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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      It would be laughable if so much money wasn't involved. Extract from the last update (Oct 2016)

      "Our Commitment

      We remain committed to this project despite the many challenges we have encountered. We do not want to walk down the path of projects that failed and whose owners washed their hands and walked away.

      What we have proposed is the most realistic way forwards. It will take a long time to accomplish our obligation to you though we remain committed to our obligation and will do our best to deliver on our promise. "

    2. Stephen Inoue on August 10

      Kickstarter should be held accountable for reporting this as a San Francisco startup instead of an overseas pirate venture that took the money offshore and outside US laws.

    3. Charles Fu on August 8

      what's so difficult to hunt down Brendan and ensure he'll never make it in life after pirating away our hard earned money?
      There's linkedin, facebook. Dig him out, tell his employer, destroy his reputation. That's the minimum you could do if you want to revenge on the pirates.

      If not, suggest all of you to keep quiet and suck it up.

    4. Alex on August 3

      Thanks Piccolo man
      What a bunch of shit. Nothing could have saved my $$ after I already sent it to them.

    5. Paolo Magnaghi PikkoloMondano on August 2

      TODAY 2TH OF AUGUST 2017 i ve send an email to Brendon asking some news:

      Hi Paolo,
      Unfortunately no, I've moved on to work elsewhere, there is no one left at P3D.

      it's official....... we have lost money!!!!!!!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Edward Gonzalez on July 6

      Crooks!! It's 2017!!

    7. Mike MacDonald on July 5

      FWIW to backers that never got your printer, Pirate3D is no longer approving uploads to so this ecosystem is functionally dead. With no way to print new objects, the Buccaneer is utterly useless.

    8. Tony D'Alfonso on July 5

      Still waiting...

    9. Missing avatar

      Konstantinos Lillis on July 1

      Hello There! Any update on the progress?

    10. Missing avatar

      Aurelio García Blázquez on June 8

      Anyone to take legal actions? This is piracy in the worst meaning of piracy

    11. Dale Craven on June 7

      If you haven't already done this.. Just go to the bottom of the campaign page and report this project. I did and got some half assed answer from Kickstarter.. At least they can remove the project and officially let all the backers know that they have been scammed instead of leaving this sham up like it's still a project.

    12. Dale Craven on June 7

      I'm on my third 3D printer (PowerSpec Ultra 3D, Original Prusa i3 MK2s assebled, and an Original Prusa kit. I'm now learning to build a Prusa clone right now. All before I ever got the first 3D printer that I backed. From what I know now, I would not have liked the closed system of the Buccaneer anyway. I wonder if they can just ship me the 10 rolls of filament that I ordered with the printer. I could at least use that.


    13. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on May 20

      After the long spiel about how they were building a new version of the Buccaneer and were selling these on Amazon and other places to make up the money to make the new Buccaneer so they could ship that instead to backers, now we hear from someone that received an email from Pirate3D that they are broke again and cannot do anything except teach people how to 3D print... Serious fraud here. No way they lost over $1.4 Million and only shipped a few. Kickstarter needs more protection.

    14. Missing avatar

      Olivier PELLET on May 18

      @Nik Melton, s'il y a possibilité de poursuite, surtout vu le lien sur amazon, je suis avec vous.

    15. Nik Melton on May 17

      Did anyone pursue legal action? I'd like to join any class action that's been started. I believe the fact that these are being sold on Amazon shows that the terms of service here were not carried out in good faith.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Morell on May 10

      Hi Pirates!! No forgive nor forget

    17. Paul Gillary on May 8

      I count myself lucky losing only $297! One backer lost $10,000 and 55 backers lost $1000.

    18. Mercedes (Mandy)
      on April 29

      I agree. They were really pirates.

    19. Charles Fu on April 27

      gentleman and ladies, go watch Frozen again... then learn how to sing the main theme song. "LET IT GO............"

    20. Charles Fu on April 19

      After many months of not logging in here, I can still see so many souls suffering because of cheats from this company. I wonder how much longer will this goes on...
      move on guys, is $500 all you have? You have the other $50,000, focus on that instead. It's a terrible lesson learnt, but don't let Brandon and gang rob you off what's left in you - you all are much more than this.

    21. Fred Daremi on April 14

      Lesson learned. Never back another project.

    22. Neo Chin Chye on April 11

      Hi all backers... just want to know, ( so there is nothing we can do to get our products nor our money back? ) So these few Pirates just get our money and go off... just like that?

    23. Superyoda on April 8

      hi guys !!!

      Some news please and also send printers at everybody !!!

    24. phil watt on April 1

      Amazon. ..

    25. phil watt on April 1

      Who runs robotshop? ? Is that brandon? I wonder if Amidon can help us bring charges against them as afiliated corrupt business operation?

    26. phil watt on April 1

      Used our money to develop model 2 which also is for sale. Ship our printers now dirtbag!

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Dugal on March 28

      If you are selling these on Amazon, WHERE THE FUCK IS MINE YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!…

    28. Missing avatar

      macrogeek on March 23

      Backer# 103 here. Response from Brendan yesterday:

      "Thanks for writing to us. Unfortunately the company has run out of cash a long time ago and has frozen operations. We tried doing some sales to raise funds to keep building printers but the influx of Chinese copies and low cost printers into the region has killed that.

      We are now trying an education route to see if we can generate cash but the market is extremely small in the region and there's only so much one person can do.


    29. Missing avatar

      Angelo Carbone on March 23

      Almost 4 years now and nothing.

    30. Dungeonstone on March 14

      I'm a backer for the "batch 1" shipment and ~still~ have never received even an email from these people.

      Utter fraud.

    31. phil watt on March 14

      You have no integrity left.
      You must feel like a true piece of crap.
      Lonely, overweigjt, broke and lethafgic.
      Wow, must have been great fun riding the big wave. Depressed? I would be if I had stolen and lied as you did. Too bad you didn't just steal the money and ran to Jamaica. Fool

    32. Johan Eggink on March 2

      I was lucky I guess. I have had mine for more than a year and it died on me a month ago.
      I will be looking for a replacement. Maybe a duplicator 6.

    33. phil watt on March 2

      It's fraud when they are being sold on Amazon and backers are left hanging.

    34. Paolo Magnaghi PikkoloMondano on February 25

      they called themself pirate....... buccaneer.......... now i know why :-D

    35. Missing avatar

      Lewis on February 25

      @Nathaniel McKelvie

      Happy to hear you got something. Some feedback on fulfillment progress would be nice...

      Is the progress like 3 per month, less or more... can we expect to see one within our lifetime...

    36. Missing avatar

      Dylan Smith on February 24

      Still no updates after years...

      500USD is lots of money to have lost over this. This is the last thing I have ever backed

    37. Nathaniel McKelvie on February 22

      Warning, comment is long, and may upset some.

      I stopped in here randomly to see if anything has come of this project, and as with every other time I've stopped in, it seems to be a worse and worse situation. Now I will start by saying I am one of the few lucky people who actually received a printer. Now that might be because I chose the first batch reward. That being said it is definitely not the printer I had expected to get when I made my pledge. After like a year of waiting from the time This project was on kickstarter I was sent an email asking if I wanted to take a "beta version" right now or wait for a production model. Although I didn't want a beta version, I've been around long enough to realize this project was going downhill, so I figured I'd take what I could get and cut my losses. When I received the printer I was first very disappointed with the shipping in that things were obviously knocked around, but not necessarily their fault, but the build quality of the printer itself also felt cheap. After opening up, setting up I noticed there was no heated bed ( supposedly that wasn't included in beta version although that was not told to me prior ) and filament was jammed in the nozzle. Of course this caught me off guard because I thought I was receiving a new product. I emailed them and they said they tested each one before sending them out, ok I can buy that. They also offered me a choice to either send the printer back ( at my own shipping expense of course ) or keep the printer and they sent me instructions on removing the print head cleaning and removing the jammed nozzle. I decided to keep the printer ( still sitting untouched in my storage ) where maybe one day I would stop in here and see they got things running correctly and I would give the printer a shot, but most likely I will probably take it out and use for parts )

      To say the least I was very disappointed with this company and pretty much everything they did with this project. They made promises they had no idea how to deliver, they mismanaged funds, they made excuse after excuse. All this being said, I could be angry, I could complain they scammed me and they stole my money, but the facts are that's not really the case. This was a kickstarter project, one that I thought would become a great product, but how much did I research the company or their ability to deliver anything they promised prior to making my pledge? My only research was noticing how many other people had backed this project, so if that many people had believed it was a trustworthy campaign so should I. Yes this was stupid, but I also knew I was gambling, and I just decided to gamble that day. I could have done more research, and had a better informed decision, but either way it's still a gamble. Now I'd be more angry if it ended up just being a straight up scam, with no intention of doing what they promised, but I don't believe that to be the case. To all the people claiming this company is a fraud or a scam, how so? Did they just take the money and pocket it and disappear? No, they didn't, they fucked up, dig themselves a hole they can't get out of, but to their benefit they have really tried and seem to continue to try to fulfill the obligations to their backers even if their plans to do so are actually not very good ones.

      And to those people such as the guy who comments constantly, i have a few things to say.
      1) Crowdfunding sites such as kickstarter in their current state are a pretty new type of raising capital, Essentially its a company selling a product before they actually make it.

      2) regulations and laws might or might not make it a better experience for everyone, but currently ( especially at the time when we actually backed this for project ) kickstarter clearly states that we are not buying a product, we are investing in a company with the hope of the reward if it comes to fruition, but there is no actual obligation.

      3) This is my main point! kickstarter is based on CROWDFUNDING! We as the crowd need to be more careful with what we back. It is our job as backers to be more cautious and informed. Although us "crowd" has gotten wiser with our backing, when we backed this kickstarter project many people ( myself included ) still only used high funding numbers as reassurance enough to back a project. Remember, we are not buying a product, we are investing in an idea.

    38. cjyohe on February 22

      Where are you guys? Any word on how many more you have shipped TO BACKERS?

      Backer #7 Asking!


    39. Chew Kok Hoor on February 19, 2017

      I am backer #1,952 ... seriously disappointed. After this project it has been years since I backed another project.

    40. phil watt on February 17, 2017

      Piss on your grave Brandon!

    41. phil watt on February 15, 2017

      11 in stock on Amazon. I want my reward shipped now!

    42. Jacob Skidmore on February 12, 2017

      Haha backer #7 hasn't gotten it yet and I'm #3,693. I'd say that give me a 100% chance of never getting the product.

    43. Dale Craven on February 4, 2017

      Hey Pirate 3D.. Can I at least get my 10 spools of material that I paid for.. That way I can use the real 3D printer that I have now. You should not have any problem fulfilling that. Do this for me and you can take me off the list for having a printer fulfillment obligation.

    44. Mercedes (Mandy)
      on February 4, 2017

      Dear Pirate3D, I was wondering if there might be any more news for backers still waiting for a printer? Thank you.

    45. phil watt on February 3, 2017

      This is outright fraud.
      They are selling it on Amazon.
      I want my printer or refund now!

    46. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on January 29, 2017

      Well at least Kickstarter stopped another 3-D printer scam. I am not sure I call Pirate a scam, but the latest 3-D printer that looked surprisingly like Pirate's was stopped because the backers brought significant proof to Kickstarter that the project was fake.

    47. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Morell on January 27, 2017

      Where's my printer?

    48. Greg Rudisel on January 11, 2017

      I wonder how much Kickstarter has declined from its beginning? At its start I was backing several projects a month. Now I very rarely back any projects after having the pleasure of a failure rate of about 30%. That 30% failure rate is about 50% out right theft with the remaining 50% consisting your basic lack of ability to complete like this project. The project team doesn't have the skill or knowledge to complete the project. Sometimes they just do not know when to quit making improvements and settle on a final design so the product can be manufacture and shipped to the backers. This platform could have been much better if Kickstarter protected the backers from all the failures by rating each project on its expected ability to be complete. Of course this is just my opinion and experience with Kickstarter.

    49. phil watt on January 4, 2017

      Nauseating. ..

    50. cjyohe on January 3, 2017

      Phil, I wish they were going by backer number. US backers have a looooooooong wait. I emailed them, as backer #7, when they showed the photo with printers that were shipping. They then replied that due to shipping costs (which we were already billed and paid for - correct or not) they were shipping local printers first and it would be a while before any shipped to the US. So at this point backer # has nothing to do with it, and they are claiming $150 or more in shipping to the US.

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