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A graphic novel based on the original Fighting Fantasy novel by Steve Jackson.
356 backers pledged £15,472 to help bring this project to life.

Status of the Project

Posted by PJ Montgomery (Creator)

Trolltooth Wars is continuing to move towards completion. The book isn't with the printer yet, but it's close. Steve Jackson requested a couple of small edits, which have been made. We've also run the comic by Jonathan Green for his feedback, and he's pointed out a few more corrections which need to be made. At the same time, Gavin has been working closely with Mike, our book designer, and Rich at Comic Printing UK to make sure the book is all in the correct format for printing. Gavin has had to tweak some of the colours slightly for the printer, and Mike is now working on collecting the newest versions of the pages together ready for print. Once he's done so, Steve has to approve the changes, then we go to the printer.

We've asked the printer how long the turn around should be once we send them the book, and they've advised us this should only be a week. So we're hopeful that the book will be with you very soon.

We have had one minor setback, to do with the packaging we ordered to send the books out to you with. We wanted to order this so that we had it all before we had the books, and could just start sending them straight out once they arrived. However, yesterday the supplier we selected unexpectedly cancelled the order without any explanation. They've contacted us today to say that this was a system error, and said we can place our order again. We have done so, and the packaging should still be here before the books.

We are very aware of how long this has taken, and how frustrated some of you are by this. I'd already announced that by way of an apology, we're including a bonus print for all backers who are due a physical reward. This means some of you will be getting six prints instead of the promised five. The print will be a splash page from the comic itself. It's a page you haven't seen yet, but Jonathan Green has seen it, and commented that he loved it.

As well as the bonus print, we've also decided to upgrade the badge set for backers. The original plan was a set of four badges. Three of these would feature designs by Gavin to represent the three forces involved in the Trolltooth Wars (Balthus Dire, Zharradan Marr and Salamonis), with the fourth being the Fighting Fantasy logo. Well, you're still getting the three standard badges designed by Gavin, but the FF logo badge will now be a deluxe enamel pin badge. This will look a lot classier, and be highly collectable, since they're only going to be available to you guys. The cost of the extra print and the upgraded badge is not covered by the Kickstarter budget, and is coming entirely out of our own pockets. We know it doesn't entirely make up for how late the book is, but we hope it goes some way towards it.

Thanks all.


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    1. Michael Boucher

      Wheeee how exciting!

    2. Missing avatar

      Tristan Melchiori on

      Thanks Steve, don't worry about the negative people

    3. Rebecca Cockeram on

      Thanks for the update. This is exciting news.