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Combine your love of toys and video games with this one-of-a-kind building experience.
The most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever.
The most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever.
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    1. Griffin Patterson on

      Hey guys,
      It's been a while since I've visited. Sounds like people are starting to enjoy their kits. Unfortunately, I am still unable to get involved since I'm part of a non-shippable country (which I completely understand). But I had the thought that maybe you could list some specifications for makers who might want to try to print their own bloxels set. I would need dimensions and hues in order to try. I know this is a serious loss of revenue for you, but maybe you could sell a digital maker kit for $10 that allows people who otherwise can't get bloxels to play :)

    2. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hi Michael, the expansion sets are still there, they are just not highlighted on the site as they are primarily for Kickstarter backers. You can find a link to them on the bottom of the Box Set page.

    3. Missing avatar

      michael curley on

      Hey, would love if you could reinstate the expansion sets, as I am a teacher on a budget and I would love to get a few more for my class

    4. Konrad

      Tried setting up the account. It will not proceed past the "next" button on the information screen. Any pointers on the fix?

    5. Christopher Chapman on

      Hi @Creator - thanks for the quick response.

      To answer your questions:

      Devices: iPad 4 running the latest iOS updates (9.2.1) and Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.1.1
      Lighting: Variety of conditions from daylight to overhead compact fluorescent. White background to board, and not.

      On both devices it's difficult to line up the overlay with the board before it decides to grab the image - kind of staccato-like in following the image. As a result, sometimes it grabs before you get the whole board in frame, leaving some rows of blocks out, and those it does capture are the entirely wrong colors.

      I realize there's a lot of variables at play here, and your devs are doing yeoman's work to get it right. Not easy work! However, for this to be successful, it needs to be easy for anyone to pick up and play. Having a smooth image capture, irrespective of device (within reason) or who's holding it, is critical.

      Keep at it - I think this is a great idea, and I can't wait to see where you'll take Bloxels next!

    6. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Christopher - Thanks for the feedback, this is extremely helpful. We're collecting feedback related to the capture experience as well as general app usability and going to be making some updates to improve these experiences.

      We're finding that some are having a great experience with capture and others are not - often this is due to a combination of device (newer is better as the processor and speed of the capture is quicker) and lighting (natural, day light is better than yellow light at night).

      If you could share a bit more about your combination of device and lighting situation, that would be helpful as well.

      We appreciate the rating, and are looking forward to making this an "A"!

    7. Pixel Press Creator on

      @David sorry about the Box issue, we'll reach out directly to figure out what happened!

    8. Christopher Chapman on

      Got our kit yesterday (two boards) and my 7yo son went to town on it for hours. He's already created some rather amazing animations using the app.

      A constructive criticism which other backers may have noticed as well: The image capture of the board is a little clunky and surprisingly inaccurate. Even trying to be precise about lighting conditions and white backgrounds, the block colors are often misinterpreted (or fail to show at all). And that's me trying to use it!

      In the hands of my son, he just gave up after several unsuccessful attempts at snapping boards, favouring to do all his creative work in the app. The boards do serve a purpose for him, but they're becoming disconnected from the experience.

      Aside from this minor disappointment, I do like the packaging and the execution. The app could be a bit more user friendly to suggest how to save a level with a designated icon rather than clicking an "i" and an undo feature would help alleviate some frustration. But these are easily fixed.

      Overall, solid "B" on this product!

    9. David Ham on

      Hi Bloxelers!

      Got my kit this week and it looks rad! However, would it be possible for me to get a replacement box? Mine got a good sized crunch in transit. The contents are fine, and the game board was undamaged, but the box itself is a little roached. If you have any extras could you send me one?

      Your pal, David Ham

    10. Konrad

      Arrived in Utah today. Looks great. Plan on giving it a go this weekend. Thanks Pixel Press

    11. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Joe No specific plans to share right now, but certainly a genre (3D maze) we want to explore as well. We are working on PC and Mac versions, and hope to release those in the coming months.

    12. Joe on

      I'd missed that the game direction had changed so much, is there any plan to revisit some of the early ideas such as the 3D maze type game? I can appreciate the reasons why, but it now feels a lot more like pixel press 2.0, than the original concept we saw.
      You also mentioned in an update a while back that you were looking to bring Bloxels to PC too, is that still a plan?
      Having said that, I got my own Bloxels box today, can't wait to share it with my son!

    13. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hi @Christopher - logistically it made more sense for us to ship to Canada from France. Apologies if it's caused more of a delay than you would have otherwise seen.

    14. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks all for all the feedback, very excited to see everyone is enjoying Bloxels! We've also shared some of our favorite tweets at

      @Michael - Great idea on Sound FX and Music. It's certainly on our list, but a big one! We are focused right now on cleanup of some bugs and performance issues, making the Infinity Wall a bit better in terms of finding content, and adding some new features.

      @Aaron and @Patrick - apologies you are not fully in the loop on the B.R.A.V.E. Squad stuff. Based on a lot of feedback from backers and players we found that the B.R.A.V.E. Squad experience was a bit empty in terms of using the gameboard, you could only use it for creating game layouts, but the artwork style was too complex to use the gameboard for further enhancing your game with art. We also had a lot of interest in the "Arcade Builder" prototype we released during the Kickstarter Campaign.

      To this end, we started to look at how the experience could evolve to include both creating game layouts and customizing more of the game by building artwork, characters, enemies, collectibles etc.

      To pull this off, the perspective of the game made more sense as a side scroller, as creating top down artwork, especially Pixel Art on a 13x13 gameboards is pretty tough.

      Finally, we've done a bit to keep the B.R.A.V.E. Squad characters as part of the experience, but as we started creating the app and the materials around it, it felt odd to focus on one set of characters, when the app is all about creating your own set of characters. For that reason the B.R.A.V.E. Squad characters took a back seat in the experience, however we do have plans for them in the future by highlighting them in special content packs, and will be doing that as well with some other character sets created by other artists.

      Hope that is helpful in understanding the transition. It has not been universally welcomed by all backers, but I think most everyone will appreciate getting more value out of the gameboard due to the ability to create art for your game (and maybe one day music!) not just the game layout.

    15. Knightess, Keeper of the Codex Valoria on

      Arrived in MD yesterday. Munchkin was super excited. Still have to go download the app yet, but yea, very excited 8 year old in my house.

    16. Christopher Chapman on

      Canadian backer here, still waiting on delivery; curious to know why my order is shipping from France as opposed to Atlanta, given the geographic proximity of our two countries.

    17. Saltooo on

      Me and my son Yarik received Bloxels in Moscow. We so happy! Thanks a lot for your work! But we have some question — what happens with Brave Squad? By the way we love Bloxels :-)

    18. Aaron Henderson on

      Got my boards, love it so far. Though, I am with Patrick... What happened to Brave Squad? I did some digging around and even found a blog post that introduced Bloxels with Brave Squad

      "Introducing… Bloxels™

      It’s a video game building system. Using building blocks, a game board, and the free B.R.A.V.E. Squad™ mobile app, you can create, play and share video games."

      Just curious. Other than that, I love the Bloxels app and my kids love it too!

    19. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Touchdown! Thanks a lot... what about the Brave Squad App? Did i miss something?

    20. John Webster on

      This is so cool. I can not wait to take this to my son's middle school to show off. I must buy more blocks to take advantage of having two boards.

    21. Missing avatar

      michael curley on

      Everything is awesome so far, I just would LOVE if there were customizable sounds and soundtrack in the next update that would really help make a game feel like your own.

    22. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks Gervais, great to hear and looking forward to your review!

    23. Missing avatar

      Gervais on

      We just received Bloxels !!! (we are in France, in Paris).
      It's just great ! Beautiful box, very good quality, we are very happy to discover the app and the game... !
      I will soon make a review on my french blog, for french families :)
      Thank you !
      Marie (

    24. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hi all, Bloxels is now available on Apple and Android devices and being released to Kindle soon. You can pick them up, FREE via the link below. Also all rewards will be shipped out today, if you don't get a tracking number please let us know at We'll be following up with an update, most likely tomorrow.

      Thanks for your patience all, a few months behind but all for the best we hope!

    25. Joe on

      Tracking number received, app downloaded, looking good!

    26. Pixel Press Creator on

      We’re about 1 day behind on latest @bloxelsbuilder Kickstarter shipment update, but still going out this week (btw Tue and Thu). Thanks!

    27. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hey Joe, we're actively working with our shipping teams, expect most codes will be going out today.

    28. Joe on

      Anyone got a tracking code yet?

    29. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hey all, Bloxels is shipping on Tuesday (1/12). You'll get a tracking code by email. @Joe the tracker was not up to date over the break, but should be now. @Jason, I'll confirm your address directly.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jason Baker on

      The kickstarters I've pledged to before had a "shipping address survey" that went around before shipping - the survey basically verified the shipping address for the final product. Do I need to fill out some such survey for this product before it ships? If so, how do I find it? My shipping address hasn't changed from other kickstarters - just making sure you've got the right one.

    31. Joe on

      According to the tracker, the European shipment arrived in time (29th December), hopefully that means the rewards are on their way! Nothing on the app store yet though...

    32. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hey David, thanks for the note. Update going out today.

    33. Missing avatar

      David Conlon on

      Hey guys,

      Just wondering if we can get an update on shipping please? Specifically requesting shipping status to Australia.


    34. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hey Dave, sounds cool. Will reach out directly.

    35. Dave M. on

      @Pixel Press I can make a temporary gameboard until the real ones ship. I'd really love to have the opportunity to see the software in action.

    36. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks for the idea Dave. We considered that at one point but Beta testing is challenging since you won't have the Bloxels Gameboard. We are going to do more beta testing in the future once we've shipped.

    37. Dave M. on

      I apologize if this has been asked already, but I didn't see it in previous comments. At what point will the backers be able to at least try the private software beta? I wonder if something like TestFlight on iOS would make it easy for you to give us access to the application for a limited time before release so we can at least poke around?

    38. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hey Juju, new updated today in the updates!

    39. Juju Seducer on

      Hi guys, just wondering how things are going, have a nice day.

    40. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Thomas - yes, we have a Developer Kit and are considering this for an update sometime in 2016.

    41. Thomas Barrett on

      I know you have your hands full getting Bloxels out the door. I was just wondering if there has been any thought of being able to play levels on the Apple TV?

    42. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks for the comments @JuJu, @Patrick and @Urban

      @Urban regrets on the setbacks, we have posted the latest dates that we have available in the 10/26 backer update. We'll keep you updated with more specific dates as they become available.

    43. Juju Seducer on

      Thanks again for the heads up, WE are most pleased with your new site and to those that complain about this new web site, REALISE THIS PEOPLE SOME OF US DONT WANT TO USE FB OR TWITTER, WE VALUE OUR PRIVACY AND SECURITY, THISE SITES ARE NOT SECURE. Secondly we WERE disappointed also by the setback in delivery, BUT stuff being sent out in December has a tendency to either get held up, misplaced and end up as someone's freebie, take it from us we have been doing stuff like this, EG overseas deliveries for over 3 decades, and January delivery is a better option. Also we love to point out that this KS is not that long a time waiting for the reward delivery. Try backing some console/pc games as we have and have to wait until 2017 for reward deliveries. Give this guy's a break people, if they were trying to screw you over, THEY WOULD BE LONG GONE AND UNTRACEABLE.Take it from us, read the risks section in a KS before you back, most like these fine people, advise you THAT THINGS CAN GO WRONG, you basically agree to it when you pledge. As for not getting the children's pressies in time for Christmas, a SMART parent would have other pressies as standbys, we always did. The old saying, DONT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET,applies.Welcome to KS people, this is WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT, have a nice day people, and GREAT JOB ON THE NEW WEBSITE BLOXELS DEVS. Bye.

    44. Missing avatar

      Urban Mediamakers on

      Okay, so now Bloxel is not going to ship until after the New Year. This is the most I have paid for any Kickstarter project and I am becoming frustrated with these setbacks. I feel like I need to get interest on my money at this point! What is the in-hand date for us now?

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrick Carroll on

      Many thanks for the updates. Appreciate you keeping us in touch when you've got so much on. Looking really positive. Little one will be excited whenever they arrive which is the whole point. Cheers

    46. Juju Seducer on

      Thanks for their heads up guys .

    47. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks for the input Juju. Since we're shipping out of US and Europe (to Australia) we had to comply with those standards. We'll consider testing for AU standards in the future, especially as we start looking at distribution directly to Australia.

      We are working on the new website, and it should be up in a few weeks.

    48. Juju Seducer on


    49. Juju Seducer on

      While like the others WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED THAT BLOXELS ARE DELAYED YET AGAIN, we are on the other hand also PLEASED THAT IT IS. AN oxymoron if you please, sending stuff anywhere in the world during December is suicidal, we have dealt with suppliers of RPG tabletop gear, games, art etc, etc for over three decades, and if anything is going to magically disappear during transit, worldwide, December is it. Where as one month later, there is hardly any traffic at all in dispatched goods, so an extra months wait is probably better. Also it's great that you're on FB and twitter, BUT some people DETEST THOSE SITES, and don't like using them, we are such people . Might be a good idea to set up your own, independent site . Just a thought,and an important one. By the way BLOXELS does meet Au standards,as our standards are pretty strict as well. Have a great day, keep up the updates, and catch you all later.

    50. Ryan T.

      Well, there goes the Christmas present for my boys :'-(

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