La-Mulana 2

by Playism Games

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    1. Thomas "SkyeWelse" Liebert on

      Sweet! It already looks very well polished and fun to play!

    2. Gregory Nazarian on

      You should put this on the main Kickstarter page. I honestly think it would sway anyone who wasn't sure. :)

    3. Daniel Quinn on

      Yessss so good. Definitely put this on the main page.

    4. David Asselin on

      Can't wait for tomorrow's update!

    5. cyxceven on

      The foreshadowing is killing me. REALLY diggin' that widescreen.

    6. Daniel Quinn on

      Love the music. Art and animation look great, widescreen is nice and the new assets are awesome. Also like that our heroine will have vocalisations and that the divine eyes close when you solve their puzzle!

    7. Silverlightning on

      Wide screen is so pretty !

    8. Jeshua on

      Where are the rich people to drop 200 grand at once?! Aaaa-
      This TGS demo was recorded on LM1's system, rite?
      (lovin' Lumisa's voice, btw)

    9. HiddenDistance on

      Good to see that bats aren't going to suddenly stop being the bane of my existence. Looks great!

    10. FlamingFirewire on

      So we might see a playable demo before the end of the kickstarter to further convince people to back the project? I'm game.

    11. Aru on

      I hope we will get some unique weapons, at least in addition to the standard whip/shurikens/etc. I know the video shows work in progress, but seeing the same items all again makes it feel more like a mod than a sequel.

      I was wondering if you guys might do a couple updates focused on the incredible music you produce for these games as well. Been lots of stuff about characters and rewards so far, but the music is a huge part of La-Mulana, I'd personally love to hear about how it's arranged, how you decide which versions to keep or scrap, inspirations (besides the obvious) and all that.

    12. Missing avatar

      pkt-zer0 on

      ...are you hinting at a demo? A playable DEMOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH?!?!

      I find it hard to contain my excitement, sorry.

    13. Missing avatar

      Francisco Vega on

      I love when promotion videos shows the gameplay instead of the cinematics.

    14. Philippe Marcoux on

      after listening to that trailer,i had to go up to the soudntrack pledge, really nice music

    15. Thomas "SkyeWelse" Liebert on

      Hmm, a demo could be a great way to promote the game actually. That type of publicity worked quite well for MGS2 where Kojima-さん had us replaying the same scenario over and over again looking for easter eggs and having us improve our time attack runs to post online.