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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Lawrence Virgin about 14 hours ago

      I love the automated responses and never an answer. Combination of pipe dreams, not enough talent, financials poorly distributed, and frankly them not giving a crap leads to no refund and few printers. Pirate3D has enjoyed my 447 bucks since mid 2013. Don't tell people they can choose a refund and then screw them over. Until ever backer gets a printer no refunds per last email.

    2. Creator David Gray 1 day ago

      @Alon: Ha! Might have to look into doing this myself. I ordered a 1kg spool of Verbatim filament and found that if I sit it next to the printer, it tends to unroll and knot up, causing a ton of failed prints. Having it set up like that would save me headaches and material in the long run.

      On that note, how is your printer going? Mine is taking > 12 hours to print even simple things like a click-together Raspberry Pi case. On the lowest quality setting that reduces to about 8 hours (with up to 20 minutes of "pauses" in between tiny bursts of actual printing) but it's still a pain because either my prints get done and look like crap, or they take forever and have a higher chance of failure.

    3. Creator Terry 3 days ago

      It's probably best to actually believe that the refund isn't happening....ever. It's easier said than done but I am personally moving on so I can have closure on this matter.

      It sucks I know, having paid $550 (I know others might have paid more) and not getting anything is completely bs. But there will also be people that would tell you that 'this is Kickstarter and this happens'. Yeah, thanks for the comforting words.

    4. Creator Yukihisa 5 days ago

      When does Pirate3D refund money to me?
      Please let me know!!

    5. Creator phil watt on November 18

      How do we know they have run out of cash? They've lied about everything else.

    6. Creator BenCod on November 17

      How many people of the 3520 bakers had received their printer?
      is there insurances for this kind of scam?

    7. Creator Kevin Chow on November 13

      David +1
      That is the best thing you can now is write it off as donation. Kickstarter is a NPO now right?

    8. Creator David Bernhardt on November 12

      Are people still seriously asking for refunds? It's not that everyone doesn't deserve one, THEY DO.

      It's just that this company is basically DEAD and will NEVER supply printers to all the remaining backers. They are BROKE!!! Their employees left because they ran out of money. They don't respond to emails or answer their phones.

      Anyone who believes that they will design a completely new printer with no staff, no money, no credibility in the 3D community and then eat the production and shipping costs to send them to their kickstarters instead of selling them for a profit as a new company is a dreamer. Pirate3D has done NOTHING to indicate that they are trustworthy.

      The only question I have is whether or not you can write off a failed Kickstarter "investment" as an investment loss on your taxes. At least then everyone will get some of it back.

    9. Creator Angelo Carbone on November 11

      A long time has passed. I would like a refund please.

    10. Creator Chris Bradfield on November 10

      Did anyone get their t shirts?

    11. Creator Mike Davies on November 4

      OK, I tried politely asking the P3D team for their address/contact info/invite to visit their shop. Two weeks I've asked for a time and place, and no response from the P3D team.

      "We are still operating out of our same office and always welcoming to visitors if you would like to drop by and say hi, like many others have done before." This statement is complete bullshit.

    12. Creator Aleksandrgrc on October 28

      ive had my 3d scanner i got from another fundme project(started at the same time) sitting beside my computer for over a year collecting dust.
      the first few setbacks the p3d had, matter and form also had but they did not change their address across the globe. i figured then things where not on the level. when they offered a cold or warm bed choice and hoped we would wait for the warm bed, i figured they where planning on unloading cold beds onto market before fulfilling backers so i asked for a cold bed. figuring the money was not there but maybe, just maybe some product was.

    13. Creator Aleksandrgrc on October 28

      we did back pirates. in hindsight. might not of been the best investment lol.

    14. Creator Kevin Chow on October 27

      Reminded me of Titanic, the unsinkable ship. First class passengers get on the life boat, some middle class paid to get on the life boat. Some swim to the life boat. And the rest ...

    15. Creator phil watt on October 26

      I think 2 1/2 years is enough of giving them a break and show of empathy . Continued lies....

    16. Creator Fidel Parra on October 26

      @mike if they dont reply, could you check the address i found?, last one with google coordenates. I think thats the office, you can ask the guard for them.

    17. Creator Mike Davies on October 22

      I understand that these guys were fresh out of school and new to business and production. They ran into a ton of new guy issues, and they're trying to get through them, I understand all this. Their communication has not been as good as we would hope. However, they appeared to be trying.

      The thing that angers me here, is this last update, "always welcoming to visitors if you would like to drop by and say hi"

      I posted here on the comments, as well as sending messages to the kickstarter 'contact me' link that I would be in Singapore on business and would like to come by the office. As yet, there has been absolutely no response to the request for a visit. I know the account was logged into today. No invitation, no public response, no private response. From what I can see, this was a flat-out-lie.

      Brendan and team - I'll be in town through next week. If you have any decency, and any respect for your backers, reply publicly here with a confirmation you are indeed welcoming visitors. Send me the address privately if you're afraid of posting it publicly.

    18. Creator LEE CHEONGWAH on October 21

      I am from Malaysia. It is almost 2 years since I back this project. I am tired of waiting.If possible I would like a refund.

    19. Creator phil watt on October 20

      More lies
      "the need to make rapid product adjustments in response to changing customer and market preferences"

      Wtf there were no customer preference changes, only feature pull backs by p3d.

    20. Creator Hiroki Yamamoto on October 19

      Where is my printer? And when can I have it?

    21. Creator Fidel Parra on October 19

      Guys they posted the following in facebook:

      My team and I deeply apologize for the insensitive statement we posted on Friday 16th Oct that disregarded the concerns and trust of our backers, supporters, and the public.

      We sincerely hope that our backers and the public would empathize with us and give us a chance. As a young team striving to bring an innovative, technology-driven product quickly to the consumer marketplace, we face numerous challenges in the environment in which we operate.

      These challenges include the imperative to move quickly and deliver products to market; the continuous pressure to obtain solid investment backing; and the need to make rapid product adjustments in response to changing customer and market preferences, among others.

      I wish to assure our backers, supporters, and the public that we will do all we can to make the necessary amendments to move forward; we have learned much from our growing pains and are pivoting to implement even more productive ways to meet the challenges we encounter.

      Our production pipeline now includes a more compact and competitively priced 3D printer. We hope that this, together with a dedicated team that can test and execute new product designs rapidly, would turn the business around.

      We sincerely ask our supporters to continue supporting us.

    22. Creator Luo lody on October 18

      Where is my printer? And when can I have it? please say no clearly.

    23. Creator Fidel Parra on October 17

      Full names Roger Chang, You Jun, Brendan Goh, and Ashish Awaghad he is a programmer

    24. Creator Fidel Parra on October 16

      found full name of profesor NEO Kok‐Beng

      Adjunct Associate Professor
      Department of Marketing
      National University of Singapore

    25. Creator Fidel Parra on October 16

      Ok, was able to find the addres of the building, they are on the 5th floor on the right building.

      Kallang Basin 1
      Location Kallang Place, 5 & 7 Kallang Place , Singapore 339152/3

      The realtor info is the following
      Tel: +65 6377 8000

      can anyone check google earth ( 1°18'57.32"N 103°52'2.81"E) and compare the photos to the Facebook of them.

      Think we got a match.

    26. Creator Fidel Parra on October 16

      Thats the old office from foursquare, they are in another building 5 floor, searching for address

    27. Creator Fidel Parra on October 16

      got an address for them is close to the concourse skyline on the Street sultan gate cross with pahalong st. it may be the offices. let me see if i can get more intel

    28. Creator Fidel Parra on October 16

      @mike. Phone for one of pirate 3d kai elvin is +65 8195 6256

    29. Creator Mike Davies on October 16

      OK, so I'm going to Singapore for other business next week. I've sent the creator account a message asking for their address. He said in the last update that they welcome visitors. It's been two days and I have not heard form the guys yet. Let's hope they get back to me, I want to see what state their facility is in. If there's indeed even a facility left. I'll report back with whatever I find.

    30. Creator sejtam on October 16

      Yes you are shedding obligations. You promised a refund for May. Now it's october. If you want to ship product, I expect that when it arrives it will be outdated and overpriced compared to what new products will be on the market then.

    31. Creator David Gray on October 16

      @Terence: Click on your icon in the top right-hand corner, then click on "Notifications". Set your own preferences in there. If these are emails from Pirate3D directly (not from Kickstarter on behalf of P3D), then click the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email

    32. Creator Terence Lem on October 16

      I meant distribution list (distro list)

    33. Creator Terence Lem on October 16

      I really want to be deleted from any more e-mails from Pirate3D please remove me permanently from your email distort list thank you

    34. Creator Fidel Parra on October 15

      Seems i am out of the penalty box in a few more days

    35. Creator Fidel Parra on October 15

      @kevin, ok, I understand now, it sounded that you agree with Ks.

    36. Creator Kevin Chow on October 15

      Word ......

    37. Creator Kevin Chow on October 15

      @Fidel, sorry my friend, it is a typo. Unethical is the world I am trying to type but you know auto correction always messy it up. Totally agree with you.

    38. Creator Fidel Parra on October 15

      Thanks for the headsup- no problem with the score.

      I disagree with your comment of ethical siberia. Check the comments of the backers to see our point of view. You live in japan and know that honor is important. If ks do not keep their part of the deal, they are part of the problem.

    39. Creator Edward Zukowski on October 15

      I'll take a refund.

    40. Creator Kevin Chow on October 15

      By the way if you live in the states watch out for your credit, I think claiming two cases within a year or so will have negative effect on your credit report.

      And I don't think you can claim after two years, and in my opinion it is ethical for KS to freeze your account. Well, you can create a new account with another credit card, so their action just cause trouble.

    41. Creator Kevin Chow on October 15

      @Feidel, if you count all the bad projects but delivered , I have two. Blue laser lamp, bought two but one broken after a month, and a fountain pen call Visonnarie which just a rebrand product on Alibaba. Cost $40 on Kickstarter and $3 on Alibaba.

    42. Creator Fidel Parra on October 15

      @Kevin, i have 3 bad experience, from all the backed projects

      * pirated 3d, first project that i backed, try to give some ideas to the creators to improved the package size and cost, no replies.

      * kreyos watch got the watch but not what we as backers wanted, others didn't get the paper weight.

      * laser hubby laser cuter, the creator disappear, i decided to call to get info with kickstarter to do a lawsuit they didn't give the backers the info (2-3 months afer funding). I got pissoff witk ks for allowing the creator to run, and not give us backers the into. So i contacted my credit card amex, they got my money from kickstarter. Kickstarter froze my account, not able to back other projects, at this moment going for 30 days.

      I am not sure if my card can do something with pirate3d and kickstarter for the time is 2 years. Need to review the kickstarter conditions that apply. Seems that the options is to open a lawsuit, so they return the funds or give us a printer.

    43. Creator Kevin Chow on October 15

      @Fidel, I stumbled upon your Kickstarter profile, seem like you have a lot of undelivered Kickstarter project on your belt. My heart goes out to you.
      So far all the projects I backed were all delivered, hope my luck will keep going strong.

    44. Creator Fidel Parra on October 14

      With this kind of publicity, do you think the brand will survive? I dont think so....

    45. Creator Fidel Parra on October 14

      Another option for Pirate 3D, but its more agressive is to convert the account payable into stock for the guys who like risk and still believe in the company. we are about half of the stock you give to the 2 mdls investor in the first round.

      I am not sure if your venture capital companies accept it, but the 60% of the guys are like venture capital accepting an article instead of stock. thnk about it.

      good for you, you are one of the tech guys who can work standalone, but the more naive guys are going to have a very expensive paperweight if they can´t understand how to work standalone.

    46. Creator David Gray on October 14

      @Kevin: Yep, Wireshark is how I got things going in the first place. Check out for what I've got so far (I haven't worked on it for two months or so, owing to another project I started working on). If you're good with code (specifically Golang, but it should be easily transferable to node.js, VB.NET / C# / C++

      Not sure if the temperature can be set though, only read. But that's what I've learned from pulling apart the Buccaneer apps and watching the Buccaneer Metro app operate via Wireshark.

    47. Creator Kevin Chow on October 14

      @Fidel The printer work with offline mode, so no server is required. I pledge for the professional batch.

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