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A sinister video-store allows you to re-visit your past...for a price.

--What's Going On?

I'm shooting a short film for my Senior Capstone in film school. This isn't just a class project, however: as a life-long horror fan, I have something to prove. I want to bring respect, quality and excellence back to the genre I so dearly love. No more remakes and reimaginings. No more sequels and reboots. I want to bring fear back to horror films and rescue them from hyperactive editing and needless jump scares. This is all about one thing: making high-quality, scary films.

--What's This About?

Late is the story of Dave, a divorced, guilt-ridden father mourning the tragic death of his young son. His life is monotonous until he stumbles upon a strange video store, Videorama. The store, which rents only VHS, and its single clerk seem to come from another time. Drawn in by the promise of comforting nostalgia, Dave is blind to Videorama's true nature, culminating in a night of heart-stopping terror. By the time it's over, Dave will know two things about Videorama: pay attention to the policies...and stay out of the Family Section.

--Where's the Money Going?

Making movies costs money. Making carefully crafted films takes even more money: that's why we need your help. You see, we have the ideas, the crew, the talent and the abilities...we just need some financial support to make the whole thing come together. The money that you pledge will go to equipment and location rentals; set construction and design; food for the cast and crew; costuming and all of the incidentals that arise on a film set. If we exceed our funding goal, all additional funds will go to festival and contest entries: we want Late to go worldwide and, with your help, it will!

--Who's Involved?

Let's get the introductions out of the way. I'm Phillip Karagas and I'll be your Writer/Director on this particular ride: please keep all hands and feet in the car at all times. Sitting next to me is Marcus Boykin, our Producer, my partner-in-crime and the other half of Wooden Weasel ProductionsNatasha Pirouzian will be my Assistant Director. Natasha has her own film, Dots, currently in pre-production: keep your eyes open. And, last but not least, we have Jon Banes, our Production Designer...say hi, Jon! Most of us are Seniors in the Film Program at ASU, making this a bit of a dream team.

--What's In It For Me, Huh?

Several things, as a matter of fact. First of all, you're going to be helping a very deserving group of filmmakers realize their dreams. We have plenty of drive...we just need the gas, so to speak. You'll also be investing in the future: Late is just the beginning. This film will propel us straight into other projects, including several that we have waiting in the wings. You won't just be helping to fund a student film: you'll be kickstarting our careers!

But wait...there's more! Pledge now and you'll receive such amazing rewards as a DVD copy of the movie (sell the sucker online once we hit it big!), the haunting score...even a full-size promotional poster! But wait...there's more! Pledge higher and receive "Executive Producer" credit, your own likeness worked into a Videorama poster (you'll be on the silver screen!) or even a super-limited edition copy of Late on VHS (only 5 will be about exclusive!). There's even an option where I, your humble host, will write you into your own story. All of this and you get to help out poor, deserving students...what could be better?

Thank you for your time and thank you, in advance, for your contributions to our film. Filmmaking has sent us on a journey...your support will help us get there.


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    Copy of "Late" on DVD! Enjoy the film from the comfort of your own home.

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    Copy of script + all previous rewards! Pledge $10 and receive a bound copy of the script, signed by the director.

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    Copy of "Late" score + all previous rewards! Own the moody, atmospheric theatrical score and creep yourself out when it shuffles into your iPod.

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    Copy of official "Late" theatrical poster + all previous rewards! This is no puny, wallet-sized print: this is the real deal. Hang this on your wall with pride.

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    Have your likeness made into a Videorama Video poster + all previous rewards! Be the envy of your friends and be immortalized on the walls of Videorama when we turn your likeness into a poster. You'll be featured in the film AND you get the poster afterwards.

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    "Executive Producer" credit + all previous rewards! Break into the movie business in a big way and see your name up there on the silver screen.

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    A personalized story written for/about you by the writer/director of "Late" + all previous rewards! That's right: you provide the personality, he'll provide the rest. You might even find yourself wandering the hallowed halls of Videorama!

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    Limited edition copy of "Late" on VHS, guest-of-honor-status at film premiere + all previous rewards! It doesn't get any better than this. You can keep your can take your Blu-Rays...we're going a little further back. For a pledge of $1000, you will not only receive one of five super limited-edition VHS copies of "Late," you'll also be a guest of honor at the premiere of the film. You must be able to get yourself to the premiere, however, but you'll be a VIP once you're there. You helped us out, now let's celebrate you!

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