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The Fish Dish by Pi Supply is a neat little add on board for the Raspberry Pi, including a switch, 3 LEDs and a buzzer.
The Fish Dish by Pi Supply is a neat little add on board for the Raspberry Pi, including a switch, 3 LEDs and a buzzer.
The Fish Dish by Pi Supply is a neat little add on board for the Raspberry Pi, including a switch, 3 LEDs and a buzzer.
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    1. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @ Boodts - emailing you now. Apologies for the delay in response.

      @ Andrew - did yours arrive now?

    2. Missing avatar

      Boodts on

      Hi! - 09/22/2014 and nothing received. - No answer to my messages (03/11/2014, 05/01/2014, 07/05/2014). What's the matter? Is there still anybody alive?

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tuley on

      Hi - I *still* haven't received my Fish Dish. Could I please ask that you send out a replacement as soon as possible. If you could confirm the posting address you have for me (privately), I'd be grateful.


    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tuley on

      Hi guys, thanks for the reply (sorry for my late response) - nope - haven't received anything yet.

    5. dr coconut on

      Ahhhhh, I should look at the silk screen, it's on there already.

      All sorted now anyway, and happy

    6. dr coconut on

      I now have mine, no instructions, but I'm sure I can work it out.
      But if anyone can confirm, as the phone isn't great for looking at the picture on here.

      R1-3=3K9 R4=10K R5=1K ???

    7. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @ Andrew - did you receive yours yet?

      @ Dr Coconut - should be with you very soon, as you say we sent a replacement.

    8. dr coconut on

      I stand corrected. I have had an email earlier today, saying it has been re-sent out, and I had missed seeing it.

    9. dr coconut on

      And still no sign of it, this is bad from a company that I would have expected more from

    10. dr coconut on

      Still no sign if mine, and it was confirmed it was sent, and the address was right. The science fair I needed it for has now passed, so I hope I have it in time for next years one.......

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tuley on

      Hi - no sign of my Fish Dish yet - I filled in the survey early Jan - any chance you could chase up for me please?


    12. Johan Knutsson on

      Got my Fish Dish a couple days ago, looks very nice, but haven't gotten around to assembling and playing with it yet. Any update (eta maybe?) on the assembly guides and code examples?

    13. David Hellam

      Oops - that should read 'today' in case anyone is wondering why I have a letterbox shaped like a toad! Love the goldfish colour BTW!

    14. David Hellam

      Mine navigated its way through the Czech postal system to land in my letterbox toady - many thanks. But I won't have time to play with it until after BETT. @Sven and @Paul - I'm planning to use mine with Scratch for GPIO initially - see but if you click on the reviews tab at you will find some helpful info re: assembly and testing from other users.

    15. Sven Haiges

      Same issue here, I am a beginner and now would start explorign the Fish Dish -any tutorials?

    16. Paul Simmons on

      Received mine today, looks good :)
      Where can I find instructions on the website?

    17. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @ John Lee - no problem at all. You should be receiving your reward very soon.


    18. Missing avatar

      John Lee on

      Apologies, my mistake - got confused with another Kickstarter

    19. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @ John Lee - all surveys have definitely been sent out. Are you sure you haven't received an email about it? Everyone apart from about 5 people have already filled it in.


    20. Missing avatar

      John Lee on

      Still haven't seen a survey, and Christmas is sadly but a memory.

    21. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @ Paul, Dr Coconut and Kevin: all surverys should have been received now. Shipping will commence on Monday!

    22. Missing avatar

      Kevin Mantle on

      Have they been posted yet?

    23. dr coconut on

      Can't say I've seen one either, But I put it down to Christmas

    24. Paul Simmons on

      Have the surveys been sent out yet? The previous update said they would be sent by the end of last week but haven't heard anything.

    25. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @ Andrew - see our latest update. We are hoping to receive the kits next week, and will ship them out immediately, to hopefully arrive with most people before Christmas. But it does depend on where you are based?

    26. Andrew Coombes on

      Is there any news on when Fish Dishes will be shipping? Will it be out for Christmas?

    27. Missing avatar

      sgllama on


      Yes, the starter kits do need to be soldered - Pi Supply say they'll be easy to solder and looking at the pictures there is nothing overly fiddly on there.

    28. Missing avatar

      Gray on

      I'm not sure if this is a stupid question, but: does assembly of the starter kit require any soldering?

    29. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @ Wassim - yes we will be selling them afterwards too via our website

    30. Wassim Metallaoui on

      Will you be selling them after the Kickstarter campaign too?

    31. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @Paul - yeah thought about that, but again thought it maybe sounded too similar. Anyway...too late now as we called it Fish Dish Fish Dish rhymes so its pretty good!

    32. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @Andrew - a great name, but unfortunately it is already taken -

    33. Andrew Graley on

      Great to see a UK project backed so quickly. I can't help thinking you missed a trick and didn't call this FishPi though. Mmmm. That gives me an idea for Sunday dinner... Congratulations.

    34. Pi Supply 7-time creator on

      @Chris - wow! surprisingly similar. Ours has the buzzer though, and stackable header so hopefully we just clinch it :-)

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Fish Pi, looks like a raspberry Pi version of this arduino board :