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We are a team of multimedia reporters covering the global economy. We are going to make a t-shirt and tell the story of its creation.
We are a team of multimedia reporters covering the global economy. We are going to make a t-shirt and tell the story of its creation.
20,242 backers pledged $590,807 to help bring this project to life.

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Hey folks,

Now that we're wrapping up the t-shirt project, we want to know what you thought of it.

Please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey. We'd really love to hear from you.


Planet Money

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    1. Creator Peter Nixon on May 5, 2015

      Did not receive shirt.

    2. Creator paul smith on February 2, 2014

      Got my t! Thanks guys!

    3. Creator Graham J on December 22, 2013

      Oops in my previous comment I should have said $20 plus $5 admin. On the airmail label NPR *did* give the 'value' of the T shirt as $25, and it still failed to slip under the £15 threshold in UK.

    4. Creator Graham J on December 22, 2013

      Like Joel (previous commenter) I am in UK and paid the £3.09 VAT charge + £8 handling fee. It would have been better for this money to go towards your great series of programmes. If only we had all studied HMRC Notice 143 more closely (17 pages!), we would have seen the £15 threshold, you could have fixed the UK price of the goods at US$25, plus a $5 admin charge at your end, and avoided this UK tax altogether. Maybe. Keep up the good work.

    5. Creator Joel Phillips on December 20, 2013

      Received my shirt in the UK yesterday. Didn't get a tracking number either.

      What I DID get however, was a £3.09 VAT charge + £8 handling fee from the Royal Mail. Maybe you should add that to the list of organisations involved in the creation and distribution of the shirt.

      $25 shirt + $15 shipping + £3.09 VAT + £8 handling makes this the most expensive t-shirt I've ever owned.

    6. Creator Calvin Chong on December 19, 2013

      Have you guys shipped to your international backers? I'm in Australia and have yet to receive a tracking number.

    7. Creator melanie ham on December 17, 2013

      Really excited to get the shirt- my husband's Christmas gift…if it ever gets through Chinese customs. Looks like I have the privilege to pay an extra 30% duty if the package will be allowed to pass through…it's currently stuck in port in Shanghai.

    8. Creator Matt Moore on December 17, 2013

      Feedback left. Amazing project guys - looking forward to seeing what you do next!

    9. Creator Theresa Lowe on December 17, 2013

      I've not received mine or even a tracking number. Should I be worried?

    10. Creator Bret Dahlgren on December 17, 2013

      @Planet Money Thank you.

    11. Creator Bruce Solomon on December 17, 2013

      That was an incredibly creative and fascinating ride---and I like my t-shirt. Thanks Planet Money crew. You really nailed it on this one.

    12. Creator Bob Stein on December 17, 2013

      Addendum to survey: INFOGRAPHICS.

      Would love to see lots of infographics about what you learned, the money, the labor, the miles (of yard and of shipping) the places where the money went, the places where the tshirts went, etc. etc.

      Ala the work of

    13. Creator Planet Money on December 17, 2013

      @Bret if you still haven't recieved your shirt send an email to

    14. Creator Bret Dahlgren on December 17, 2013

      I don't want to take the survey before receiving the t-shirt. But I have yet to even receive an email with a tracking number.

    15. Creator David Lai on December 17, 2013

      I really enjoyed the project. I felt the reporting in much more in depth than most of what we listen to, even on NPR. I hope for more projects similar to that one. I would say, perhaps more updates like bi-weekly tid bits.