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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Sam Cheung about 19 hours ago

      Where is my refund too?

    2. Creator phil watt 1 day ago

      Respect is a two way street - When the promises were broken and lies then followed; then to have retail customers purchase and receive printers before backers who have waited years, Pirate3D showing the ultimate of disrespect for it's backers.....

      @Kevin Carbotte, Hey, hows that printer working out, LOL

      Anyone else notice how many times the word "toy" shows up on their website. LOL

    3. Creator HUI TO WAH 2 days ago


    4. Creator Nick F. 2 days ago

      Hey Chris just a heads up I spoke with Brandon over email just a few days ago. I spoke respectfully (not saying you aren't but many people here are making disrespectful comments) and asked a simple question and he responded within hours answering my question and notifying me of when my printer would be shipped. It's safe to say these guys are still going...the ship is still sailing... And frankly I don't blame them for not responding to many of these comments considering how rude people are. The Pirate team is working really hard to get the printers made. If you follow them on Facebook they were just at another tradeshow last week and posted a picture. All I can say to everyone is just to show respect and you receive it back.

    5. Creator Chris Bradfield 2 days ago

      I understand how kickstarters work and the fact that this is not a store.
      I understand that development and bring a product to market is hard.
      And on and on and on.
      But it doesn't help the feeling that I got screwed and the creator bit of more than they could handle, promised more features and functions then they could delivery, and in the end after selling us on their dream, they all but disappeared.
      So in the end I understand and the losing $400 bucks tastes bad, it leaves me feeling screwed over....
      Done caring about this project any more, maybe some years from now something will show up or the creator will at least tell us that the ship has sunk...
      But the real world impact is I am very unlikely to support kickstarter again.....
      They have hurt others dreams of getting support by how bad the have ran their ship.
      May fair winds be at your backs, and I think we all should just accept the fact that this ship is sunk....

    6. Creator Nicolas Morell 3 days ago

      So? Any update? WHERE'S MY REFUND?

    7. Creator Kevin Chow 5 days ago

      My humble advice for the creator would be set up a webcam live streaming at your office/factory. This will let backer know you guys are working hard without spending your limited time. Maybe set it up next to the test station is a good way to keep backer happy.

    8. Creator Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel 5 days ago

      Quote "If we had a single dollar left, it would go into building a printer for one more Backer and that’s the plan we are going to stand by."

      That means until everyone gets there printer we are NOT getting any refunds. We will be lucky to get a refund by the end of the year, but most likely next year.

    9. Creator Gabriele Lori 6 days ago

      Was that a strategy? So I had different choices refunds or waiting for a 3D printer. I decided refund because of delay... And Now they say we Wont back our money. What the Fuck you are stealing my money. If Now i want.3d printer what i should do? How can i know what to do if they are not replying. This is so sad.

    10. Creator Nick F. on June 26

      @kevin... Please update when you get it up and running. Would love to know what your first thoughts are. Maybe even post some pics or videos if possible. Thanks!

    11. Creator Kevin Carbotte on June 26

      I'm backer #351. When I pledged I was in shipment 2, expected delivery Feb 2014.

      Just today I got my shipping confirmation from DHL. I should have my Buccaneer on Monday!!

      If your backer number is higher than mine, then calm down. It's still coming.

    12. Creator David Gray on June 26

      Where's this "no refunds ever" bit coming from? Update says:

      "while refunds we will process when funds allow us to do so."

      So you'll get your refund, but only after they sell some printers. If you want your refund faster, you'd be wise to spread the word about this printer and encourage people to buy it, because more money for them = more refunds for you.

    13. Creator Nick F. on June 25

      It's amazing to see how many people still don't understand how kickstarter works. And everyone complaining about a refund should be thankful they are even willing to offer one. I have yet to hear of a single kickstarter this large that was willing to offer refunds. Be appreciative of that kind gesture and deal with the fact that you won't be getting your refund until the printers are sent out. Remember this isn't a store!!! You are a mini investor and guess what... Investors don't get refunds! That's the whole point of an investment. Sometimes it works out. Other times you lose out. In this case Pirate 3D is still going strong and showing respect to those people who didn't ask for a refund and are still opted in to receive a printer. If you weren't willing to put out the money in the first place you shouldn't be ok Kickstarter.

      I'm a backer of the CST-01 worlds thinnest watch and we were just notified that everything fell through and they are out of money. I lost an investment and it sucks but hey I made the decision to give them my money. That's a risk I was willing to take.

      All I'm asking is that you stop complaining and begging for refunds. If anything your just annoying Pirate3D and other backers who are patiently waiting to see what their investment leads to!

    14. Creator Alexis G. on June 25

      Backer #482 here, still waiting for a refund. Initially I was waiting on the printer an got frustrated with that. Now equally frustrating situation with the refund. I might opt for the link posted about trying to get a refund, at this point what's the worse that could happen after waiting forever for it.

    15. Creator phil watt on June 24

      Now the name of their shill business makes sense. .. Pirates is right... maybe in their criminal minds they believed they gave us fair warning of their intentions. ..

      So they have all rights to steal people's hard earned money is a basic credo.

      I wonder how much they could have put their grubbys on with a claim of free filament for a year or two. Stupid pirates...
      You already spent all the money you stole... now you need a piece of cardboard and a sharpie with the message "need work"
      Who's gonna back your next robbery, er project without enough left over for identity changes?? Dopes, LOL

    16. Creator Lawrence Virgin on June 23

      If it's the last second of time I have I will use it for my refund. You can't give people the option for a refund saying they understand then totally take the money with no intent of returning. Poorly executed and on top of that we just got the "screw you" from them. Take to every media outlet and expose this pathetic campaign.

    17. Creator Terry on June 23

      @ Markus - it's a fair point about the retail shop but that doesn't mean they should be dishonest. I think in the last update they already knew they weren't going to honor their fulfillment of refunds and yet they stated a date to keep people wanting refunds quiet (whether that it worked or not is irrelevant). And then in the latest update they don't even acknowledge the previously set refund deadline and pushed it out indefinitely.

      At this point, if you opted for a refund you are more than likely getting nothing at all. Come to think of it, the initial 'glitch' that sent out ridiculous refund dates (mine was like sep 2017) is starting to feel more like the actual refund date...... if it comes at all.

    18. Creator sejtam on June 23

      What SCUM, LIARS. Refunds were promised. Now they say we won't get them (yeah, like I believe there will ever be dollars left the way they handle things...) I will make a police report

    19. Creator Markus Pech on June 23

      Again, this is not a simple retail shop. It's a risky investment in a company that made you believe it could build a product. Now let's see if they can deliver (even if it's very late). And if all backers are jumping off and want refunds their company won't build any more printers, soon. So I for myself keep patient, hope for the best and hope that they will raise more funds and can continue their work. Cheers!

    20. Creator Terry on June 23

      What? So the last update saying refund will be fulfilled by end of July is completely negated by this newest update. Looks like people who are looking at refunds are getting shafted hard. You lose don't get money back or a printer.

    21. Creator Lawrence Virgin on June 22

      Fraud. Plain and simple.

    22. Creator Carles Oriol on June 22

      On last update you say "If we had a single dollar left, it would go into building a printer ".
      So you are running out of funds and I'll have nothing.


    23. Creator Nicolas Morell on June 22

      Want a refund?
      Check this profile..

    24. Creator Dierk Seeburg on June 22

      Has anyone looked at the feasibility of a class action lawsuit? I want my refund! Where is Kickstarter in all this? I do not trust either one of them, Kickstarter or Pirate3D anymore!

    25. Creator Dungeonstone on June 22


    26. Creator Nicolas Morell on June 22

      Pirate3D is a scam, you should ask for a refund to your card issuer, that's what am going to do

    27. Creator Andrew on June 22

      For those who didn't read the latest update, Pirate3D has basically admitted that they have NO PLANS to fulfill the rest of the promised refunds any time soon. Yet another promise broken.

    28. Creator Eric Zhao on June 22

      How about the schedule for the hot beds delivery?

    29. Creator phil watt on June 22

      How can anything they say be trusted?

    30. Creator Doug Houseman on June 22

      In the 30 May Update Brendon said:


      I have prepared this schedule based on the best information I have on hand, I have taken into account both optimistic and conservative scenarios, what we are facing currently, our deals and this is somewhere in between. This is the schedule we can very realistically adhere to.

      Cold Bed: Finish final delivery 31st August 2015

      Heated Bed: Begin deliveries 30th September and finish by 31st December 2015.

      Refunds: Finish by 31st July 2015."

      Based on the 22 June Update this schedule is a complete non-starter. I suspect many of us will be here in June of 2016 still waiting for printers or refunds.

    31. Creator Andrew on June 22

      Please issue refunds!

    32. Creator Desmond Kee on June 21

      Just to provide some update on my ordeal.
      My printer finally arrived on 9th June 2015. It only work for three days. Now it cannot be powered on.
      I reported to support on 12th June 2015. Report was acknowledged bu till now still no reply.
      Check with them three times no reply. I am extremely disappointed. Considering making a complain to CASE in Singapore.

    33. Creator David Gray on June 21

      P3D have posted on Facebook on the 15th of June:

      "Huge shipments going out, 100 odd printers to our backers worldwide.
      In June/July we aim to finish up all the backers in Singapore and then in August to Europe.
      Steady as she goes and we will get there."

      So it's worth heading over to the Facebook page if things are quiet here. The page is visible, even without a Facebook account, so no whinging that you need a "Scambook" ("Facecrook" / whatever you decide to call it) account, because you don't.

    34. Creator Doug Houseman on June 20

      Well we are now 30 days from the last update. I guess communications will continue to be less than most Kickstarters. I would love it if we knew which countries they were done with and how many of the printers were delivered.

      By their last update they have only a couple of months to finish delivery. I am not holding my breath, sorry.

    35. Creator Amir E. on June 20

      I'd also like to hear if there is any progress on the heated bed production or if we (heated bed backers) should be just swapping to the normal beds.

    36. Creator Tim on June 19

      What is the schedule for delivering cold beds to the UK guys?

    37. Creator David H on June 17

      Hi, an update on the hot bed production would be appreciated. Photos etc to illustrate development and production. Please.....

    38. Creator phil watt on June 16

      Broken promises... that they had no hope or plan to deliver...and no communication...
      that's just fraud ....

    39. Creator Michael Camp on June 16

      Please UPDATE

    40. Creator sejtam on June 16

      I'll guess i'll have to make a police report in SG next. this is ridiculous

    41. Creator sejtam on June 16


    42. Creator Nick F. on June 15

      Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder... they are working really hard to get the printers made and sent to backers still on board. Please be patient with the refunds...they will come later.

    43. Creator Aaron Lin on June 15

      Where the damn hell in the world are my refunds?

    44. Creator Soledad Doren on June 15

      My name is Pablo Alvarez and I live in Bolivia (South America). I am backer #3259 from Feb-26-2013 under the name Soledad Doren, she is a friend of mine and was kind enough to let me use her paypal account due to restrictions in my own paypal account for amounts higher than 300USD, my pledge amount was 547USD which included 100USD for shipping costs.

      I follow all your updates and since you said that you recently finished fulfilling all the South American orders I wanted to ask you to please provide me with a tracking number for the order as in my country goods receives from express couriers (DHL, FedEx, etc. ) are always intercepted by customs and given 48 hours to pick up without a fee which is cumulative for each day that you delay picking the package up.

      Let me know if you need any personal information or payment information of any kind and I will be glad to send that to you.

      Thank you.

    45. Creator Erik S on June 14

      So I see this printer is selling retail at $999. Meanwhile of the Buccaneers being resold on ebay the average price paid is around $470. Conclusion: Nobody wants to buy this thing at $999.

    46. Creator Rami Nasra on June 14

      Can I get an update on when I'll get my printer?

    47. Creator Dungeonstone on June 14

      Promised a refund months ago... Nothing.

      Won't answer inquiries about this either here or via email.

      Ask them about it on their Facebook page then they block you rather than answer you honestly.

    48. Creator Markus Pech on June 13

      Well, of course sales are driving refunds. What do you expect? That 50% (just a wild guess) of the backers jump off and the company can easily live with that? 1,5 Mio really isn't that much if the people on your team are going to get paid and you build up a company with a physical product from scratch.
      The lack in communication is still very bad, but what should they say? I guess they're pretty unsure and calculate everything on the edge. So, if one of their suppliers don't deliver the needed quality or don't deliver at all, they are screwed and won't be able to fulfill anything. So, they just try their best to get their goods and refunds delivered. There were A LOT of KS projects that just died. If you make an investment here it's not like buying something on amazon. Those guys behind the projects are not professionals in many aspects. But the backers give them the chance to realise theire ideas. Of course, with a risk. So please stop complaining, let them do their work and be happy, if you receive something in the end. And keep away from KS, if you can't except that this is risk investment. (BTW, I am waiting for my buccaneer, too. I invested more than $500 and don't want to loose them. But I knew that this could happen when giving my money to someone who never build a professional, consumer ready piece of hardware before. Let's hope they deliver, the product seems to be really good. Cheers to everyone!

    49. Creator phil watt on June 12

      ...and so it goes.
      What a business model..
      what a team...
      what a product...
      sales driving refunds...
      what a joke. ...
      ...but no one's laughing.

    50. Creator __N__ on June 12

      Still waiting for refund... "It is expected that you will receive your refund on January 2015."

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