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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Brad Haigh about 18 hours ago

      @Kohei toba - Never, never shipped out, never built, never gave refunds, never did anything but piss the money away.

    2. Creator kohei toba 2 days ago

      I haven't received the item yet. When did P3D ship it out?

    3. Creator Charles Fu 2 days ago

      They got your money, why the hell would they wanna keep in touch??

    4. Creator Jorge Rivera 3 days ago

      On Jan 31st P3D said: "Should have it done by this week as well as the update."

      Since that week ended 5 days ago, they should have been "respectful and considerate" as KS suggests and at least posted a comment saying "sorry, we couldn't make it".

      P3D: keep in touch, please. I'm hoping you can at some point refund/deliver to all your backers. But, in the meantime, you should keep us informed of what's going on.

    5. Creator Marco Lorentz 4 days ago

      I've got my Buccy last year, after I decided to roll back from refund to Buccy without heated bed (First try was heated bed printer as pledged).
      The Buccy arrived with cracked silver shell and inoperative. Some screws were loose and after fixed this, it was working - but with Smartphone only. I didn’t get this Buccy running with Win7 nor with Win8 (Both fresh installed system with and without all updates).
      So I decided to sell it via eBay and "Hey" I found somebody who was willing to pay my price and the shipping.
      After all I've lost 150€ ~ 170$ and I think it was the right decision. The concept of the printer was brilliant, but the realization was more than bad:
      Aluminum case -> Cheap looking plastic in silver color – Nope!
      Heated bed -> Nope! – but I decided so
      High Quality Acrylic glass -> Nope!
      None heated bed with perfect quality -> Nope!
      Quality filament -> Nope - the greatest §#|T I've ever seen!
      And the result was my new Ultimaker 2 and also the Micro3D. Last one also sold already.

      It was the first backed project for me, where I have learned, that the money I gave to Kickstarter has lesser safety than give my money to Lehman Brothers in 2008.
      And also that Kickstarter does NOTHING for all the backers that backed fishy project, but get 5% from all the money. That’s a damn good business.
      Oh sorry, right, I catastrophic cases they engage a “journalist” to get the “whole story”.

      I’m sorry, for all of you, that didn’t get any cent back nor the printer. Perhaps there will be a miracle in the near future.

    6. Creator phil watt on February 6


    7. Creator Charles Fu on February 4

      Who's money are they using to CELEBRATE Chinese New Year???!!

    8. Creator Luo lody on February 4

      Hi Pirate3D Inc
      I'm one backer who didn't receive any P3d yet. If I buy a P3D from your website, Can I get 2 of them?

    9. Creator Brad Haigh on February 3

      Still, monies that were earmarked for shipping and anyone who purchased additional filament should still be refunded for those costs. But all the money is gone.

    10. Creator Andrew Ogier on February 2

      Chasing Pirate 3D with a lawsuit will be pointless. They have no money and they spent the last of it on a holiday to Cambodia.

      However, we could sue Kickstarter for their cut of what essentially is fraudulently gained revenue. We won't get a full refund, but if we get 30%, it's better than what we have now.

    11. Creator Yukihisa on February 2


    12. Creator phil watt on January 31

      The Audit?? Wtf??

    13. Creator Pirate3D Inc on January 31

      Hi Backers,

      Apologies, the audit is taking slightly longer than expected. Should have it done by this week as well as the update. Banks are a bit high season because Chinese New Year is a week away.

      The Pirate3D Crew

    14. Creator Sam Cheung on January 29

      How about refund????Promised LAST year but I still not get back my refund?
      What are you actually doing now?

    15. Creator Charles Fu on January 28

      I'm in Singapore. Anyone wants to go together to their office/factory and have some private discussions with them?

    16. Creator Gabriele Lori on January 27

      Someone that knows something about laws and class action can contact me and let me know what I should do please to keep back my money or my printer?

    17. Creator CREATIONS MAGIQUES on January 26

      hello, coud you tell me if someone has made a complaint ?

    18. Creator Josh Darnell on January 24

      Wait.... again.... doing something like donating printers to a school is a slap in the face in the absence of an explanation. Why are you not communicating with us any longer? You ran away with our money guys! We deserve an explanation of what is going on. Nothing since October!!!! COME ON ALREADY. Not cool.

    19. Creator Kyle James on January 22

      Richard Terrell
      What filament do you use?

      Ken James

    20. Creator phil watt on January 21

      If only the creators were respectful and considerate to us.... their silence speaks volumes... Liars and theives . Voodoo works.

    21. Creator Charles Fu on January 19

      It's not about the product/toy/gadget anymore. It's about the Trust, Integrity, and KICKSTARTER for that matter. Imagine when you were young, a remote controlled car means everything to you. Now moving on to a remote controlled car that is capable of precision steering, then to plane, then to drone. Now, how about Printing something which requires next to no knowledge? The same feeling was brought back - the potential of creating something for your loved ones, for yourself, and almost fulfilling your life. This project promised us this. We backed it up, waited for 3 years, and got nothing but heartache.

      To many, it's the dashing of hopes, pure disappointments. I think that amount highly to destroying some lives, even for a short while.

      RIP, and god damn to the creators. May you receive the curses to the fullest extent from the backers.

    22. Creator Fidel Parra on January 19

      They are trying to generate a buzz and sell some printers, after that and aftert more time we are going to received a printer o a check for the amount we pay with out interest. ok, I am dreaming

    23. Creator Soledad Doren on January 19

      We spent more than three years waiting for the product you bought them and they never delivered, and also you are in charge of giving printers to schools!. It's a joke?:

    24. Creator Charles Fu on January 19

      i'm sure the R&D guys are laughing their way to the banks with our cash in their pockets..

    25. Creator Josh Darnell on January 18

      Again, to the creators... why are you still selling printers on your website? You haven't provided any update since October 2015. And making a printer is not that expensive any longer. Plenty of printers are on the market that have achieved what you did for a similar price point already. So again, why are you selling printers on your website? Have you received any more funding from investors?

    26. Creator Richard Terrell on January 15

      I have a printer.
      We love it.. Print stuff almost every few days.. Best part is after the kids designed and made Christmas gifts this year , well.. My wife likes it (huge deal)..

      Tonight , when my 8yr old wanted to print an apple with some new gold filament we just got in..we found is down..

      We use the iPhone app to print and treasure island has loads of items to choose from.. But it's down.

      I know the group wants to go back and redesign .. Upgrade the last update they posted.

      It's a shame, the. Printer I have works great.. I would buy upgrades..
      Heated bed, little camera. Subscription to print remotely.

      But who would buy the next Gen if the people are all complaining they never got the first gen product already paid for.

      Love that we print from the iPhones/iPads.. Would have loved chrome and Mac OS support like the original Kickstarter video showed.

      I guess they can't run a business.
      But they can make a hell of a printer.
      It's great.

    27. Creator Kao Pao-Tang on January 15

      So much for investing in local venture.

    28. Creator Chris Bradfield on January 11

      Don't think they are Kiera or thieves, do think they had no clue on how to run a company and let everything get of control.

    29. Creator Markus Pech on January 9

      helder, this calculation is much too easy. You're not taking any costs of running the actually business into account, like fees, taxes, office rents or software licences. And, most important, they actually built some working hardware. And even delivered a bunch of that. They had to pay for production lines, logistics and a lot of other stuff that needs money to be spent.

    30. Creator helder on January 9

      well here is a simple math for thought if you will....

      1,5million dollars in a successful campaign, a team of lets say 10 people for 2 years on the works and in the end comes down to no money?!?!

      well in my calculator comes to 6,250dollars a month for each person

    31. Creator phil watt on January 9

      Liars and theives

    32. Creator Matthew Flaherty on January 9

      Don't worry Neo, you wouldn't have gotten a refund either way.

    33. Creator Chris Bradfield on January 9

      Neo - kickstart could care less, they have their cut and the deal is between you and pirate 3D, not them.

    34. Creator Neo Chin Chye on January 8

      Why Kickstarter is doing nothing about this matter? I had friends told me to back out and get the refunds, but i choose to trust them and continue to back them... but this is what i get in the end... NOTHING...!!!

    35. Creator Chris Bradfield on January 7

      Folks just accept it, the money is gone, we ain't getting nothing and move on.
      No investor is going to invest a large amount of cash and say by the way I will pay to cover all of those poor Kickstarter folks,
      Over and done.....
      What I learned is that as soon as the project gets close to the credit card charge back date sand things seem slow, charge it back....

    36. Creator Brad Haigh on January 7

      So then why not offer us a discount to pick up a printer.

      I know that would leave a bad taste in some people's mouths, but if I can get fifty cents on the dollar of my initial pledge and kick in a bit more to get a printer shipped it a better option then a total loss on my side.

      I would expect that they should ship me a printer at their cost and not expect any profit as I have already lined their pockets once.

      And that would be with free shipping to boot as I've paid for that already.

    37. Creator Markus Pech on January 7

      Yes, they are selling printers. And now what? They have to, if they want to continue running their business. So bury this project and don't think they will deliver anything to the backers ever. Maybe some day a big hearted investor will make the impossible possible and we'll get something. But until then - this project is dead.

    38. Creator Josh Darnell on January 7

      I just noticed that there is a link to buy the printer on their website and it states it will ship in 3 days! So either that is a complete scam for any random people that want to buy it, or it is a slap in our faces.... Which is it? The link works.... I got all the way to check out....

    39. Creator masamitsu kasahara on January 6

      I have been waiting 2more years,you reply the exact deliverly date

    40. Creator Nicolas Morell on January 6

      In Chile on December 28 we celebrate the day of the Holy Innocents, something like "April's Fool", so with the date of their last update I hope nothing, think it's just an "April's Fool joke"

    41. Creator Matthew Goldstein on January 4

      Since many of us gave you $400 2 years ago, and it is spent. I'd like to propose an interest system.

    42. Creator phil watt on January 1

      What about the new design?

    43. Creator Stephen Ohge on December 30

      Step 1. Buy printer for full consumer price from their website with credit card.

      Step 2. Receive new printer in less than a week.

      Step 3. Disputes the charge on your credit card because this is the second printer you've purchased from them and you have now only received one.

      Sorry, thought it was worth a laugh

    44. Creator Stephen Ohge on December 30

      Hey if you just need to make profits from selling the printers at full rate, why not make the sale to consumers and then wait two years to ship it out to them? I'm sure they'll understand.

    45. Creator Nick F. on December 30

      Amir. I already tried. I was hoping I could just send over $100 or so for shipping but unfortunately their hands are tied and they can't even do that because it would be like giving a printer away for free considering they are out of money. Brendan said basically you would have to pay for the full amount the printer is selling for to get one which after putting $400 into the Kickstarter I don't have another $500 or so to give. For now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping some millionaire steps forward and offers to buy them out or buy a percentage of the company and is willing to fulfill remaining Kickstarter orders. These guys put so much hard work into a great product I would hate to see it all end like this.

    46. Creator Amir E. on December 29

      Is there an amount we could pay to get our printers?

    47. Creator Superyoda on December 28

      Hello everyone , I want to anything you want !!! But wait so long since 2013 to still be nothing at nothing !!! Enough is enough !!! We want transparency and action . Stop telling us that you have spent all R & D !! You collected $ 1,438,765 !!!! What did you do with the money? You inform us regularly of good progress and suddenly everything écrroule !!! It is not normal ! Personally, I ask you to go to the end of the project and to take delivery of all of us the least expensive printer market (sic) but very long to sprout !!! Be knowledgeable you are or you 're not , but you get by !

    48. Creator Pirate3D Inc on December 27

      Hi everyone, quick update:

      1) We are going to put out a larger update 3rd-4th week Jan 2016 to give you a clearer picture on what's going on and also a breakdown of our spending.

      2) In short, we spent all our cash on R&D and were faced with 2 options, (A) Give up like some other KS projects did, (B) Carry on. We chose the latter.

      In order for (B) to work, we need to get some cash for operations (manufacturing). We have 2 options, (C) Make Sales or (D) Get Investment. In order to get (D), we need to get some revenue so it makes sense for investors to come in. Hence right now we are doing (C).

      This is definitely not how we ever wanted it to turn out but its the reality we have to deal with. Don't for one second think that we are "forgetting" about you. Turning this around is going to need a lot of time and effort and that's something that we are definitely willing to put in.

      Not going to go out without a fight.

      Happy hols and fair winds!

      The Pirate3D Crew

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