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Original Paintings from Gene B, Once Upon a Paper, and You!

Update: Book page sample

Book page mock-up is finally here...

Each page layout will be slightly different with respect to the painting composition. The text is floating around the tree to create a perfect balance. A lot of time and attention will be spent in making these pages. We'll come back with updates here and on

In nooks and corners Cold remains: Flowers of the plum

- Yosa Buson

Well, I need your help to gather all my paintings of trees and birds and create a Digital Book. I have a good forest here, and I want  to create a bunch more trees, to cover the broad range of the luxurious color combinations and shapes that nature and myself can produce. The Digital Book , a PDF file, will be viewable on your computer or mobile device. I will start working on it as soon as the the project reaches it's funding goal, and then keep adding the new paintings. 

What you get as rewards when you pledge is only original watercolor works. Plus of course, the PDF Book. Three sizes are available for the paintings: small ~8x10, medium ~12x17 and large ~18x24inch. They will be produced based on the pledging order, first come first served.  For the original paintings you are allowed to suggest a color your painting should be based on.  It will all be taken care with the survey sent at the end of project pledging  time. 

When I layout a tree, I am searching for a prototype and archetype, and for the most relevant and exciting to our human brains. Not an easy task, but so teasing to me. My trees give joy, positive energy, color to the walls, oxygen to your brain, and make your friends jealous. I’ll make trees and their inhabitants,  - birds. Two symbols of earth and flight, of rooted and freedom, of building and occupancy.
It started a few years ago, out of my professional architectural design research. As an architect you always need to sketch your plans with a pencil, and many times, your spaces start looking like bubbles following some structure. From there, it all deviated into these paintings. I guess I always loved trees with their amazing crowns and structural forms. And who doesn’t?

Thanks for reading this, and for those willing to join, please follow my progress at 

Why not making an app:

Part of the beauty to a digital e-book or collection is that you can store the file yourself or share it with a friend and they can easily load it on their reader. You can't install an app without running it through Apple's store without jailbreaking your phone, which is not for everyone. Yes, I know this is not always the case with Android devices, but  iOS is currently the majority platform.

There are also compatibility issues. The odds of an application no longer running correctly are greater than that of there not being any option to load a specific kind of media file on future hardware. Also, it's easier for me to build this myself and more cost efficient. 

A $5 dollar for shipping costs would be very appreciated - thanks.


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