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PaPiRus is a Raspberry Pi HAT module that brings you affordable ePaper displays. Add low power display tech to your project today!
PaPiRus is a Raspberry Pi HAT module that brings you affordable ePaper displays. Add low power display tech to your project today!
792 backers pledged £36,151 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping times, code and instructions

Posted by Pi Supply (Creator)

Hi all,

Shipping times

We finished shiping all KS rewards on the 6th Jan with the whole team putting in some very long hours to get these all out the door within 3 days from the post resuming on the 4th Jan!

What that means is that all of the UK pledges should have arrvied by now. If you are UK based and haven't received yours by the end of this week then please get in touch.

For EU orders the shipment may take a week or two longer, and for the rest of the world it could be even longer still. This is somewhat down to luck - we have had people in Malaysia saying they have received them and people in Italy and UK saying they haven't!

Please be patient - your order is on its way and will be with you shortly.

Code and instructions

We worked hard to get these out the door as soon as possible, and the code and instructions are still being actively worked on. Some people are frustatrated by this, and understandably so, however we felt it was better to ship the products and then update the code/tutorials rather than to delay shipping to wait for these aspects.

In any case, the code is available here -

There are a few known bugs in it that have been identified by community members and PaPiRus backers that already received their devices but overall the code works great.

The tutorials will eventually be posted on our Maker Zone here - and we will post another update here once they are up on the site.

Thanks for your continued support and patience and we really hope you enjoy your purchase.

Aaron and the Pi Supply team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Setrem on

      Any update on when we are likely to get the instructions???

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Setrem on

      Any update on when we are likely to get the instructions???

    3. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Paris on

      I haven't received mine yet

    4. Missing avatar

      Matteo on

      I haven't received mine yet..and it's almost may :(

    5. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @neoteric, @Eric, Hi guys, we're still working on the instructions. In the meantime, one of our website contributors has written a post on his blog with good PaPiRus resources -

      @Tom - thank you for sharing that demo

    6. Missing avatar

      neoteric on

      OK guys, time for official instructions. Its going on a year since you started this, and you still don't have working code and instructions.

      I back a lot of Kickstarters, but PiSupply has been the most amusing.
      Disappear for months at a time, then apologize for not communicating, then promise you will be better at it, then disappear for 2 months again.

      Can you not come through here and answer some questions: What is the pogo pin for, how does the pogo pin hook up, when are the instructions coming, etc.?

      Releasing a product very late requires that you fulfill your promises.
      Can you at least tell us what is taking so long, why you are having issues, etc.?
      How long does it take to put together such a document?

    7. Eric Castro

      still no assembly instructions .... guys it's been a month. I usually figure things out without reading a single manual but seriously I have NO idea where this "pogo pin" goes

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Warholm on

      Still not received PaPirus in Denmark :-(

    9. Missing avatar

      Ton van Overbeek on

      If you are interested in getting a proper partial-update behavior (update freq > 1 Hz, no flashing) then see my comment from today in the Campaign Comments.
      Demo video:

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Setrem on

      Two weeks have passed since your ".. will be on the tutorial which will be done shortly." statement. Have you made any progress?

    11. Paavan on

      looking forward for actual instructions !

    12. Jeremie Lariviere

      I got mine, and as soon as I get my order with PiJuice and Pi, i'll be able to hook it up :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Eichin

      I went ahead and guessed and it all went together fine. Had a bit of a scare when papirus-clock filled the screen with alternating black and white lines, but that was actually a software fix ("no really, run papirus-setup first if you have a screen bigger than 1.44 inches" :-) (Running it on an A+ under Jessie-Lite.) Frederick Vandenbosch's "Getting PaPiRus to work (and then break it …)" was the most useful article, especially for the little code tweaks. I vote you send him a replacement screen in exchange for him writing the official assembly guide :-)

    14. Eric Castro

      Received mine in Paris - although i'm not fully sure on what to do with the pogo pin or which socket the screen should go in (there are 2). Awaiting patiently for a step by step guide :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Eichin

      Mine arrived in the US (Massachusetts) on Thursday, yay. Looking forward to more mechanical assembly pictures - I can mostly derive things from final-result pictures, but that flex-cable looks frighteningly fragile (I doubt it *is*, it just looks that way) and I'd rather not guess...

    16. Frederick on

      Wrote a blog post with all my findings and how I got the code to work:… Hope this is helpful to others until the code is fixed :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Ton van Overbeek on

      Received mine today in Austria. Will start fiddling soon.

    18. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Frederick - thanks we will look at those and fix the code

    19. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Mo - it should work no problem with any pi, although only if you can get it connected with a cable or similar. the pinout should be the same and the spi is on the first 26 pins.

    20. Frederick on

      Finally got the display to work after searching the internet for the various python errors that popped up. As mentioned by Osrosk, the Russell Davis notes are useful in getting the display to work.

    21. Mo Kargas on

      Guys I strongly suggest listing what Pi's it is compatible with. I thought it would plug into my older RPI 1 B board. That doesn't seem to be the case, unless I'm missing something obvious.

    22. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Osrosk - can you post all the details of the problem on the GitHub as an issue?

    23. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      Arnonym - glad it arrived

    24. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ raymond - you will need to give us some more details. what exactly do you mean about it not working? are you getting error messages or something else?

    25. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Osrosk - thanks for the commment there about pogo pin

    26. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Kathryn - the version on the repo is the latest so far. It may be that due to different setups and different programs installed on the Pis that it works for some and not for others. Or that they have just debugges and fixed the code themselves. In any case, we will soon have a full tutorial from a clean version of NOOBS/Raspbian and software that works without error on that setup

    27. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ David - if you have not got it still, please get in touch with an email and we can look into it for you

    28. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Jeremie - hopefully will not be long now

    29. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Jan - the pin is the pogo pin that we mentioned during the campaign. It it an optional extra that we included as a stretch goal to allow you to do wake on alarm with the RTC using the Raspberry Pi run pin. Instructions of where to put it will be on the tutorial which will be done shortly.

    30. Osrosk on

      Mine is not completely dead ;-)
      I followed the notes over at and got the clock and life demo to show stuff. However the updating is strange... I now ePaper needs refreshing and stuff but... e.g. the clock demo (which shows the time as "18:13:00") updates every five seconds and starts by showing "18:13:05" nicely but briefly, it then changes to garbled "18:13:06", moves on to showing the old "18:13:00" clearly and then at last once again shows the new "18:13:05" and stays that way until the next update cycle.

      I did not manage to get the rtc to work however, everything seemed ok but the actual 'hwclock -w' command returns "Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method."

    31. Arnonym on

      Got mine yesterday (in Germany)! But I only had time to look at it from the outside…

    32. Missing avatar

      raymond gordon on

      Received mine (in Norway) today after the extremely long wait. No assembly instructions to be found anywhere, but managed to figure that out. Unfortunately mine does not work either! I have backed 3 kickstarter projects over the last 3 years. This is the first one that (finally) arrived - and it does not work!

    33. Osrosk on

      Just got mine (in Sweden) today.
      I also miss some assembly instructions, but found the photo of the pogo pin in update #6 adequate. Will start soldering the buttons now...

    34. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Warren on

      I received mine on Friday (in the UK), but I can't get it to work at all :(

      You say "there are a few known bugs" but in the brief time I've spend poking around with it I've found indentation errors, incorrect paths, missing 'self' from method declarations, and variables/constants that don't appear to exist. Fundamental stuff!
      I've seen blog posts/tweets with apparently functioning displays, but the code in the repo is (mostly) untouched since July. This suggests to me that somewhere someone has a version which is more up to date?

    35. Missing avatar

      David Ryan on

      I'm in the UK and haven't seen mine either.

    36. Jeremie Lariviere

      I'm in the USA and haven't seen it yet, but I'll keep my eye out for it.
      Thanks for the update!

    37. Jan Busk on

      I still need assembly instructions. There is a little pin in the kit. What should I do with it? Solder it? Where do I put it?