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10" HDMI Multitouch 1280x800 LCD Monitor with USB hub, HD audio, speakers, and kickstand. Works perfectly with any HDMI source!
10" HDMI Multitouch 1280x800 LCD Monitor with USB hub, HD audio, speakers, and kickstand. Works perfectly with any HDMI source!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Benedick Miller on

      Hi Dan, thanks for getting back to me so fast. I've replied to your email.

    2. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Hi Benedick,

      I'll send you an email with some troubleshooting steps so that we can get this taken care of.

    3. Missing avatar

      Benedick Miller on

      Hi, I have a problem with my PiTouch - I am connecting to a Raspberry Pi with HDMI. After a while the screen goes black, and it seems like the screen is looking for an input, after a couple of minutes the screen returns to life, This happens if I use HDMI 1 or 2. I do not have this problem if I plug in a standard TFT monitor into the Pi. I also had this problem with other devices, other Raspberry Pis and a Mac Book Pro, so it seems to be the PiTouch which has a problem. I also tried different HDMI cables. Any advice?

    4. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Hi Allen,

      I have sent a message to the touchscreen chip maker informing them about MacOS Sierra and asking them to update their drivers. As soon as they release an updated driver, I will upload it to and post a message. In the meantime, please try reinstalling the available OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) drivers to see if that fixes the problem.

    5. Allen Brown on

      After upgrading to Sierra on a Mac Mini, the touchscreen stopped working. Restarting the USB connection forces the computer to restart..?

    6. Missing avatar

      Benedick Miller on

      Hi, I'd just like to say that I am very glad to have backed this project. The build quality, look and feel are excellent as is the clear, sharp, bright picture. Well done! Is this product going to be available commercially sometime? Keep up the good work.

    7. Psi Labs 2-time creator on


      Please try changing the Roku Audio setting from "Surround" to "Stereo", then restarting it, and tell me if that fixes the problem.

    8. Missing avatar

      Troy Wollenslegel on

      Found out it seems like one HDMI input doesn't give me sound. the other one I get a message "'HDCP unathorised, content disabled'" message. This is with something that is a device alone, so there is no HDMI cable to replace..

    9. Missing avatar

      Troy Wollenslegel on

      Odd thing I ran into. I tried plugging a Roku Stick into the PiTouch via HDMI, I get audio while the Roku is booting up, but as soon as I get to the main screen and any other video sources I don't get any audio. It works fine on other TV/Hdmi display. I tried plugging in headphones and no audio there either..

    10. Missing avatar

      Antti Pietiläinen on

      Got mine. Thank you. Works fine for what i can tell.

    11. Jan Hünnemeyer on

      I got it in Germany! Thanks for the low value ;-) This way I had to pay no taxes at all. And also thank you for the cables, I didn't even expected them.
      Now about the screen itself: nice! I had some problems with my (own) 12 V powersupply, because the screen supposedly draws not enough power. But I have a 5V powersupply, with which the screen runs perfectly.
      Works like a charm with Windows 10, but I haven't tried Linux yet.
      I love how the screen can display any resolution. Therefore I can simply mirror my TV screen. The overall quality is better than one might expect from such a "small" project and I think it's great!
      Count me in, once you start your next project :-)

    12. mc_ott on

      What is the shipping status? Are you shipping to Canada yet? When should I expect mine?
      An update was supposed to be posted 10 days ago, did you loose your keyboard?

    13. Jan Hünnemeyer on

      From Psi Labs on the PiTablet comment board:
      "Update coming in 3 days. It was supposed to happen 2 weeks ago when a certain milestone was finished, but my supplier had problems delivering."

    14. William Phelps on

      Dan, I am still waiting for my PiTouch - a word on what is happening now would be appreciated.

    15. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      William - Sorry, I missed your comment the first time. Will post production and shipping status update in about 2-3 days when some milestones are finished.

      Jurgis - Thanks. It's been a rough journey.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jurģis Tālants on

      Received mine. All is working very nicely (at least with my Mac as extended screen).. Yay.. :) Thanks. I am glad that you kept going and fulfilled your promise nevertheless there were many obstacles on your path. Your the real man. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Rob Ellis on

      UK buyer. Received my shipping confirmation this morning

    18. William Phelps on

      Dan, just wondering how far along you are now. I know it's been a long and from the sound of it difficult road for you. Thanks,

    19. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Fernando: Yes, you will get a DHL tracking number when it ships.

      Casper: Thanks for the compliments and honest feedback! When I respin the PCB next time, I will try to improve the speaker volume with a more powerful amplifier chip and/or better speakers.

    20. Fernando Ducloux on

      Hi, Is there any way to track shipments? Will i receive a tracking code when my pitouch is shipped?


    21. Missing avatar

      Casper Rognaldsen

      I have started using the screen and it is great! I'm using it as a secondary screen together with a 30" screen. Super high quality! The sound could be better but the screen.. I love it! I have used it with windows 8.1 for now but was thinking of using it as a alarm clock ++ that could be placed on my night stand, RasPI driven. But I think I'll have to use an external speaker that goes a little deeper:) anyway, just wanted to say great product and the quality you are delivering is really good. I will back you again I possible.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Hoschek on

      Hi Dan,
      I believe you expected other hurdles when you started your project.
      I cannot support you where it sticks but I want to express that I'm suffering with you during this collection of nightmare no-gos you are facing.
      I stay patient and keep my fingers crossed.
      I assume WE are with all with you.

    23. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Looks like I need to have a chat with the logistics company. I hand-wrote the DHL label (clearly), but they have their own company logistics form and apparently they copied the address from my DHL label to their form, then back to another DHL label. Like playing the children's game of 'Telephone'.

      Also, if you are using Raspbian, the touchscreen should work fine without any drivers. Just hook the supplied Mini-USB cable from the Pi to PiTouch.

      Thanks for your support!

    24. Kenny Gardner on

      Received mine today.

      Looks great, has a fresh new lacquer type smell, and the screen is georgeous.

      Briefly plugged it into a PI Model B. Screen works fine. Didn't try using the touch screen because I need to get all the drivers.

      One word of caution: The shippers messed up my name and address really bad. Everything was misspelled and the Street and City were a mess (street had part of the City and City had part of the street). DHL managed to figure it all out and the Driver made a point of showing us the messed up address. This is probably one reason shippers require a Phone Number (even though they did not have to call me).

      Thanks! Can't wait for the PI Tablet to arrive.


    25. Missing avatar

      Casper Rognaldsen

      Just wanted to say that I received the screen today. I´m very happy about the packaging and so far everything looks good. I will have to source a power adapter before powering the screen. I hope the screen is as good as I think it is:)

    26. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Rev. Daryl,

      Please do not be worried. There is no financial or technical danger to this project.

      Regarding your comments, "issues that should have been thought out long before the project was presented to the community" and "Proper Preparation Produces Positive Performance" - That is exactly what I thought I had done when I shipped 6 PiTouches to beta testers before the Kickstarter even launched - This was simply supposed to be a small respin of the PCB. I had no idea how many complications PiTablet would introduce to PiTouch. Yes, it is true, I could have just shipped PiTouches "as-is" and they would have completely fulfilled the Kickstarter promises. But they would not have been able to be converted into PiTablets later. As a result, PiTouch was delayed as PiTablet software and hardware issues were worked out. Perhaps this was a bad decision in terms of delaying the majority to allow a minority to upgrade easily to PiTablets in the future. In retrospect, it is easy to see that it probably would have been better to give people a choice of getting a Generation 1 PiTouch that couldn't be upgraded to a PiTablet later or wait 3 months. But again, I had no idea that it would take so long to work out the bugs in PiTablet.

      And regarding the "clean box" - It was to perform an experiment to see whether the misaligned LCDs could be easily salvaged. The fan, filter (not shown), lights, and box worked completely well for that purpose - The LCDs and touchscreens could clearly be shown not to have any dust on them before and after bonding. It may not be beautiful (or expensive), but it did the job for the purpose of the experiment. Unfortunately, it is not time efficient to salvage the LCDs, so after the Kickstarter orders have shipped and there is less time pressure, I will go back and realign them.

      I have tried to be as transparent as possible with my updates, but frankly speaking, business is China is difficult, especially when you don't speak the language. Things that take minutes in the West, like checking "" for component availability take hours or days here since it involves finding suppliers, sending RFQs, waiting for quotes, checking the goods to see if they are counterfeit, etc.

      I understand your frustration and I offer my sincere apologies. Please hold on for a little while longer, as I truly believe that volume shipments will start this week - The only thing remaining is one LCD order.

    27. Rev. Daryl Lavway

      This project has turned into a worrisome investment for me. I had some personal projects of my own that i wanted to work on that this project would have been a helpful addition. I know we get all these long detailed explabations. But they contain no real information other than the perpetual excuses for isssues that should have been thought out long before the project was presented to the community. Proper Preparation Produces Positive Performance.
      And, quite frankly a cardboard box with a fan does not a clean room make.

    28. Missing avatar

      Casper Rognaldsen

      Can we get another update please?

    29. Jan Hünnemeyer on

      There is no (reliably working) direct link for this.
      Click on "Campaign" and then you see in your selected Reward a link to "Your response".
      There you can change it.

      You should stop making changes available. Then everyone gets a mail, that it'll soon be shipped and that there is 48 hours left to change the address. Don't ask me where this button is. I only have the backers point of view ;-)

    30. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Bryan - I am very sorry about the delays. Before the Kickstarter campaign had begun, I had already shipped 6 PiTouches to beta testers, because I didn't want to be one of "those campaigns" that has massive delays due to underestimating the effort required to get to a finished product. And yet, with the PCB respin to address feedback from the beta testers and PiTablet having significantly more problems that I expected with USB power packs, SD card images, and custom cables, I ended up in the same trap. I feel very badly about the delays, irrespective of whether they are to insure a quality product. Initial shipments will start in two days, so this should be a moot point soon.

      I set all the surveys to have editable addresses, so you should be able to change your address via Kickstarter. Unfortunately, since I am the project creator, I cannot see Kickstarter the way that a backer does (it gives me extra options as project creator, and hides other options like surveys and pledging) so I cannot give you an exact link to the survey address change page. But I know that it is there somewhere, as other backers have successfully changed their addresses. Please message me if you have any problems changing the address.

      Good luck with your move - Moving is definitely one of my least favorite activities

    31. Missing avatar

      Brian Seal on

      Due to delay after delay in shipping I need to change my shipping address as we will be moving. Please let me know how to go about doing this.

    32. Jan Hünnemeyer on

      Wow, Dan. You really know how to handle your backers! Thank you for your emidiadete response and for keeping us updated on every single step in the production. Only few projects handle it so well and even less so fast and only one (yours) so detailed. Don't worry, one month late is nothing, especially not, when we are that well informed.

    33. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Antti - No offense taken at all! It is your right as backers to receive regular updates. Unfortunately, there was one event that I was waiting for (complete verification and testing of the PCBA design) that did not happen until yesterday (long past when I thought I would be finished with that task). I will post a new update right now.

    34. Jan Hünnemeyer on

      Yea, one can really get used to the update once a week, even though once a month is sufficient for most projects here. But I guess there is no time to write anything, because Dan is assembling the first monitors by hand and revising the solder stencil for the rest, until perfection. Keep up the good work!

    35. Missing avatar

      Antti Pietiläinen on

      i must apologise in advance since this can sound rude and disrespect full. I was wondering where is the process going? i started missing updates since they where coming so often at the start

    36. Missing avatar

      Jurģis Tālants on

      Thanks for an update, Dan. You doing great. :)

    37. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      PiTouch will run off of 5V to 16V. Having said that, if you run it with large loads on the USB ports and/or USB Back-Drive, then the current draw at lower voltages (like 5 volts) becomes very high (can be as much as 5 amps with maximum loads on all USB ports). So generally it is better to use a higher voltage input that requires less current (12 volts input will take a maximum of 2.5 amps at maximum possible load). The connector is a 2.1mm x 5.5mm jack with center positive. PiTouch has reverse-polarity protection in case someone tries to use a center-negative plug.

    38. William Phelps on

      What are the requirements for the AC adapter? 12V I know, but is it really 12V or will it run on 9? what current?

    39. AUArduino on

      Congrats on the successful funding.

    40. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Thanks Aaron! Yes, PiTouch, the kickstand case kits, and PiTablet kits will be available on Amazon a few weeks after all the Kickstarter rewards ship.

    41. Aaron Guild on

      Hi just wanted to take a moment to say congrats on a great project, will these be available for regular purchase in the future?

    42. Fernando Ducloux on

      that's great news! thanks for the info!

    43. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      I think it should be okay for the following reasons:

      1) Only the highest tier rewards have a January deadline - This greatly reduces the number of units that need an expedited build.

      2) The reason for the high shipping costs is that everything is shipped via express delivery (DHL, FedEx, etc.), because regular shipping from Shenzhen is very slow (~1 month). So it only takes a few days to anywhere in the world. I intend to ship all rewards in the month promised, so even in the worst-case (shipping at the very end of the month), it should arrive only a few days late.

      3) Although the entire country shuts down for 2 weeks on February 19th for Chinese New Year, 300 units is not a lot for a Chinese factory - They can pump that out in 1 day. I have a factory ready to do final assembly, but even if it goes into Chinese New Year, as long as I have all of the subassemblies, I can do final assembly myself. The actual assembly doesn't take that long, although final test and packaging does add a bit of time.

    44. Fernando Ducloux on

      looking at the huge success of this project, i was wondering if the estimated dates are still feasible..

    45. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Yes and no - The CEC pin is connected to the monitor chip, but there is no CEC support in the firmware currently. DDC/CI and MCCS were implemented in the beta firmware but were not stable enough to be put into the final build. The monitor has completely updatable firmware, so it is planned to release new firmware versions that fully implement the monitor chip's capabilities eventually. But shipping PiTouch on time is the most important priority and I do not want to overpromise extra features that will compromise delivery for the backers. So for now, the answer is "CEC is not currently supported".

    46. Missing avatar

      Bradley Melton on

      Do the HDMI ports allow for control of the PiTouch through CEC?