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PaPiRus is a Raspberry Pi HAT module that brings you affordable ePaper displays. Add low power display tech to your project today!
PaPiRus is a Raspberry Pi HAT module that brings you affordable ePaper displays. Add low power display tech to your project today!
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PaPiRus Cases, PaPiRus Zero, Pi PoE and JustBoom

Posted by Pi Supply (Creator)

Hi backers, 

We're posting an update to let you all know about a few new products we've launched in relation to PaPiRus.

You may have seen back in June that we launched PaPiRus Zero - an ePaper board for the Pi Zero. This week, we've received a large shipment of these boards so we have a nice, consistent supply of stock. 

Over the past year we've had many requests for cases that can cater for the Raspberry Pi and PaPiRus HAT. We spent a few months working with a case design company called CamdenBoss on concepts for the PaPiRus HAT and PaPiRus Zero. 

If you scroll down you'll be able to see what we've come up with :-)

PaPiRus HAT Case

The PaPiRus HAT Case is designed specifically to fit the PaPiRus HAT. It can accommodate all screen sizes: 1.44″, 2.0″ and 2.7″.

We've made sure to still allow access to the 4 buttons by including 4 button actuators you can use to control your PaPiRus without needing to open the case. You can also still access all ports on both the PaPiRus and Raspberry Pi

The case is available here. 

PaPiRus case
PaPiRus case


All ports are accessible
All ports are accessible


PaPiRus Zero 

As mentioned in the introduction, we've also developed PaPiRus Zero:  an ePaper screen pHAT module designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero. With this board you can use a 1.44" or 2.0" ePaper screen. 


The PaPiRus Zero is available here

 PaPiRus Zero Case and watch strap

This is our new PaPiRus zero case. All ports on the PaPiRus HAT and Pi Zero are accessible and the clear transparent top allows you to keep an eye on your ePaper project. Available with/without a watch strap in black or white

This case is available here

As with the PaPiRus HAT case, the PaPiRus Zero case has all ports accessible.
As with the PaPiRus HAT case, the PaPiRus Zero case has all ports accessible.


PaPiRus Zero case with optional watch strap
PaPiRus Zero case with optional watch strap



Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions regarding the cases, PaPiRus, or need any help, then please let us know in the comments below.

P.S. In the coming weeks, for anyone who needs to purchase an individual screen, we'll be listing these on the Pi Supply website. 

Other Products

Pi PoE Switch HAT Case

We're posting an update to let you all know about our new case for the Pi PoE switch HAT. We've had many requests for a case, and earlier last month we finally received stock! :-)

It's perfect for removing the clutter of wires and protecting your Raspberry Pi and Pi PoE HAT from any potential damage. The four holes and rail along each side of the case provide you with the option to mount this case on any surface with screws. At the moment the case is only available in black. 


All ports on the Pi PoE HAT and Raspberry Pi are accessible.  4 x rubber feet are included. It can be wall mounted. The Pi PoE Switch HAT is available here.



You may have also seen last month that we launched a new Range of audio boards for the Raspberry Pi. Justboom is a range of affordable, high-quality 384kHz/32 bit audio add-ons for the Raspberry Pi, Pi Zero and standalone use. 

The reason we created this product range is due to how the high-quality audio market is full of smoke and mirrors. For example, some businesses will charge into the many £000's for a DAC or for a high-quality audio player in general, even though a Pi 3 in a case with a HAT on top can essentially do the same job for a substantially lower price point.

To put this into context, here are some use cases for a high-quality audio HAT and Raspberry Pi:

- Streaming (either from cloud or network storage) high-definition audio player
- Multi-room audio player
- Media centre / set-top box living room entertainment system
- Shop floor / elevator / background music audio player
- High-quality audio player with local storage
- Desktop high definition audio player with amplified headphone output

In total, we have 8 boards:- Amp HAT
- Digi HAT
- Amp Zero
- Digi Zero
- DAC Zero
- Standalone DAC
- Standalone Amp
- Plus custom cases -


 JustBoom Cases & Remotes

We also have custom cases for each JustBoom board and custom remotes are on the way!

Cases, boards and remotes are available here


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    1. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @neoteric - Yes, JustBoom has already had plenty of documentation and email support. We have now done significant work on PaPiRus which we'll mention in our next update.

    2. Missing avatar

      neoteric on

      Will these products have the same level of support as the paprius, in regards to manuals, code, email support etc., which means = NONE?
      Because we still do not have working code, or anything on that and it has been over a year.

    3. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @Laird - we do not have any power in that case as yet, by default, but you can have whatever you want - lipo battery probably a good option.

    4. Laird Popkin

      I particularly like the PaPiRus Zero hat for mobile applications. What are you using to power it (e.g. in the case worn as a watch)?