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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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      AB-Proved about 9 hours ago

      Want my money back or an product !

      Look at the Zano case
      Kickstarter was forced to do something.
      But an 2Million$ case makes more noise then 1.438.765$

      So 3.520 Backers should open an case at Kickstarter.
      They should check where the money gone.
      And if there are only 20,000$ left…I take 33% of my money instead of loosing all.

      I just clicked the "report this Project" Button

    2. Missing avatar

      phil watt about 23 hours ago

      How's that new design coming, yeah right....

    3. Peter Lemmens 2 days ago

      You promised us to fulfill the backers, so don't come after 3 years with a crappy printer like the buccaneer is!

    4. Missing avatar

      Dylan Smith 2 days ago

      You know I've wasted over $1000.00 on this website now. I've backed this 3D printer and that Agent Smartwatch. Kickstarter obviously openly embraces people committing fraud on their website. Just with those two products alone that's over 2 million dollars in scams. We should start a Kickstarter campaign to buy Kickstarter and shut it down.

    5. Missing avatar

      sejtam 3 days ago

      Refund !

    6. Missing avatar

      Terry Nghe 5 days ago

      Well, it wasn't like I actually believe that they will honour the backers

    7. Missing avatar

      phil watt 6 days ago

      Looks like Amazon must have given the suckaneer the boot.

      They are shlepping off on ebay now.

      Interesting the other products are automated cat litter boxes

    8. Missing avatar

      BenCod on April 21

      I don't find it on Amazon, do you have a link?

    9. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 20

      Amazon also shows none available and do not no when or If they will be. Curious.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cheng on April 20

      I want my refund!!! It has been way too long!

    11. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 19

      Terry, here is Pirate3D's comment on Amazon in response to a customer question if they would actually be shipped to Amazon purchasers: "Yes they will, like all new orders. The revenue that's generated from these sales goes into fulfilling Kickstarter."

    12. Missing avatar

      Terry Nghe on April 18

      If people are receiving it then that is another giant slap in the face for us backers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 18

      Phil people are receiving them... There were comments on Amazon at one point I think

    14. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 16

      Anyone want to start a raffle? I'd be in for a buck. Let's collect enough to try and buy one on amazon and see if it really ships. I doubt it. Then we could have the 'winner' (I'm not so sure) give it a consumer level review. Might be a fun experiment, however the outcome seems pretty predictable. Could you imagine the creators faces when they actually receive an order? Whoo hoo, hats, horns, confetti! !! Oh crap we have to ship one, dammit. Lol

    15. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 16

      They are offering the suckaneer foe sale on Amazon but I doubt that any are actually being bought.
      At that price a person would be nuts to buy the piece of crap.

    16. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 14

      Kickstarter ignored the fact that it's being sold on Amazon in my letter to them. I replied asking again and reiterating that they are selling this on Amazon... Blatantly ignored that fact again.

      We all understand that projects can fail. BUT BLATANT SCAMMING OF YOUR CUSTOMERS IS UNACCEPTABLE. That is not the same thing that Kickstarter keeps saying.... that Pirate3D failed... They didn't fail. They are selling on Amazon. Just like Coolest Cooler.

    17. Missing avatar

      James Robison on April 12

      My pledge included 5 cartridges, how about sending me the filament so I can use it on a different 3d printer?

    18. Missing avatar

      phil watt on April 12

      Hey creators, grow some balls as you obviously don't have any. Be men and admit this us over and you are failures.

    19. Charles Fu on April 12

      i've already given you the address and company registration number of the pirates.
      why are there still posts of how to sue or how to contact them etc?

    20. Missing avatar

      Irawan on April 10

      Can we repot to Amazon that they are selling our printers ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Frank Caramelo M Vasques on April 8

      Four years without receiving my 3d printer, or a refund, or even an answer, most do not receive or an opinion, I invested on Jun 26 2013 $ 547 and waited for the weather to send ship to anywhere in the world with estimated time for April 2014 which also paid for it. But where's my fucking 3D printer? Where do I keep in touch with the Buccaneer as the URL forum does not work?

      Se houver algum brasileiro que não recebeu a sua impressora 3D, quero entrar em contato para saber se recebeu ou não a impressora, e se receberam alguma justificativa para tal!

    22. Missing avatar

      Félix S. P. on April 4

      FOR RESALE : I'm getting rid of my brand new Buccaneer for $400 shipping included, payment by WBT only. PM me or email me

    23. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 4

      I know they SAY that it's all gone, but who really knows? The timing on delivery on Amazon tells me they have product pre-built already and it's just a shipping delay. It seems they have plenty of product already built, but they just want to make more money off of it above and beyond our measly $297. I've emailed kickstarter about this. They need to do something legal wise about this issue.

    24. Charles Fu on April 4

      most likely it's pay and build scheme from Amazon.
      Not that it's pre-built, but build on demand.
      By the way, the money they've got from kickstarters are all GONE. Don't expect them to fulfill their duties to us, because it ain't gonna happen. Let's face it guys.

    25. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 2

      KickStarter needs to do something about this ASAP. They are blatantly bypassing fulfilling their duties to us and selling on Amazon....…

    26. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on April 2

      Umm, they claim it cost $700 to build the printer? I think not... and they are now selling them on Amazon for $588..... WTH? You are selling the printer on Amazon?…

    27. Charles Fu on April 2

      Let's no blame the company. But rather, focus on the people behind this scamming company. Do recognise their names, faces. We do not want more future victims! Let's not pass on the hurts to others. Do not support any of their work. Rather, spread their beasty, their scams and tactics, and how they have hurt folks who believed in them. Let them learn their lessons so they will never ever recover from this incident.

    28. Stephen Inoue on April 1

      Website status:

      Ask Us link to ZenDesk is still broken.

      Forum link to lefora is still up with one KickStarter comment in the public section.

      The FAQ still has no mention of the #1 question regarding anything to do with Kickstarter.

      Did get a laugh that our warranty is only good for one year after the purchase date!

      Buy Now link still works and their PayPal account is still active. Anyone want to send them $588? Usually in fraud cases PayPal is quick to shutdown offending accounts when notified.

      Asking KickStarter to at least refund or credit their 5%+ fee they charged seems link a no brainer for failed projects.

      I only bid on it because Kickstarter had it listed as San Francisco and I trusted US consumer laws.

      Singapore also has good governance so a lawsuit for the $1 million dollar heist of over 3k backers would have a good chance of succeeding.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sam Cheung on March 29


    30. Chayne VandeZande on March 29

      Count me in for legal actions as well. I'd like my money back to ACTUALLY get a 3D printer this century...

    31. Jorge Rivera on March 28

      Hmmm... they got deactivated their zendesk help desk ( I've been trying to get their attention there but nothing. They responded there some number of months ago (now I don't have access to the message history...) but recently they were silent. And I tried to be as reasonable and "respectful and considerate".

      Count me in for legal actions.

    32. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe Fiamingo on March 28

      Dear I would like to know definitively if I have my printer, or what I will have to pay to get one. Thank you
      Giuseppe Fiamingo

    33. Håkon Høgstad on March 28

      This is what they wrote to a backer on Youtube. "Our kickstarter campaign it was a $300 was to help fund the research and design. That $300 doesn't actually cover of the material and labor costs of a single printer. The average cost of a single printer and labor costs is about $700+. We take pride that we are making products of quality yet affordable and easy to use for home consumers. If you want cheap there are other alternatives but "Cheap and Good" rarely make a good combination."

    34. Håkon Høgstad on March 28

      Let's be honest, people. We got nickel and dimmed into a 3D printer kickstarter scam. This happened in the early day of these 3D printer scams. We're not getting our money back, they took it and ran. Take the lesson and never back another 3D printer on kickstarter.

    35. Missing avatar

      Richard Lindberg on March 25

      here is an old phone number I reached them at before when I harassed them for a refund I don't know if its still working but here you go. 0116590037085

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard Lindberg on March 25

      every one should go leave negative reviews everywhere there selling online.

    37. Missing avatar

      phil watt on March 24

      "Just to clarify things"

      I will piss on their graves

    38. Nik Melton on March 23

      Has anyone approached Kickstarter about this? The company didn't dissolve, the product didn't fail. They are simply outright ignoring their obligations to backers. Pretty sure this is against kickstarters terms.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jeff on March 22

      Any update?? It has been 5 months. Let us know your plan.

    40. Missing avatar

      Julien Berger on March 20

      I made a FB group, would be sweet if you guys joined there so we can better organize ourselves:

    41. Missing avatar

      phil watt on March 19

      "We are not shedding our obligations to you"... oh really....

      How's that updated design coming???


      I'll piss on their graves.

    42. Superyoda on March 19

      +1 stop this one !!!

    43. Robson Tavares Machado on March 14

      +1. I really want my money back.

    44. Brad Haigh on March 14

      +1 for bringing the pain

    45. Charles Fu on March 13

      Who's willing to contribute some funds for class action?
      We need a small claims lawyer to fight this case.

    46. Missing avatar

      Nathan Brooks on March 12

      Class action sounds good to me, let's do it.

    47. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on March 12

      If they were updating us, that would be nice. Not hearing from them for 5 months is not cool. Time for legal action. No communication = legal action

    48. Gabriele Lori on March 7

      I am here for a class action... Pls there is some layer could help us. Pvt message o a comment here.

    49. Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on March 5

      I was going to let bygones be bygones, but now there selling them!? They are even donating them!!!! I'm all to help people, but stealing money and lying to people is another! These scumbags are going to get what's coming to them. I'm new to this, but I have plenty of times on my hands so we can start something here. We WILL get our money back or even whatever they have left. Enough is enough!!!!

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