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Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA
Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA
4,534 backers pledged $150,745 to help bring this project to life.

Final Day Kickstarter Countdown!

Posted by Pixelscopic (Creator)

Welcome backers, friends, and fellow Delvers to our final update before the end of campaign. After 32 days on Kickstarter, we now have over 4,000 backers (seriously there are 4 THOUSAND of you!), we’ve blazed past $130,000, met four stretch goals... and it’s been an amazing run.

Thank you again for being with us on this journey to launch Delver’s Drop into reality. The team here at Pixelscopic (and our patient families and significant others) thank you from the bottom of our heart meters.

So let’s close this campaign out right! You probably already know, but:

The campaign ends at


*****That’s Tuesday March 12, 11:59pm CST (GMT-6)*****

So finalize your pledges and hold onto your adventuring boots, because we have a few things planned, and a few more things to go over before it's... well... over.


Paypal Pledges

Our Paypal contributions page is now live!

This is a much-requested addition to the campaign, which we are happy to provide for anyone who has been unable to pledge here on Kickstarter. Sorry that we’re launching it a bit later than originally promised. We’re actually extending its duration through Wednesday, March 27, so you have just over 2 weeks to contribute this way. But after that, we will not offer the amazing multi-platform bundles or participation in many other rewards (such as voting on characters or access to the Closed Alpha and Beta).

More good news: Any Paypal contributions also count toward our Stretch Goals! We will continue to update the Kickstarter page (and our website) to track progress.

A huge special thank you to anyone who went to the trouble of getting a pre-paid card or found other means of contributing to Kickstarter. We couldn’t have done it without you, and hope you’ll forgive us for not having the Paypal option worked out sooner.

Note: You cannot increase your Kickstarter pledge via our Paypal page, or change your Kickstarter pledges in any way after the campaign has ended. They are mutually exclusive in that sense. Please do not request to add to your pledge!


Closing Livestream

We’ll be doing another Livestream from 8pm to midnight (CST) tomorrow night, to close out the campaign and have some fun.

This will be a bit different from the last Livestream: we will answer questions, but this time let’s talk about our favorite gaming memories, what we’re excited about in the gaming landscape, our inspirations for Delver’s Drop, and maybe even what we’re looking forward to at PAX East.

If you have any questions about the campaign, please ask them now in the comments or a direct message! During the livestream we want to focus on what’s fun about gaming, which is the reason we’re all here. While we’ll answer some questions about the game, we’re definitely hoping for more of a casual affair — more of a celebration than a strict Q&A. You can of course always ask us further questions here on Kickstarter, even after the campaign is over.


Newest Stretch Goals

Over the last few days, we’ve reached the extremely popular multiplayer stretch goals for local 4-Player Co-op Horde Mode, local 4-Player Competitive Deatchmatch, and local 2-Player Co-op “Companion” Mode (just reached today)! Thank you for all of the support that has gotten us this far. We’re incredibly excited to add these features to Delver’s Drop!


PAX East

Remember that we will be at booth #886! Come see us and get some Delver’s Drop pins... and more importantly, play the game in person! We’ll send you a show floor map right before PAX so you’ll know exactly how to find us.


Notice about Exclusive Content

There has been a lot of discussion both on and off Kickstarter about the fact that we are offering exclusive items and especially an exclusive class to backers at various tiers. On the one hand, our backers seem to be very excited about these bonuses. On the other, many are opposed to the idea of any content that is exclusive to a certain group, especially when exclusivity is based on their place of purchase. This is of course an issue in the wider industry as well, and one that we find our campaign in the middle of.

Honestly, our intention in providing exclusive content was to give an amazing bonus to backers in return for their generosity. These backers were truly funding the development of the exclusive content by giving more than the minimum. But this inadvertently causes us to exclude many others from this content, which was not our goal.

Once we created the reward tiers and had any backers pledge to them, these tiers and their contents cannot be altered (Kickstarter regulations). And we are committed to honor our promise to backers that they will receive exclusive content through these tiers. But simultaneously, we are saddened that we’ve created a situation that has divided our user base and fans.

We want to find a compromise and have been talking to many people here on Kickstarter about possible ideas. We are now prepared to announce a plan to rectify the situation, though we don’t have every detail in place yet, and it will take more thought and additional development to flesh out this plan:

  • 1. Backers who pledge through our Paypal page get access to the same content as Kickstarter backers, for the same price. This allows anyone who can’t back through Kickstarter to get the same deal for a limited time.
  • 2. On day one of the game's release, all backers at tiers $15 and up will receive the Exclusive Items that go with their tiers, and backers at $50 and up will receive the Exclusive Class. This honors our commitment on Kickstarter (and Paypal).
  • 3. As an added bonus, the Exclusive Class will be the only one that has multiple (selectable) character "skins," aka different costumes.
  • 4. Approximately 3-6 months after release, we will develop a system that allows backers who have exclusive content to share these items with others. The exact method of sharing (and frequency one can share) is still being determined, as we have not begun development. Sharing will not occur at all until this system is in place (think of it as a timed exclusive if you like).
  • 5. The basic idea is that an Exclusive Backer can send a “blueprint” or "treasure map" to a non-exclusive backer, and they can then use this blueprint to craft the Exclusive Items or find (through a number of secret steps) the Exclusive Class, and unlock these in their game. Think of the backers as the “Secret Santa” of our game world, sending unlock codes to friends... but these friends have to work a bit to actually unlock the content.
  • 6. BUT — Non-exclusive backers receiving these blueprints and unlocking the content will get cosmetically different versions. 1) The Exclusive Class will be limited to only one skin for non-exclusive backers. 2) The Exclusive Items will look less luminescent, and will create fewer particle effects when used. Basically the exclusive versions are flashier.

Our hope is that the Exclusive Backers see their ability to share content with the rest of the community as an added perk to their rewards. And simultaneously, we hope that non-exclusive backers will be pleased with the idea that the exclusive content will (over time) spread throughout the community — though with cosmetic differences. And finally, we believe that to the best of our ability this fulfills our obligations listed on the Kickstarter page that the Exclusive Class “is only available through Kickstarter” since it is truly being distributed through Kickstarter’s process, and by its backers.

We hope that you will agree that this is a satisfactory compromise, and apologize (again) if you do not share this opinion. We realize this is a situation where we can’t please everyone... so we are trying to do the best we can at being honest, transparent, and accommodating to the vast majority of our users. Please send us a direct message to discuss further if this seems unsatisfactory to you.

Thank you to all of the backers who offered suggestions and feedback — you played a crucial part in finding this solution, and you have our sincere gratitude.


Well that ended on a complicated note, huh? We hope that you’re still with us, and are ready to close this campaign out in the most awesome way possible. Don’t forget to check out the livestream tomorrow night to countdown the campaign with us! Or if you've been holding out, please back us now while you still have time!

— The Pixelscopic Team


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    1. AKASlaphappy

      Awesome idea, I look forward to sharing the items!

    2. Missing avatar

      Torvald J on

      Sweet! You'd better not just be telling us what we want to hear! :P Seriously, if I dropped into a deep area with only the light of a torch beside me and my own small illumination, with the sounds of enemies all around me, not knowing if the flickering is just my own shadows, or certain death stalking me just beyond my reach, I'd probably pee my pants! :) If you can't tell, I am so looking forward to this game.

    3. Pixelscopic Creator on

      Yes, we hope to improve the lighting everywhere actually :) Campaign and Endless Drop, etc. Expect more cool stuff to come!

    4. Missing avatar

      Torvald J on

      I really love the dynamic lighting in the videos. Are we going to see more use of that in the actual campaign? I would be SO happy to see some rooms that really make use of heavy darkness and lighting, to obscure enemies or influence different puzzles! Any big plans for some seriously cool stuff with lighting?

    5. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Jörn - Happy to help! It looks like we're not going to have a $5,000 backer, so we'll decide what to do about the Icarian wings idea. The hope was that that person would share it with the community anyway since they are being super generous already. Anyway, we might decide to add it to an expansion or DLC or something later.
      And you're right about modding - you can basically do whatever you want through a mod, so you could probably re-engineer content if you wanted to. I guess that's something we hadn't even thought about, so good call on that one!

    6. Jörn Huxhorn

      @Pixelscopic Thanks for the clarification, upgraded to $50. ^^

      There remains the question about the "Icarian Wings" at $5k, though.

      Most of the exclusive items/classes debate is probably moot since you said in the KS main video that modding will be possible soooooooo it would be possible to simply add missing exclusive stuff as a mod...

    7. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @adrianps93 - We're not sure if we will allow people who have shared versions to then re-share them. We do like the idea of the content spreading virally, but we don't want it to spread so quickly that it is just something everyone has instantly without connecting with the original Exclusive Backers. We might consider making it so that people who have a shared version of the class/items can share it, but only one time (and for no in-game bonuses), while original Exclusive Backers can share as many times as they want (with the in-game exp/gold/whatever bonuses gotten every time). There are still a lot of these little details to work out. Thanks for the suggestions!

    8. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Sami - there will be steps to unlock most classes beyond the starting 3 classes. We haven't completely decided on the unlock mechanics, but obviously we don't want it to be too difficult such that most people never unlock them. The exclusive class will (probably) have some steps to unlock it, be it completing level 4 or finding a secret room that the game hints at in zone 2 or something. There will be some extra hoops to jump through for the non-exclusive backers (resource collection / fetch quest type stuff), and then after they complete those steps they can go about unlocking the class in the way the Exclusive Backers would have done to originally get the class. The exclusive backers will still have these types of fetch mechanics in the game, so they won't be missing out.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sami on

      There's one more problem I can see with this solution. They way it's described now says that the backers with extra stuff can send something to a player without this content, enabling them to ... quoting from above... "find (through a number of secret steps) the Exclusive Class". Does this mean that we get to miss out on these secret steps because we backed the game early on? Hopefully the highest tier backers get to see more than the ending credits rolling once they start the game. ;)

      All in all, it's not that bad of a solution, but it's not one I'd use either. I'd probably go with releasing all the remaining content in a free update 6-12 months after release.

    10. Missing avatar

      adrianps93 on

      What I think about the exclusive things: I agree with the solution you found, but I think it would be cool if, at the same time you make possible to share things, you also add the possibility for players that are given the items by a backer to become ¨backers¨. What I mean is that they would be able to send the items to a friend too (but only one, like real backers), maybe if they complete a quest, get an achievement, etc. that would be different from the requirements to get the items for their own use, but still not extremely difficult to get (just a little bit than for their own use). Like this, exclusive content will be like a ¨virus¨ so that in the end, almost everybody (except newcomers that haven`t completed the quests or whatever needed) will have all the items and classes (but with different cosmetic, I agree with that). Whatsmore, this will build a huge community, and make the game even better to play and share :D. Anyway, this is a crazy idea I got, but I think this will definitely make everyone happy about the exclusives, as I dont want to have all those awesome things just for me ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Torvald J on

      Good idea, that'd be so amazing! I would buy multiple copies of this game for every Simpsons fan I know! Haha well, I'd consider it ;) I'd definitely tell them all to buy it though!

    12. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Torvald - Haha, I hope someone does that! A nasty, rich shopkeeper named Mr. Burns? And his assistant Smithers?

    13. Missing avatar

      Torvald J on

      I mean if they "aren't used" not "are." Sorry.

    14. Missing avatar

      Torvald J on

      Hey, seeing as how the company is based in Springfield, I think it'd be an outrage if the names Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are used at least in part for the randomly generated character names. :) Hehe. Any chance of that?

    15. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Jöm - As has already been mentioned, but I will officially confirm: the $2,000 backer does not get a special class all to themselves - they actually add that to the game for EVERYONE :)

    16. Jörn Huxhorn

      @Daniel But you can get lots of stuff like naming a character, limited edition boxes, posters all of which wouldn't change the game. I'd consider using gameplay-changing, non-cosmetic exclusive items in a multiplayer game (or even a singleplayer game with online highscores) as cheating.

      Planetary Annihilation is a great example for doing the exclusive stuff right: the exclusive commanders are purely cosmetic and simply say "I'm one of the cool kids that supported this project at the start" - anything else (having a strategic advantage over non-backers) would completely destroy the concept of an RTS. It's about strategy and not about the wallet.

      The exclusives in the case of Delver's Drop (being non-cosmetic) either give you an advantage of some kind or they suck and are of no real use. :)

    17. Jörn Huxhorn

      @MoreVoid I guess you might be right. I stumbled over the "For each backer" part in the description.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bradson Goldie on

      I (obviously) endorse releasing the Kickstarter items as shareables. I would honestly prefer that they would get the exact same thing I do, but slightly less particle effect seems like a super reasonable compromise.

      For those who don't understand, it's pretty simple in my mind. I don't like things being in the game that I can't get while playing the game. (I find micro-transaction items to be more mild offenders of this rule, since they're generally available even if they do cost a dollar or two.)

      I actually feel like the compromise will help the community for this game in the long run, encouraging players to connect outside the game for versus mode and rare item trades alike.

    19. Daniel

      My feel on the 'exclusive' thingy:
      If I there isn't an incentive for me to pay the money it costs to pledge at kickstarter, why should I not just cancel my pledge and wait for the game to get made anyway and then buy it on a sale?
      I always skip projects that doesn't give me any real incentive above 'the thing gets made', cause otherwise I am supporting at a loss compared to someone supporting the creator after launch that does so cheaper.
      If it hadn't been for the exclusive items, I would have skipped this project too. If the reason for me backing ceases to exist, I would prefer knowing before the project ends so I can cancel my pledge, or demand my money refunded afterwards as I was led to pledge under false asumptions.
      Simple as that.

    20. Missing avatar

      MoreVoid on

      @Jörn Huxhorn The 2k arent the only one that would get that class

    21. Venron

      My 2 cents worth on kickstarter. The point is to gain capital to be able to release whatever it is you are working on. Typically backers are getting a price break over what the item will actually retail for (so you are already one up on late adopters). I think this solution to "exclusive" content is great. Backers get to use these items earlier as a reward, but later players still will be able to use them (albeit with a different look so backers can still show their early support status). I like the idea of not being punished because I didn't hear about a project during its funding phase.

    22. Jörn Huxhorn

      When I first laid my eyes on this project I was like "Oh wow!" immediately followed by "Meh. :(" as soon as I saw the exclusive backer stuff. This always ends in tears and I usually ignore projects that offer such exclusive in-game thingies, especially if they are non-cosmetic.
      It's a bow in the direction of Delver's Drop that I didn't ignore THIS project. ;)

      There are always two types of backers:
      - those that are looking for exclusive deals
      - those that would simply like to help transform a good looking game concept into an as-great-as-possible game for all people involved (i.e. more "inclusives").

      Exclusive in-game stuff is quite similar to a copy protection.

      Work (read: money) needs to be invested to keep part of the content away from some of the users instead of investing that work into making the game more awesome for everyone. And I suspect that pirates will be able to use the exclusive stuff anyway essentially creating an incentive to "steal" the game instead of simply buying it.

      I usually have a hard time spending unreasonable amounts of money on projects that would invest money into keeping content away from their customers because they are either early/late, rich/poor, reasonable/unreasonable. We should all be equal.

      I'm only talking about directly game-related exclusiveness. Getting an exclusive candlelight dinner with the developers at a $10k tier does not impose restrictions on the rest of the people. The same is the case for add-ons like soundtrack, making-of-videos, video chats with the developers, exclusive access to certain parts of the forum to discuss further development of the game or any physical products like art prints, posters or t-shirts. Neither takes away from the game itself.

      That said, I just realized that $2k and $5k tiers still include purely exclusive stuff that no one will be able to get. The $5k tier hasn't been selected yet so it can still be changed (*hint, hint*) but the one person pledging at the $2k tier will still be the only one getting that special class.


      I guess I still have 12h left to decide if this (quite good!) compromise is enough to raise my pledge. I'll likely end up at $50.

    23. Jörn Huxhorn

      One logical argument: it is quite unlikely that lots of us know that person pledging at $2k level which will be the only person that will have access to that special special class included at that specific level.
      The same is the case for the two as-of-yet-non-existing guildmasters and their Icarian Wings.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jared A. Thomas on

      I still don't understand why people get so up in arms over "exclusive" content. The whole basis of Kickstarter (please correct me if I'm wrong) is for people to back projects. There is an inherent risk to backing projects, a risk that people joining into a game later on will not have to face. Once the game is funded and released, that's it. It's there to stay and the people buying it can usually see if it's exactly what they want or not before paying for it. There is a chance with each project that the final product is not what we, the backers, desired from the get-go. One of the means of compensating us for that inherent risk is some exclusive content. Yes, some Kickstarter projects go overboard and give absurd amounts of content, sometimes even game changing content. The way that Pixel is handling this, making sure that there is exclusive content for backers that can effectively be gifted to those to join later, is quite reasonable. To those of you that fill the air with your wailing and gnashing teeth, try giving a logical argument for what's wrong with this kind of exclusive content instead of slinging insults and baseless statements.

      Pixel Team, thank you for what looks like a great project. I'm eager to see it come Fall.

    25. Brandon Olson on

      I like the cut of your jib. Upped my pledge :).

    26. Missing avatar

      Anton Olsen on

      I can't describe how much I love you, Pixelscopic. I've never seen a company come up with such a great solution before. I backed $50 to get these exclusive items but I'm really happy to see that others will eventually get the same things I got, but with less cosmetic stuff.

      Keep up the awesome work! I'm pretty sure I will have a blast with this game as soon as I can play it. I've never been as excited about any game before as I am about this, and that's saying something.

    27. Kenneth B. Deshotel on

      Thanks for the big update guys. I think your solution to the problems adressed are fair and does it's best to appease everyone! Keep it up, guys. Only a few hours left!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Torvald J on

      To any commentors who are angry about the exclusive items, I understand how you feel, and it is kinda unfair. But try and think of it this way, as Kickstarter backers you are now officially producers of this game. Normally producers are paid back with a percentage of revenue generated by sales (or other benifits) of the game they funded to help develop. Since this is Kickstarter and we pay so little, Pixelscopic isn't going to pay any of us back by giving us sales revenue, but they wanted to do the respectable thing and pay us "in-game" with some exclusive items and content. And if you look at it this way, since the Kickstarter items wouldn't have existed without us backing, and they will be (eventually) made available for everyone now, being on Kickstarter has not devalued the final product, but enhanced it, while still compensating the many "producers" of the game. I think it's pretty respectable, so just try to see it like that :)
      Instead of people missing out, YOU as a backer helped to add content for everyone!

    29. Missing avatar

      Wexmajor on

      The point of kickstarter is to fund projects, not to be an elitist hipster. Anything that devalues the final product, such as treating later buyers as second class citizens, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's like it becomes a gimmick circlejerk rather than a real product. I understand that it's too late to change it but I don't even understand what kind of sick mind would want it in the first place.

    30. Damian Jepson on

      But if the same content is offered to people who miss Kickstarter or only discover a game on release, you are making devaluing the Kickstarter experience for those that take the time to discover new projects in the first who might then say, if I can get same content later then I won't back now as there is no incentive to do so or anything to show that I took the plunge at the very start as I believed in it, which could lead to projects not being funded in the first place.

      Anyway my rant is over, cannot wait for Delver Drop release and good luck with everything

    31. Missing avatar

      Sami on

      Two things spring to mind... When you find yourself doing a very complex and elaborate explanation for a thing so simple, something must have gone wrong at some point. I can be somewhat rational about it, because I've already backed the game and won't get the cold shoulder -- But there were some projects that I missed and I'm still annoyed when I even think about them and how they handled (or didn't) late backers. I think exclusive content is something that could be Kickstarter's reason for existing, and if no common solution can be reached for the dilemma you wrestle with in this update, then it will make this whole system of backing games that much less interesting.

      Second point is, that if you get angry people knocking on your email, you know you've done something right. No one will get angry if they miss a sucky game, so you all should be proud of what you've managed to build so far. :)

    32. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Damian – I think the issue is mainly that we announced exclusive content that could only be gotten through Kickstarter... when some people can't back through Kickstarter, or don't want to use the Kickstarter platform, or may not even hear about it in time to get on board. So you are right in many ways, but it does kind of suck for anyone who just never found out about the game during the Kickstarter, but becomes interested later when we release it. So that's why we're committing to developing this sharing option, so people who totally missed the Kickstarter can still get access eventually and aren't missing part of the game.

    33. Damian Jepson on

      I don't get it, the point of Kickstarter is for new projects to raise funding to develop products and people willing to back becuase they like the look of the project get exclusive rewards/content for doing so, which differentiates you from those that back when it reaches market, if you don't back through Kickstarter why should you expect to be treat the same ? or am I being too harsh ?

    34. William Gibson on

      I liked the solution enough to up my pledge.

    35. Pixelscopic Creator on

      A point of clarification since we've had a few questions about this:
      • The Exclusive Class and Items are NOT cosmetic only! They are 100% new and unique compared to anything you can get in the base game, with new mechanics, properties, etc.
      • However, if someone who purchases this exclusive content *shares* them with a friend who doesn't have them yet, that friend will get a cosmetically different variant of those items. This keeps the original purchased exclusive items exclusively (cosmetically) unique from anyone else who has a shared version.

    36. anthony on

      Great solution! Hopefully this will appease both parties.
      Good luck on the countdown/livestream! We can reach 150K!

    37. Missing avatar

      EMarcotte on

      I actually like your solution. It makes the Kickstarter-specific content available to everyone eventually, while giving the actual backers a lot of time to enjoy their exclusive use. And it also avoid the pitfall of putting a price on the items (ie: you are not going to sell for 2$ the class that people paid X$ for).

      I guess that's the answer I was waiting for, so I should go and increase my pledge accordingly...

    38. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      Hey, I just want to be the first to say that this is a brilliant solution to an always-tricky problem that has derailed many other projects. Some creators have tried to lock things down, which generated anger from "late adopters", and others have ditched the exclusivity, which angered the backers. In the end these things serve to divide the userbase, whereas what you propose (hopefully) will unite it.

      I didn't back at an exclusive level due to budget, but I'm happy for the chance to work towards some of those rewards during gameplay. I hope that those who backed at the higher rate will be likewise pleased at the opportunity to aid their friends (and strangers!).

      See you at PAX East!

    39. Shawn Adams on

      That's too complicated for something so simple. I fear this hasn't ended well.