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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Charles Fu 5 days ago

      @ Aaron no man, this is not the biggest scam. The amount is so little compared to Ponzi scheme scam.. however it's still a scam. Since it's still a scam, report police.

    2. Aaron Lin 6 days ago

      This is the biggest scam, 1.4 million dollars just taken away. Kickstarter, your perfect scam portal.

    3. Charles Fu 7 days ago

      Read everything below.
      Law suits were explored. Address given. Frustrations were high among backers, and both hard and soft techniques were employed for this company.

      All went silent.

      I think there's really NOTHING backers, and even Kickstarter can do at this point.

      Take it as if your investments is totally gone. Move on.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ioannis Stavrakakis Zubiaga on May 23

      This is an authentic SCAM! I've been really patient... Too much. I've been waiting without insist too much, being comprehensive during this 3 years.

      But here nobody answer my requests... And it's been more than 6 months since the last update.

      I want my money back. I want an answer and know what I have to do to receive my refund!

    5. AmericanDSLR on May 20

      3 years later I have no printer.
      No personal response to my emails.
      Not even a general update from the company for over 6 months.

    6. Missing avatar

      Terry Nghe on May 20

      From the perspective of the companies, then PP is of course not better off. But I am pretty sure most people are seeing it from their own perspective including myself. Therefore, in all fairness, we are not better off. We pledged a whole lot more than the Peachy Printer backers. Don't get me wrong, it sucks for the PP backers as well, but to say that we are better off is wrong.

    7. Kevin Chow on May 19

      It's all about ethical issues.
      1. Peachy printer cofounder use all the money to build his own house. P3D use all the money on this product.

      2. P3D shipped over 500 + printers and PP shipped 0.

      3. P3D is in operation and selling printers and PP is not selling anything.

      4. P3D is not in a police investigation nor lawsuit and PP is.

      Do you still think PP is still better off?

    8. Missing avatar

      Terry Nghe on May 18

      Shipping alone for most backers here would have cost more than the Peachy Printer. I have said this many times, but advanced shipping payments that we made should be refunded at the very least as it shouldn't have ever been used for anything else.

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on May 18

      @Kevin Chow, how are we better than Peachy Printer? Those backers were only scammed for $100... I was scammed here much more.... :(

    10. Kenneth Park & Jiayu Ni on May 13

      Hi, just wondering If I am still receiving my hotbed printer. It has been a while. Any updated?

    11. Kevin Chow on May 13

      I think we are still be better off than peachy printer :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      phil watt on May 11

      @isaac: I'd be glad to fix your jammed extruder and get you back on the road. The calibration issue may bd just s bit more complex with unknown firware.etc. is it a z-zero issue or xyz dimensional calibration concerns? Any chance you are located near Northern California?

    13. Missing avatar

      Isaac on May 11

      Isaac Latterell

    14. Missing avatar

      Isaac on May 11

      They actually sent me mine. It is one of the early ones. I've used it to print several things, but the calibration is a little bit off, and now the extruder is jammed. But it's pretty good. I'd be willing to send it to someone who knows how to build 3D printers if you would fix it, use it for a while, and send it back or buy it and sell it to someone. Contact me.

    15. Charles Fu on May 10

      Guys, stop whining. I had already provided their offices location, and so did other bros here. Instead of feeling sorry about your lost investments and thinking of suing them, I suggest you guys just visit their office premises to resolve this issue on the spot. Kickstarter ain't doing anything to help, neither can the law assist since they are covered by the P2P crowd funding agreements.

    16. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on May 10

      @Edward Radcliffe - Per my communication with Kickstarter, I was told that Kickstarter is absolved of all responsibility at this point even though Pirate3D is selling their printer elsewhere and have stopped communicating with us. So I doubt they are investigating them.

    17. Missing avatar

      Edward Radcliffe on May 7

      is kickstarter investigating Pirate3D inc? and what are the chances of a group action like the zano drone?

    18. Tobias Bühler on May 6

      No news ! No items! No message!

      Lawyer needed?

    19. Missing avatar

      phil watt on May 6

      What does he mean "almost no wages"?

    20. Missing avatar

      Branimir Tomić on May 5

      @AB-Proved @Terry Nghe @Jake Bradley
      Kickstarter must redesign Report Button, so you have the option of multiple choices. I clicked the report button, and i was like: "hmm, why choose only one, Pirate3D Inc. broke multiple rules of Kickstarter".

    21. Missing avatar

      phil watt on May 4

      So how many have been sold and how many refunds? ? They are keeping the funds. More lies...

    22. Missing avatar

      Jake Bradley on May 4

      Clicked the report button myself. Here is my correspondence with our "beloved" project starter.

      Me: I have been very patient waiting for a refund after finding out that the heated bed units were not going to happen. I am really concerned that as far as Kickstarter backers we have been pushed to the background even though it was our initial investment that helped you to get started. I would really like to have the refund that was promised years ago and just move on from this experience, can you please let me know what you intend to do in regards to these requests or at least mine?

      Brendan Goh: Here is the situation with P3D, ran out of cash in 2015, 0 and largely in debt. Instead of closing the company, the few of us decided to stay back for almost no wages in order to try and salvage the situation.

      From ground zero, in order to build printers to fulfill our backlog we have two choices:

      1) Find investments which is nearly impossible because people do not want their monies going into old orders.

      2) Make new sales to generate some profits in order to build printers. Every 4 printers we sell, we can build 1 Kickstarter printer / do 1 refund.

      It's going to be a long climb out of this valley but that is the reality of the situation and its not that we do not want to fulfill orders / give refunds but that we simply cannot, there's just no way.

      Though that's probably not what you were hoping to hear, I do hope that it provides a much clearer insight into what we are going through and trying to do.

      Me: So from what I understand, the likelihood that I will get a refund or a working product is pretty much non-existant.

      Brendan: I would certainly hope not. Let's see if we can rescue the business first

      Me: I know that you said you want to rescue the business however I have noticed that your site becomes more and more unavailable as time goes by. Your Zendesk is offline and your forums are as well which does not leave me with much hope that I will ever see the funds that I pre-purchased a product with again. I know that you are in a bad situation financially just as I am now that I have been unemployed for 6 months however I cant help feeling that there isn't any other path for me to follow except for a legal one which I would rather not do. At this juncture can you affirm that my product is either A. being refunded fully or B. a final working product is being shipped to me within the next month?

      Brendan: I don't think we can afford to send out new printers anytime soon, I'm sorry but its just not financially possible, unless we sell enough to build our backlog.

      So there you have it, no refunds, no printers....

    23. Missing avatar

      Terry Nghe on May 3

      Like AB-Proved said, we should all just report this project.

    24. Levi Burtner on May 3

      Absolutely the most crooked Kickstarter I've been in on. Shameful.

    25. Andrew Ogier on May 2

      Have you seen their store front page? Makes me sick to my stomach.

      They're advertising the Buccaneer 2016 for sale that ships in 3 working days, proudly emblazoning the site with "FUNDED BY KICKSTARTER".

      My wife is travelling to Singapore to meet family in July. I'll be making sure she stops by at 2A Pahang Street on her travels to pick up my Buccaneer, or a full refund including postage, in person...although, looking at the registered address (above a "Yummy Punjabi" restaurant, with no "Pirate3D" company sign anywhere), I doubt it's a legitimate address.

    26. Missing avatar

      AB-Proved on April 30

      Want my money back or an product !

      Look at the Zano case
      Kickstarter was forced to do something.
      But an 2Million$ case makes more noise then 1.438.765$

      So 3.520 Backers should open an case at Kickstarter.
      They should check where the money gone.
      And if there are only 20,000$ left…I take 33% of my money instead of loosing all.

      I just clicked the "report this Project" Button

    27. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 29

      How's that new design coming, yeah right....

    28. Peter Lemmens on April 28

      You promised us to fulfill the backers, so don't come after 3 years with a crappy printer like the buccaneer is!

    29. Missing avatar

      Dylan Smith on April 28

      You know I've wasted over $1000.00 on this website now. I've backed this 3D printer and that Agent Smartwatch. Kickstarter obviously openly embraces people committing fraud on their website. Just with those two products alone that's over 2 million dollars in scams. We should start a Kickstarter campaign to buy Kickstarter and shut it down.

    30. Missing avatar

      sejtam on April 27

      Refund !

    31. Missing avatar

      Terry Nghe on April 26

      Well, it wasn't like I actually believe that they will honour the backers

    32. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 24

      Looks like Amazon must have given the suckaneer the boot.

      They are shlepping off on ebay now.

      Interesting the other products are automated cat litter boxes

    33. Missing avatar

      BenCod on April 21

      I don't find it on Amazon, do you have a link?

    34. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 20

      Amazon also shows none available and do not no when or If they will be. Curious.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cheng on April 20

      I want my refund!!! It has been way too long!

    36. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 19

      Terry, here is Pirate3D's comment on Amazon in response to a customer question if they would actually be shipped to Amazon purchasers: "Yes they will, like all new orders. The revenue that's generated from these sales goes into fulfilling Kickstarter."

    37. Missing avatar

      Terry Nghe on April 18

      If people are receiving it then that is another giant slap in the face for us backers.

    38. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 18

      Phil people are receiving them... There were comments on Amazon at one point I think

    39. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 16

      Anyone want to start a raffle? I'd be in for a buck. Let's collect enough to try and buy one on amazon and see if it really ships. I doubt it. Then we could have the 'winner' (I'm not so sure) give it a consumer level review. Might be a fun experiment, however the outcome seems pretty predictable. Could you imagine the creators faces when they actually receive an order? Whoo hoo, hats, horns, confetti! !! Oh crap we have to ship one, dammit. Lol

    40. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 16

      They are offering the suckaneer foe sale on Amazon but I doubt that any are actually being bought.
      At that price a person would be nuts to buy the piece of crap.

    41. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 14

      Kickstarter ignored the fact that it's being sold on Amazon in my letter to them. I replied asking again and reiterating that they are selling this on Amazon... Blatantly ignored that fact again.

      We all understand that projects can fail. BUT BLATANT SCAMMING OF YOUR CUSTOMERS IS UNACCEPTABLE. That is not the same thing that Kickstarter keeps saying.... that Pirate3D failed... They didn't fail. They are selling on Amazon. Just like Coolest Cooler.

    42. Missing avatar

      James Robison on April 12

      My pledge included 5 cartridges, how about sending me the filament so I can use it on a different 3d printer?

    43. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 12

      Hey creators, grow some balls as you obviously don't have any. Be men and admit this us over and you are failures.

    44. Charles Fu on April 12

      i've already given you the address and company registration number of the pirates.
      why are there still posts of how to sue or how to contact them etc?

    45. Missing avatar

      Irawan on April 10

      Can we repot to Amazon that they are selling our printers ?

    46. Missing avatar

      Frank Caramelo M Vasques on April 8

      Four years without receiving my 3d printer, or a refund, or even an answer, most do not receive or an opinion, I invested on Jun 26 2013 $ 547 and waited for the weather to send ship to anywhere in the world with estimated time for April 2014 which also paid for it. But where's my fucking 3D printer? Where do I keep in touch with the Buccaneer as the URL forum does not work?

      Se houver algum brasileiro que não recebeu a sua impressora 3D, quero entrar em contato para saber se recebeu ou não a impressora, e se receberam alguma justificativa para tal!

    47. Missing avatar

      Félix S. P. on April 4

      FOR RESALE : I'm getting rid of my brand new Buccaneer for $400 shipping included, payment by WBT only. PM me or email me

    48. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 4

      I know they SAY that it's all gone, but who really knows? The timing on delivery on Amazon tells me they have product pre-built already and it's just a shipping delay. It seems they have plenty of product already built, but they just want to make more money off of it above and beyond our measly $297. I've emailed kickstarter about this. They need to do something legal wise about this issue.

    49. Charles Fu on April 4

      most likely it's pay and build scheme from Amazon.
      Not that it's pre-built, but build on demand.
      By the way, the money they've got from kickstarters are all GONE. Don't expect them to fulfill their duties to us, because it ain't gonna happen. Let's face it guys.

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