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Chill is a horror roleplaying game (RPG) in which players take on the role of SAVE envoys, protecting humanity from the Unknown.
Chill is a horror roleplaying game (RPG) in which players take on the role of SAVE envoys, protecting humanity from the Unknown.
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New Game: Jack's Trick! Also Undead!

Posted by Matthew McFarland (Creator)

Greetings, envoys! A couple of updates for you:


The new Chill sourcebook, Undead, is now on sale in PDF at DriveThruRPG. It will be available in POD and through retail, but I'm going to wait until the physical copies are shipped to Kickstarter backers until I make physical copies available for sale, so that'll be a couple of months yet. Get the PDF, though, and I'll totally give you a coupon when POD does go live! 

Jack's Trick

We have a Kickstarter running for Jack's Trick, a spooky card-based micro-RPG. The mechanics are based on euchre (it's a trick-taking game popular in my neck of the woods), and the setting, well...

Once there was a very wicked man called Jack, who tricked the Devil into refusing to take his soul. He wanders the world now, ever searching for a way into Heaven or Hell, ever unable to rest. He carries with him a gourd lit by an ember from Hell itself. A few times in a year, when chains are loosed and doors unlocked, he has a chance to end his curse, to pass along his lantern, and name a new Jack.

That might be you, if you aren’t quick and clever.

The Kickstarter runs until next Monday, November 12, and closes at noon Eastern. It's only $5 for the PDF, so check it out!

Undead Kickstarter Launched!

Posted by Matthew McFarland (Creator)

Greetings, envoys! As, no doubt, some of you have seen, we've launched our next Kickstarter for the Undead sourcebook. The Kickstarter will run through Halloween night, and we're presently just over 20% funded, and we've unlocked our first free case!

Come check out the project here!

Monsters Are Coming!

Posted by Matthew McFarland (Creator)

Greetings, envoys! We've just launched our next Chill Kickstarter!

Monsters is our first dedicated antagonist supplement for Chill Third Edition. It will resemble some of the 2nd Edition monster books like Horrors of North America and Lycanthropes in setup; in addition to some new creatures of the Unknown, you'll find more information about SAVE and how the Society classifies and approaches monsters. 

Please give us a look, a share, and a pledge! :)

Art for Monsters by Alessandro Alaia
Art for Monsters by Alessandro Alaia


CM Screen and Other News

Posted by Matthew McFarland (Creator)

Greetings, SAVE envoys! We have news! 

SAVE: The Eternal Society...

...was sent out (in pdf) to backers this week. It's been sent to press on time, meaning we should have it for sale at GenCon 2016 (booth 2311, Indie Game Developer Network). Backers, of course, should already have their copies by then, or at least have them on the way (I'm saying "should" a lot because there's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip, as they say). 

The Chill Master's Screen... done! I'll be sending out PMs momentarily to any Chill backer at the SAVE Scholar level or higher with links to download a PDF of the screen. Physical copies will, again, be available at GenCon and for purchase on Indie Press Revolution in August-ish. 

Any questions, here I am! 

SAVE is off to press! Have a free case! Come play Chill at Origins/GenCon!

Posted by Matthew McFarland (Creator)

Greetings, envoys. Been a little bit. We've got a few pieces of news.

Art by Jacob Walker, layout by Thomas Deeny
Art by Jacob Walker, layout by Thomas Deeny

SAVE: The Eternal Society will be available for sale on DriveThruRPG on June 8, 2016, and in softcover in August (hopefully). It's gone to press, so now we're just in the "wait for the printers to work their magic). 

Now that it has gone to press, I should actually have some time to devote to getting a screen put together. That's not forgotten, just kinda fell off the radar. 

And there's a new free case up for download on our site! Very awesome little ghost story called Sunshine in Maine, written by Elsa Sjunneson-Henry of Dead Scare fame. 

Finally, if you're going to Origins or GenCon this year, there are Chill games at both! Bad news, the ones at GenCon are full, but y'know, a lot of times people don't show, so maybe grab some generics and drop by? 

Origins, though, there's no one signed up because the events didn't get added to the schedule until the last minute. Watch or our Twitter feed (@GrowlingDoor) for info on where and when the games will be.

Hope to see you there!