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Play as scoundrels attempting to escape ever-shifting dungeons in a stylish physics-based Action RPG: PC Mac Linux iOS Android OUYA
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4,534 backers pledged $150,745 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Pixelscopic on March 15

      @T Tahere - no problem! Thank you for sticking around!

    2. Creator T Tahere on March 15

      Thanks for the update

    3. Creator Pixelscopic on March 13

      By the way, Baker will be doing an art livestream today at 3pm CST! (We are in daylight savings time, FYI)

    4. Creator Pixelscopic on March 13

      @Splike — Thanks! As for Steam Cloud Sync, we would love to do it, but we haven't looked into the logistics in a while. It might be something we would have to add after launch, but it's definitely on my wishlist. I jump back and forth between PC and Mac, and syncing saves can be a godsend.

    5. Creator Splike on March 13

      Good to be in the loop again! And I'm glad everything is on rails, even though you feel like it's not going at break-neck speeds. But slow progress is still progress :)

      Over the past months I've been thinking about how I will play this game when it's released. As you say, you wish for Delver's Drop to be on the PC and Android (to name a few), so I am very much hoping you will put in Steam Cloud Sync and a way for our game saves to be synced across all platforms. So when I pick my android tablet up, I will be playing the same steam save from my PC.

      Hope this will be possible and keep up the good work :)

    6. Creator Pixelscopic on March 12

      Update sent! And just before midnight... sorry again for the delays. We look forward to your responses, good and bad. Feel free to send us direct messages with your concerns at!

    7. Creator Pixelscopic on March 10

      Thanks for the feedback. It does seem like the general response is that everyone would like to be more in the loop, even if there is not a lot of significant news.

      I'm finishing the next update as we speak (hopefully will go out tomorrow). We are also putting together a plan for doing regular updates every 2-3 weeks, which should hopefully be packed with some fun info. When you stare at your own work so long, you tend to forget that what seems like a grind to you may actually be interesting to others. But suffice it to say that starting this week, we will update more often and more regularly.

      Thank you all for your feedback, and for the criticism too. We are listening, and will be making changes for the better.

    8. Creator Tim Garris on March 9

      I've never minded Kickstarters going over the projected delivery date, because that's the nature of entrepreneurship and independent product development, which is why I come here. I do, however, dislike not seeing any updates over a long period. I've read your other comments and can understand the desire to not want to communicate until you have good news. And I can only speak for myself, not all other backers. But personally I would prefer to see some sort of regular update, even if it's just about some random anecdote that came up while debugging a level or how a bird got into the office. That at least shows a willingness on the part of the developers to engage with the project and with the backers. It would also be great to see an updated release date even if it's super general, like, "within the next 18 months." Then at least I know what the latest word is.

    9. Creator Are Nybakk on March 9

      It's been very quiet, but at least you're responding here. That's a good sign. I hope everything is well.

    10. Creator Pixelscopic on March 3

      Just a heads up to everyone, our website has been down part of today, but we are working with our web host to get it back online. Sorry for any inconvenience!

    11. Creator Pixelscopic on March 2

      Yes, I definitely agree that our PR has not been on its A-game. And yes, we should probably have sent an update a while ago. We've just been of the philosophy that most people would rather see emails in their inbox about progress than apologies, so we've tried to be active here in the comments and on our forums. But as you point out, a true update is necessary. So I will first apologize here, and promise again that a more full apology is coming soon, along with some other good news as well :)

    12. Creator Lucas Basler on March 2

      Soooooo, If you know that communication has been sparse, why not send a short Update to the backers witth an apology, explanation for the delay and a teaser for the next big update?
      Delays can happen, that is not the problemm. But your PR could REALLY need some work, guys.

    13. Creator Pixelscopic on February 21

      @ Jamison Imhoff: We are working on both the next update, and wrapping up the final item that has to go in the first round of reward mailers. We are really sorry for the delays, and lack of communication about them. We have been waiting for some good news to solidify so we don't bombard everyone with unnecessary updates, but it has definitely been too long. In short - an update is coming and rewards are coming. We'll have more on that very soon.

    14. Creator Jamison Imhoff on February 21

      No updates in over 6 months now... Kind of sad. Also, I never received any of my backer rewards...

    15. Creator Pixelscopic on February 14

      @Austen - Delver's Drop is definitely not dead! We have definitely gone way past the original schedule, and we're very sorry for the delays. We should have another update to post soon, but wanted to make sure we some really relevant news was forthcoming, rather than waste everyone's inbox space. Stay tuned!

    16. Creator Austen on February 14

      So, I'm guessing this game is dead. "estimated delivery August 2013". Another Godus-style kickstarter. Disappointing. This is why I don't use kickstarter anymore.

    17. Creator Pixelscopic on February 2

      Hi, Raaxis. Yes, we are still working on the game. We will be sending out an update soon to give a better idea of the state of development.

    18. Creator Raaxis on January 31

      Do you guys still work on this? Was looking forward to hear something about "Digital Game Soundtrack ● Digital Concept Art Pack" maybe if not for another update about the state of the game.

    19. Creator Pixelscopic on January 6

      Hi, Spike. Sorry for the seeming silence! We are prepping another update which should be out very soon. For more regular discussion, I'd like to encourage everyone to check out, where we've been talking about the elemental system among other topics! :) Thanks for your support!

    20. Creator Splike on January 6

      50$ backer here. How is this truckin' along? I haven't heard anything from you guys in quite a while.

    21. Creator Pixelscopic on December 30

      Thanks, RIchard! We are looking forward to it being a great year as well :) Hope you have all had a great holiday season so far!

    22. Creator Richard on December 30

      Heya guys, Happy New Year to all and keep up the good work. It'll be an awesome game for 2015. :)

    23. Creator Pixelscopic on December 20

      Hi, Ryan. I'm sorry you didn't receive your postcard yet. If you could send us a private message with your address, I will check it against our records and send you another one.

      As for the other rewards, we are still working on those. We will be sending out one batch very soon, and another one after the game is finished. Let use know if we can help with anything else!

    24. Creator ryan shoemake on December 20

      wasn't sure if to post here, but i never realized you had sent some to the things like the post cards and such to the backers. i never got those, its probably too late at this point , but is there anyway i would be able to get them. i backed a 120, hope i didnt miss out on the art book as well

    25. Creator Pixelscopic on December 8

      Thanks for the encouragement, Sylvain! We really appreciate your support.

    26. Creator Sylvain Trinel on December 8

      Hey guys ! Congratz for the work already done ! I'm a french backer, and a pretty sure it will be a great game ! Even if there is a delay, I keep confidence !

    27. Creator Pixelscopic on October 25

      We have not yet — but we will be doing a Steam version (possibly through Early Access) at some point soon-ish. We might also be able to do a version just for backers, but we'll have to look into how that would work. But I definitely understand the desire to get it on Steam!

    28. Creator Hepburn3D on October 25

      Hey will you be releasing this through steam or do you have a beta version on there. I'm a $30 tier backer and would love to redeem it there so I don't have to worry about updates :)

    29. Creator Pixelscopic on October 21

      Hi, Michael. I'm sorry that you're unhappy with where the project is at. We would definitely like for it to be farther along as well. Unfortunately some of the features have just taken longer to finish, or were not as fun as we thought necessary, and have therefore required rework. We have however tried to keep all of our Kickstarter backers in the loop with updates every so often, and have updated the game on Humble very recently. We will be sending another update soon, after we finish up a few more items that will be newsworthy — we're trying not to spam everyone too much. Please send us a private message if you have specific concerns or suggestions you'd like to discuss. Thanks!

    30. Creator Michael Compton on October 20

      So...almost a month since any word, a year behind schedule, and double your original funding goal. What's going on?

    31. Creator Pixelscopic on September 30, 2014

      Hey, guys sorry for the delay in response. The iOS version will not be released until after the PC/Mac/Linux versions are out. We will have to do UI and control/input changes specifically for touch screens which will take a bit of time. So expect it probably a month or two after the desktop versions.

    32. Creator Ryan Brown on September 27, 2014

      Any news on this?

    33. Creator Damian Jepson on August 19, 2014

      is there any news on the IOS version ?

    34. Creator Pixelscopic on August 1, 2014

      @SCott Lafary
      We are working on a new build and a big update for this month - in the meantime, you can catch one of our two weekly devstreams (Wed @ 3 pm CST, Fri @ 4 pm CST) for glimpses of in progress work as well as a chance for live Q&A. Thanks for your patience and support!

    35. Creator Scott on July 31, 2014

      Any updates?

    36. Creator Pixelscopic on June 13, 2014

      Hey David, you'll want to use this link to get the code through the Humble Store.

      Make sure to use the same e-mail you used for your 'preferred email address' in the survey.

    37. Creator David Nusse on June 11, 2014

      So I'm having trouble finding a download link for the newest build. Doesn't appear to be in the Early Access forum. Was it sent in an email?

    38. Creator Pixelscopic on May 8, 2014

      Hey, Rhyakk!

      That's essentially the character select screen, where you play as the Jailer who chooses the next Delver. If you're playing on a keyboard, stand in front of one of the cages and press the down arrow to choose your character.

      If you have more questions (of if you notice any bugs), head over to the forums at

    39. Creator Rhyakk on May 7, 2014

      Just downloaded the latest from my humble account, it gives me a guy with a key ring and a bunch of cages. Not sure how to unlock them or to play.

    40. Creator Lemuel Emunah on May 6, 2014

      Thanks for coming down to OzCon! I really enjoyed and appreciated the advice you gave at the game dev panel.

    41. Creator Pixelscopic on April 29, 2014

      Hi, Kenny. We're not sure why you haven't received updates - that would probably be an issue with Kickstarter or your email, since our updates should go out to all backers at once. As for your issues with Humble - please send us an email at and we'll get you sorted out. Thanks!

    42. Creator Kenny Williams on March 26, 2014

      I have stopped receiving any updates and have not received my beta key. When I go to the humble page my email address is not on file.

    43. Creator Pixelscopic on March 24, 2014

      @Alexander - I'm not sure why you would not be receiving our Kickstarter update emails. There may be an issue with your Kickstarter settings? As for the game - we have delayed it to add and expand various features, as you can read in our last several Kickstarter updates (see link above). We are hoping to release this spring/summer, and will keep everyone posted through further updates. BUT! You can play the game right now in its current alpha state via the Humble store. Instructions appear here:

    44. Creator Alexander R on March 22, 2014

      Is the game out yet for backers ? Never got any emails about it

    45. Creator Pixelscopic on February 17, 2014

      @Jeremy Parker Ryan: Yep, everyone has access. Check your Humble Library - if you don't see it there, use the Humble Key Resender!

    46. Creator Jeremy Parker Ryan on February 17, 2014

      Hey guys, the game's looking awesome! I'm part of the $15 tier and I was wondering if we get to be part of the alpha or beta. If not, then when is the game set to come out? I'm dying to play it!

    47. Creator ryan shoemake on February 14, 2014

      thanks, cant wait for the full release of the game, i havnt played the recent build but i was enjoying one of the older builds quite a bit. keep up the good work

    48. Creator Pixelscopic on February 11, 2014

      @Ben Crowley: We are preparing build 0.6.1 for submission! Quite a jump since the last build, but we had to do some major refactoring - the next KS update will go live when the 0.6.1 is publicly available and will contain a plethora of what's new, what took so long, and what's next!
      @Ryan Shoemake: To save on shipping, our original plan was to ship physical goods when the game is finished (i.e. 1 shipment per person) but since the finishing part has taken so long, we are talking about going ahead and making multiple shipments per person if necessary to go ahead and get some of the goods out - they don't do us much good just sitting here in the office.

    49. Creator Ben Crowley on February 10, 2014

      Are any progress updates available on the next alpha?

    50. Creator ryan shoemake on February 10, 2014

      hi everyone, i have not been keeping up with this as well as i should, but have they announced when they are going to ship the items for backers like the t-shirts and such, just wandering

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