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PaPiRus is a Raspberry Pi HAT module that brings you affordable ePaper displays. Add low power display tech to your project today!
PaPiRus is a Raspberry Pi HAT module that brings you affordable ePaper displays. Add low power display tech to your project today!
792 backers pledged £36,151 to help bring this project to life.

Pogo pin successful, final prototypes ordered, backerkit lockdown soon...

Posted by Pi Supply (Creator)

Hi backers,

Further to our previous update, you should all now have received your discount coupons through BackerKit - if you haven't then please let us know in the comments and we will send it to you manually.

Anyway, we've got a fair bit of good news today which we are very excited to share...

Pogo pin update

We have got through a new pogo pin (backwards compatible with old one in mounting method, so tested it in an old v1.4 board we had lying around).

As mentioned before, it is about 1mm shorter than we would have liked, but it does make contact successfully with the RUN header, as you can see from the pictures below:

Side view showing new pogo pin installed
Side view showing new pogo pin installed
Another side view
Another side view
Top view of installed pogo pin (flush with top of board)
Top view of installed pogo pin (flush with top of board)

 This is really the last piece of the puzzle and will allow us to now move ahead. Additionally, we do not need to make any more changes to the PCB which saves a bit of time too.

Final prototypes ordered

After the latest changes, we are now on v1.8 of the design. This is, as yet, untested. We are pretty certain it will work flawlessly but we wouldn't want to make 2000 devices with an on that note we have just submitted an order to our manufacturing house for 2 sample units.

Once these are ready, we will have them shipped to us with express shipping and we will perform a thorough test. We will then start bulk manufacture once the design is confirmed. Whilst bulk manufacture is underway we will then update the software stack to work with the new RTC.

Packaging, stickers and add-ons ordered

We have also been busy getting all the ancilliary items ready. This includes the PaPiRus stickers. You can see the proof of the stickers below:

PaPiRus Sticker Proof
PaPiRus Sticker Proof

We have also confirmed the packaging size with the manufacturing facility - we have just gone for a plain white box with a barcode label, to keep things nice and simple :-)

Last but not least, we have also begun to order all of the add ons that have been ordered by you either as part of Kickstarter rewards or in BackerKit - this includes the Raspberry Pis, power supplies, GPIO breakout adapters, cameras and everything else needed to fulfil the rewards.

BackerKit Lockdown Soon

Thanks very much for filling in the BackerKit surveys, this has been very useful and has allowed us to push on with manufacture with a more accurate picture of what we need to order to fulfill the pledges and add ons. There are currently just 13 of you left who have not filled in the survey - if one of those 13 is you, then please fill in the survey as soon as possible as we will be locking the surveys down on Sunday 25th October at 12pm UK time. You will still be able to update your address at this point, until we lock down the addresses closer to the time of shipping. If you would like any additional PaPiRus boards, RasPis or any of the add on accessories like extra screens then now is the time to update your pledge before it is too late!

We are really looking forward to getting into production and then finally shipping your products. We can't wait to see what you will all do with PaPiRus!

Thanks, as always,
Aaron and the Pi Supply team


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    1. Cleo Qc on

      Is that pogo pin meant to be soldered onto the Papirus board, on the Pi itself? or just hanging there loose?

    2. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Mark - see latest update

    3. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ 323Go - sorry to hear that, but we hope you will enjoy your product.

    4. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Pat - we will send it to you directly via a message

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Setrem on

      It is almost a month since the last update. So I'm guessing that you have received the sample units?
      How are they?
      How did your "thorough test" test go? Have you now pressed the button on the manufacture of the devices?

    6. Missing avatar

      323Go on

      I received my coupon, but there's simply no way I'd ever order anything from you folks after the way you bungled this campaign (and others, it seems).

    7. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      I have not received a coupon either.

    8. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Alex v - what is out that you haven't received? The discount code?

    9. alex v on

      Haven't received anything (again).

    10. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Jeremie - no problem!

    11. Jeremie Lariviere

      appreciate the update, thanks

    12. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ Pierre - they are sent to you via an email from BackerKit. You can also get these by going to your BackerKit account for PaPiRus and clicking on "digital downloads". I will also now send you a message with it in.

    13. Pierre Vella-Zarb

      I have not received my coupons. Where are they sent?

    14. Pi Supply 8-time creator on

      @ David - just sent you a message with your code

    15. David A. Katz

      I have not received my discount coupons.
      David Katz