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A sourcebook for Chill 3rd Edition that expands on how SAVE classifies & hunts monsters. New creatures, cases & secrets of the Unknown!
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Monsters are here! BackerKit Warning!

Posted by Matthew McFarland (Creator)

Hey, folks! I just heard from the good folks at KrakenPrint that the copies of Monsters are in their warehouse! From here, most of them get shipped to Magpie Games in New Mexico to get packed up to send to you! (The rest come to me here in Ohio so I can sell 'em.)

What that means is that the BackerKit is in imminent danger of being closed out! I'll be locking down the orders and charging folks' credit cards on Saturday, July 1st. If you haven't filled out the BackerKit (which is only like 11 of you), or you need to change your address or your credit card, you can go here and find your survey. 

If you want to pick up your copy of Monsters at GenCon, you must contact me through Kickstarter's PM function before Saturday. I'll put a credit on your BackerKit so you won't get charged, and I'll send out instructions on where to pick up your book before GenCon. 

If you haven't gotten your PDF code, PM me and I'll send you one (but I do want to note that even if you didn't get the email, you can log in to DriveThruRPG and you should have a message waiting with the download code). 

Any other questions? Here I am!

Other Business

Three pieces of business, really:

  • There are two new Chill cases available for free download on our site. You can find The Last Stop Boys (by Julia Neves) and Whispered Confessions (by yours truly) here.
  • I started work today outlining the next Chill sourcebook: The Undead. Want to help me out? Watch the Growling Door blog over the weekend for a post about it and a request for inspiration!
  • We've got some non-Chill stuff coming up in 2018, including (finally) some progress on our sci-fi dystopia Daedalus. Join our mailing list to get updates and learn more!
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