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Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA
Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA
4,534 backers pledged $150,745 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Pixelscopic (Creator)

Just... wow.

We’re finally there. Our Kickstarter Goal is achieved. We can make this game now, and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you to those who were the first to support Delver’s Drop and spread the word. Thank you to those who gave us confidence with their pledges during the lean middle days. Thank you to those who rode in on this last tidal wave of awesomeness. Thanks to everyone who shared with their friends. Thanks to the press for giving us a few moments of your time and sharing your viewership.  

Thank you.

We’ve still got a week to go and the potential for some Stretch Goal features to be added to the game — we’re very excited about these possibilities. More classes, more content, more modes... but we can talk about that tomorrow. Today the Pixelscopic crew is going to tell our friends and family about this amazing thing that happened. Thank you fans. Thank you friends.

- Ryan Baker, Coby Utter, Ryan Burrell


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    1. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Alan - you get the iOS version in the $15 tier. We added this a week or so ago, but unfortunately we just can't change any wording in the sidebar (Kikcstarter rules). So yes, iOS is part of the campaign, as is Android and OUYA!

    2. Alan Aj Johnson on

      Add a stretch goal for the iOS version please and thank you. Also I'm super excited that this gem made funding such an awesome concept, I hope you guys can release it for consoles at some point as well

    3. Brendan on

      We did it!


    4. Missing avatar

      Connor Rigden on

      Congratulations. You're project looks amazing, and I can't wait to get my hands on it :3

    5. James Carey on

      congrats guys I just read the story update this morning and was totally blown away by it :)

    6. Brian Parker

      Congrats! Can't wait to play :)

    7. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Shin - the forums will be hosted somewhere on or, but we will give you better details on that later.

      @Steve - thanks! I know you've been a backer since early on, so we really appreciate the support!

    8. Steve Adamo on

      congratulations again Ryan, Coby and Ryan... you guys certainly deserve it... quality idea + fantastic art + lots of blood, sweat and love poured into the code = one fantastic looking adventure... onward! :)

    9. Shin Imai on

      BTW where is the forums before release?
      Can I access it?

    10. Missing avatar

      Russell James Trimble on

      The moment I saw this game I knew I needed it.

    11. eCNO on

      Congrats! Glad to have had the chance to hear about your project and help push you towards your release goals— Thanks Kotaku for spreading the word! Very excited for this title!

    12. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Matt - Bonus plus Stretch Goals! We want to give back some cool stuff for everyone's generosity.

    13. Matt Bliss on

      Congratulations. I am so excited about this game, and glad to see that from here on out it's bonus.

    14. Missing avatar

      Vítor Hugo Piana Serpa on

      Whoa!!! I'm just so happy right now. I was rooting deeply for this game to happen. Congrats guys, make an awesome game. I'm eager to play it.

    15. Ryan Bell on

      Oh yea!!!! Awesomeness just happened!

    16. 2064 arcade on

      YES! I'm link from the visioncon update and I'm so excited! now lets reach some stretch goals! (after a day or two of celebration of course.)

    17. Jasson McMorris on

      Congratulations guys. Much deserved. Now lets get that puzzle stretch goal! :D

    18. Chickadee on

      Congrats guys! Can't wait for the game


    19. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Giaimo on

      Grats guys! Glad this got funded, was a HUGE boost, I was actually worried for a bit. Just goes to show the power of social media and doing things such as having people like Northernlion show gameplay and not just ideas, as well as doing the live stream.

      You proved the game was going somewhere and it looked great!

    20. Malicah

      YAY, so glad to see this happening, I started getting a little worried with that lull in the middle. This seriously ranks in my top 5 favorite kickstarters, I'm really excited to see this game.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tharob on

      Congratulations, well deserved I would say.

    22. finallyanime on

      :) take a break for today guys!