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We are a team of multimedia reporters covering the global economy. We are going to make a t-shirt and tell the story of its creation.
20,242 backers pledged $590,807 to help bring this project to life.

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Checking On Your Order

Posted by Planet Money (Creator)

If you haven't received your t-shirt yet, don't worry. We only just finished shipping them all. And some shipments -- especially those going abroad -- might take a bit longer. They might also take a bit longer because we're using UPS Mail Innovations, which means that the packages are being put together by UPS but the Postal Service will do the actual delivery.

If you received your order, but there was a mistake please email us at Please include the following:

1) Your name
2) The email address you used for the order
3) Your order number
4) A photo of your packing slip
5) A photo of the t-shirt (or shirts) you received showing the incorrect size and/or damage to the shirt

We'll pass this along to our fulfillment company and fix the error right away. 

If you received the shirt that you ordered, but it doesn't fit correctly, we're very sorry, but we can not handle exchanges at this time. 

If you want to order more shirts, you can purchase them through the NPR shop until December 31. (Please note these orders will not ship until summer 2014).

Thank you.

What Do You Think?

Posted by Planet Money (Creator)

Hey folks,

Now that we're wrapping up the t-shirt project, we want to know what you thought of it.

Please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey. We'd really love to hear from you.


Planet Money

Don't Worry: T-Shirts Are Still Shipping

Posted by Planet Money (Creator)

T-shirts will be going out over the next couple weeks. Don't worry if you haven't received yours yet. 

For those of you asking about tracking information, the packages are being shipped by UPS Mail Innovations. This means that UPS takes care of labeling and sorting the packages, and then transports them to your local post office where the USPS takes over. Once the package is in the hands of your local post office you will not get any further tracking updates.

The tracking numbers were created at the time all the mailing labels were printed. If your tracking number is not displaying any information, it likely means your shirt hasn't been received by UPS yet. Please be patient. 


The World Behind a Simple Shirt, In Five Chapters.

Posted by Planet Money (Creator)

Our t-shirt website full of photos, video, and audio is live. Check it all out here:

And don't forget to share a photo of yourself once you receive your t-shirt. Take a photo with your shirt, write your name and an interesting fact about yourself on Instagram, and tag it #seedtoshirt.

Share The Love!

Posted by Planet Money (Creator)

Once you receive your Planet Money t-shirt, please snap a picture of yourself wearing your  t-shirt, out there in the wild, and share it on Instagram. Use the hashtag #seedtoshirt and please put your name and a fun fact about you in the caption. We’ll post our favorites online.

If you meet another fellow T-shirt wearer on the street, snap a photo of the two or three of you together and tell us where you met. Send the photo to and include a way for us to contact you. Bonus points for listeners who send in pictures of lots of T-shirt-wearers in one place, and those who capture our shirt in exotic locales.

 Ray M. Surprisingly, a very good pingpong player. #seedtoshirt