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Control two heroes at once for mind-bending single player or play with friends for action-packed, classic Gauntlet-style multiplayer.
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More Enemy Types Revealed - Happy Holidays!

Posted by Planet Io Entertainment (Creator)

Less than 4 days to go! Here are some more enemy types to mull over during the holiday season.

Assassins - They're quick, so stay on your toes! They will throw ninja stars your way and can appear out of thin air!

Dire Ice Turtles - These little guys are slow, but require a lot of hits to take down.

The "It" Monsters - These horrible abominations are difficult to see, but if a player attacks or touches one, they become "it!" Any other "it" monsters will spring to life and chase after that player!

Prepare yourself mentally for the challenges coming early next year! In the mean time, Happy Holidays from Planet Io!

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