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Escape extinction once again in the colossal sequel to the classic single & multiplayer racing game. Let's make prehistory together!





UPDATE: The Dino Run Indie Collection!

UPDATE: 3D-Printed Dino Super-Eggs Revealed!


Hidden deep within underground sanctuaries, a large number of dinosaurs are able to survive and flourish throughout the ages. However, new threats of doom require those dinos and their future generations to also run for survival and find new homes in which to take refuge. Choose your dino type, put on your running shoes (and your favorite hat), and ESCAPE EXTINCTION!

Dino Run 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the prehistoric platformer that millions of gamers still enjoy today. It's the epic and highly evolved sequel that we, Pixeljam, have been slowly and carefully forming in our minds and hearts. After six years, the egg is fully gestated and ready to hatch… step back and get ready to run for your life!

Dino Run 2 will be available on Mac, PC, Linux, and OUYA. iOS and Android versions are planned for six months after initial release.

If you've never played the original Dino Run before, we made a Dino Run mini-game you can play right now: "ENTER PLANET D!". We start you out with a leveled-up dino & throw you right into some crazy action. Check it out!

Dino Run is a unique blend of some well known genres with a few twists. Imagine the fluid platforming and exploration of Sonic the Hedgehog combined with the customization options of Team Fortress. Throw in competitive or co-operative multiplayer racing, with a solid single player campaign as well. And of course don't forget that apocalyptic wall of doom on your tail! Shake it all up in a huge prehistoric egg and VIOLA!


The levels are different every time you play, and something new and possibly crazy is always around the corner. You can hang out in the multiplayer lobby and make friends, show off your newest dino digs or jump into a race for some quick action. Or you can explore the vast single player campaign and upgrade your dino at your own pace, hunting for new hats to wear or super eggs to add to your collection.

UPDATE: Stegosaurus and Carnotaurus Revealed!

UPDATE: Raptor Revealed!

UPDATE: Pachycephalosaurus Revealed!

UPDATE: Dino Feature: Parasaurolophus!

UPDATE: Dino Feature: Triceratops!

UPDATE: Archaeopteryx Revealed!

The feature we're most excited about is the ability to play as a number of dino types, each with their own strengths and methods of overcoming obstacles. Our classic Velociraptor is back with his speed and reflexes, while the Archaeopteryx can glide through the air and dive bomb enemies. The Parasaurolophus is fast and heavy but too tall to enter most tunnels, while the mighty Triceratops is unstoppable at top speed, smashing through everything in his way.


The varieties of size and ability in the playable characters introduces an interesting challenge we'd love to take on: How do we make procedurally generated landscapes fun and exciting for all dino types? A raptor solves problems with his speed; levels generated around him will have plenty of classic jumping and dodging challenges. A triceratops makes his way forward with brute force, making toppled trees into bridges and gravel out of the boulders that stand in his way; his world will be physically intimidating. A pachycephalosaurus can ram his bone helmet into a weak wall to reveal a smaller hidden tunnel; his levels will have multiple winding paths to explore. The archaeopteryx's and pterodactyl's world will emphasize the sky and the cliffs that most dinos cannot traverse.


 The game progresses through three distinct time periods in Earth's history, two of which are historically impossible, but our flawless video game logic makes it not only possible, but sensible!

 The Cretaceous Era remains from the original and includes lush jungles, dense forests, vast fields, massive mountains, and volcanoes. 

The Paleolithic Era contains huge caves and icy landscapes inhabited by early man. 

 The Modern Era has our dinos rampaging through city streets, grocery stores, subways, and of course -- suburbia.

In 2007, we released a unique little game where an endearing yellow raptor ran over an ever-changing ancient landscape in order to escape a massive pyroclastic wall of doom. He gobbled up or jumped over everything in his path, collected DNA to upgrade his genetics, slowly turning himself in the ultimate survivor while the countless hordes of inferior dinos were left behind to perish in the apocalypse!

Dino Run has never been, and never will be, a "runner". It's a multiplayer exploratory platformer with an extreme sense of urgency!

Gamers and press alike enjoyed the deceptively simple mechanics, customization options (dinos wearing hats!), replay value, and ad-free, monetization-free experience. We're very happy with how Dino Run turned out. For Dino Run 2 we are ready to expand that vision with new and exciting ideas.

Settling on the Dino Run 2 art style was a tricky balancing act. We wanted it to be lusher and more grown-up without losing the charming simplicity and attention to detail the classic game nailed. The cast of characters is being redesigned to allow for a dynamic range of sizes. We knew our prehistoric giants needed to feel huge and heavy so we emphasized weight in the animation. The player would be able to control everything between a two pound feathered dino to a ten ton quadrupedal behemoth. Playing each dino should be a unique experience that feels powerful and natural.


The music for Dino Run 2 will be spearheaded by Pixeljam's very own sound wizard Mark DeNardo.  Mark has created the music for almost every single game we've made, and we're looking forward to hearing what he can do with an expanded palette of sound, including classic Gameboy and NES chiptunes, live instruments, vocalizations, and a xylophone made from brachiosaurus ribs (not really).

One of the cornerstones of Dino Run is emergent gameplay. Levels are made up of many small segments, and each segment contains something unique that when combined with other segments, can create unexpected and delightful combinations of events. Imagine you are speeding along the terrain, and suddenly you come upon a long flat rock standing upright. You jump up and topple it over, which catapults a boulder into the air, frightening a group of dactyls resting in a tree. The dactyls take off and you manage to jump up and get grabbed by one just in time which safely flies you over a huge tar pit. The next screen segment contains a meteorite storm that knocks you down to the ground… oh no! Luckily a flock of archaeopteryx glides under you, you step on their backs, and escape a sticky death. Success!!! What lies over the hill ahead? Is it a speed flower ripe for eating or an avalanche of boulders that you will have to successfully surf lest you get crushed beneath?


Will Dino Run 2 have new hats, helmets, and wigs to grace your fine dino's head? Of course! Can you plop a scarf on your beloved triceratops or a bandana on your raptor? Yes! Does your parasaurolophus need to be pretty in pink? Probably. Your dino will be as unique as your own shimmering personality.  Your dino is YOU!

BONUS! All backers regardless of pledge amount will receive an exclusive backer hat for their dino.

Play as any of your favorite indie game characters :)
Play as any of your favorite indie game characters :)

Multiplayer is integral to the Dino Run experience, and we intend to fully implement this feature from the ground up in Dino Run 2. As before, players can hang out in various lobbies and chat or show off their latest look, while hunting for the perfect race to join. Players upgrade up their dinos by participating in races, unlocking new multiplayer levels and visual customizations. Most importantly, we intend to make multiplayer platform-agnostic: players on PC can race with OUYA and MAC users in realtime…. and eventually iOS and Android.

One thing we would like to explore is the possibility of co-operative multiplayer. Imagine as an archaeopteryx, you jump off the back of your parasaur friend and glide to reach a distant cliff. Perhaps it takes the strength of a triceratops and the speed of a raptor to solve a particular challenge. Maybe you carry a pachycephalosaurus across a gorge as a pterodactyl so he can smash through the rocks on the other side!

One thing that defines Dino Run is our engaged and tight-knit player community. Long past the typical shelf life of multiplayer games, our dedicated players and moderators log onto Dino Run each day to race and chat- even after six years! In Dino Run 2, we'll be supporting our community more than ever. 

We have put a lot of time into the vision, design and art direction of the game and are at the starting line for development. We don't have the resources to self-fund a game of this size, and we aren't willing to reduce the scope to fit a small budget. Dino Run 2 must be as epic as it demands to be! We must bring something truly beautiful and exceptional into this world!! So, we turn to you: our fans, friends, supporters and gaming public will help make this game a reality.

We've made a lot of games... and we've learned the hard way what games cost to make. Here is what it's like for Pixeljam: We are a six person team and for all of us to work full-time, and to cover all business expenses, it costs somewhere between 20K and 30K per month. We think Dino Run 2 will take fifteen months to create. Why? The original took eight months, and the sequel will expand and refine every aspect of the game: more procedurally generated levels, terrain types, lovingly hand-crafted pixel art, robust multiplayer, and the most realistic 2D dino-physics you've ever seen! This is no small task.

Given these variables and counting on a few unknowns, we need to raise 350 - 450K total to create the game. We are very happy to be participating in OUYA's #FreeTheGames campaign which will match our goal if we attain it. (Thanks OUYA!) We will also potentially be raising additional funds on our own through the Pixeljam games scheduled to release in early 2014, all of which will go towards Dino Run 2 development.

So, after much careful consideration, our estimate for the Dino Run 2 Kickstarter is $175,000.


We are now offering add-ons so people can further customize their Dino Run 2 reward experience.

$10 : Original Soundtrack

$15 : Extra copy of game on any supported platform (Mac / PC / Linux / Ouya)

$30 : Screen-Printed T-shirt

$25 : Signed 28" x 20" Poster

$25 : Small Multicolor 3D-Printed Dino Egg (Not Hatchable)

$50 : Large Multicolor 3D-Printed Hatchable Dino Egg

More info about the 3D-Printed eggs can be found here:

To claim an add-on (or multiple add-ons):

1) Click "Manage Your Pledge" on the main Dino Run 2 Kickstarter page.

2) Total up what you want from the above list, and add that amount to your existing pledge.

3) IMPORTANT: Don't change your reward level! Keep it how it is.

4) We will send you a survey after the campaign and find out exactly what you wanted.

We are a small collective of passionate creators dedicated to exploring the endless possibilities of the pixel.  We've developed and shipped almost twenty games since we started this journey in 2006, going through plenty of ups and downs along the way.  We live and breath games and game design.  Our goal is to create captivating, entertaining, and interesting experiences for the good people of Earth.  Everyday we work toward this goal! 


Miles Tilmann:  Designer / Producer / Coder - Miles co-founded Pixeljam with Rich Grillotti in 2006 and coded the original Dino Run from scratch… physics, multiplayer and all!  Some hair was lost in the process but most of it is still intact. Miles will be handling the day-to-day management and design needs of the project, as well as assisting Mark with music production and Don with code.

Rich Grillotti: Creative Director - Rich created every single art asset for the original Dino Run and designed it with Miles as well.  Rich has a knack for the tiny details that make our games what they are.  No pixel shall be left unscrutinized!

Jeffrey Nielson: Art Director - A project of this size requires additional manpower, and Jeffrey fits the bill perfectly.  Dino Run is the reason he joined Pixeljam in the first place, and he will provide the necessary skill and passion to propel the game's graphics into a level that few retro-styled games have yet to explore.

Don Thacker: Lead Programmer - Don's talents are numerous, and the original Dino Run led him to us as well.  He will be taking the coding lead using the strength of the Unity engine.

Mark DeNardo: Sound Wizard - Mark has created the soundtrack for nearly every game we've ever made, and this game presents a unique opportunity to realize his potential as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

Alex Bakke: Community Manager and Firekeeper - Alex handles the small and large tasks that keep our machine oiled and running.  Dino Run is a community-oriented game, and Alex has the skills to make sure no dino is left behind.

If you have read this far, thanks and congratulations!  Hopefully by now you can see why Dino Run 2 must exist in the world. There's no shortage of enthusiasm or skill on our end for this project, but of course it's not going anywhere without your support. 

If you have questions about anything at all, email us at We'll be updating this page throughout the campaign with exciting news about rewards, stretch goals, funding progress, and other surprises. Keep on running...


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Having worked on a lot of games prior to this project, we are pretty familiar with risk. That being said, it would be foolhardy to expect a totally smooth development cycle, especially with a game of this scope.

The biggest risk we face is underestimating the scope of work and running out of funds during development. This is why we're asking for a decent amount of money up front and working with OUYA to match our goal. Beyond that we have a few games slated for release in the next 6 months (Glorkian Warrior, Dino Run SE on Steam, Potatoman and Dino Run on iOS), which should help give us a bit of padding should our time estimates for Dino Run 2 prove to be inaccurate.

The main challenge during development will probably be balancing gameplay, considering we have multiple dino types of greatly varying size, procedurally generated terrain and realtime multiplayer with robust physics. Yikes! We worked some of this out for the first Dino Run but the sequel really takes this up a few notches. Everyone on our team is a designer to some degree, and the weight will never fall on a single set of shoulders. We also have a large and diverse pool of dedicated beta testers who will tear apart everything we throw at them. The first Dino Run ran the gauntlet of these testers multiple times before we reached something we were happy with. It's only grown and matured since then.


  • If we reach our funding goal, we would love to bring Dino Run 2 to all the major consoles (PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and Wii U) at least 6 months after Dino Run 2 is released for Mac, PC, Linux and Ouya.

    But, we would have to set and meet new stretch goals in order to accomplish this as it's not cheap to develop a game for the major consoles. With the costs of dev-kits, testing and certification, the additional cost could easily range between $30,000 - $50,000, per console! The multiplayer component would likely push it closer to $50K.

    So, yes! We'd love it to bring it to any and all of them, we'd just have to meet our goal and set specific stretch goals in order to do it.

    Last updated:
  • This is definitely something we want to put in the game, 2-4 player split screen. Technically it should not be too difficult.

    Last updated:
  • Email us at and we will halp.

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  • If you made games for a living, and looked at the scope of what we are trying to do, then our budget is very realistic. We've done this many, many times, and know what things actually cost. We don't want to end up being yet another game studio that mis-budgeted and had to cancel their project. So, we are asking for what we actually need. 2D art is no less time consuming than 3D... in fact, hand-drawn pixel art of this quality is actually very time consuming, much like hand-drawn animated films. We could go on and on about the exact costs of everything, and we WILL if you want us to. But know that games are expensive to make. They involve lots of people working for a very long period of time.

    Last updated:
  • Dino Run 2 is our dream project. It is the culmination of nearly a decade of game making, and we think the potential for it to be a landmark game is huge.

    It's also a huge scope, and we came to Kickstarter with the intention of getting the funding necessary to achieve that scope. Put bluntly, we've figured out what it will take to make Dino Run 2 the game that it deserves to be, and we are working toward that end.

    Our dreams of Dino Run 2 will never go away, to be sure, but our ability to produce a game of this scale with little to no funding for it simply does not exist.

    The best way to get your hands on Dino Run 2 is to help us get funded.

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    EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - TRICERAFECTA : Full soundtrack by Mark DeNardo, a digital art book and a collection of exclusive game content (hats, levels, etc). Includes all above rewards (including beta access). This is a limited quantity price on the normally $40 Tricerafecta.

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    DOUBLE DINOS : 2 copies of the game on any platform. Share 1 with a friend and have romantic moonlit races destroying suburbia together. Also includes 2 copies of Dino Run SE (Mac, PC, Linux but not OUYA), which is available right now so you can get on that sweet dino racing right away! Includes all rewards above.

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    TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN: A “prestige” package that includes an exclusive hat or helmet for this tier only, unique name treatment that is visible in the multiplayer lobby, plus some other exclusive roars, emoticons and effects that can be used during gameplay. Includes all non-limited rewards above.

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    SWAGADACTYL – Signed 28"x20" Dino Run 2 Poster and a screen-printed epic Dino Run 2 T-shirt. And of course, all rewards above. NOTE: This reward and all beyond it include ***3 copies*** of the game, but only 1 "prestige" package.

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    HATCHLING: A multicolor 3D printed dino egg with a 3d pixelated baby dino inside that you can hatch yourself. We're not joking, we can actually make this! It's a little bigger than a chicken egg, and will even impress your parents. Includes all rewards above and 3 extra smaller-sized non-hatchable 3D-printed dino eggs.

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    EASTER BUNNYSAURUS: Design, name, and hide a Dino Super Egg! Includes all rewards above.

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    GET IN THE GAME : Your likeness will be in the modern era, and you will get gloriously gobbled. This reward might attract your soulmate. Includes all non-limited rewards above and 3 copies of the game.

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    SPEED RUNNER: Design and name a speed run – sign it with a custom stone formation (cretaceous), cave painting (paleolithic era) OR memorial (modern day). No phallic stone formations allowed. Includes all non-limited rewards above and 3 copies of the game.

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    MAD HATTER: Design a dino hat, head or style item for a playable dino species of your choice. You decide if it belongs only to you, a small exclusive group of friends or all players. Includes all non-limited rewards above and 3 copies of the game.

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    HOMEWRECKER: Get your house, car or some other large building/object of your choice destroyed in the game. Includes a pixel version of yourself as well as all non-limited rewards above and 3 copies of the game.

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    KING OF DINOS: Your likeness will appear riding your dino in all modes of the game, including multiplayer. Impress your friends! Fun at parties! Includes ALL rewards above, if you want.

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    DNA ARCHITECT : The ultimate Dino Run 2 experience! Participate in design conferences, choose from any of the rewards above, limited or not... we'll even make you a totally custom super high-quality framed giclée art print, a custom one-of-a-kind jumbo 3D-printed dino egg, and of course t-shirts, posters, etc. You're a VIP and will be treated as such. We'll also throw in 25 promo codes for the game that you can give away to friends, family, or that cute barista you've been trying to find a reason to talk to.

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    THE PHILANTHROSAUR : You just can't imagine living in a world without Dino Run 2. You also have abundant means to make it happen, and would rather Dino Run 2 existed than have all that money just sit around in a vault, or as lots of numbers on a computer. We welcome your bold choice to offer Pixeljam this huge assist in making Dino Run 2 happen. THE PHILANTHROSAUR includes the satisfaction of having been instrumental in enabling something very special come into being for the whole world to enjoy. It also includes all listed rewards, limited or not, all future Pixeljam games, and our sincere & undying gratitude. If we meet you in person, we would like to give you a big dino hug.

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