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$83,476 pledged of $175,000 goal
$83,476 pledged of $175,000 goal

The return of Dino Run 2? (!)


Hello backers from a long time ago.

We are currently exploring the possibility of reviving the dream of Dino Run 2, and we need your help.

Take this short poll: https://goo.gl/forms/f612kZpdgKC7DrXN2

And help us find out if this is a good idea.

And if you want to boost the signal of this effort: https://twitter.com/pixeljamgames/status/888448505446096898

Thanks for your time :)

-Miles @ Pixeljam

The Dino Run 2 artist just launched a Kickstarter for his own game :)


Hello all,

Remember Dino Run 2?  I would imagine so...  well, remember Jeffrey Nielson who did all the great artwork for the campaign?  He's been working on his dream game for years now (shortly after the DR2 campaign ended) and just revealed it to the world:


It's a ship-crafting, retro-influenced arcade shooter... and Pixeljam is helping him ship it in Early 2018.  All pledgers get early beta access to the game in June of 2017.

This campaign is mainly to raise funds for music and sound effects, which is not in his current budget.  Check it out if you have a moment, and if you are feeling even more generous, help us spread the word:


Thanks for checking it out, if you do!

-Miles @ Pixeljam

Miles @ Pixeljam just launched a little 7-day KS campaign : CHEAP GOLF


Hello Glorious Dino Backers,

It's been a long time! I hope this message finds you well.

This update is about a little 7 day campaign I just launched, called Cheap Golf:



It's a hybrid of low-poly mini golf and surreal humor.

Anyone that pledges at the 5-23 dollar levels will get those rewards regardless of funding success. So if I fail, you still get free stuff.  If you haven't picked up Dino Run DX yet, this is a good time to do it! :)

If you are feeling extra awesome today, please help spread the word: https://twitter.com/pixeljamgames/status/843884266647945216

Thanks for reading, and take care...

-Miles @ Pixeljam

Want a free (or extra) copy of Dino Run DX?


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Dino Run DX Is Now On Steam!


Hello Dino Run 2 Backers!

We just released Dino Run DX on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/248330/.

This version marks the first major milestone from our crowdfunding campaign at pixeljam.com/dinorun, and includes major updates to the multiplayer server, increased level cap, controller support, new backgrounds and many more tasty updates.

Please check it out!  If you feel like sharing the news, do so with these:

https://twitter.com/doomsurf/status/648908984108367872 https://www.facebook.com/pixeljamgames/posts/1034015649950334

That's all for now... take care!

-Miles @ Pixeljam