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$83,476 pledged of $175,000 goal
$83,476 pledged of $175,000 goal

Want a free (or extra) copy of Dino Run DX?


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Dino Run DX Is Now On Steam!


Hello Dino Run 2 Backers!

We just released Dino Run DX on Steam:

This version marks the first major milestone from our crowdfunding campaign at, and includes major updates to the multiplayer server, increased level cap, controller support, new backgrounds and many more tasty updates.

Please check it out!  If you feel like sharing the news, do so with these:

That's all for now... take care!

-Miles @ Pixeljam

We just launched a new DIY crowdfunding campaign for Dino Run


Hello Dino Run 2 Backers,

We hope everyone out there is doing great.  We're doing great over here, as we just launched a crowdfunding campaign for the original Dino Run:

We've decided to roll our own platform this time and tailor it to our exact needs.  The campaign is not all-or-nothing, and has a healthy dose of transparency / project management that we hope will be illuminating for everyone.

Will Dino Run 2 ever happen?  That is up to the Dino Gods... and they have not told us anything yet.  For now, we're keeping our feet on the ground and taking it one dino day at a time.

We hope you check out the campaign, and if you like what we are doing, contribute or help us spread the word... or both if you are feeling particularly saucy.

Take care!

-Miles @ Pixeljam

And A Dino Run Update Appears!


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Pixeljam's New Game Glorkian Warrior has Launched


Hello fellow Dino Runners,

It's certainly been a very long time since we updated you on anything Dino Run related.  We are still planning on releasing Dino Run on Steam, and making some major improvements to it.  This WILL happen :)

But for now, we'd like to let everyone know what's been keeping us busy for a while.  We just launched our first iOS game, entitled Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork.


App store link:

It's a mix of classic shoot-em-up, simple platformer and Saturday morning cartoon. We made the game with James Kochalka, an awesome cartoonist and all-around great guy. 

We plan on porting it to Mac, PC & Android as well.

We hope you enjoy the game... thanks for reading.

-Miles @ Pixeljam