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The most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever.
The most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever.
764 backers pledged $68,001 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Retro Geek's Style on

      Hi! sorry for the message, but I'd like to change my adress for receiving Bloxels, but I don't find where is it...can you help me? thanks :)

    2. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Cheryl your Bloxels Kit will arrive just in time for Christmas! Love hearing the excitement from young creators and future game designers. Lots in store for Bloxels and many educational ways the board can be utilized. Thanks for the kind words and for backing!

    3. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Brent and @Griffin we are really pumped to create new ways to utilize the Bloxels Board. There are so many possibilities and we want to hear what everyone thinks!

    4. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Heather we feel the excitement!

    5. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Marcia Love seeing Bloxels being used in a classroom setting! Kids really love collaborating to build the best level ever! Thanks for backing and being with us!

    6. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Vampie Pac Man creator seemed so right!!

    7. Cheryl Howard

      I loved the Floors app and also backed it in your previous campaign.

      For future versions of Bloxels, perhaps you could include different design themes as you did in Floors? I think the game elements could perform in the same or very similar way, just change the look-and-feel to the various elements. This may make it more appealing to a broader audience.

      I also liked the idea you mooted about "puzzle" game elements. This could add a lot of extra educational clout to your already awesome app. This could really emphasise the "non-violent" application of "knowledge and skill" over a "beef and brawn" approach to solving levels!

      My grandkids are already hounding me for access to this ... I shouldn't have shown them the video, now I'll never have any peace until my Bloxels package arrives!

    8. Brent on

      The potential for this type of game, is endless. There is so much you could do with this. It would be really cool to see, the Music Creator, integrated into the game board, even if it is a single row, where you could edit the range to create the music for say a Boss Fight . . .
      Brilliant :D

    9. Griffin Patterson on

      Really like the music editor. Reminds me a lot of mario paint. Could be like the x axis is the time and the y axis is the note. You could string multiple boards together to make a song. It would be fun to see multiple kids create different bits and see what the full song sounds like. Great project idea!

    10. Heather Delaney on

      Cannot begin to explain how excited I am!

    11. Missing avatar

      Marcia Keefe on

      Not Finished!
      I became a Mega Pack backer on day one with the intention of donating to a school. Now I don't know if I can give it up. Think I will need to back some more!

    12. Missing avatar

      Marcia Keefe on

      I'm hooked! I'm officially coming out as a Pixel Press Groupie. I'm so EXCITED about Bloxels and it's potential. As a former teacher, I love the classroom video and seeing the "co-creation" at work. I see great potential for classroom use. I became a MegaPack backer on day oneto donate to a school.

    13. Vampie on

      OW yeah, awesome... custom pacman level creator :)