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A Raspberry Pi based tablet. Open-source design customizable for your needs and projects. Also works with Beaglebone Black and others.
A Raspberry Pi based tablet. Open-source design customizable for your needs and projects. Also works with Beaglebone Black and others.
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    1. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Hi Tj,

      The driver is called 'hid-multitouch' and is included in the standard Linux codebase. However, it needs to be enabled (via 'makeconfig') when the kernel is compiled. In Raspbian, it is enabled by default. I am not sure whether it is enabled in other distributions (OpenELEC, OSMC, etc.) If you install Kodi onto Raspbian then it should work fine.

    2. Tj Thompson on

      I have a question about the drivers? Where do they go? I'm trying to build a game console with kodi media player and i want to have the touch screen for kodi. I can't figure out where to put the drivers.

    3. Missing avatar

      DT on

      Thanks. Also works great so far with windows 10. I plugged it in, just to see what would happen.

    4. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Hi DT,

      No worries - I will ship out a replacement acrylic backshell right away. Power consumption of the PiTouch monitor itself is 1.2 amps at 5 volts at full brightness with video and audio from the speakers. With a Raspberry Pi and WiFi dongle plugged in, it is 1.7 amps. I will try to purchase a Chromecast soon to check out the resolution, but you might try the suggestions to force the Cast resolution on this page:…

    5. Missing avatar

      DT on

      Only did an initial test and it works great. Just bad that it can't be a tablet as the 'acrylic panel' is broken. Touch screen works great so far too.

      I had to turn off auto and set it to 16:10 though as it seems to always box the screen. For my 'chromecast' the resolution was only 640x4xx (don't remember the exact numbers).

    6. Missing avatar

      DT on

      The panel is the clear plexiglass that was suppose to hold the pi in. It is cracked and half of it is broken off.

    7. Missing avatar

      DT on

      I just opened the package the the back panel is all cracked

    8. Missing avatar

      DT on

      I just got mine too. Had custom fees sadly =(. how much amperage does the lcd require at 5v?

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      Alessandro Leite on

      Fellow Backers,
      I'd like to share with you that I received my PiTablet this week, Dan has came thru on my pledge and delivered it. If he is able to keep the momentum going, I do believe that you that still did not receive yours, you will probably be receiving it soon.
      Thank you Dan.

    10. Psi Labs 2-time creator on


      I understand your frustration. The statement of "ready" device and "minimal" risk when I launched this project was true for the PiTouch monitor. But in retrospect, it was a huge mistake to launch PiTablet and PiTouch at the same time. It is true - I seriously underestimated the difficulty of PCB changes, software changes, custom cables, and finding a useable battery pack in order to make a PiTablet. Also, the combined LCD/touch modules becoming unavailable was a surprise which necessitated developing fixtures, sources and a cleanroom to assemble them myself. If I ever do another Kickstarter, I will probably completely finish the development and production before launching a campaign and just use Kickstarter like a 'Groupon' for publicity.

      All of the PiTouch units have been delivered, and there are only 35 more PiTablets to ship. Another batch of 12 units will be finished today and ship out tomorrow. All of the remaining units should ship in the next 3 weeks.

      Please accept my apologies for the delays. It has been a long and difficult learning process.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Leite on

      Fellow Backers, I don't know about you folks but I'm extremely disappointed in this project, we are almost reaching a sad milestone delay of 1 year (just 3 months to go!!). I remember that I backed this project based on the creators claims to have a "ready" device and "minimal" risk, anyways, ranting aside I just received today an email from Element14 the supplier of my choice for my projects where they are now carrying a 7" RaspberyPi Branded Touch LCD they are retailing it for only $60.00! If you are just like me hooking up your pi to larger screens for your projects testing, this is an alternative to this sad project we have been a part of so far. Technical details for the RaspberyPi LCD:
      Hope this helps the folks who are in a bind using cumbersome/bulky screen for their projects.
      @Dan, please don't take this as offensive, this is just a kickstarter believer helping other believers to be out of a bind. Keep you doing whatever is that you are doing and we hope that eventually you will deliver the screens one day.

    12. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Finally got the two milestones completed. Update coming tonight.

    13. Missing avatar

      A. Darmawanto on

      4 days already ;)

    14. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Hi Aitor & J.R.

      Update coming in 3 days. It was supposed to happen 2 weeks ago when a certain milestone was finished, but my supplier had problems delivering.

    15. Missing avatar

      Aitor Arregi on

      Any news about the PiTablets?

    16. J.R. Maguire on


      Just wondering if you have any further updates on shipped unit counts/remaining units?



    17. Kenny Gardner on


      Haven't heard from you in a while.

      Hope everything is going OK. Looking forward to receiving the Tablet.


    18. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Ankur - I understand your frustration and am very sorry about the delays. The LCD sourcing has been a very long and frustrating process. A big update will be posted tomorrow along with 4 units being shipped.

    19. Ankur Shah on

      @Psi_Labs It's almost one month after your last update that says you will ship soon. Give some update, If possible then ship also. Frankly speaking I am fed up with all these delays.

    20. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Ankur - Please see the latest update. The only piece left is sourcing the LCDs and assembling the touchpanel / LCD assemblies. So shipments should begin soon.

    21. Ankur Shah on

      I am PiTablet early bird special backer. I am from USA. Thanks for regular updates. Simple question from my side is what is expected date for getting my PiTablet ? It is suppose to deliver in February and now we are in June.

    22. Missing avatar

      DT on

      I see, I understand. I wish I put B then because I currently don't have any B+ or Pi2 and 3 Model Bs... I was thinking if you weren't able to get both, I would futureproof it by ordering the B+ cables as I do want to get a Pi2 in the future. I guess I won't be able to test it out with my current Pis. =(

    23. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Yes, B Model PiTablets will have the B+ adaptors and cables as well. However, B+/2 Model PiTablets will only come with B+/2 cables and adaptors. There are two reasons for this:

      1) While it is likely that a Model B owner will eventually purchase a B+ or 2, it is rather unlikely that a B+ or 2 owner will ever purchase a B in the future. Sending adaptors that will probably never be used is a waste.

      2) The B adaptors and cables are numerous. Beyond the cables in common with a B+/2, the B additionally requires:

      a) Right-angle M-F HDMI adaptor
      b) Right-angle M-M HDMI adaptor
      c) Micro-SD to half-size full SD adaptor
      d) Right-angle USB adaptor
      e) Short mini-USB cable

      When I wrote "I may include cables for both B & B+ if the cost of the custom cable is not too high", I thought that a B would only require a single custom cable. Then I found out that a B will actually require 5 extra adaptors and cables. I lose money on the $99 PiTouch packages. I lose even more money on the $99 PiTablet packages due to the acrylic case and cables. Including both sets of adaptors for all backers makes the situation even worse. As much as I would love to give everyone extra freebies, it looks like the Kickstarters are just going to break-even in terms of costs. Had I had explicitly promised both sets of adaptors, I would have eaten the loss and included them with all packages.

      Hope you can understand.

    24. Missing avatar

      DT on

      I believe it was said that you are trying to possible get both cables in each kit for both B and B+. Is this still happening?

    25. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Barney - Yes, besides Amazon (which will have "standard" packages), there will be a website where everything can be ordered "a la carte", so you can just order whatever you want.

    26. BarneyJ on

      I appreciate your detailed updates. I backed at the 'no power pack' level since I figured I could use what I already had. But based on your thorough testing, it seems I'll be needing something pretty specific. Will you make packs available for sale later?

      Keep up the good work.

    27. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Andrew - Since it is the same form-factor as the B+, and since the power requirements are similar, it should work fine.

    28. Andrew Allshire on

      Just announced the New Pi2, any thought on how this will work better with the tablet?
      A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU (~6x performance)
      1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM (2x memory)
      Complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1

    29. tkrause on

      That would be great if we could be both the B and B+ cables. I have a B right now, but might want to upgrade to a B+ in the future due to the number of USB slots and lower power usage.

    30. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Pook on

      Thank you for your fast answer! I think I'll go with the B+ option and get myself a B+ soon!

    31. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      The model B (and A+) can use USB Back-Drive (power through the touchscreen USB cable), so the only cable required (besides the HDMI cable) is a simple mini-USB cable. However, USB Back-Drive does not work with the model B+. So that requires either a third micro-USB cable for power, or a custom cable that splits the mini-USB connection into a micro-USB jack for B+ power and a full-size type-A USB connector for touchscreen and USB hub signals. I may include cables for both B & B+ if the cost of the custom cable is not too high.

    32. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Pook on

      Hey! I'm really happy about how things are moving on now :-)
      But i have a question concerning the cable part of the survey, what will be the difference in cables? i have a Model B here but maybe i want to upgrade soon, so its a tough choice...

    33. Pierre Laporte on

      Congratulations Psi Labs ! ;)

    34. Pierre Laporte on

      Waow ! I almost miss the train ! ;) Hi everybody ! I have discovered the PiTablet this morning and I try to resist but I can't ! ;)
      Happy New Year to all ! :)

    35. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      A. Darmawanto: Yes, there will be a downloadable SD card image that has all the drivers and tablet support software.

      For the battery pack - The size depends on whether it will be used with a Raspberry Pi A+ Model (Thin case) or other model (Thick case). A larger USB Power Pack will fit into the thick case. Any USB Power Pack that fits into the case and has a high current output (>2.1A) should work fine.

    36. Missing avatar

      A. Darmawanto on

      And will you provide the guidance/link on how to install the tablet software?

    37. Missing avatar

      A. Darmawanto on

      I pledge the PiTablet which the battery pack is not included. Which kind of battery pack do you recommend?

    38. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      The monitor, touchscreen and sound function down to 4 volts. However, USB is not spec'd below 5 volts and therefore unpredictable USB Hub operation may result from powering below 5 volts.

      The weight of the PiTouch monitor is around 1 pound / 0.5 kilogram. If I run across an accurate weight scale in the near future, I will post a more accurate measurement.

      PiTablet does not come with the 12 volt AC adaptor with 2.1mm barrel jack for powering the PiTouch monitor separately, as the PiTouch campaign has. Also, the PiTouch campaign offers a B or B+ kickstand case.

    39. Missing avatar

      DT on

      whats the difference between the pitouch campaign and the pitablet? I'm just noticing that you get 'more' if you get the pitablet (cables, case and such [depending on pledge]). However you can still convert the pitouch into a pitablet as the monitors are exactly the same....

    40. Missing avatar

      DT on

      Also approx. what is the weight of the screen?

    41. Missing avatar

      DT on

      Or does the screen run at 5v?

    42. Missing avatar

      DT on

      What is the minimum voltage that will run the monitor? I have an lcd monitor that 'technically runs at 12v' but i have ran it at 7.4v-8.4v.

    43. tkrause on

      Psi Labs: Perfectly fine, I'm just excited to start using your product and joining any community. Thanks for the quick reply!

    44. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      tkrause: Honestly, all my efforts right now are focused on getting PiTouch & PiTablet out the door, so creating a website is very low on the priority list. Same thing goes for Amazon - Until all the Kickstarter units have shipped, I don't plan to spend any time on Amazon plans.

    45. tkrause on

      Hi! Can't wait to get this in my hands and start using it. Do you know when the project website will be up instead of coming directly to kickstarter? You don't have to answer this one but I'm curious what the pricing would be on Amazon as well.

    46. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Sure - There is a ton of work to be done on Linux to improve the touch support, power management, etc. Collaborations are always good.

    47. Missing avatar

      Alan Stiévenard

      The Raspberry pi is a great product, making a tablet with it is a good idea.

      I love the concept and i want to see it evolve.

      Will you consider working with others ( like the team that made the raspitab) in the future ?

      Thank you for all the work you made.

    48. Psi Labs 2-time creator on

      Thanks Tux! I spent a year making this the best possible device of its kind, so it's great to hear feedback like that.

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