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Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: PC Mac Linux iOS Android OUYA
Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA
Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA
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    1. Pixelscopic Creator on March 14

      Hi, Darewind. We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the state of the project - we definitely wish it was done as well. We will be in touch shortly via private message to see if we can answer any of your concerns and restore your confidence in the project. Thank you!

    2. Darewind on March 14

      I want a refund on this. It is three years past the original listed release date.

    3. Pixelscopic Creator on February 20

      Thank you for the info! After all of the required ports are complete, and if the game is successful, we may consider additional ports. It's hard to say which system(s) we might support, since it's so theoretical, and we've had backers request ports to several different systems. But it's great that development kits keep going down in price. Unfortunately, the largest expense is the programming time required to port our engine to each additional system. So we would have to weigh whether that cost would be worth it, based on the potential sales. And depending on the system architecture, some ports may be easier than others... for example a PS4 port is easier than an XBox One port. Being an artist, I'm not as familiar with the architecture of the Switch, but I believe it's much easier to develop than the WiiU or 3DS, so that is good news for devs like us!

    4. Jeritza Goris on February 19


      There was a recent article with NintendoEverything that the Nintendo Switch development console will only cost 50,000 japanese yen ($500). I felt a port for that device would be more apt than other big video game consoles. The control flexibility of the Nintendo Switch seems perfect for this game. Give a look if you're interested. Cheers.

    5. Pixelscopic Creator on February 19

      Hi, Jeritza. We have discussed the platforms previously, but it's buried somewhere in the comments, so I will simply restate it here. I'll also post this information in a future update, since I'm sure many others are wondering too!

      We are still committed to PC/Mac/Linux for the initial release, as promised. After that, iOS and Android will obviously be the next release goals. After the Android port is complete, Ouya would have been the next port (since it was Android-based). But since it seems that Ouya is no longer viable, we will consider other options. At that time, our goal will be to swap the dead-on-arrival Ouya port for support of one or more Android-based or Android-like devices or platforms.

      After we begin porting to Android, we will likely allow backers to vote on a short list of these Android-based devices that are still relevant at that time — such as Amazon FireTV, NVidia Shield, or Razer Forge TV (which might be the successor to Ouya?). We only will make these porting decisions when the port development process is ready to begin, so that we do not pick another platform which may be phased out, bought out, DOA, or generally a bad fit for our backers / fanbase / market.

      But the good news is that Android devices are plentiful (and should continue to be for years), and we may be able to support more than one after that initial port has been completed.

      I hope that helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions!

    6. Jeritza Goris on February 17

      Have there been any updates on platform release information?

      The Ouya seems to have vaporized.

    7. Pixelscopic Creator on February 7

      ...we address all of your concerns. I don't know how the end of that sentence got cut off!

    8. Pixelscopic Creator on February 7

      Hi, Brianna. There is a bit more information about reward shipping in the previous update ( But in short, we will be letting you know before the rewards ship. So I think the best option would be for you to move worry-free, and we will make sure we get updated addresses from everyone before any shipments go out. Hopefully that works! (I'll also message you by PM to make sure we

    9. Missing avatar

      Brianna Allen on February 7

      Is there any update on when things should be shipped? I will be moving a few times this year and don't want to keep bothering you with updates.

    10. Pixelscopic Creator on February 7

      Hi, Daniel and Tim.
      @Daniel - We have released early versions of the game for backers to play via Humble. I'll be in touch via private message to see if you received your key. And yes, there was a reward survey, so I will look into that for you as well. We'll make sure you get your rewards!
      @Tim - I also responded to your comment in our Updates section, so I hope you don't mind if I paste the same response here: We understand your frustrations, and we are sorry that you feel that the updates are not up to the standard you would prefer. We are truly doing our best to give you relevant news and keep you up-to-date on what we are doing, while keeping updates to a manageable length for us. But due to your frustrations, we will be in touch via private message to see if there are any concerns that we can address directly. Thank you!

    11. Tim Stainton-James on February 7

      So... how do we get a refund?

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel on February 6

      I'm going to be honest and say that I funded this so long ago that I don't actually remember what this project is or if anything was ever released. Is it still in progress? Was I ever asked to fill out any form to receive any reward or to fill out a survey to determine what system I wanted it on? I'm concerned I missed out on getting my backer reward somewhere as the years passed. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, it seems to have been about a fifth of my life.

    13. Pixelscopic Creator on January 6

      Hi sudoshred. We totally understand wanting more information on the Linux version and where we stand on that; sorry we've never really put all of this info out there before but hopefully this will provide you with the important stuff now :) So yeah, we are still 100% committed to the Linux version. Now to be sure, Linux has always been platform #3 for us -- partially because we started with Windows and OSX support, but also because we had a relative lack of experience there as well. Despite that, Linux has always been part of the original "Triad" for our release platforms. To be honest, there are a lot of questions marks beyond those 3 platforms, but there are not with Linux. Now a bit more into the weeds... Way back in the first year of development the original plan was to outsource the Linux version - in fact, we talked to a couple of developers and got a rough bid from one. But of course, we ended up being really dissatisfied with the game as it stood and realized we were way off course and yeah, we began this really long convoluted dev cycle. At that point, the immediate Linux plans were put on the back burner - we were struggling mightily with just the game's development so additional platforms were shelved for the time being. Fast forward to the present: we've been doing a lot of engine and general tech related work and all of that has been done with Linux support in mind - including testing a few specific things (filesystem stuff, etc.) We still have to port the renderer and windowing code which is a substantial amount of work, but we also did some experiments this past year, including perhaps using SDL2 as the underlying system for the Linux version. Anyway, Linux has been on the backburner for sure but it hasn't been absent in our minds at all and in general there is a very strong desire to start getting Linux builds out sooner than later but there is no real timeline on when we can do that. Anyway, hopefully that sort of clarifies both where we are coming from and where we are going regarding Linux. By all means, if you have other/more questions please let us know and we will do our best to answer them! Thanks for your support :)

    14. Missing avatar

      sudoshred on January 6

      Good day. I'm happy to hear that the game is still chugging along. I have watched your livestreams and I must say the art is very beautiful. So I understand that a game does take a while to build, and life things happen, so four years happens and I hope we're coming to the end of that. And I appreciate the updates and more is better. However, my biggest problem is once again from a developer it seems that Linux is an after thought. We've never had a build of the game and now we're not even being mentioned in the updates or being considered in the engine rebuild. I've seen this too many times before with other developers where they say they're going to build for Linux and then don't think about it until the end and by that time it's too late and the game is too broken on Linux that it's not possible. I supported this game, 1 because it looks amazing, but 2 because you were supporting Linux. Where do we stand with that? Are we just another after thought or a "it'll happen eventually"? Because being an afterthought after major rewrite to your engine, and after four years of indie development isn't really showing Linux users respect. Yes I understand we're a small portion, but we supported you, and we at least deserve an update on what our support has done to bring the game closer to supporting Linux. I hope this comment doesn't come off too snarky, but Linux gamers have been burned a LOT since this game has gone into development. Please don't burn us again.

    15. Pixelscopic Creator on January 6

      And the update is live! Thank you again for all of your patience, everyone. Please hit us up via private message with any major questions, comments, or complaints, and we'll be happy to respond!

    16. Pixelscopic Creator on January 5

      Hi, Aaron. We are finalizing our edits for the year-end update on our progress and status, and should be sending it later tonight. Thanks for checking in!

    17. Aaron Gunderson on January 4

      So what's the update as the end of the year has passed? Going on 4 years now since I pledged. Some progress or a refund would be welcome at this point.

    18. Pixelscopic Creator on December 10

      Hi, Michael. We are currently working on a big end-of-the-year update that should get everyone up to speed. More on that soon! I'll also reach out via private message to see if you have any other specific questions we can answer for you. Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Compton on December 9

      Is there any news on this?

    20. Pixelscopic Creator on November 24

      Hi, HaikenEdge. We will be in touch shortly through the private messaging system, so that we can address your concerns with the project. Thank you!

    21. HaikenEdge on November 24

      I want a refund on this. It's three years past the original listed release date, and still no game. It's ridiculous.

    22. Pixelscopic Creator on November 22

      Hi, Gomisan.
      Thank you for your feedback, and perspective on sharing our progress better. We were really wanting to share more experimental updates with backers earlier this year, but the current issue is that with Humble as our only build distribution platform, we can only have one build available. This means that we typically want this build to be as stable as possible... and unfortunately, that stable build is very (veeeery) old at this point. As we mentioned in some previous updates, we were working on a way to distribute builds through our website, but the friend of the team who was helping us out with the website update (and build distribution system) had some life changes and was no longer able to help complete that project. However, we now do have a new part-time developer who may be able to pick up where he left off. If and when we are able to work out build distribution, we would post much more regular updates, even if those updates are buggy or limited in features. We know not everyone would want to play such a build, but some of you do - which is why we are hoping to do this on our own site, giving us the ability to explain what people are getting into.

      I know that's a lot of information, much of which will be coming in our next update. I apologize again for dropping out of communication. We are truly trying to get back on a regular schedule, with structured communication, and have made some changes within our team's workload and schedule in an effort to make this viable. We do want to re-instill our backers' ownership and pride in the project, and I'm glad there are backers like you who are still interested in participating in our process of development. Thank you!

    23. Gomisan on November 22

      In the mood to play something like Delver's Drop and it occured to me it's been quiet a long time. So while I'm happy to see that there is communication here on the Kickstarter comments I'm not so happy to see that it's been almost 10 months since a KS update, and all the improvements that have been talked about havent even been released for any of us backers to play with. We understand incomplete, but as backers we want to be a part of that. open up a bit, let us play builds, give the community back some ownershp and pride in this game.

      Honestly, this has gone on too long. It would feel a lot more honest if the game's website wasn't still trying to sell pre-orders, with no news to offer would be buyers since a Feb 2014 blog post!!!

      It's unfortunate, but this, and a few other smaller titles which have totally stopped any releases or communications have soured me and stopped me backing a lot of projects.

    24. Pixelscopic Creator on November 18

      Hi, Craig. I'm sorry that you have lost interest - I hope that we might be able to re-instill some of your lost confidence, and we will also be in contact with you shortly to see if we can address your concerns. Thank you for your patience!

    25. Missing avatar

      Craig M on November 18

      I would also like a refund. This is ridiculous. I get that we were backing knowing that the game may not be made, but man 3 years is ridiculous for what this game is. I've lost 100% of my interest.

    26. Pixelscopic Creator on November 17

      Hi, Sergio. I will be in contact with you via private message shortly, to see if we can address any of your concerns about the game. Thank you!

    27. Missing avatar

      Sergio on November 17

      Can i ask for a refund? 3 years man...

    28. Pixelscopic Creator on November 9

      Just to clarify, there are more than 25 of them to be shipped - otherwise it would be fairly inexpensive. But we could not afford to ship every item individually (and it would be hard to decide which items to ship individually, since that would show favoritism to higher tiers), so the plan was to bundle them into groups.

    29. Pixelscopic Creator on November 9

      Hi, Michael. Based on our shipment plan, the figurines are scheduled to go out after the game is finished, since everyone at that tier will also be receiving several other items in a larger box, including the boxed copy of the game. There is a chance we may consider revising our shipment plan so that people can get items sooner, but we will have to see what we can manage with the allocated budget. The figurines themselves are done, but it would just be a large additional expense to ship them by themselves, if that makes sense.

      I hope that helps!

    30. Michael on November 8

      when can the 25 people who backed the level for the Sculpted 3" Clay Rogue Figurine by Leah Williams expect to get it?

    31. Pixelscopic Creator on November 5

      @peterS — haha, is that a suggestion? :) Just kidding, our plan to is stay in the ancient lands of C++11 regardless of any cool newness that may come out.
      @Aaron Warkworth — The game is very much still under development, albeit painfully slow development. All of the humble builds released were pre-beta, so still very early. We have made a lot of progress since then (fully randomized rooms/levels, improved combat, new art, etc), but we're still trying to stitch that progress into a more cohesive, release-able alpha build for all of you.

    32. Aaron Markworth on November 5

      What's the status of this game? There's a download via my humble store but is it beta?

    33. Missing avatar

      peterS on November 4

      If this takes any longer I fear another engine rework using C++17! SCNR!

    34. Pixelscopic Creator on September 16, 2016

      Hi, Michael.
      We definitely understand all of your concerns. We have indeed over-promised and under-delivered, especially with respect to the schedule. However, it is our hope that the added development time will ultimately allow us to over-deliver in terms of quality -- and it is our belief that the promise of quality is what ultimately led the majority of our backers to support the project. But we understand that others may have pledged based more on our delivery timeline, and many pledged due to an interest in our genre, though some tastes may have changed over the course of time. We do apologize for any degree to which our under-delivery or delayed delivery may have led you to regret your support.

      But please know that the game is still in development. All of you, our backers, are not going to see your pledges evaporate. We are a team that (while not necessary timely) does fulfill our promises and obligations. You and all other backers will eventually receive all promised rewards, the most important of which is the best game we can possibly make.

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Compton on September 15, 2016

      I feel like I have to say something here - I'm sorry that the "negativity" on Kickstarter is bothering you guys, but this game was due out in October of '13. I get set backs and delays; I work in software and web dev myself, but if my company put a deadline for three years previous and we still hadn't delivered, customers would be screaming for our heads and we'd have lawyers kicking down our doors. You don't post regular updates (last update was from February for god's sake), you've vastly overpromised and have underdelivered, and while you seem to be okay communicating here under the comments, we still don't have any firm dates or release windows. People gave you guys $150k because of what you guys promised.

      So when is this game coming out? Is this game coming out? Or are all your backers out their money? At least be honest if that's the case, because this is ridiculous.

    36. Pixelscopic Creator on August 23, 2016

      @Glenn - thank you for the kind words. We are very grateful to know that backers like you are still supporting us. We know it can be discouraging for everyone, and we understand the lack of patience that many feel. But it always improves our week to hear encouraging feedback like yours.

    37. Missing avatar

      Glenn McMath on August 20, 2016

      @Pixelscopic - Thanks for your reply. I can see how posting updates could start to feel like a negative process when you've hit a series of setbacks and delays. Try to keep in mind that while there is a fair bit of negativity on kickstarter, the vast majority of your backers (myself included) want to see you succeed. I hope the team is able to figure out an update schedule that works for you and also keeps us backers in the loop. Best of luck to you all! :)

    38. Pixelscopic Creator on August 18, 2016

      @Glenn - Thank you. You're very right. I think we begin to feel like releasing an update is an admission of our failures rather than a celebration of our accomplishments. You make a good point about showing artwork and other forms of progress. We were hoping that the livestreams would provide the steady source of information and art progress, but that hasn't been the case. Thank you for the encouragement and suggestions. We're going to be discussing as a team, to talk about some ways to provide shorter, but interesting updates, and will keep you all posted soon.

    39. Missing avatar

      Glenn McMath on August 18, 2016

      Hey guys,
      I realize you've been waiting for a big breakthrough in your engine before posting an update, but it's getting a bit ridiculous. I mean the last update is one day away from literally being half a year ago. I'm not posting this to make you feel bad, and I'm really glad you're still working on the game. I'm still eager to play it. I'd just like to be kept in the loop a bit more, ya know? :)

      Generally speaking a lot of KS projects I've backed have an easier time communicating with their audience if they change to short updates rather than long ones. Even just sending out an update that literally says "Hey, we're still working on a big physics update to the engine. It's taking longer than we'd hoped, but here's what our artists have been working on." followed by a couple pictures would be better than radio silence. Short updates reassure people that the project is still alive, and they're way easier for you to make so they aren't as much of a distraction to development. Just some food for thought.

      Keep up the good work. The game still looks amazing! :D

    40. Pixelscopic Creator on August 15, 2016

      Hi, ddbelyea. Thanks for getting in touch!

      I'm very sorry that we've gone so long without an update, both on Kickstarter and our website. We have been in the process of updating the website, but we want to make sure we don’t take time away from development..

      On the game itself, we’ve been working toward a major engine revision which (now nearly finished) makes physics checks literally several thousand times more efficient. This means that the game will run MUCH better on some low-end devices. We also eliminated a huge amount of physics bugs in the process, which were causing the gameplay to be broken in certain situations.

      However, this large revisions has unfortunately meant that we've had very little to show or talk about for some time. Due to this, and honestly just being a bit discouraged that we've been working so hard yet are still behind, is why we've been waiting until we are able to announce the completion of the engine revision before we post another big update. We should have been sending smaller updates in the meantime, and we're sorry that we dropped off the radar again.

      But all of that to say that the game is definitely not dead. We just wish that we had better news to share more often. But the good news I can share with you is that we're over the hump in terms of engine work, and will be able to start showing gameplay improvements and feature completions again soon. This will be the focus of our next update.

      In the meantime, we still stream twice per month on, every first and third Thursday at 6:30pm CST. We usually on on concept art and characters / enemies / weapons, etc. while on the stream. We tweet out a reminder on our streaming days, if you want to follow us on Twitter @delversdrop and/or @pixelscopic.

      Thank you for checking in on us, and definitely message us if you have any other questions or feedback, and I'll be happy to respond.

      — The Pixelscopic Team

    41. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on August 14, 2016

      Is there another location to get information on this project? From the comments it seems like you guys are still active so I was wondering if there is some other portal for information outside of kickstarter. If not it isn't a big deal; things happen. I've figured that about 10 - 20% of kickstarter games I've backed turn into ghost towns for one reason or another. I was just going through my list of "dead kickstarter games" and was surprised to see that you guys don't seem totally dead.

    42. Pixelscopic Creator on July 29, 2016

      Hi, Jeritza.
      Thanks for asking! We are currently focused on the PC/Mac/Linux versions, and will be porting to iOS/Android after that, so that we make sure we fulfill all of the Kickstarter objectives. Since we had promised an Ouya port, but that is no longer as viable, we will also target one or more Android or iOS-based variants next, such as Amazon FireTV or Apple TV, etc.

      After those goals are achieved and all of our Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled, we may begin to consider ports to additional platforms. This largely depends upon how well the game sells, since we would want to fund the port out of revenue generated by the game itself. If additional ports seem like a wise decision, we will begin the process of deciding which platforms have the best benefit-to-cost ratio — in other words, which ports are the most cost-effective for us in terms of development time, which also have high demand from our backers, and high potential sales? This question may be easier to answer after Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft all fully unveil the final versions of their newest hardware in the coming months. But ultimately, all of this depends upon how Delver's Drop sells upon its final release. If additional ports become a reality, we will likely turn to you all (our backers) for opinions on which platforms you would prefer for a port. It will definitely be an exciting day if and when we can consider it!

      Thanks as always for your comment!

    43. Jeritza Goris on July 29, 2016

      Will this come out for 3DS, Wii U or NX? (or rather, are there any plans to release this game on actual gaming devices) Nintendo has recently overhauled the development process and is available to anyone now. (would maybe need a second Kickstarter due to devkit prices, though)

    44. Pixelscopic Creator on June 29, 2016

      Hi, Peter. Thank you for the encouraging words — we really appreciate it. And you are right, we have been taking a long time to finish the next update. We were very close to a nice breakthrough on the engine, but hit a few more setbacks, so we have had less to report while we are finishing that fix. But we will have an update ready soon, and are continuing the art livestreams every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, at More info coming soon!

    45. Peter Walkowiak on June 29, 2016

      Came here expecting to see a lot of disappointed posts from backers but am pleasantly surprised that you are still responding. Thanks a lot for your effort to do this. I hope to see some form of an update maybe just a basic hello we are still alive! thanks!

    46. Pixelscopic Creator on June 28, 2016

      Hi, Tom. I'm sorry that you did not receive your postcard! We will get another one sent out to you right away. I'll send you a private message to confirm your address in just a moment. Thank you!

    47. Missing avatar

      Tom Dagan on June 28, 2016

      Just wondering what addess you guys have for me since you're sending physical rewards soon. I sent an email a while ago but didn't receive the postcard you said you would send me.

    48. Pixelscopic Creator on June 23, 2016

      Hi, @Kaedryl. Yes, we are still on track to deliver all physical (and non-physical) rewards, though obviously everything is running very late. We are trying to wrap up one more item for the first round of physical rewards, and when that is done we will start mailing them. But many of the higher-tier rewards (such as the boxed copy of the game) are dependent on finishing the game first, so those may take a bit longer. I'll send you a direct message to discuss your "likeness" reward, and see if you have any other questions. Thanks for your generosity and support!

    49. Aaron Gunderson on June 23, 2016

      Holy cow, forgot about this. I went in big ($300 level.) Are we still going to be getting all the listed physical rewards (art, collector's box, clay figure, etc...). Also don't remember if I ever submitted my "likeness" or item information. Thanks!

    50. Pixelscopic Creator on June 13, 2016

      Hi, Kristel. We did send out postcards (I hope you received yours?) but we are still working on completing the remaining rewards. We have some of them ready, but are still working toward completing some of them (depending on your reward tier). I'll get in touch with you via private message to see if we have your current address, or if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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