depth to some of our more humorous and dramatic scenes.

      We are planning on a big update in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience.

      Team MVS

    48. Bruce Murray on

      What is the status of the film?

    49. Steve Grunberger on

      Received my poster pack today here in Australia (thanks guys)

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