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Combine your love of toys and video games with this one-of-a-kind building experience.
The most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever.
The most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever.
764 backers pledged $68,001 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dave M. on

      @Pixel Press I can make a temporary gameboard until the real ones ship. I'd really love to have the opportunity to see the software in action.

    2. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks for the idea Dave. We considered that at one point but Beta testing is challenging since you won't have the Bloxels Gameboard. We are going to do more beta testing in the future once we've shipped.

    3. Dave M. on

      I apologize if this has been asked already, but I didn't see it in previous comments. At what point will the backers be able to at least try the private software beta? I wonder if something like TestFlight on iOS would make it easy for you to give us access to the application for a limited time before release so we can at least poke around?

    4. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hey Juju, new updated today in the updates!

    5. Juju Seducer on

      Hi guys, just wondering how things are going, have a nice day.

    6. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Thomas - yes, we have a Developer Kit and are considering this for an update sometime in 2016.

    7. Thomas Barrett on

      I know you have your hands full getting Bloxels out the door. I was just wondering if there has been any thought of being able to play levels on the Apple TV?

    8. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks for the comments @JuJu, @Patrick and @Urban

      @Urban regrets on the setbacks, we have posted the latest dates that we have available in the 10/26 backer update. We'll keep you updated with more specific dates as they become available.

    9. Juju Seducer on

      Thanks again for the heads up, WE are most pleased with your new site and to those that complain about this new web site, REALISE THIS PEOPLE SOME OF US DONT WANT TO USE FB OR TWITTER, WE VALUE OUR PRIVACY AND SECURITY, THISE SITES ARE NOT SECURE. Secondly we WERE disappointed also by the setback in delivery, BUT stuff being sent out in December has a tendency to either get held up, misplaced and end up as someone's freebie, take it from us we have been doing stuff like this, EG overseas deliveries for over 3 decades, and January delivery is a better option. Also we love to point out that this KS is not that long a time waiting for the reward delivery. Try backing some console/pc games as we have and have to wait until 2017 for reward deliveries. Give this guy's a break people, if they were trying to screw you over, THEY WOULD BE LONG GONE AND UNTRACEABLE.Take it from us, read the risks section in a KS before you back, most like these fine people, advise you THAT THINGS CAN GO WRONG, you basically agree to it when you pledge. As for not getting the children's pressies in time for Christmas, a SMART parent would have other pressies as standbys, we always did. The old saying, DONT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET,applies.Welcome to KS people, this is WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT, have a nice day people, and GREAT JOB ON THE NEW WEBSITE BLOXELS DEVS. Bye.

    10. Missing avatar

      Urban Mediamakers on

      Okay, so now Bloxel is not going to ship until after the New Year. This is the most I have paid for any Kickstarter project and I am becoming frustrated with these setbacks. I feel like I need to get interest on my money at this point! What is the in-hand date for us now?

    11. Missing avatar

      Patrick Carroll on

      Many thanks for the updates. Appreciate you keeping us in touch when you've got so much on. Looking really positive. Little one will be excited whenever they arrive which is the whole point. Cheers

    12. Juju Seducer on

      Thanks for their heads up guys .

    13. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks for the input Juju. Since we're shipping out of US and Europe (to Australia) we had to comply with those standards. We'll consider testing for AU standards in the future, especially as we start looking at distribution directly to Australia.

      We are working on the new website, and it should be up in a few weeks.

    14. Juju Seducer on


    15. Juju Seducer on

      While like the others WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED THAT BLOXELS ARE DELAYED YET AGAIN, we are on the other hand also PLEASED THAT IT IS. AN oxymoron if you please, sending stuff anywhere in the world during December is suicidal, we have dealt with suppliers of RPG tabletop gear, games, art etc, etc for over three decades, and if anything is going to magically disappear during transit, worldwide, December is it. Where as one month later, there is hardly any traffic at all in dispatched goods, so an extra months wait is probably better. Also it's great that you're on FB and twitter, BUT some people DETEST THOSE SITES, and don't like using them, we are such people . Might be a good idea to set up your own, independent site . Just a thought,and an important one. By the way BLOXELS does meet Au standards,as our standards are pretty strict as well. Have a great day, keep up the updates, and catch you all later.

    16. Ryan T.

      Well, there goes the Christmas present for my boys :'-(

    17. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hi Juju - things are going well! Trying to figure out all the logistics of manufacturing before we share the latest update. Also making great progress on the game, and looking forward to getting it in everyone's hands.

    18. Juju Seducer on

      Hi guys, so what's happening with the project?

    19. Pixel Press Creator on

      New Backer-only update live today, head on over backers!

    20. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hi Santi, thanks for pinging us again, we changed some email servers and some messages were getting caught. Appreciate your patience and diligence!

    21. Santi Magno

      Also sent three private messages across almost 3 weeks now with no response yet. Kindly acknowledge. Thank you!

    22. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hi All, update coming end of this week. Sorry Juju, we changed some things with our email accounts and we did not see these messages come through. Still on track!

    23. Juju Seducer on

      You guys still alive?. Update time, we like to know what's going on thank you.

    24. Juju Seducer on

      So how's are things going now ?, Look forward to finally getting the game as we are going to be integrating this into our tabletop rpg setup, you're not the only ones that have ideas, lol, is it , December shipping now ?

    25. Knightess, Keeper of the Codex Valoria on

      Getting excited. Glad to see the blue changed color a bit. That should totally help stop the blue/purple swapping in areas of less then brilliant direct sunlight. Thank you for the changes. They will very much make for smoother interactions later. The munchkin is still pouting that the prototype board needed to be mailed back. He loved his chance at being a play tester...

    26. Pixel Press Creator on

      @ Juju Seducer: thanks for the comments JuJu

    27. Juju Seducer on

      Impressive additions you have made, still need invisible traps added to dungeons and stuff. Though I do understand, I am not IMPRESSED with the delay.

    28. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hey all, our 3rd backer only update is live!

    29. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hey Juju, we'll be sending out another update this week. Stay tuned!

    30. Juju Seducer on

      Hi guys, two weeks later from last comment and my question is , are you STILL ALIVE?. Have a nice day.

    31. Pixel Press Creator on

      Hey Juju, good timing, we are sending out an update this week. Thanks for the prod!

    32. Juju Seducer on

      we know you are busy guys,but we have money invested in this project and ARE ENTITLED TO REGULAR UPDATES. Thanks.

    33. Pixel Press Creator on

      @Cristal - apologize it was not more clear. You can add an Expansion set at the following link > - if you email us at we can also send you a coupon code for free shipping so that you don't have to pay extra beyond your current order.

    34. Missing avatar

      cristal Kelly on

      There was no way to add the 20.00 to my pledge to get the extension set.... I tried several times.

    35. Pixel Press Creator on

      We're going to wait to send out the survey closer to shipment so that we have everyone's latest address. We will be sending out an update next week though outlining next steps.

    36. Juju Seducer on

      Shouldn't the surveys for addresses and so forth be sent out now? To all ks backers?

    37. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks @Patricia - we agree, will be a great fit!

    38. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thanks all, appreciate all your support and we are excited to be to this point. We'll send out an update outlining next steps soon.

    39. Juju Seducer on

      Well done and now onto the important things, coming up with new ideas for Bloxels!!!. Congratulations guys.

    40. Missing avatar

      riley on

      Yeah I just got mine with like 3 minutes to go I was nervous

    41. Jason Hubbard on

      Way to go everyone! It's great to see like-minds come together to get amazing new projects off the ground! Thanks for all the hard work Pixel Press and thanks for the funds, backers!

    42. Heather Delaney on

      Well done guys!! Can't wait to get mine :)

    43. Pixel Press Creator on

      Wow, 764 backers! Thank you.

    44. Pixel Press Creator on

      Thank you @Juju and thank you all. Has been such a pleasure & the fun does not end here!

      We'll be in touch to update you on manufacturing progress, software, shipping and more. In the mean time we're putting up link for others to pick up their Bloxels Box Set (minus all the great Kickstarter bonus' you got in on for being the first to support us). Be sure to share with your friends.

    45. Juju Seducer on

      What would the world do without us AUSSIE backers, lol.? Look forward to playing with the sets. Also we have been thinking of creating games using the Bloxels sets, based upon the Vault Tec , Vaults in Fallout 3etc,but for that to work dear devs , we would need switches, and stuff in the game, as well as those hidden traps we talked about a while back. Ones that don't show, traps that is , until you are on top of them. Well done Bloxels, must admit our other ks, Shemnue took us by surprise , fast mover that one . Keep UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS. Bye from Oz.

    46. Byron on

      I just pledged the $100, $50 pledge + $30 for postage + $20 for the extra set. Another Aussie here too :-)

    47. James Nielsen on

      Another happy Australian packer here :)

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