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A sourcebook for Chill 3rd Edition that expands on how SAVE classifies & hunts monsters. New creatures, cases & secrets of the Unknown!
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Wrapping Up

Posted by Matthew McFarland (Creator)

Greetings, envoys!

I heard from Derrick at Magpie Games (they're doing fulfillment for us) yesterday. Here's the shipping status. 


All but about 11 packages are shipped. Those 11 were delayed because Magpie ran out of CM screens (either he miscounted or I did), but I shipped more out to him and they should have arrived yesterday, giving him enough time to ship them out. Worst case scenario, they'll get shipped next week after GenCon. 


I have tracking numbers for US backers (we're not able to get tracking for non-US, sorry), so if you want yours, PM me and I'll look it up. 


If you've arranged to pick up your stuff at GenCon, remember you can do that at ICC 239 any time Thursday-Sunday, 10-6PM (4PM on Sunday). I'll be in that room from about 2PM to midnight-ish on Thursday, so if you want to chat about the book or have me sign it, I'm available, just ask the folks at the HQ table where I am.

The Future is Dead

Undead, anyway. Our Kickstarter for our next Chill book opens on Tuesday, October 3rd. We're doing a blog post a week from the authors of the book over on the Growling Door Games site. You can join our mailing list at that site and get news about the Kickstarter, Chill cases, and other Growling Door projects on that site, too!

Final Thoughts on Monsters

I've seen some folks posting pictures of their newly-arrived copies of Monsters, which is always heartwarming. I would love to see some reviews or ratings over on DriveThru RPG, if y'all have time and inclination. Monsters is the first book I've written solo in a while, and it felt good - I'm really happy with how it turned out, both as far as content and with the work that Thomas did with the layout (it was tricky!) and that Alessandro, Gennifer, Jenna, Kiva, and Len did with the artwork. I also have the acknowledge Morgan for her stellar editing work, including keeping voices consistent between Ruby Garrett and Mafuz El-Hasham. 

If you have thoughts on the book that you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them. That goes double for any actual play reports for Chill, or questions you have about rules (one thing we're gonna do this year is work up an errata/FAQ for the core book). You can find us at our G+ community, the Chill Facebook page, the Growling Door Games Facebook page, or over on (just tag me; I'm BlackHat_Matt over there).

As always, thank you for your support, and hopefully I'll see you at GenCon!

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