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The direct sequel to the cult 2D side scrolling action adventure hit, La-Mulana, developed by its original creators: NIGORO.
The direct sequel to the cult 2D side scrolling action adventure hit, La-Mulana, developed by its original creators: NIGORO.
The direct sequel to the cult 2D side scrolling action adventure hit, La-Mulana, developed by its original creators: NIGORO.
5,200 backers pledged $266,670 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      William Ruddick on

      Would it be possible to upgrade my pledge? I originally pledged to the $45 tier years ago, but I would like to upgrade to the $150 tier if possible. Please get back to me if this is something I can do. Thank you

    2. Beh Kok Seng

      Any chance NIGORO will release a Nintendo Switch game for both La-Mulana 1&2 on a single cartridge as La-Mulana Double Feature?

    3. Ross Gough on

      Has there been any further developments on what platforms are now planned for La Mulana 2? I know consoles were in stretch goals that weren't reached, but is the only version currently planned still for PC?

      (Honestly, although I wanted to support the campaign, I probably won't actually play it unless it's available on Switch...! But I'm still glad I pledged!)


    4. Missing avatar

      Theo Bendit on

      I asked them via a message, and got the following response:
      "Hi Theo

      Currently the development is scheduled to end this Spring. The release date has not been decided yet.

      Best Regards
      Playism Team"

      I'm assuming that means northern hemisphere Spring, so the schedule is within the next couple of months!

    5. Michael on

      Also curious about that. From what's been said in the updates, I think not too much longer, right?

    6. Missing avatar

      Theo Bendit on

      So, I haven't been particularly actively involved with this campaign. I know the release date has been pushed back (especially since 2015 has come and gone). Any word as to when release is planned?

    7. Missing avatar

      Aru on

      You're in the home stretch, but keep up the hard work! We know the amazing quality you can deliver, and we know your heart and soul are embedded in the fabric of your work. The freeware La-Mulana was one of the first 3 indie games I ever played and went a long way to showing me what a small group of dedicated people can do. That was over eight years ago and the idea of indie developers still makes me hopeful for the future of the entertainment medium.

      As Hollywood and many mainstream game companies continue to remake the same stories over and over, small teams are working hard to develop new and interesting stories and adventures to expand the horizons of fun and recreation. Know that this work does not go unappreciated and you are all heroes to our cause. Creators with a passion for what they create, and art for the sake of art and enjoyment. Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Devin Wheeler on

      Any chance we can get that new art work in a nice higher resolution for better use as a desktop background.

    9. Missing avatar

      Donald S. Hoyt on

      The new art is gorgeous-- instant desktop wallpaper.

    10. Peter Yi on

      looking forward to it

    11. Missing avatar

      McKinley Freeman on

      Backer forums look to be back up, but ya gotta reregister

    12. Missing avatar

      McKinley Freeman on 20:00
      TGS 2015 stream of LM2 and Mr. Naramura
      Slightly different build than we've seen

    13. Missing avatar

      McKinley Freeman on

      Looks like LM2 is going to PAX Prime
      Pretty hype, even though I can never make it, I always enjoy watching any interviews that occur

    14. giga-ganon on

      The third alpha is UP! love the new music in it!

    15. Missing avatar

      McKinley Freeman on

      Not too long ago lm:ex came out on vita - wouldn't surprise me if this wasn't their first meeting

    16. Missing avatar

      McKinley Freeman on

      Bitsummit fast approaching, I'm pretty excited~

    17. Missing avatar

      McKinley Freeman on

      He was with playism, so localization and promotion were likely his roles

    18. Francisco Santiago on

      Hey, I didn't realize anyone working on La-Mulana 2 left. I'm not sure what role he had on this game, but I just read that he's now at Comcept:

    19. Darmin Hadzic on

      Hello! Just popping in to say that you guys should make a quick update plugging the Playism Podcast now that it has an interview some people here would be interested in hearing!

    20. Playism Games 2-time creator on

      Hi guys! By now I'm sure you've all realized that the swordorwhip message was related to BloodStained. We're happy to be helping with the Kickstarter, and wanted to get La-Mulana fans in on the action early. Hopefully it didn't ruffle too many feathers. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      McKinley Freeman on

      You vote for sword or whip. The idea of the site is to build hype for Igarashi's new project

    22. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      Does someone know what we are supposed to do at swordorwhip?

    23. Missing avatar

      McKinley Freeman on

      Yo guys
      That link to a fangamer-hosted image isn't fair! La-Mulana and fangamer is the collab I've always wanted to see happen - quit playing games with my heart!

    24. giga-ganon on

      there must be a pretty big update going on, nothing since march 26th! Hope that i'm not disappointed (a video would be great)

    25. David Asselin on

      I have it on Steam and Vita now.

    26. giga-ganon on

      i buyed it for the third time, one on playism, one on steam, and one on vita! (the only game i did that, i love it so much!)

    27. David Asselin on

      Oh wow.. kinda bummed that it's $20 and not even a PS plus lowered price.

    28. David Asselin on

      Anyone else getting La Mulana Ex today?

    29. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Mordain on

      You guys had way more status updates than most other projects! I think you've been doing a fine job. Here's hoping you keep it up next year - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    30. Missing avatar

      Liam Stochmal-Mahin on

      I've actually put in for the Explorer level, but I haven't obtained access to the forum or anything, or even heard about it... I think I'm a little braindead, but how do I go about getting that?

    31. Missing avatar

      Ted on

      Definitely they need to take their time and make the game as polished and well designed as possible. I certainly prefer to wait a bit longer rather than get a game that's not up to the same standards as La Mulana 1. I have a feeling though that they would never even consider releasing the game until they're really satisfied that it's the best it can be.

    32. giga-ganon on


      Hello, I just read the answer to the question on the official website, naramura said this :

      "To be honest, it is impossible to complete LA-MULANA2 in 2015 as same quality as LA-MULANA. Even though our aim of Kickstarter isn’t about only time frame, we won’t keep you waiting until it’s finished"

      What does that mean exactly? that the game will be less complete and be released in 2015 or just that it will be delayed 2016? Yeah he speak about the alpha but i'm not sure if it's clear for me! To be honest i prefere the game to be released in 2016 and get the same quality as the first one!

    33. Mário Costa Messias on

      Hi! I'd like to know about the deadline for sending All Texts translation and how I should present, if necessary, a list of special characters (how are you gonna manage this by the way)? Thanks.

    34. giga-ganon on

      I need to check if i used the same email for my playism account!

      If it doesn't, what must we do?

    35. Playism Games 2-time creator on

      We're going to be distributing all the non-Steam stuff through Playism, and will be adding it to accounts that share the same email address as their Kickstarter account. We'll be sending out a message to all backers to remind you to set up a Playism account if you don't already have one.

      If you intend to delete your KS account, we advise that you do not delete your Kickstarter account until after you've received your rewards. We still have your email address on record no matter what, but it makes it easier for us to keep things straight if you remain in the KS system.


    36. Missing avatar

      Anthony 99 on

      Does anyone know if the playism stuff is going to be distributed through a redeemable key when that time comes around? I only ask because I am most likely going to delete this kickstarter account after the game is completed.

    37. Otoshigami No. 40723

      Hey Backers there's an Japanese ANIME kickstarter called "Under The Dog". it was created by CIA, the Guys behind Project Phoenix. if you guys want to support the project, Please Back them up.

    38. Daniel Quinn on

      So as the second game progresses and the first is being ported, has any thought been put into brining the game to Linux and Mac? With the recent Japan-themed humble weekly bundle, it would be great to see La-Mulana in the next big humble indie bundle, not only to spread the game and word of the sequel, but to make use of the Mac and Linux porting that many other indie games have benefitted from when in the bundle and to be available to that audience as well.

    39. Playism Games 2-time creator on

      I have noticed a lot of people are not posting in the comments, but it's nice to see users using the forum!

    40. Otoshigami No. 40723

      This place is very dead. :/

    41. MetalShadowOverlord on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    42. Playism Games 2-time creator on

      Hey all! We just posted a new development progress update that you're going to love!

    43. Playism Games 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone! I understand there are some hiccups in getting accounts to work on the La-Mulana 2 backer forum. If you are having issues, please email, so our IT and support staff can assist you in getting your forum account up and running.

    44. Otoshigami No. 40723

      wow can't believe I missed that. hope that money can go to that game.

    45. Playism Games 2-time creator on

      I'm totally floored that La-Mulana got over $5k for the bid war. It all goes to a great cause. :)

    46. Missing avatar

      McKinley Freeman on

      Is this spelunky
      In the original

      ^twitch chat reenactment

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