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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks to all our great backers! Broke our funding goal in 10 minutes!

Posted by Pirate3D Inc (Creator)


Going pretty well on our maiden voyage. We are all so very very excited that our dream and project is off to a great start!

Thank you all for your support, warm wishes and advice. We always wish to work closely with the community to provide a quality product that everyone can truly enjoy.

The sailing will go through its ups and downs, but we will see it through; and together with all of you, it will be one journey worth remembering.

Here we are at office, looking perhaps a bit tired (we work hard) but glowing inside! Although our funding goal has been reached, we are still looking to expand our crew and see how far we can go!

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    1. Sergio Hernandez on

      Glad to be part of this project! Can you guys post pictures of your sample 3D prints?

    2. Pirate3D Inc Creator on

      Thanks everyone for your support!!

      @Gian: Hopefully our black hair stays black.

      @Xen: Thanks for your strong support and helping back us up!

      @Harley: We will play in a few years once a full colour 3D printer is invented.

      @Jean: YARRRR!

      @Jose: We can all dream. Maybe one day.

      @James: Was too busy replying mails to sip the champagne =p downed it like coffee! Yeah we will keep focused, hope to raise millions in funding.

    3. James Butler on

      Congratulations on a stellar launch! You are fast approaching one quarter million dollars in funding. I trust you enjoyed the bottle of Champaign I see on the table. Keep focused, and enjoy the glory.

    4. Eyeis on

      I doubt they will go public until after store distribution. But I would invest.

    5. Jose Cardenas on

      Are you guys going to launch a stock and if so what name will you be under? Cheers Jose

    6. Lih Ping Teo on

      Can i print a 28mm miniature with this? Hhehhee...

    7. Missing avatar

      Jean-Jacques Loesch on

      Wonderful spirit .... Go Buccaneers !!!

    8. Lih Ping Teo on

      Congrats for hitting the funding goal! Hurray for Singapore! I wanna ask.. am i able to pick up the printer locally (Singapore) thereby saving the shipping cost for refills? Are the refills available at a store when its Feb 2014, which i can go buy direct? What colors of the plastic spools are there available?

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Bennington on

      Arrrgh! Congrats Pirate3D Team on a a terrific funding start! Can't wait to make my first "Buccaneer" print!

    10. Chris Cahill on

      Work hard play hard!

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen Chiu on

      Congrats on this product & meeting your goal already!
      "Add oil" as we say over here.

    12. KANSO on

      Congratulations guys!!! :D

      Keep up the good work!

    13. Missing avatar

      GianPaolo Franceschini on

      What a young team for such a wonderful product!!! Keep Going!!

    14. Eric Vaughan on

      Congrats guys! Looks like you have a real hit on your hands!

    15. Xenatos on

      WootS congrats once again!
      yeah to local KS!