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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
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Pirate3D Inc

3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator CARLOS GUERRA LARA about 8 hours ago

      hi, i do not see my name in the shipping list, is there any way i can get some information about the shipping date for me? Thank you.

    2. Creator David Gray 1 day ago

      @Zachary Zieper "which I took using my kinect from my xbox". What program did you use? I'm keen to use my Kinect to scan stuff for printing and would love to know what you used.

    3. Creator Lawrence Virgin 2 days ago

      btw this was after Kickstarter got involved. Seems another round of complaints is needed. I can't imagine giving anyone that much money and being told I'll get it back in 2 years or longer. I'm sure the developers are disappointed too but I can't believe they are not making good on their word. So disappointing.

    4. Creator Lawrence Virgin 2 days ago

      I'm confused as why I am not on the refund list this time around since the email sent by you says April or SOONER:
      > Apologies for the mistake earlier on. This email is to confirm that you have selected a refund on your order amount of ($447.00), which is expected to be sent to you via your Paypal/Amazon Payments account based on your selection when filling out the refund forms.
      > It is expected that you will receive your refund on April 2015.
      > Note that this is an estimate and you may receive your refund earlier.
      > Fair winds,
      > Pirate3D

    5. Creator Zachary Zieper 2 days ago

      I just received my printer about 2 weeks ago in Florida. My printer had a broken part when it arrived to me. I contacted pirate3d and that same day I had a replacement piece sent out to me from china. The part arrived within 2 days and the pirate3d team created a video specifically showing me how to install the replacement part properly.
      The pirate3d team is working very hard to get these printers out, from what I've heard, and the printers are well worth the wait. I have had some amazing prints with these printers. No printer that I have used has come near the quality of the prints this can achieve for even close to the price which I paid for the buccaneer. Below are some links to prints I have done on my buccaneer. Each print was done at 100 micron quality (medium-high quality) and I haven't even tried the 50 micron setting yet.
      [I coated the nautilus shell print in epoxy (XTC-3d which is meant for 3d prints) to strengthen it. The print of the head is actually a 3d scan of myself which I took using my kinect from my xbox. The gear bearing turns amazingly smooth.It printed all together with no assembly and almost no support material.]

    6. Creator Erik S 2 days ago

      I have bills I'm not sure how I'm going to pay and I could really use that money. You know when you lend someone money and they say they'll pay you back tomorrow and then tomorrow never seems to come? Really annoying, isn't it?

    7. Creator Erik S 2 days ago

      Maybe this will come true after all.
      "Your refund has been queued based on a First Come First Serve basis and will be processed in chronological order.

      It is expected that you will receive your refund on June 2017" (Recv'd September 12, 2014)

    8. Creator Erik S 2 days ago

      "Apologies once again for slipping on the refund timeline. Our goal has always been on delivering a 3D printer you would love to use. Therefore, whenever a tough decision had to be made on where to allocate limited resources, we always chose to focus on the device’s development or production."

      No words to express my frustration.

    9. Creator Freddy Ng 2 days ago


      I am backer #2191. When would I get the my delivery of the cold bed model?

    10. Creator Seir 3 days ago

      Maybe a short explanation about the methodology used to determine shipping order? Seems many think it would go based on backer number; apparently that's not the case.

      Can't imagine it's random, so there must be some madness to the order. Again, just assuming, but I'm thinking you have the complete shipping list put together somewhere; sharing that would at least give people an idea when they should start complaining again :)

    11. Creator Dave Currie 3 days ago

      Saw the email. Saw the list of people receiving their printers. Tell me this, I'm backer number 14, yes, am I not on that list? Seriously. I want to know how that's even possible. I've been extremely patient. Extremely patient.

    12. Creator Chris Hudson 3 days ago

      As backer #3429 I probably won't be seeing my printer any time soon then - can someone correct my math if I'm wrong - 12-20 printers per day (based on Update 72) has yield a batch of 80 (presumably in a week) ... If we assume this rate continues (reasonable since they're still got hot bed issues to resolve (as I understand it) which mean that the build is still not a fixed "gold build" - thus likely to result in poor yields for longer to account for errors in later revisions) ... that's ~44 weeks away (presuming all backers previous to me aren't just "cash only")- i.e. I'll likely see my printer sometime in 2016! And that's me just presuming that heated bed versions aren't going to delay this further (I went cold in the hope that I would see the product sooner!).

      And this is all around assumptions made based on the updates and not accounting for other issues (which we've seen a few of so far) - it would be nice, now that we're starting to get some details on the batch rate, to get a realistic estimate for all backers with a "target" release date - that need be nothing more than a estimate but would at least put our minds at rest and help make the time waiting seem more realistic.

      Finally, given the additional delays will Pirate Inc consider a second round of refunds for those who feel that the project has gone further off course rather than "caught up thanks to good sailing winds"!?

    13. Creator Kanin 3 days ago

      Will there be any update about head bed model?

    14. Creator john kelley 3 days ago

      i am in Canada, delivery dates?

    15. Creator Peter Wojciechowski 3 days ago

      I have not received my printer and my name is not showing on any list you published. I am in the US. When can I expect to get my printer or a refund? also why don't you respond to any e-mail request???

    16. Creator PhreakMods 3 days ago

      I'm on the list it appears, we shall see if the delivery holds and (more importantly) if when delivered it's a simple up and run operation or if I'll run into issues like some others have. I'm hoping they ironed out some of these bugs by this shipment.

      Funny enough, the original estimate for shipment was April for me... so that sort of went as promised.

    17. Creator Jawad Akhtar 3 days ago

      I have not received my printer and my name is not showing on the list you published. I am in the US. When can I expect to get my printer? Thanks.

    18. Creator Jacob Skidmore 3 days ago

      What does it mean if your name is not even on the shipment list? I'm in the US.

    19. Creator Ryan Torstvet 3 days ago

      Well looks like I wasn't lied to and my printer is shipping out in March. Was very excited to see my name on that list. And also see a very detailed status update. Please don't let these updates have so much time between them. Keep it up now!

    20. Creator Kimin Kim 3 days ago


      My expected refund date was on February 2015.
      But, I never received yet. Can you check about my refund status?

      I wait so long time... you know it...

      I chose paypal for refund process.

    21. Creator Edward Zukowski 3 days ago

      So, when can I expect mine to be shipped? Thanks

    22. Creator Philip Wilson 3 days ago

      Well! An update! If thete had been more like this and it could of been a better kick starter

    23. Creator Neo Tiong Cheng 3 days ago

      Hello? It's Friday? Same time would have been 8am SG time? It is 12 hours over due? Wait, it has been more than a year since the initial promise. Now you can't even post a update on time. You guys have ruined whatever reputation or goodwill that was left in the company. I still have the same one and only request: give me back my money.

    24. Creator Jarrad Gittos 3 days ago

      5 hours 15 minutes left of Friday for Singapore...

    25. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk 4 days ago

      Yea i did all that, it grabs the filament, pulls it through, starts printing fine and then stops and just starts spitting out dots, it reminds me of the other printers i have where its not hot enough. Theres no jam, no broken filament, something else is wrong.

      My other printers have teeth that pull the filament, this printer doesnt feel like that at all, it feels totally different.

    26. Creator Gianluca Casu 4 days ago

      @Bryan VanAlmkerk probably your filament broke.

      Run a filament eject, clean the tube feeder and then reload the filament.

      If this did not work. Eject filament and then take apart extruder and have a look.

    27. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk 5 days ago

      Ok so i went to thingiverse and downloaded and followed enzo direction.

      It worked but then stops feeding and keeps on going. This is after i fed it and calibrated, it just wasnt pulling the filament.

      Not sure where to go to now

    28. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk 5 days ago

      @enzo i feel stupid but wheres a link to treasure island?

    29. Creator EnzoB 5 days ago

      try this to print on your I phone. I can't take all the glory

      download an .stl file from treasure island.
      attach the .stl to an email mail it to yourself.
      open the email in you iPhone or iPad.
      download - it will ask to pick an app, select Buccy app.
      connect to the printer, do you adjustments - load filament and calibrate
      select print
      and it should load in the buccy app tray without error.

      you could try downloading .stl to your iPhone from treasure island or wherever

      good luck printing.

    30. Creator David Bernhardt 6 days ago

      All I think of when I see the cracks on the shipped cases is that these cracks wouldn't have happened if they'd stuck with the original aluminum case.

    31. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk 6 days ago

      I really want to run this printer and be able to get them data but how can i make it work if it keeps failing basically. it somehow needs to stay connected via wifi to the printer but also access the internet thus almost making the printer a hotspot but ive followed everything and it doesnt seem possible at all so thats not going to work.

      i am going to try a windows machine today to see if that will do something. Also I noticed that the print bed(cold) uses what feels like a masking tape kind of deal to help adhesion. When it was feeding the filament it was putting it onto the bed well and sticking well. but it seems like ill need to buy replacement sticky pads.

      so we need to use there filament and also the sticky pads. i havent played with calibration or anything because it says not to on the first print but i cant even get it to stay connected and print.

    32. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk 6 days ago

      I am dutch but im in the US.

    33. Creator Marcel van der Kroef 6 days ago

      @Bryan, You live in the Netherlands right? Your name sounds Dutch :P.

      Anyway I'm from the Netherlands too and thought they'd ship in bulk to countries? Whats up with that!

    34. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk 6 days ago

      Got my printer thanks guys. I emailed support because the iphone software just keeps failing.

      You have to connect to the printer, feed filament, once filament done you disconnect from bucaneer, connect to there network to dl the stl, once dled you hit print and it says downloading.

      Then once it says that it says the printer is disconnected. So i disconnect from my home network and reconnect to buccaneer but then the machine makes noise and a red error shows on software on ipone and says failed and doesnt work anymore :(

      So again i have a non functioning printer. Looks very nice, all pieces meetup, its great, just not printing.

    35. Creator Peter Wojciechowski 6 days ago


    36. Creator Richard Terrell 7 days ago

      anyone here on the comments that has had successful delivery and has a working machine which they are happy with..

      Did anyone get the printer and it just worked?

    37. Creator Pedro "Reynard" Loustaunau 7 days ago

      Captain's Log, March 23rd, 2015

      It's been more than a month since we talked to anyone and it's mostly because of the lost neurons from all that grog. We opened sales on the website in the hopes that we could raise enough to actually send out some broken boxes in the shape of printers. It was all working well until we decided to send out a printer to some of them before fulfilling the preorders.

      But when we made port to send out some cracked boxes with assorted lengths of wires in them, we discovered grog and more was having a sale on grog! We spent all the money on more grog and port at the port (turns out port's pretty good actually) and we got so drunk we ended up sending out the boxes anyway! We all had a good laugh until the mail ship came by and dropped off another round of hate mail. We were so angry we took over the mail ship and we're selling it at the next port!

      We also lied about setting a hard schedule again, that should make people shut up for a while. If we're lucky, they'll all forget how much gold we owe them and they'll leave us alone. We're reaching the next port soon... I think I see a sign... "huge... sa-... something sa... on gr..." curious, will have to see what it says when we're closer. Maybe if we keep taking the mail ships they'll stop sending hate mail. We probably should use the ship pieces to repair our ship. We'll have to see what shows up at the port. Oh! Sale, it says sale. Maybe they have a sale on printer parts?

    38. Creator Rob Hines Jr. on March 23

      I understand the problems of getting a product from prototype to production, and I think I've been pretty patient, but it's been better than a year and a half, and Pirate3D has stopped even talking about the heated bed versions. There've been no updates on these for half a year, and with the commentary I see about lack of communication, getting broken hardware, and problems getting refunds, I'm getting increasingly concerned.

      Come on guys, a little more transparency would be nice, just address all the issues and give us some idea when we can see working hardware, or refunds. Not the vague, empty promises we've seen over the last few months, but something real and concrete. If you can't provide what you promised, then say so, otherwise, come up with a hard date that I'll see it.

    39. Creator James Wilson on March 23

      I think you underestimate the bugs... "most bugs and issues have been fixed". How do you know that? You only know about the bugs you know about. The bugs that you have not yet found are also still to be fixed.
      Good news: There is an easy way to forecast this. You need to plot a curve of the number of bugs found each week (or month) over time. The curve usually follows an exponential decay with occasional spikes when you reach a milestone and begin a new phase of testing/roll out that you have not reached before. These spikes vary in height, but the underlying curve is an exponential decay and you have fore-knowledge of the number of milestones you have not yet reached that will unleash further spikes of bugs.
      Based on the exponential decay curve and the number of milestones (new carriers, planned design changes, new firmware versions you plan to roll out, ANY design change at all, etc. etc.) you can make a bug forecast which can show you for how long into the future you will be regularly finding new bugs.
      Based on such a forecast and ONLY based on such a forecast you can work out an honest estimate of when you will be shipping (nearly) bug free units.
      I'd bet a few pieces of eight that you will be disappointed if you do an honest forecast of this kind... and I'd bet a few more you will still be in development mode this time next year.
      It's the nature of all entrepreneurs to be optimistic -- indeed its essential to have the drive and motivation to succeed. But please surround yourselves with realists who can keep you honest with your customers and investors.
      And please, please tell us -- your investors, to whom you should be accountable -- how many units you have shipped to date, and how many you plan to ship this month and how many are on back order in total.

    40. Creator David Gray on March 23

      This afternoon I got an email from Brendan who asked to confirm shipping details and phone number. Apparently Australia is getting their printers next! The units are being shipped to a distributor who will then send them out. If the last KS update was anything to go by, we should (hopefully) get our printers in one piece.

      Canary (a project over on Indiegogo that I backed) did a similar thing. They sent the units to Sydney to a distributor, who then mailed them out to us. I got my Canary in a matter of days that way.

      And note, when I say distributor, I mean a logistics company that takes your pallet of goods and mails them out for you, and not an online retailer (such as element14, for example, who are a reseller for brands like Raspberry Pi and such)

    41. Creator Kelly Osmak on March 22

      What's happening withe the heated bed machines that are due to ship in April ... Why have I had an update on them ... Just refund my money you thieves

    42. Creator phil watt on March 22

      Down to one support person for accounting, logistics, and customer technical support??? That $1.4M went fast... could have OEM d someone else's printer while they got the bugs outta this design. Shoot...

    43. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk on March 22

      Im waiting still on a promised printer promised to me over 4 months ago. Ive had a dead printer since day 1. Ive sent numerous msgs and never hear anything back. Please get back to me.

    44. Creator Jonathan Hawkins on March 22

      has anyone received a refund yet, if so- what method did you receive it?

      I was in the Jan '15 refund batch and am still waiting.

    45. Creator happy on March 22

      Even The Micro,, has already shipped out most of their printers and their kickstarter was funded 1 yr later than pirate3d. Something very wrong is going on with this kickstarter. Almost 2 years and still waiting....

    46. Creator happy on March 22

      Pirate3d, pls respond! Where is the long overdue update? Are you guys out of funds or closing down?

    47. Creator anthrorob on March 22

      An update would be extremely appreciated... at least by me :)

    48. Creator Godfrey Siu on March 22

      Hi previous supporter here from Singapore. Please answer to my repeated emails for refund which was promised to be in Jan 2015 and now beyond mid-Mar 2015. Please check and let me know. My email address is
      Godfrey Siu

    49. Creator Jason Au on March 21

      Backer #157 here, from Singapore. No updates, no replies to my emails & no printer in sight.

    50. Creator David Gray on March 21

      @Brendan (not Brendan G :))

      I'm a pretty tolerant guy, but these guys would certainly not rob me blind without me putting up a good fight. All I'm saying is, because I haven't seen a non-KS backer get a printer before a KS backer (except where a backer has sold their unit on eBay), I have no reason to believe that they're fulfilling external orders before KS backers. And by "haven't seen", I mean "no proof provided" - A listing on a website is not proof, a person ordering a Buccaneer from that site and getting it before us IS proof.

      But I think you're right with the intern bit. Seems everyone gets handed the job of communicating with the angry masses, then disappears.

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