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Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA
Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA
4,534 backers pledged $150,745 to help bring this project to life.

Update #1 — Campaign Tune-Up!

Posted by Pixelscopic (Creator)


  • Release Platforms / Prices / Dates Clarifications
  • Linux clarification
  • Earlier Access - Alpha, Closed Beta, Open Beta 
  • Tier Adjustments
  • NEW All-Digital Deluxe Tier
  • More Signed Reward Items
  • Response to Comments on Exclusive Content
  • Conventions!


Hey, Delvers!

20% in 3 days? Our backers are incredible!

Since launch, it’s been incredibly exciting for all of us at Pixelscopic. We've put a lot of love into Delver's Drop and are thrilled that so many people are interested in it. Thank you for all of your generosity, support, questions, and suggestions! Keep it all coming, we're trying to respond to everyone and address all of the feedback we're getting to make this campaign as transparent and beneficial to our backers as possible.

Now on to cleaning up and improving the campaign:


Change Log / Clarifications

The following are a list of changes and clarifications we’ve made to improve the campaign, from better wording to better reward info!

1. Release Pricing Clarification

→ Section changed: “Ready to Delve”

We wanted to clarify that the game will release at $15 in October. This means that by pre-ordering the game at the $15 tier, you are getting the game at cost, PLUS getting all of the included bonuses digital items, for free! We’re now also throwing in early Open Beta Access to the game at this tier as an added bonus.

2. Linux

→ Section changed: “Ready to Delve” and “Stretch Goals”

Due to lack of attention and clarity on our part, there has been some confusion about the Linux port. It has always been our intention to put Delver's Drop on Linux! We just didn't exactly mention that... Whoops.

However, we are a small team and are developing our own technology. Right now, the engine only supports PC, Mac, and iOS; Android is close behind in terms of completion. Since we need to focus on finishing the game, it would not be possible for us to launch the Linux version day-and-date with the PC / Mac versions. We didn't include Linux because we just weren't sure when we could finish it, but since there is so much demand, we're going to make it a reality.

But for the above reasons, we included the Linux stretch goal: with the extra funds, we would be able to bring on additional programming support to ensure that PC, Mac, and Linux versions launch simultaneously. Sorry for the confusion!

3. Mobile - iOS & Android

→ Section changed: “Ready to Delve”

It also wasn’t very clear how mobile is or isn’t included in the campaign. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a way to distribute mobile builds, and therefore there is no reward tier that includes mobile (iOS or Android) versions. These would have to be purchased separately upon release.

BUT! If we do find a way to distribute builds (and we promise we will try, cross our heart and hope to die), we will include iOS and Android builds to every backer from the $15 tier and up. We’ll keep you posted if / when this changes!

4. Expansion of Milestones + Game Access

→ Section changed: “Ready to Delve,” “Progress & Milestones,” and “Loot Drop”

We’re now adding Alpha Access and an Open Beta! See the next section below for more information.

We’ve adjusted wording in the campaign to improve the clarity of the above items. Let us know if we goofed anything else up!


Reward Improvements / Additions

→ Section changed: “Loot Drop”

Please Note: Unfortunately we CANNOT change the tier descriptions in the sidebar once anyone has made a pledge at that tier, so if something isn't clear, please let us know!

Based on feedback, we’ve also upgraded two tiers, and added another:

CHANGE 1 — Earlier Access

We've received a lot requests to consider opening access to the game at Alpha and this was actually something we considered heavily prior to launch. After talking it over again and planning for the logistics, we've decided to go ahead and give earlier access to the game! What does that mean exactly?

$25 Tier Improvement - ALPHA ACCESS!

It means that at the $25 Tier, you will get access to the game during its Alpha stages, in approximately late June. This tier will still include exclusive Closed Beta + forum access in August. Note that forum access may or may not be available during the Alpha, but we will still be accepting feedback.

$15 Tier Improvement - OPEN BETA ACCESS!

We are now also adding an Open Beta phase, which will occur approximately in September. Open Beta means that it will not be exclusive to Kickstarter backers, and we may allow other players to participate. We are still determining how the Open Beta will function with regards to other participants.

Difference between Alpha, Closed Beta, & Open Beta:

  • Alpha players will be able to give early feedback that will influence the game in a very direct way. At this early point, we can still change some features and improve systems.
  • Closed Beta will allow players to actively participate in the polish phase, suggesting minor improvements and adjustments. However major features and systems will be locked in by this point.
  • Open Beta will allow users to play the game early, in a stable form. Some bugs and very minor polish items may be present, and you can help us find and solve these issues!

We truly mean it when we say that we want your help to make Delver's Drop as good as it can be, and giving you access to the build earlier simply makes too much sense to not do.

CHANGE 2 — NEW TIER: All-Digital Deluxe ($50)

Numerous suggestions have come in asking about the possibility of an All-Digital tier, which is a great idea for those who prefer digital goods over physicals. The new tier is only $50 and includes:

  • All rewards from the $5, $15, $25, and $40 tiers except for the postcard.
  • Kickstarter exclusive Character class from the $60 tier
  • All in-game item packs from the $15-100 tiers

It's incredibly important to us that we offer very high value rewards across all the tiers and we want to fine tune this campaign to perfection!

CHANGE 3 — More Signed Items!

We are also upgrading the $100 and $120 tiers so that both the physical game case and the softbound artbook will be signed by the full dev team.

Note: Other items marked as signed will most likely only be signed by the artist.


Exclusive Content – Response to Comments

We have had some comments regarding exclusive in-game content (both inside of Kickstarter and on other sites) that need to be addressed. We definitely understand the frustration with exclusive content. The in-game content rewards were an addition we made before launch to increase the value proposition for Kickstarter backers — though this unfortunately ends up withholding some content from non-backers. We understand that some are unhappy with this decision, and regret dividing our user base in this way.

Unfortunately we cannot alter rewards once a tier has been backed, so the in-game content rewards cannot be changed. We're obligated to keep the items marked "exclusive" as they are, under Kickstarter's terms of service.

BUT... after we further explain how items work in the game, and the nature of these exclusive items, we feel that all parties will be better satisfied. So please be patient for our next update, and continue to give us more suggestions on how to work this out and improve the campaign!

In the meantime, to give a better value to those who want the complete game:

We created the new ALL-DIGITAL TIER, in which all of the digital content is available, including the exclusive Kickstarter in-game content. This addition allows us to offer a high-value digital-only package, without the need to substantially alter our existing tiers (which is against the rules). 

Obviously this is a compromise, but we hope that it at least shows we are willing to improve what we can to make this campaign and the game as rewarding as possible, for Kickstarter backers and non-backers alike.


Conventions: VisionCon and PAX East

This upcoming weekend (February 15th - 17th) we will be exhibiting at VisionCon here in Springfield, Missouri. Check out If you are within driving distance, you should come and play the game and chat with us!

We'll also be attending PAX East in March, and will be participating in the Indie MegaBooth So if you plan on going, make sure and set aside some time to come to our booth and play the game :)


Again, thanks for all of your support! We’re really impressed / flattered / amazed with all of the interest, praise, articles, comments, shares, tweets... We appreciate every mention, from articles on a major gaming site to the smallest Facebook comment — wish we could mention you all by name, but I think we’ve already lost track of all the love. Please share our campaign with anyone you think would be interested, and we will keep working to spread the word as well!


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    1. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Branson - Yeah, we've really been wrestling with the fact that we promised exclusivity, but at the same time we want everyone to experience the full game. Your FF3 "stamp" idea though - I think that is THE BEST idea anyone has suggested so far! We would keep the items exclusive to backers since we can't change rewards (and we want to honor our promise), but find a way to let them *share* those items with individual friends of their choosing! This would also be an additional fun bonus for backers since they could share part of the Kickstarter experience with others. There would definitely be some technical hurdles to overcome, but we are going to very seriously look into this option, and see if we can do something along these lines. So we can't promise anything 100% right now, but we'll keep everyone posted on what we come up with. Thanks for the idea!

    2. Missing avatar

      Bradson Goldie on

      It turns out, my biggest design peeve is when content exists and can't be bought or earned via play. I'll just be happy if you don't restrict other users from having the bonus stuff.

      As a total tangent, in FF3 on the DS there's a mail system. When you get the ultimate weapon for a class you get a stamp for that item/class. If you send someone a letter with the stamp you can unlock the quest for that item even if they wouldn't normally qualify for it. Maybe if we unlock multi-player modes you could let us collect stamps from players with the bonus items and earn access to them that way. (Make them drop randomly, or just be available with new characters after getting the stamp or something like that.)

    3. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Steve - haha, fair enough :) Glad we could convince you! Sorry for any over-clarifications, Mr. Baker is long-winded.

    4. Steve Adamo on

      *again, hating the missing edit option KickStarter!* :p
      i also -meant- to say, thanks for taking so much time to provide the detailed response though... much appreciated... :)

    5. Steve Adamo on

      regardless of my confusion, its probably moot at this point... as i intended to jump to the next tier after my initial pledge... early access here i come... :p

    6. TheChosenOne on

      Well I'm ready to hunderddouble my pledge in the near future.

    7. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Steve - (this is another of our devs chiming in with another clarification): The original $25 closed beta was only a 2 month head-start, giving builds in August. The new Alpha addition to that tier bumps that date up by another 2 months to June, and means that we will have to put even more effort into the Alpha to make it as polished as possible before it gets released. The new "open" Beta occurs in September - so that means that the $25 tier's promise for an August "closed" Beta is still valid. So while one could say that we "removed" the idea of a closed beta.... really we just improved the closed beta by making it happen earlier, at our originally proposed alpha date - and extended its exclusivity by another month even *with* the addition of "open" beta. We have not changed the dates of any of our milestones as set on the original schedule - we've just opened access at earlier milestones. Does that make sense? I guess the way we see things, it doesn't really matter what we call the access (alpha, beta, gamma, omega), we just gave everyone builds 1-2 months earlier than originally promised :) And the $25 tier's access is still exclusive to that tier, since we can't change the reward commitments at this point.

    8. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @TheChosenOne: Yeah, we totally understand what you are saying and even mostly agree. We just don't want to sabotage what we've already said, while at the same time, changing what we can to make the most people possible happy. We'll let this brew for a bit and see if other backers would like to chime in.

      @Steve Adamo: We definitely get your perspective on it and yes, the Open/Closed beta terms are not super intuitive, as even at "Open" beta, KS backers would get access before the general public if we even open up to the public before launch at all. We debated a good bit about whether to move Pre-Order to Closed Beta or do the second Beta phase. For now, we're going to leave it as Open Beta as described, but we reserve the right to upgrade/improve any reward at any time :D

    9. Steve Adamo on

      nope, that makes perfect sense... i suppose i misread the update, and thought that open beta was definitely open the the general public... works for me... :)
      but if you want to get "technical" about it, the $25 folks already had closed beta (which is a 4 month headstart) and will now have alpha access, which is even earlier? wouldnt their "even earlier" access still give them that extra jump on the game that closed beta participants wouldnt have?
      another way of looking at it is, you have basically removed the closed beta idea as a reward (at least in wording), as the group that had exclusive access to it ($25 and up) now have access to the alpha...
      so, $25 and up get alpha (then closed beta, open beta, release), while $15 have open beta (which may or may not be open to the general public)...
      although now that i read it, it seems like im nagging, so i will leave this be... and for the record, im not unhappy about this decision in the slightest, just confused on the distinctions i suppose... :D

    10. TheChosenOne on

      Well my opinion is pretty clear. :p
      Exclusive stuff should be non related game stuff like signed stuff, artbooks, T-shirts, posters etc and cosmetic stuff like items/clothes/avatars/skins etc.
      Some KS also just add future expansions to certain tiers (2 certain space games for example) meaning everyone still get it. A comic offers an exclusive printed extra story but other people can still buy a digital version.
      And for the rest see below I guess.
      There are some KS which had this kind of thing but (also) changed their mind and most if not all people agreed and were happy with the decission.

    11. Pixelscopic Creator on

      Sorry, I was also writing that before your 2nd post! We are both victims of the lack of an edit button.

    12. Pixelscopic Creator on

      Hi, Steve. Thanks for the feedback!

      With regards to the $15 upgrade to beta access, here are some clarifications:
      • $15 now grants "OPEN BETA" access. Closed Beta is still limited to $25 backers.
      • Basically, $25 backers get the game about 4 months early, in late June.
      • the $15 backers get the game 1 month early (Open Beta) in September.
      • The Alpha / Closed Beta is 100% exclusive to Kickstarter. The Open Beta may not be exclusive.

      We thought briefly about giving the $15 tier access to the Closed Beta, but that would make the $25 tier sort of misleading, and also devalue the $25 tier in general. So that's why we decided to give a small 1 month head start to $15 backers, and a HUGE 4 month head start to $25 backers. We really want to give great additional value to our backers at the higher tiers, so we hope this helps to explain our decision. Let us know if you agree!

    13. Steve Adamo on

      *resents the lack of an edit option*
      $15 folks initially had no beta access, and will now be seeing OPEN BETA... wouldnt it make more sense for those folks to have CLOSED BETA access, etc. etc.... ;)

    14. Steve Adamo on

      regarding exclusives to timed-exclusives, it would seem perfectly acceptable if there was a slight difference in price... meaning the folks that didnt pledge the initial amount for an exclusive, can still get it at a later date (DLC) but pay a slightly higher value... both camps would seem to be appeased in that scenario... :)
      in regards to the reward improvements, im confused on the beta distinctions though... the $25 tier already had CLOSED BETA access, and will now have ALPHA as an improvement (nice!)... however, the $15 tier had no beta access initially, and are seeing CLOSED BETA access as the improvement... wouldnt it make more sense to give that tier CLOSED BETA access, which wouldnt be available to the general public, but rather provided as an incentive to the early adopters? open beta is ... well, open to the entire world... :)
      either way, im excited to be a part of this process, and i look forward to future updates!

    15. Pixelscopic Creator on

      We actually have considered making the "exclusive" items into timed-exclusives, but that might seem like we've turned the Kickstarter items into not-so-exclusives, which makes the reward descriptions seem less than truthful. We want to hear feedback from our backers on this, and will probably post an update soon soliciting opinions. So we're still discussing whether or not making the exclusives timed is the best option, or possibly including the Kickstarter content much later in an expansion pack, or some kind of smaller DLC (we don't particularly like that kind of nickel-and-dime DLC), or what... but at this time we don't even know if we will ever have expansions or DLC or anything of that sort. Apologies we've not figured it out yet. We will definitely try to take a detailed survey of backers soon to see what the general preference is.

      So let's open this up to comments here: Do you think backers would be aggravated if we (1) turned the "exclusive" rewards into "timed exclusives," and/or (2) put the "exclusives" into a paid expansion / DLC 4-6 months after the initial release? (If option 2, Kickstarter backers would 100% get this entire expansion for free.)

    16. TheChosenOne on

      Couldn't you just release those exclusive things (much) later but paid? We would have them exclusive first and free.

      A lot of DLC with big publisher games is done that way so it would be nearly/exactly the same.

    17. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Ryan Brown: Yes, check out the FAQs at the bottom of the main page for more information.

    18. Ryan Brown on

      Just out of curiosity, since you are already developing for android, do you intend to port to Ouya as well?

    19. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Christopher N: Awesome, thank you!
      @Alexandre Moisan: Yep, we use TestFlight as well (very awesome service.) The issue is with distributing the final release mobile builds, but I think that we may cresting that problem :D Thank you for the suggestion!

    20. Alexandre Moisan on

      If you want to distribute mobile builds during development, check out TestFlight (it's free). It's the one we are currently using, and if you want a wider service (which includes Android), there are alternatives like AppBlade though we never used it so I can't say more.

    21. Christopher N on

      Thanks for the $50 tier! I wasn't too crash hot on physical items anyway. I upped my pledge to that =3

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      @Pixelscopic: *goes to update pledge amount* :)

    23. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Michael: Very happy you like the game/rewards so much! If you increased from $40 to $50, you'd lose the postcard but keep everything else and then get the additional in-game content, yes :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Ok perfect! I am currently at the $40 tier, if I go to $50, will I get all the same things(plus more) along with the alpha/early beta/open beta and forums as well like I have now? I just keep increasing my pledge, it's amazing!

    25. Pixelscopic Creator on

      @Michael: Unfortunately not, as we only get 50 per app. The other option is to buy gift cards, but there is also a limit on those when you buy online...and buying tons of iTunes card in a store doesn't sound enticing! From everything I've read so far, VPP definitely looks like the way to go. We'll have an update on this in the next few days for sure.

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Also, wouldn't promo codes work? Not sure how many you get though.... But the VPP sounds interesting.
      Read the whole article, keep it up you guys, great job!

    27. Pixelscopic Creator on

      Awesome - thanks for the heads up! I'm investigating the VPP now. I was 99% sure Android wouldn't be a problem, but couldn't find much info on how to send out thousands of iOS codes. Thanks again!

    28. TouchGameplay

      About 3. Mobile - iOS & Android:

      For iOS you can simple use the Volume Purchase Program ( )

      For Android you can use the Google Play Private Channel or get in contact with Google Play and they will tell you how it can be done too.