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$10,169 pledged of $45,000 goal
By pixl³
$10,169 pledged of $45,000 goal

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THE END?! nope. definitely not.

well folks, we're approaching just 2 hours left in this amazing kickstarter campaign. we've come a long way, and raised more than $10,000!! that in itself is an achievement, even if it's not looking too good for us meeting our goal.

and thanks to all of your overwhelming support, we've decided that there is no way we're giving up that easily!

we want to keep in touch so that when we are ready to take another stab at it, we'll be able to keep in touch with all of you!

this is the place to be:

tell all your friends ;) see you on the flip side of 11:59PM PST

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Yes, that's right folks, just five hours left.

We haven't given up, have you?

WE HIT $10,000. That's certainly not our goal, or even half, but it's a 5-digit milestone, and it's huge.

We were also just featured on CNET:

Tweet the heck out of that thing!


One last thing- even if we don't succeed tonight, we're going to try again and again until this works. If we aren't likely to succeed, we'll send out a note closer to the end with a sign-up form for you to give us your contact info. When we're ready to try again, that'll allow us to keep in touch!

less 2 days left + free for users!

That's right folks, just two days left to back us:

BUT! Something we think we should tell you about, since while we've mentioned it in passing a couple times, we haven't yet sent out an official announcement.

We're going to build the new instafocus as a "hybrid" app in this sense: if you have an account, we'll connect up your username, profile and as much of the ADN back end as we can for you -- and we're going to waive the $2/mo instafocus membership fee. We know that ADN users already have the same values as us, and so wouldn't spam or post photos of nails and bieber.

If you don't have an account, then it's still the exact same way it was always going to be -- you use our platform and you pay the $2/mo instafocus membership fee for some awesome sauce photo sharing!

Tell all your friends and point them here:



(That's Feb. 3 at 11:59PM pacific standard time).

This is instafocus: (courtesy of

It's beautiful, and we love it.  But for some reason, some people think we've given up -- that there's no way we could reach our goal. We're here to prove you wrong: there ain't no givin' up here, kid.

Here are some incredible things we found out about that happened in less than four days:

So what'dya say guys? 

14% and climbing! (That's $6,445 raised!!)

Here's a cool statistic for you guys:

Did you know that 81% of Kickstarter projects that get at least 20%-funded meet their goal? We've still got 6 days left, so the chances that we'll climb from 14% to 20% are pretty darn good!

Now stop and consider this scenario for a minute:

  • We meet our goal
  • The app launches
  • You were an early backer with a pledge of $20 or more (which let you reserve your username)
  • Your poor friend Fred down the road didn't know about the Kickstarter!
  • He's late to the game and is now stuck with the username @fred2558_is_cool because there are 50,000 other Freds

That would be a real shame.

If you care about Fred, make sure Fred gets a shot at @fred.

You could even send him a tweet like "Hey <YOUR-FRIENDS-@HANDLE>, you should check out the @instafocus #kickstarter! Don't want to miss reserving your username!"

Notice how we didn't give you a pre-composed tweet link this time? That's because then we'd be spamming @fred a hundred times. #not_nice. But we figure you can copy/paste that out of there and edit the < > to be an actual username without too much difficulty.

Cheers guys! Until tomorrow,