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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 29, 2013.

To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Branden G about 2 hours ago

      I know I'm past the refund date but just in case they change their mind I'm going officially REQUEST A REFUND! As if they are still reading these comments! Sent an unrelated pm a month ago with no response. Sick of this bs.

    2. Creator Kieran Billings about 7 hours ago

      Can we have an update as to percentages and numbers of products delivered and refunds given please?

    3. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk about 14 hours ago

      Ive sent numerous emails to support and things are still mixed up and not right.

    4. Creator Kyle James about 21 hours ago

      Update 73? Seriously folks HOW HARD IS IT to keep your backers the people who gave you their hard earned money updated!!!!!!!!!! How about respecting the backers and being considerate of our need to know whats going on!!! Be honest, be on time.

    5. Creator Robert Tilghman 1 day ago

      Its Friday already in Singapore, and the more Western time zones aren't that far off too. I guess that another promise has been broken. Can't say I'm not surprised. What I find funny though is they've gotten angel funding of late for production. While I'm glad they got money that might mean us getting our printers / refunds, I'm surprised that communication has been so pitiful. Wouldn't investors want the company to do whatever they can to minimize the negative PR they've already created? I just don't get it.

    6. Creator Richard Lindberg 2 days ago

      So maybe someone needs to copy and paste some of these backer only updates, comments and complaints in some public forums to give them some public shaming as nd bad press.

    7. Creator Dungeonstone 2 days ago

      So refunds are behind now by almost three months, promises that were made to start sending them out again have been broken and (surprise!) no new update about these issues.


      And to think people mocked my comments almost a year ago when I said that things were likely to play out almost exactly like this...

    8. Creator Elvio Petillo 3 days ago

      I'm also still waiting for my December(!) refunds...
      What in universe can make you delay them over three months!?

      I backed your project because it seemed serious and a great thing! I couldn't wait for my printer, but there were really heavy delays. I decided to opt-in for a refund...

    9. Creator Michael Camp 3 days ago

      @Michael_Sharman I messaged and email them a week ago, no response on anything yet. (and I'm one of the ones waiting for the cold printer!)

    10. Creator Kyle James 4 days ago

      What ever happened to "Estelle" from Pirate3d, did she get fired or just scared away by all the happy thoughts were are having waiting for another excuse to be posted. Oops was I being negative.Just like game of thrones " Excuses are coming" Oops dam I'm being negative again..

    11. Creator Alan 4 days ago

      Finally decided to let go my printer for some margin. Lots of frustration, a little fun but tiring while it lasts. Enjoy yours folks....

    12. Creator Michael Sharman 4 days ago

      @Craig No, there is no update on refunds...

    13. Creator Craig Gutjahr 5 days ago

      Any updates on Refunds??

    14. Creator Michael Sharman 5 days ago

      I'm now at the point where they will get daily messages asking where my Dec refund is. This week, next week, a 'short' while, next month, 2 months (maybe)...

      I'm sick of the delaying tactics and lies. How could I (or anyone) ever commit to an actual product from them if this is their method of business (and remember the business is what we were supporting)...lies, wrong communication, lack of communication, and even deception...

    15. Creator PB 5 days ago

      Please can I have my refund. I was told Jan 2015.

    16. Creator Joerg K. 5 days ago

      @Frank Tiex, hab Dich bei Facebook gefunden und Dir ne Anfrage geschickt.

    17. Creator Andrew Mc Kee 6 days ago

      @John Good, appreciate the write up on your initial experience. Thanks

    18. Creator John Good 6 days ago

      Oh and I forgot, one magnet fell off after the first removal of the platform.
      All problems I already read about some months ago.

    19. Creator John Good 6 days ago

      a few first impressions from my printer.
      I received it last wednesday in Germany.
      This was a great surprise. I had information that printers will be shipped by container ship in the beginning of February. I expected this to take 4 weeks and thought to receive my Buccaneer in March. It was much quicker. Second I didn't had to go to customs, the delivery man collected VAT. It's the first time for me with Kickstarter rewards that this happened. It only happens when the company who sends somenthing follows all the rules. Congrats on Pirate3D, well done.
      Even the manual was translated into German without any bigger spelling mistakes.
      The first impression of the printer:
      I really looks well build. You can't say Pirate3D is a scam and only wants the money of the backers.
      You can see that they really put in some effort and thoughts to build a robust and well designed easy to use, plug and play printer. I think, that they haven't reached their goal to 100% yet, is due to being new in this business and not that they didn't want to achieve it.
      A few days earlier I received the Solidoodle Press. I think both printers have the same target group: Beginner in 3D printing, people who don't want to tinker too much with the printer and who want to put it more in the living room than in the hobby room.
      Although I already got some good results out of my Press, it wasn't that of an easy start, and it has some design flaws, you need to tinker and to calibrate, their software is not working for me. (Using Repetier Host now). What I want to say, compared to the Press the Buccaneer doesn't look too bad on the plug and print scale. And the Press is not the first printer for Solidoodle. They are in the business for some years already. And considering this the Buccaneer is a good effort from a start up.
      At least I think it can be quite good with some refinements.
      I was able to start printing and got a good result. The software is easy to use and explains where the printer is at the moment in the process.
      But I also have some complaints, one being that severe that I can't print at the moment.
      1.) The software really needs to get more options soon. Or an explanation from Pirate3D how to use the Buccaneer with e. g. Repetier Host. For a start and to print simple things from the Buccaneer Print store it's okay, but I think with 3D printing in general you need the possibility to adjust things. It's about how the melted PLA solidifies and this can vary due to many influences like the room temperature. You need to be able to adjust to your surrounding and to the object to be printed.
      2. I only got good results when I manually calibrated the position of the nozzle towards the platform. And with the next print the Buccaneer seemed to have forgotten what I tought him a few minutes before. It shouldn't be like this that you need to manually calibrate before every print. And calibrating is not that easy. You can't really see the nozzle because it's directly on the edge of upper casing.
      3. I think somebody else described the problem already and suddenly I have the problem too.
      After 4 or 5 small prints or attempts the platform doesn't want to move fully upwards. It stops about 80 mm before the nozzle and then the printer just makes a deep noise.
      And it's not 10°C in my appartment it's about 23° C right now. That's definetly a design flaw.
      I think I read you have to grease the rods to solve this problem. Will get some grease tomorrow.

      The buccaneer is a printer concept with potential, but there is still work to do to get it market ready. I am not too angry about the quality level right now, because over all the design doesn't look too bad, I don't consider myself as a normal market customer, and I hope the actual issues can be solved and Pirate3D is supportive regarding those.
      The concept for the good looking design and the children friendliness brought some negative side affects for the usability as a 3D printer. (E.g. the hovering design with the lowering platform moving downwards. During a print the platform starts at the end of the closed box. This makes it difficult for children to reach the hot nozzle but also for me to check the first layer of a print which as a base is very important for good print.) But of course Pirate3D couldn't step back from the general design while they where developing the printer further.
      That's why I am quite optimistic that when they are moving to the professional printer space with a fresh start they can build up on their experience with the Buccaneer and be quite successful.
      (Sorry for any language mistakes, I just quickly typed down my first thoughts, need to go to bed now.)

    20. Creator Frank Tiex 6 days ago

      @Jörg, Marco:
      Where are you living? I'm from Düsseldorf.
      Any chance to meet?

    21. Creator Frank Tiex 6 days ago

      Great to know, that you received a Buccy in Germany.
      I am still waiting for any information, but with #1990 that's not really a surprise.
      Enjoy your printer and post about your experiences!!
      That's what we all want to know.

    22. Creator Marco Lorentz 6 days ago

      @Jörg: I paid 75€ to Dhl express.

      The printer is running now. 2 screws from Z axis were loose and laying on top of the motor. The third one was also lose.

      The end stop didn't work, because the extra ring to connect ground cable to z axis shifted z axis to left and the motor could not handle the force. I reconnected it correctly and the end stop is reached now. The prints are o.k. but not as good as my Ultimaker Beta.

      At the moment I can print from smartphone only. Windows 7 closes app every time when stl is send to printer. Equal to all sources: T-island or lokal stl.

      The cold bed is ... Interesting... and ... useless. I taped it with my old blue scotch tape. Print is sticking same way and much easier to get loose.

      I'm waiting for a response from Pirate3D for the damages on the outside and for the buggy Windows app.

      But over all. For that amount of money, it's o.k.

      Greetings, Marco

    23. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson 6 days ago

      December refunds? Just asking!

    24. Creator Ilja Braun 7 days ago

      Still not received anything! Shipments are already out to Switzerland?

    25. Creator Joerg K. 7 days ago

      Just got a message from customs/dhl that my printer is there. But I pledged also for an extra of 10 packs of filament. But that doesn't seem to be included in the package!
      Could you please check?

    26. Creator Joerg K. on February 21

      @Mrco Lorentz How much tax did you have to pay?

    27. Creator Joerg K. on February 21

      @Pirate3d Are all units to Germany out? I didn't get anything.

    28. Creator Michael Sharman on February 21

      @Marco. sorry to hear but that is why I went for and stayed with the refund. This kickstarter became a way too risky project. Good luck on any recourse from them...

    29. Creator Marco Lorentz on February 20

      Printer arrived today. Sadly it is broken in three Corners. Seems that the endstop for lower Position of the platform is not working any more, becaus the Printer gets realy loud after reaching final Position and stepper Motor is still running.
      Windows app Closes every time, I try to send STL to the Printer. It doesn't matter if stl is send via T-Island or loaded from local HDD in PC.

      I switched back from refound to Printer. Let's have a look if this was a good idea.

      @Pirate3D, you should get my email already. It contains Pictures from the broken Corners.

    30. Creator Rymann Philippe on February 18

      @sarawuth Look in The "pledge" you can see the backer number.

    31. Creator Trinity Walser on February 17

      I'm in the should have gotten a refund in December and still haven't gotten it half way through February Club too. LOOSE BUTTHOLE…

    32. Creator PB on February 17

      Not received my refund

    33. Creator Alex Evangelou on February 17

      I should add I was supposed to get my refund in Dec.

    34. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on February 17

      @David December for sure also! :-(

    35. Creator David Gray on February 17

      @Nicolas: A number of people have. I could probably dig up some names (they commented earlier on saying they got theirs). According to P3D, there's still some glitches running the January / February refunds (and possibly the December ones still?)

      Wouldn't surprised me at all if they were busily reordering the refund list so a few choice backers were placed at the bottom of the list ;)

    36. Creator Lih Ping Teo on February 17

      @Pedro "Reynard" Loustaunau Hhehehe I like reading your Captain's Log, Please update every other day...... thanks.. hheheheh

    37. Creator Alex Evangelou on February 16

      Two weeks ago I was told I should get my refund "This week or next week". Those two weeks have since passed and as you probably guessed I'm no closer to a refund.

      Anything this company says is a joke. Words mean nothing when the actions that follow never match them.

    38. Creator Nicolas Morell on February 16

      About refunds.... has somebody received one?

    39. Creator Sarawuth K on February 16

      How to find my backer number? I'm thinking about give-up waiting and request for refund.

    40. Creator Dungeonstone on February 16

      OR shipping.

    41. Creator Dungeonstone on February 16

      Still no updates on refunds of shipping I see.. Just more of the same shady practices from P3D.

    42. Creator Joerg K. on February 15

      @Pirate3D Do you even read the comments? I don't think so. Also in the community answers are very rare. A good recipe to ruin your company (If there is still something left to ruin...).

    43. Creator Philip Wilson on February 15

      As requested weeks ago, can we have a set of revised dates for delivery and refunds

    44. Creator buccaneer 3d supporter on February 14

      @CHRISTOPHER HYKES you'd be better off trusting the Ebay seller. plus at least you can always get a full refund with all the buyer protection shit on Ebay.

    45. Creator CHRISTOPHER HYKES on February 14… I sent a message to this Ebay seller asking if they guarantee the 1-2 week lead time for a Buccaneer. They replied that, yes, the printer is guaranteed to be shipped within 14 days of purchase. Those questions and replies have since been removed from the auction listing, but they're still trying to sell these things. Is this seller Pirate3D, or a scammer? (Or both?)

    46. Creator Alex Evangelou on February 14

      On Feb 3rd I messaged them about my Dec refund I still have not gotten. The message I got back said I would get it "this week or next week". Two weeks later and nothing.

      The constant blatant lies are making this seems like borderline fraud.

    47. Creator Andrew Mc Kee on February 13

      @buccaneer 3d supporter, good luck in your legal pursuit, please make a video diary of the process. It'll be like 'Legally Blonde 2', obviously buccaneer 3d supporter will be playing Reese Witherspoon,.. You are a twit of the highest order. Goodnight & fairwell,...

    48. Creator buccaneer 3d supporter on February 13

      @Andrew mckee your statements are so convoluted and your repertoire of argumentative gimmicks so hackneyed. Its as if i am the adult arguing with the teenager and unlike you i would't bring myself down to your level any longer.

      Following in the lead of kenneth and estelle... Pirate 3d's newest customer service representative.. But instead of genuinely addressing consumer concerns.. He detracts consumers from the real issue by engaging them into petty arguments. And we did't need to pay him a regular wage.. We just had to ship him a printer.

    49. Creator V Sanford on February 13

      I would also like to see an updated refund schedule.

    50. Creator buccaneer 3d supporter on February 13

      @Andrew mckee and in your own words you are an adult arguing with an adolescent in his late teens... So what does that make you?

      And why does age have to matter in any of this? You can't win the argument so now you are using your age against me?

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