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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chayne VandeZande
      about 6 hours ago

      I'm requesting that you refund my pledge as it seems at this point that you cannot fulfill it, or are unwilling to. Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.
      Terms of use at the time of this campaign are here:

    2. Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel 2 days ago

      Hey guys there selling printers that we never got! What a bunch of thieves. I hope karma gets them they are the worse scum of the earth!

    3. Missing avatar

      phil watt 7 days ago

      They were not truthful. They lied. They squandered. I invested in them bringing new technology and they failed and lied.

    4. Missing avatar

      George Borton on September 17

      This is sad. I suspect that it was probably mismanagement that brought this about but that is risk of being an investor. I have backed about 10 kickstarters of various sizes and two (including this one) failed. I know that this could happen going in but was willing to risk the money. However I was not "cheated' by this because I knew I investing in a company, not buying an item, with the promise of a reward for providing backing if all went correctly. Hopefully all other kickstarter users understand that they are doing the same thing.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mario Leone on August 27

      I've spent a lot of money in kickstarters projects in the past, but this one will be my last one. Kickstarters guys are just happy to get a cut of our money and they just dont care about us supporters. Kickstarter? No thanks.

    6. Missing avatar

      Hugo Distefano on August 24

      Hi guys, please I want my refund, I have waiting 2 years...

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Bradfield on August 18

      Lewis, what went wrong was that you had a bunch of kids with money who didn't know how to manage a business.
      The wiz bangs got ahold of them and before they knew it the money was spent.
      Happens a lot with startups....

    8. James Kathrein Jr on August 18

      Well...I have asked for delivery or a refund almost a year ago...anybody there????

    9. Dag Henrik Bråtane
      on August 11

      The last comment from Pirate3D was January-31-2016: "Hi Backers, Apologies, the audit is taking slightly longer than expected. Should have it done by this week as well as the update". We are still waiting for this update. I understand that there is probably not much money left from the Kickstarter campaign, but we backers deserve to know how things went wrong. Thanks.

    10. Paul Rosenberg
      on August 10

      if anyone comes up with a way of getting any $$ back, count me in. This is the second small printer I kickstarted, the other has also winked out of existance with my $$$... you'd think I'd learn!

    11. Tony D'Alfonso on August 10

      What are our options to recoup funds?

    12. Mintsphere on August 9

      Kinda ugly did not get any printer or money.. gosh my first Pledge though. have a lots of faith before and very excited before.

    13. Charles Fu on August 4

      possible to email to the crooks to at least provide a final update in Kickstarter?
      I'm very sure not everyone has logged in here to read the final words from brandan. Also, it's at least ethical for these people to admit they have ran out of money, and unable to deliver their promises, rather than keeping silent all these years and leave us wondering.

    14. JHCHayward on August 2

      @Marcel - thanks for that; it's good to finally know where we stand. It's been a long three years and it's such a shame. The P3D experience has broken my trust in the crowdfunding model and I'm going to be deleting my Kickstarter and Indiegogo accounts so I don't waste any more hard earned cash on someone's flashy intro video and broken promises.


    15. Missing avatar

      Marcel on August 2

      I had still some faith in P3D after the last update but it was in vain. I contacted Brendan yesterday and got a response from him today:

      "Thanks for writing to me, yes Pirate3D ran out of money in 2015 and has pretty much ceased operations. Unless a miracle happens and we somehow get cash, I think that's pretty much it for P3D, I'm sorry. Warmly, Brendan"

      Of course I'm sad I lost the money but I do believe they did not spend it on profit or personal gains. I guess this is it, this is part of the risk of backing kickstarter projects. Unfortunately this is the second big kickstarter failure I backed so I will only be backing small projects from now on. Lesson learned.

    16. INNOcrave on July 26

      Wow. Did anyone get their printer? Money lost. #Disappointed but they don't care they got their money.

    17. Tobin Weltin on July 24

      Hey everyone, I've been out of the loop for the last two years. I've all but written off my pledge, but I was curious if anyone can give me a summary of what I've missed and who own P3D at this point? I was surprised and a little upset to see they still have a site and list printers for sale.

    18. Ilja Braun on July 24

      Bye bye to my money.

    19. David G. on July 20

      How can we get the name/company of the creditors who have deemed our fulfillment predicated on future sales? This is not some invisible hand at play, if there is a specific creditor who is restricting flow we have a right to know who that creditor is.

    20. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on July 19

      The biggest slap in the face was that for the longest time, they sold printers on eBay and Amazon... instead of fulfilling our printers... they seemingly tried leeching more money from more people. The printers were being mass produced at one point and even packaged... Where the heck did things go wrong? Why did Kickstarter not take legal action or force them to talk to us in some way? Can we take legal action against their creditors? After all, this is our money first and foremost. We are owed something. We are like a creditor ourselves.

    21. Charles Fu on July 19

      Some did.
      That was 2 years ago when they first offer refund, and arrogantly mentioned "hope you will produce a better printer"
      I hope they choked on their words. This is pure retribution.

    22. john kelley on July 18

      Has anyone received a refund?

    23. Charles Fu on July 11

      @ Andrew, thanks for this update, and no thanks to P3D.
      At least the people here have a closure. No amount of suing, cursing and blaming would work now that P3D does not belong to the original P3D, and, let's put it this way, the company has consume itself to its core, leaving nothing, even bone fragments to the original group of supporters like us.

      I think the anger sparks from P3D creators staying silent and disappeared without a trace or last note from us. Their irresponsibilities, even right down to writing a very simple 'apologetic' message, very clearly shows they are not concern about fulfilling our promised printers, nor do they care what we say/think/feel. The best course of action right now is to identify these criminals, their radical actions, and make sure our paths DO NOT CROSS EVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN!!

    24. Andrew Ogier on July 11

      @Charles, Well, I got a response.

      I'm not getting a printer, not even if we collect in person. They say for every 5 they sell, they can fulfill one printer, yet their printers do not belong to Pirate3D, but to their creditors who have taken over their assets.

      Game over, people. We aren't getting our printers, especially as they state in their email that no investor is willing to give them money to fulfill existing orders.

    25. Charles Fu on July 10

      @ Andrew
      I will be very surprise if they even entertain your wife by replying this email. If they open the door, they may act surprised that they did not receive any email from your wife, give some lame excuse that their 'printer' is not ready given that they had not "received" prior notifications.

      Of course that is if they even open the door to your wife.

      All that being said, I really wish you good luck, do keep all of us updated here. We all are very eager to know how well it goes for you, so we can all do the same if that yields any result.


    26. Andrew Ogier on July 10

      Charles Fu, Actually My wife is heading to Singapore as we speak to knock on their door and ask for our printer.

      We sent them the following email:

      "I am one of the disappointed backers of your Buccaneer 3D printer on Kickstarter over 3 years ago (Backer Number 3759), who has not received one of your printers, despite paying over $100 extra to get it shipped internationally.

      My wife is visiting family in Singapore and is flying over there on Sunday 10th July. She will be there for just over a week and I have instructed her to visit your offices in person to collect a printer from you.

      As I can see that you are still manufacturing and selling Buccaneer 2016 models for retail, and they take 3 - 5 days to ship internationally, I assume this would not be a problem? You don't need to worry about refunding us the additional $100 extra that we spent for international shipping (although I wouldn't say no to that as a gesture of good will for 3 years worth of delays), we just want to collect the printer from you that I believed in all those years ago.

      Can you please confirm that this will be possible, and can you please confirm that the collection address below is correct (as listed on the website that you are still selling printers from):

      2A Pahang Street

      Finally please confirm a date during the week of Monday 11th July to Monday 18th July that my wife can collect our long overdue printer from you, and if at all possible, a contact phone number that she can call in case of difficulties?

      Thank you."

      We'll keep you posted if they actually give her the printer or even answer the knock on their door.

    27. Missing avatar

      Luo lody on July 6

      Hi, Guys. that's really fun that talking. Maybe 2030 we can get our printer.

    28. Kevin Chow on July 4

      Guys, keep the hate to yourself. No matter what you say is not helping anyone. The only thing you can do to get the printer faster is to help them recover faster and when P3D make enough profit I sure they will send the plus model to everyone, seem like a big upgrade.

    29. Charles Fu on July 4

      ha. ha. bloody. ha

    30. Missing avatar

      phil watt on July 1

      No just funny. Laughing at your funny swear words and bad big tough guy attitude. Your funny. Thanks !

    31. Charles Fu on July 1

      Watt, phil, watt really? you trying to be obscene here?

    32. Missing avatar

      phil watt on June 30

      Fu , charles. Really?

    33. Nicole Cheng on June 29

      Does any one in Singapore want to make a case against them? The Kickstarter terms and conditions can be used as legal documents against Pirate 3D- under the section of creator's obligations. To which these people failed to fulfill in any sense.

    34. Charles Fu on June 28

      you guys all TALK SHIT.
      I already given you the company address, company registration number. Go find them face to face, be a real man, get back what they owe you, that's RIGHTFULLY yours.
      Don't dream and hope things will happen. Nobody gonna help you.

    35. Superyoda on June 24

      the power is us !!!

    36. Superyoda on June 24

      They made ​​us dream and we all thought ! Trust is the basis of community kickstarter . Feel free to make claims at this link. Kickstarter has to move , put in place additional security and a guarantee system and especially reimburse us !!!!!!!!…

    37. Missing avatar

      Ito Hiro on June 23

      Still nothing after promising to deliver by April 2015. And on FaceBook they are posting on Buccy Plus dated May 25th 2016.

    38. Missing avatar

      Master Dee on June 23

      I will pledge for the projet that someone who is going to sue Pirate 3D.
      We need our money back!

    39. Superyoda on June 23

      Pirate3D visits Cambodia to donate Buccaneers 3D printers
      | Jan 19, 2016
      Pirate3D visits Cambodia to donate Buccaneers 3D printers
      Last I heard about Pirate3D was sometimes last year, reading an article trying to explain possible reasons for the issues faced by this Singapore-based start-up in the wake of its successful Kickstarter campaign.

      I’ll be honest, I thought Pirate3D had shut down. So I was very surprised and happy when our friends from Arc Hub PNH, pioneers of 3D printing in Cambodia (who generously welcome me in their office once a week), told me they were expecting a visit from the CEO and co-founder of Pirate3D.

      But let’s backtrack a little. In 2013 Pirate3D raised a whooping $1.3m on Kickstarter to create a sleek, easy-to-use desktop 3D printer named the Buccaneer. The reason for this crowdfunding hit was that the Buccaneer was not only a 3D printer: the bigger value proposition was that it would also come with a full ecosystem of software and apps, thus creating a great integrated experience, even for beginners. Oh, and the Buccaneer price was originally set at $349, an important factor to make it the 3D printer for the masses and a strong incentive for Kickstarter backers.

      Long story short, the Pirate3D team faced numerous issues during the production phase to make this project come to reality. They quickly realized they would not be able to deliver on the promises of the Kickstarter campaign, at least not at this price point. That’s when the company made headlines, when they announced that after fulfilling 40% of the Kickstarter orders, they would stop doing so for a while in order to get their company back on track.

      The contrast between the huge amount raised on Kickstarter and the fact that Pirate3D would finally not complete the project generated lots of complaints and bad headlines. Pirate3D soon became the posterchild for over-ambitious and unrealistic projects made possible by crowdfunding, outside of the constraints of the real world. Some even suggested the team had taken the money and abandoned the project.

      However, reality was a bit different: yes the team failed on keeping their initial promises, probably by lack of experience in industrial production. But they also communicated about the situation and explained the rationale behind their choice to put the Kickstarter orders on hold (and not cancel them). The idea was to raise new funds to give the company a new momentum to improve the Buccaneer and the overall production operations, in order to release a better a more viable version of this 3D printer. For a more detailed story, I encourage you to read this interesting article.

      Anyway that was a long introduction, flash forward to Tuesday February 12, 2016. Brendan Goh, CEO and co-founder of Pirate3D, is coming from Singapore to Phnom Penh to donate two Buccaneers to local schools.

      MOD-t New Matter 3D printer
      From left to right: Brendan Goh, CEO of Pirate3D, Martin Lansard (me!), co-founder of Aniwaa, Ki Chong Tran, co-founder of Arc Hub PNH

      The donation was organized by Arc Hub PNH, a local 3D printing company run by two Khmer-american brothers. They are involved in several education programs and charity work in Cambodia, including an amazing initiative called Think Global Make Local to provide a free Product Development course with of course some 3D modeling and 3D printing workshops.

      When Brendan read about their project, he decided to donate a couple of 3D printers to schools in Cambodia. After all, the Buccaneer is designed with non-experienced users in mind, and its simplicity and reliability make it a great machine to be used for educational purposes. So Brendan got in touch with Ki Chong and Ki How at Arc Hub PNH and soon enough, here they are in Phnom Penh, delivering two brand new Buccaneers to the Arc Hub PNH office for a quick setup and training session.

      Pirate3D Buccaneer unboxing
      Pirate3D Buccaneer unboxing
      Brendan and Ki How unboxing the Buccaneer

      I was thrilled to be there for the unboxing of the Buccaneer, especially after having read all these article about the “failure” of Pirate3D… First impression: the packaging is nice, like Apple-nice. Ki How and Brendan removed the Buccaneer from its box and put it up on the desk that had been cleared for the occasion (there are quite a few 3D printers at Arc Hub PNH!). No parts to assemble here besides the build platform.

      Pirate3D Buccaneer on desktop
      The Buccaneer almost ready to print!

      As expected, the Buccaneer is a beautiful piece of design. The casing is transparent at the bottom and open on the front to access the build platform, while all the rods and components are fully enclosed in the upper silver part of the printer. The lid of the casing is easy to remove so no problem if, like Ki How, you like to look under the hood! Overall, I had the feeling of a nicely engineered machine with a high-end finish.

      Pirate3D Buccaneer open
      Pirate3D Buccaneer open
      Looking under the hood with Brendan and Ki How

      Next step: connecting to the printer via the mobile app to do the calibration. Again, the Buccaneer delivers: it took us minutes to install the app and connect to the printer to calibrate. Everything is straightforward and the software is well-designed, making the whole setup feel like a breeze.

      Pirate3D Buccaneer mobile app
      Calibrating the Buccaneer with the dedicated mobile app

      Minutes after, we were launching the first print, the classic octopus. Again, with pre-loaded and ready-to-print designs, everything is done to make it simple to start your first 3D print and get the “magic” going. Of course, this ease of use is achieved at the expense of features beloved by more advanced users such as the extrusion temperature control.

      Pirate3D Buccaneer printing
      The Buccaneer 3D printing!

      While the print was ongoing, I had a chat with Brendan who explained that the Buccaneer is actually designed and made in Singapore, and retails at $588. A price point allowing for a sustainable growth of Pirate3D, which will eventually enable them to fulfill the 60% backorders from the initial Kickstarter campaign. No dates have been announced for that phase though. The company mostly sells the 3D printers directly from their website but also through a few resellers worldwide. They are now focusing their efforts on the Education sector, as they realized that training the new generation about the potential of 3D printing was a prerequisite to a mass adoption of the technology.

      I was also able to ask Brendan about the story behind the name “Pirate3D”, which I always found pretty cool and catchy (although maybe unfortunate after the Kickstarter situation!). Turns out the name was inspired by the classic 90s geek movie “Pirate of the Silicon Valley”, a must-see :) The founding team was watching the movie and at the time they were also looking for the right company name. As fans of the movie, they thought the name would also resonate with a broader audience and added the “3D” for, you know, 3D printing. Pretty cool reference!

      Pirate of the Silicon Vallet
      Overall, I thought the Buccaneer definitely delivered on the ease-of-use and overall print experience. It is definitely not a 3D printer for advanced makers or experienced users (not to mention professional ones). But for beginners, schools, or simply enthusiasts looking to get familiar with 3D printing without too much hassle regarding setting up and fine tuning, then I think the Buccaneer is a solid option. Especially since at $588, the price to performance ratio is more than decent and the printer can definitely be a beautiful addition to your living room :)

      Pirate3D, Arc Hub PNH and Aniwaa teams
      From left to right: Martin Lansard (me!), co-founder of Aniwaa, Ki How Tran, co-founder of Arc Hub PNH, Ki Chong Tran, co-founder of Arc Hub PNH, Brendan Goh

      Brendan took advantage of being in Phnom Penh to pay a visit to a few local fablabs and start-up incubators to get the pulse of the makers community in Cambodia. He also gave a speech at the Liger Learning Academy to share about his entrepreneurial experience. The video below will give you an overview of the Pirate3D visit to Phnom Penh.


      The first Buccaneer 3D printer has been delivered last week by the Arc Hub PNH team at the Cambodian Children’s Fund in Phnom Penh. They were super happy about the donation and eager to try their first 3D prints!

      Donation of the Buccaneer 3D printer to the CCF
      Kids at the CCF gathering around the Buccaneer 3D printer.

      The second Buccaneer will be donated to the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in Cambodia. They plan on bringing students from America to do programs with Cambodian students and want to set up a small makerspace in RUFA. The Buccaneer will be their first maker tool!

    40. Superyoda on June 23


    41. Charles Fu on June 22

      You guys just talk shit and no action.
      Their address is:
      UEN: 201219581C

      Stop talking shit, just start your action already. Go confront them, address and company registration numbers given.

    42. john kelley on June 18

      The only thing we can trust now..... Karma is a Bitch. They will get theirs

    43. Peter Lemmens on June 17

      My patients has ended.
      Think it is time for a personal visit.

    44. David Bernhardt on June 15

      For all of you wanting refunds, it's too late. Pirate3d is dead and out of money. Nobody's getting their printers, refunds or justice.

      (I say this as an observer of a company with no press, no updates since last October, nothing delivered, and employees and founders jumping ship. I have absolutely no affiliation with them, but it's clear that their ship has sunk. We were swindled by pirates!)

    45. Missing avatar

      phil watt on June 15

      I think the professor abandoned Gilligan and went to teach economics., taking poor students money

    46. David Bernhardt on June 14

      For all of you wanting refunds, it's too late. Pirate3d is dead and out of money. Nobody's getting their printers, refunds or justice.

    47. Missing avatar

      CK Chin on June 14

      I yet claim my printer yet. Is it advisable to take the printer or get refund?

    48. Missing avatar

      Rob Walton on June 13

      Guys... Is there an update on my refund? An ETA perhaps?

    49. Stephen Inoue on June 13

      You can still buy them online for $709 and I still see a few kicking around on eBay, but sure does seem quiet.

      Look at this on eBay:

      Pirate3D Buccaneer 3D Printer

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