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Control two heroes at once for mind-bending single player or play with friends for action-packed, classic Gauntlet-style multiplayer.
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Posted by Planet Io Entertainment (Creator)

You guys did it! Ancient Axes: Heroes on Paper is on its way to becoming an OUYA launch title and a brand new game for PC, Mac, and Linux gamers! Thanks for making the dream a reality!

WHAT? We've already met out first Stretch Goal? Yep, that's right, AA: HoP has already become about 20% cooler.

So, what are these mysterious Stretch Goals?

$150 Stretch Goal: UNLOCKED: Text-based menus are BORING. Instead, launching Ancient Axes will reveal your very own home. From here, you can walk around, select your character, get some friends to join in, and choose which game type you are going to play. Walk outside the house to choose which level to play.

$300 Stretch Goal: Mini-games! Challenge your friends to see who can hit the most targets in the time limit or jump into a go-kart and race around a race track (yep, really). Unlock more mini-games by playing through the campaigns!

$500 Stretch Goal: Gameplay settings! Unlock "cheats" by playing through the game - want to run through the game while invincible? How about with only 1 health point? You move twice as fast? Your enemies move twice as fast? Let's unlock this option for more ways to play the game.

$1000 Stretch Goal: Pets! Want a friendly slime monster to keep you company in your new menu-house? Would that dungeon be less terrifying if you had a pet bat to follow you around? Unlock this stretch goal to find plenty of furry, slimy, or scaly creatures, just waiting to befriend you. (Some are more manly looking than others.)

More details soon to come. Thanks again! You guys did it!

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