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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
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Pirate3D Inc

3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Mark Henderson 32 minutes ago

      My Buccaneer arrived late yesterday afternoon (Sydney, Australia in shocking weather). I have not had a chance to power it on yet, but initial feedback is that the packaging defies logic on opening it. It seems to open like a door, but when you've got the box on the floor and are cutting all the tape off the box, it's not at all obvious how to open it.

      I cut around the top of the box (which is taped) and then couldn't see a seam to open it from, so I tipped the box on its side and eventually found the door to open it from, but of course I had laid it on its side to see that.

      If I had been opening it on a table, perhaps I would have seen it sooner, but how many people do that?

      I will hopefully post more feedback once I have got it hooked up at home tonight, once the kids are in bed so they don't want to muck around with it.

    2. Creator David Gray about 2 hours ago

      Got a tracking number this morning from Digital3D (who is handling distribution and after-market support in Australia). Expected delivery is Thursday (so two days from now. Rural Victoria). Getting pretty excited! Backer #3335, not that it matters now.

    3. Creator JEANNE OCONNELL about 9 hours ago

      Can you tell me when I can expect my Printer? Thank you...

    4. Creator joeybulky about 16 hours ago

      Can such third party kit be use with Buccaneer? Please tell us more about the problem face with heated plate.

    5. Creator Raygun Fighter about 18 hours ago

      Finally got my refund also, minus paypal fees. It's been a nutty couple of years.

      Good luck to the rest of you who purchased printers / are awaiting a refund.

    6. Creator Gordon Read about 20 hours ago

      finally got my refund (minus paypal fees)

      on the plus side, since the Canadian dollar has dropped since i ordered, i ended up making $24.59 by cancelling my order.

    7. Creator Andrew Lockhart 1 day ago

      Received my refund last night too (minus paypal fees).

    8. Creator Derek West 2 days ago

      Yay I just got my refund I can now unsubcribe from this campaign. Good luck to everyone still holding out for your printers/refunds!

    9. Creator Michael McDonald 2 days ago

      Finally got my refund, a few days or years late, -$20 for pay-pall.
      Just glad it's over, good luck to the rest of you.

    10. Creator Desmond Kee 2 days ago

      Was trying to find out when will batch 2 be delivered. Send quite a few mail and no reply. Can someone from the company respond please. Thank you

    11. Creator phil watt 2 days ago

      Dont give us "as promised"... your promises are worthless........

      Refund now!!

    12. Creator Gordon Read 2 days ago

      where are the refunds? who is in charge of this farce?

    13. Creator anthrorob 2 days ago

      I have a quick question. Perhaps someone can answer this for me. Pirate3D is sending printers sorted by country (Thailand, Singapore, Australia, etc) does this shipping rubric replace the older "batch" number priority? (For example: Are Thai backers who backed batch 3 getting the printer before, say, a Canadian or American who backed batch 2? Or are they still following the batch order as well? Thanks!

    14. Creator Rolf Bakker 3 days ago

      UPDATE: the Buccaneer works fine now! Last night and this morning I couldn't get the Buccaneer to work and I unplugged it for several hours. After I wrote the message below, I decided to give it one more try, and guess what.....

      It worked :) !!!

      I'm happy now :)

    15. Creator Rolf Bakker 3 days ago

      I received my Buccaneer two days ago (in Germany). It arrived in excellent condition :) and the import duties I had to pay were around EUR 127,- as expected.

      There is just a 'minor' issue: I can't get the software to work. When I turn on the printer it goes through the initialization phase and the white LED blinks slowly. The Buccaneer WIFI Network appears and I can make a wifi connection to the network. (Via iPhone, iPad and Windows PC). That all works, but then I come to the point were you have to setup the Buccaneer in the software / app. The IOS devices can't connect to the Buccaneer (although the wifi connection is established) and the Windows PC gets me one step further, asks me for the password and then asks me if I want to use the Buccaneer Network or want to setup via a router. Both options don't work. If I choose Router the Buccaneer tries to discover the available Wifi networks but keeps discovering and discovering and discovering.........

      So, I guess I'm pretty close, but I need some help with the last steps to get the Buccaneer working :)

    16. Creator Galen Law-kun 3 days ago

      Hey guys! It's been a long journey. Just wanted to let you know that I finally received my refund! Wish you guys all the best.

    17. Creator REMYO 3 days ago

      I am on the list of April's refund (last update list). Today is the 18th but I didn't receive my refund! I wrote 2 emails but no answer!!!

      Please proceed ASAP.

    18. Creator Ryan Torstvet 3 days ago

      Got my printer. Any one that wants to see pictures or how it's all working you can find me on instagram and twitter @skullimari

    19. Creator Gerry Gan 3 days ago

      Hi, I was contacted via email directly. I was in Singapore to self collect my Buccaneer (even though it was to be sent to Thailand) I left my contact with Gabriel but no reply. Now, the update states Thailand backers had their devices sent already but my name's not on that list. Someone reply me please.

    20. Creator Alex 3 days ago

      well, got partial money back ... I'm out, good luck to you all... I'll be looking for another 3D printer

    21. Creator Alexandra Kristine Joe 4 days ago

      Has anyone in Batch 2 received their printers yet? I've been waiting for mine for a year now...

    22. Creator Ryan Torstvet 4 days ago

      Just got my DHL update saying delivery expected tomorrow!

    23. Creator David Gray 4 days ago

      @tomfii: Kickstarter's terms and conditions state that you're responsible for all fees and taxes that may occur when using Kickstarter (that includes import fees and such). Yes creators could find companies that handle all that stuff so you don't have to pay extra to collect, but ultimately, they're not legally obligated to do that

      For anyone else interested:… (section 7)

    24. Creator Alex Evangelou 4 days ago

      Finally got my refund! PayPal did take $15 but at this point I don't care; I'm out! Good luck to the rest of you

    25. Creator tomfii 4 days ago

      oh wow, just got my printer
      and guess what...
      it doesn't work!!
      it makes sounds, like it's about to explode
      i guess it's not calibrated at all and the motors move the parts beyond all limits
      there is also a loose cable hanging around inside the chasis, WTF?
      it's connected to the circuit board on the nozzle but the other end just hangs there...
      great! so it took you 14 months longer to send my a printer that doesn't work?
      you're awesome!

    26. Creator Philip Wilson 4 days ago


      However, the money im getting back in Singapore Dollars, not USD, which is what I think I paid in. Difference of about 70 quid. Anyone else got this, or am I wrong?

    27. Creator Trevor Ruhl 4 days ago

      I appreciate your process but it has taken so long to get the printer that I honestly don't want it, I have purchased other equipment that suits my needs better. Is it too late to get a refund?

    28. Creator tomfii 5 days ago

      I'm from Germany and i just had a talk on the phone with a guy from DHL Express.
      I'll probably get my printer later this evening.
      The bad news is: I gotta pay €130 (~ $140) customs and shit
      WTF? Pirate3D? I already have payed you $150 for shipping
      Don't tell me, that it costs almost $300 in shipping and customs for a f-ing printer!?
      I was in the Feb-batch (Feb 2014 that is...), so i payed $247 for the printer.
      So now the printer is cheaper than getting the printer sent to my house?
      What kind of company are you? You can't be serious!

    29. Creator Nicolas Lambert 5 days ago

      2 years ago, I paid $497
      Today, I finally got a partially refund: $470,86 (thanks to Paypal fee)
      Not fair but better than nothing...

    30. Creator Nigel Bernie 5 days ago

      No refund yet despite being on the 15th list.

    31. Creator Aaron Lin 5 days ago

      No refund, where is it

    32. Creator Ryan Carroll 5 days ago

      Of note, I have moved since I submitted my shipping address way back in 2013, while awaiting delivery. Can I please request an address change? Thank you.

    33. Creator uɐp loʞos 5 days ago

      I'm on the refund list, have not received it.

    34. Creator Philip Wilson 5 days ago

      Same as other 15th refunders. Can anyone who did get one post here?

    35. Creator Michael McDonald 5 days ago

      I'm on the list for refunds by today, still no refund.

      How about a new list confirming whom you did send a refund to, so that we can know if it was sent, but disappeared in the ether somewhere.

    36. Creator brandon 5 days ago

      Could you please comment on why the USA is so far down the list and when, if ever we should expect to receive if we were originally slated to receive in February 2014. I understand the hurdles you have encountered, but I have now been planning on receiving and USING this printer for over 1 year. I only ask for an updated, even if extremely conservative ETD. Thanks and good luck!

    37. Creator Peter Wojciechowski 5 days ago


    38. Creator Benjamin Rigaud 6 days ago

      No refund too :/

    39. Creator Derek West 6 days ago

      I too was on the list to get my refund by April 15. Still no refund. How about instead of saying they will be done soon you state that we should contact you if we are on the April and did not receive one. Soon is so very arbitrary with you guys it could easily mean some time before 2025 or just before the dinosaurs rise from the dead to take over the world. Please give a hard date that the april batch will be done so those of us on that list who dont receive a refund no better when to contact you. Thank you.

    40. Creator Steve Makofsky 6 days ago

      Was on the list for the last batch of refunds (apr 15), but still have not received it. Any idea on when?

    41. Creator Evelyn Ho 6 days ago

      Hi Pirate3D, I'm a Singapore backer and have not received my printer yet. May I know if all SG batches are already shipped? If so, where's mine? Did you missed mine out?

    42. Creator david fung 6 days ago

      I want to know when the delivery to Hong Kong will begin or arrange

    43. Creator Cheng Wee Phua 6 days ago

      Don't see any refund. When will it ever come?

    44. Creator Mark Clark Jr 6 days ago

      1 day shy of the refunds by the 15th date. Should I just assume that it's not going to happen at this point?

    45. Creator Michael Camp 6 days ago

      Would love to know when USA gets their shipment!

    46. Creator Markus Pech 6 days ago

      I'm also very interested in the next shipping plans. It would be good to see, how many printers you can produce in which time and how many backers are actually left waiting for one. Hopefully there will be an update, soon.

    47. Creator Branden G 6 days ago

      Brendan can you comment on when other countries will get delivery? I'm sure there is a lot of people in North America waiting for some news. Canada and usa.

    48. Creator Nicolas Morell 7 days ago

      Refund! NOW!!

    49. Creator happy 7 days ago

      @Pirate3d what about the status of heated bed printers?

    50. Creator Pirate3D Inc 7 days ago

      @Kieran: You are absolutely right! I can't believe I didn't think of that....

      Okay emailing out to all NZ backers and you will join batch 2 to Aussie.

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