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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

Just to clarify things

Posted by Pirate3D Inc (Creator)

Hi there backers, 

To clarify our last update. We are not shedding our obligations to you. What we are doing is stopping building too many of the current machine, go back into serious hardware mode, and build a machine that we can fulfill backers within cost and also to build a healthy foundation for the company.

In short, this is us letting you know that we have been working with technology whose foundation was laid 2 years ago (which has its limitations though good in some ways), we are going to throw it out the window, go back to basics and build something even better.

We are still operating out of our same office and always welcoming to visitors if you would like to drop by and say hi, like many others have done before. 




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    1. Ithiel on

      Hi Brendan & Team,

      We're quite quickly coming up on a whole year since the last update.

      I think it's about time that you gave us all a straight answer on what's happening, one way or the other.

    2. Paul Rosenberg

      Come on, guys, fairs fair. We put up the $$$ to get you going - why can I can buy MY printer for $699 from Pirate 3D - and it will ship in 3 days. I've been waiting 2 years! Why are you selling my printer to a stranger? Are you intentionally alienating your primary supporters>?

    3. Charles Fu on


    4. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Moosheer on

      hey Brendan, you are selling the Buccaneer on your shop page, why don't I get mine that I payed for several years ago?

    5. Charles Fu on

      Those questioning "what's going on", there's tons of info via google, via backers' comments etc. Asking "what's going on" is just like denying the earth is round. The truth is simple: The creators have no integrity, too arrogant to even leave a final message for wondering folks here, and didn't even bother to login Kickstarter since 22nd Apr 2016. These say a lot about these thieves.

      Remember their names.
      Remember their faces.
      Remember their LIES.

    6. Charles Fu on

      These thieves and blood sucking drug addicted are GONE.
      I suggest we list out their names and forever embed their names in our minds, so our paths will never EVER CROSS AGAIN!!!!

      Arrogance is blinding, but being humble will build a better relationship in the market in the long run.

    7. Dungeonstone on

      9 more months have past... still no printer or refund...

    8. Missing avatar

      Mike Vanderpool on

      Has anyone started a suite against them yet, please let me know as I am ready to sue and want to get these crooks as well. Email me and I will get my legal to to pursue.

    9. Dungeonstone on

      These crooks have definitely written off their KS backers.

    10. Young Song on

      Please update what's going on. You guys update facebook for new people, but we are the backers paid over $1.2M+ USD and waiting over 3 years! It is unfair. You need tell us what's going on.

    11. Missing avatar

      Edmond Overbey on

      I see on the Pirate 3D website that I can buy my printer for $699 and it will ship in 3 days. Why are you selling my printer to a stranger?

    12. dan wu

      refund pl.
      whats your address? i would like to visit.

    13. David G. on

      Hello, I was told you were shipping buccaneers to backers in Singapore just under 2 years ago. We're approaching 28 months late here. Please either ship my printer to me or give me a refund. I see that Felix was asking for a refund January 21st and then offering his new printer for sale on April 4th. I've been very patient thusfar. Thank you!

    14. Tony D'Alfonso on

      At this point, how do we get our money back?

    15. Missing avatar

      Lim Yew Keat on

      I am still waiting, I do not mind waiting but hope you will be able to fulfil one day. But in the meantime, appreciate regular updates.

    16. Ben Wermers

      Would you just give us an update? Are we ever going to get our printers or are you just going to keep "redesigning" them?

    17. Missing avatar

      Konstantinos Lillis on

      Please for an update.....

    18. Gina likins on

      I would like a refund *please*!

    19. Missing avatar

      Theresa Berg on

      Give us an update, we backed and got nothing. Not even information.

    20. Missing avatar

      Forest C on

      WTF?????? Where is my 3d printer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Félix S. P. on

      FOR RESALE : I'm getting rid of my brand new Buccaneer for $400 shipping included, payment by WBT only. PM me or email me

    22. Håkon Høgstad on

      We've been scammed, people. This is their statement from their Youtube page. "Our kickstarter campaign it was a $300 was to help fund the research and design. That $300 doesn't actually cover of the material and labor costs of a single printer. The average cost of a single printer and labor costs is about $700+. We take pride that we are making products of quality yet affordable and easy to use for home consumers. If you want cheap there are other alternatives but "Cheap and Good" rarely make a good combination."

    23. Jose Cardenas on

      These guys ran away with the money!!!!

    24. Chuck Genco on

      Update please. I see you are selling them so they are in production in some form. What's going on?

    25. Missing avatar

      Ryan Monsurate on

      I have not received a printer nor my money back. I would like to receive a refund immediately please.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nathan Brooks on

      Haven't received my printer n in 3 years, haven't heard if or when you will be shipping it. I want my money back now.

    27. Charis Kontaxis on

      Hello, I still have not received my printer,you have not shipped the item nethier, I want a refund of my pledge.

    28. Margarita Benitez on

      Hello, I still have not received my printer but my colleague did before last May. Is there any way to check when it will be delivered? I know you guys have it up for sale. Not certain why you can't delivered what you promised.

    29. Murvin Lai on

      Agree wtih Bjorn Borud. And don't let me see those pirates on LinkedIn.

    30. Missing avatar

      Felipe Fernando Ruiz Goncalves on

      Hello, you have not shipped the item nethier, I want a refund of my pledge.

    31. Bjørn Borud on

      It has been very clear for at least 1.5 of those years that this was a failed kickstarter. And if you back projects on crowdfunding sites, you occasionally have to assume that things go very wrong. Perhaps 70% of the projects I have backed have been able to deliver. Of those, only a few have managed to impress me. (I can think of three). Some of the ones that failed have gone spectacular, and occasionally entertainingly, wrong.

      Now, the original product Pirate3D set out to build is out of date. Even if they managed to deliver it, you wouldn't want it. A sleek-looking printer made from flimsy parts by people who also have an ambition of building a software platform and an don't want that. Especially not from a company that can't even build the hardware.

      Have a look at good 3D printers you can buy today. The look at the Buccaneer.

      Your money is lost. Let's face that. Now, the question is if the people behind the Buccaneer can build a real 3D printer and a business.

      I'd give them a 5% chance. They've fucked around for 2.5 years, they are hilariously bad at damage control and by now I suppose most of the "pirates" will have disembarked the company and moved on with their lives.

      But 5% is 5% :)

    32. Levi Burtner on

      It has been over 2.5 years. I would like a refund.

    33. Missing avatar

      Félix S. P. on

      Hello, you have not shipped the item, I want a refund of my pledge.

    34. Missing avatar

      Markus Pech on

      Ok, I'm out. I like to keep things objective and down-to-earth. All the best.

    35. Charles Fu on

      @ Markus: Don't you get it? It's not about the product/toy/gadget anymore. It's about the Trust, Integrity, and KICKSTARTER for that matter. Imagine when you were young, a remote controlled car means everything to you. Now moving on to a remote controlled car that is capable of precision steering, then to plane, then to drone. Now, how about Printing something which requires next to no knowledge? The same feeling was brought back - the potential of creating something for your loved ones, for yourself, and almost fulfilling your life. This project promised us this. We backed it up, waited for 3 years, and got nothing but heartache. Where's the "Toy" in your analogy? If it's just about a "toy", i'm sure there won't be tons of comments in the comment section.
      Again, as I stressed, your argument is towards receiving a 'tangible' product. To many, it's the dashing of hopes, pure disappointments. I think that amount highly to destroying some lives, even for a short while.

      RIP, and god damn to the creators. May you receive the curses to the fullest extent from the backers.

    36. Missing avatar

      Markus Pech on

      @Charles. OK, I'm sorry if anyone got offended by my comment. But the point stays valid. This is in the last consequence a toy. If anyone relies on this investment to keep his/her life in order I can't understand that (of course I'm biased and maybe you can explain it to me via! Seriously! ). Also I think it's much to hard to accuse s.o. to have destroyed s.o. else's life by not delivering a 3D printer, funded via kickstarter. Sure anyone can be disappointed (I am for sure), but this is too much.
      And also, and that is the biggest point, you claim that they have stolen your money without any evidence. If you CAN proof that they have just ripped us of and did not try to fullfill their obligations, did not work hard for this and also did not spent a lot of their own money on this, let me know, share your knowledge and I'm happily willed to change my point on this. Peace. (And maybe let's keep this Personal discussion out of here and switch to a more private communication channel.)

    37. Charles Fu on

      @ Markus: You are living in Germany, having a myopic and petty view about others lives says a lot about your character and perspective about 'life'. Do you represent all lives? Or do you view others just as though you are viewing your own?
      Some people have kids, some have parents to take care, some scrims together however little they have to back this project up, receiving nothing but disappointments and frustrations. What do you know about their pain?!
      Do you associate lives being destroyed simply without food and living? God damn... I rest my case.

    38. Missing avatar

      Markus Pech on

      Lives destroyed? WTF?!? People invest on a toy on Kickstarter even if they havn't enough money for food and a living? This is getting ridiculous.

    39. Charles Fu on

      the pirates just didn't realise how much lives they had destroyed with this failed project, and failure to fulfilled obligations and yet still holding on to our hard earned money..

      come on guys, have a clean conscience. the money isn't yours to keep. you guys have almost reached thieves and robbers level.. how low do you all wanna get?!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jawad Akhtar on

      How come you're taking orders on the website for new printers but you can't ship our printers?

    41. Missing avatar

      Edwin Carr on

      I would like a full refund RIGHT NOW please. It does'nt take that long to log onto paypal and send it back including the extra 100 I sent for the 10 extra rolls of filament. If you dont know what I am talking aout, I can resend you the email you all sent me with confrimation on receiving my money.

      It has been entire too long and I can no longer afford to sit here with nothing in return for my investment. I have bills and I have Kids, This was a total waste of time.

    42. Missing avatar

      Markus Pech on

      Guys, no one will receive a refund. They don't have any money left. Until someone invests into their company or people buy printers no one will get anything. That's it.

    43. Dan Carrillo on

      GIVE ME A REFUND now!

    44. KL on

      Please just give me a refund!

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Ely on

      I want a refund. Mark Ely

    46. Woo Ty on

      Dude. Ur last update was lamenting on about shipping costs to other parts of the world. What about Singapore backers? We are just at your backyard. Call us, comment us, hell even just facebook us(most of us would have left alot comments on your fb). Best of all, there is little or no shipping cost to add on!

      This will probably solved a huge backlog, and prehaps, recreate a web of supportive organic users who will create ripple effects through positive word of mouth marketings.


      You guys have been avoiding, hiding and crying about how your funds and kickstarter policies trapped your project. Booo hoo ~ my cash flow is tied for next 2quarters.

      Shame and shame on you!

      Poor management and poor judgement! I will continue be the tiny voice to haunt you whenever i see your "sponsored" fb ad pops ups(hey u guys still have money to market~ surprises!) or whenever i need a rant on this stupid and irresponsible Singapore Start up.

    47. Missing avatar

      Cheesebeagle on

      This effort was a failure and a waste of money and time. I learned my lesson the hard way with kickstarter projects and will be much more careful with my money in the future. Thanks for the life lesson and good luck.

    48. Kanen Flowers on

      The website says "Shipping in 3 days" for new orders. STATUS?