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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Doug Houseman about 6 hours ago

      I am so pleased with the Rostock V2 Max that I got from SeeMeCNC.

      Totally different experience...

      1) Shipped in less than 24 hours, delivered in less than 72 hours
      2) Took less than a week to build - by my 17 year old twins - no help from anyone else
      3) Wonderful build videos and step by step instructions
      4) They released updated parts 3 weeks after I ordered the machine. When I inquired about the parts they shipped them free to me to install
      5) Machine is building amazing prints with ABS, Nylon and PLA (we are waiting for delivery of other materials to try).

      In short the exact opposite of Pirate 3D. It could have been so different for P3D, if only they had kept up a reasonable level of communications.

    2. Creator phil watt about 22 hours ago

      Whoo hoo
      Refund day - dang I forgot. Liars

    3. Creator Julien Berger 2 days ago

      Anybody got a legal case in preparation? I would like to joind since I am tired of waiting and tired excuses.
      Also, we are lacking some sort of platform to unite, those waiting for a printer/refund. Someone interested in founding a facebook group or so?

    4. Creator David Gray 3 days ago

      @Richard J Coldiron:

      In December 2014 I met with the Ninja Blocks team in Sydney (the Ninja Sphere being another Kickstarter project which was funded in November 2013 and started shipping in March 2015) and asked them about their demo video, which showed a functioning Ninja Sphere.

      Elliot (one of the developers) explained that the the casing was a prototype they had made and the proof-of-concept hardware (i.e. the loose boards and wires and such) were literally crammed inside the casing and pushed shut, like a sandwich with too much filling. The same went for their trilateration demo (which showed Sam (another developer, working on the machine learning stuff) walking through the house and lights turning on automatically as he entered the rooms) -- the demo was real, with nobody turning lights on behind the camera, but the demo software was programmed for that specific scenario and was in no way the final version.

      I also asked them about the journey from PoC to final and got told stories of stuff that worked well in theory, but not in practice. On top of the Sphere is an 8x8 LED matrix used for notifications and such. It had a problem with light leaking between the LEDs, so they had to design a black "shield" to stop light leaking which cost more money and time. They couldn't just cut out some black paper and shove it in, it had to be done professionally, or it could be a fire hazard. So they spent the time doing it right.

      So my point is, what you see in the video is never even close to the final thing. It's usually a proof of concept box crammed with wires and hand-soldered boards that is enough to make a slick video so they can start designing something that looks like the video.

      And as far as I can see, the printer sitting on my desk at home and the one in the video, are the same. It's a "my first printer" (judging by the certification, the cold bed, the dead simple to use software and Treasure Island, which lets you one-click print things), so I don't care about ABS or heated beds or anything. The koch snowflake vase I use as a pen holder at work is awesome, my USB stick / SD card holder does what it says on the tin and the lens cap holder for my Canon 5D MKIII fits my camera perfectly. It's a 3D printer, and I'm happy with it, and that's all I wanted out of the project :)

      Anyway, this was more about me sharing the humorous story of the Ninja Sphere and it's "cosmetic surgery for the camera"

    5. Creator phil watt 3 days ago

      I am so surprised that amazon would allow products sold by a company with a better business Bureau bbb score of F
      It also shows they use a fake address in Palo alto california, wtf?? True to form, huh?

    6. Creator Tony D'Alfonso 4 days ago

      Still waiting for my heated bed printer. Any ETA for Canada?

    7. Creator Alexis G. 4 days ago

      FYI - I went through this link's bio information - - and I got a refund through my bank I did the steps that was in the bio information - good luck with those that try it -- it took some time but it happened (I bank with BoA)

    8. Creator Richard J Coldiron 4 days ago

      I really want to know who's parts were in their 3d printer they demo'd for the kickstarter intro video as well as the trade shows and mags when this all started. Obviously based on updates that printer was not at all what they were working on, because they had so much more development to do. I feel like this project was a bait and switch. Show a printer that appears to be done, and funding is needed to wrap it up, and manufacture it. Instead the funding is used to design a whole new printer that is not even as good as that printer demoed. I remember back when they told backers they were not customers and they are not obligated to us. I don't think that attitude has changed, they just learned not to say it to us. But their choosing to ignore us is speaks the same volume.
      I am amazed at those as well who complained for so long, then they get their printer only to chastise others for being upset. I am not sure if its stockholm syndrome or just awful human beings. I am curious how many will push for a lawsuit. I doubt anyone will get anything from it, because the case will likely drain p3d of the funds and they will have to shut down. It may mean no one gets anything, but the P3d ship would be sunk as well. At this point I would even take a printer. I just want to get something from my investment and move on.

    9. Creator Shawn Hendricks 5 days ago

      I await my cold bed Buccaneer in the USA. How soon can I expect it?

    10. Creator Alexandre Altoe Matamoros 5 days ago

      @Pedro Amazon will not allow that review..
      They will block it from going online...

    11. Creator Pedro "Reynard" Loustaunau 6 days ago


      Go to Amazon and leave them negative (thruthful) reviews about how you will never receive your printer and there is no company support. At the very least it'll be hilarious

    12. Creator Morgan Heijdemann 7 days ago

      Dear Pirate3D,

      I am still waiting for the hot-plate model in Singapore. Could you give me an estimate when it will be available ? I know you guys had some set backs with licensing, but it's been more than two years now.
      And we're still waiting here :-)

      Morgan Heijdemann

    13. Creator phil watt on July 25

      Liars again

    14. Creator Sally 'Qwill' Janin on July 25

      Went to customer support - submitted a request about refunds and received this email response which includes this " understand that we will only be able to service refunds again from September 2015 onwards." So NO REFUNDS will be sent out this month as promised. And nothing until September or onwards. This simply consolidates my belief that they are dishonest.

      "Thank you for contacting Pirate3D, your ticket number is (6986).

      Please be informed that currently we are prioritizing serving our buccaneer-c customers first.

      While we thank you for your support and patience, understand that we will only be able to service refunds again from September 2015 onwards.

      Should you wish to change your option from refund to the cold-bed Buccaneer (buccaneer-c), please inform us via the "Change Order Type" Form."

    15. Creator __N__ on July 25


    16. Creator __N__ on July 25

      I would like to have my refund. I do not see why some of the people posting here are still defending these people. In my opinion I have given them money and they promised me one of their 3D printers. After lowering the specifications many delays I opted for the refund, which was promised in January and to this day has not arrived. All this while they are posing as a successful startup company raising even more funds. The are selling their printer on eBay and Amazon while they cannot deliver product to the people who were promised early access to their 3D printers ! The argument that this is a kickstarter and we would not be whining since this is the risk that we take is ridiculous an everyone knows it. The very fact that we have given them our trust should not be an excuse for them to break their promises and stiff us for our money !!!

    17. Creator VVoltz on July 24

      I asked for a refund about 18 months ago. Please advise when should I get it.
      Thank you.

    18. Creator Eric Gustafson on July 23

      For those looking for a replacement for the now defunct official forums, fellow backer Gianluca Casu, set up a google+ community some time ago, I can assure you that there probably is zero participation in this group from any of the P3D people .. its just Buccy owners trying to help each other out..

    19. Creator J.p. McGinley on July 23

      Am SOOOO glad I opted for refund way back when they actually sent them.

    20. Creator Jon Farmer on July 23

      So sad to see the Community Forum go poof - there was a lot of good information there for new users as well as for those of us silly enough to have gotten a Beta unit - now where am I gonna find the info when I need to rebuild my extruder the next time it jams? Oh wait - it just did...

    21. Creator David Bernhardt on July 22

      Bill, I don't work for Pirate3D, far from it. I'm just well versed in spin and disgusted with the way that Pirate3D has treated its backers.

    22. Creator Lawrence Virgin on July 22

      I agree refunds will never be seen. The date came and went. I gambled and lost. Poor judgement on my part.

    23. Creator Eric Gustafson on July 22

      For what its worth it looks like the official pirate3d forums have goon poof! too..

    24. Creator Kevin Chow on July 22

      To be fair, this is a really bad PR move. When you have over a thousand people waiting for your update, don't say things like "We are not going to reply any questions on kickstarter anymore."

      You need to work on your wording, you should have say "Hey guys, we are trying to improve our communication now. In order to do that, it would be great if you guys can submit your questions over there so we can answer it in timely manner. We will still monitor kickstarter community in a bi-weekly basis."

      Just my 2 cent and try to help :D, if you are too busy, try ask one of your backer to be your community organizer. Relay all message through this guy, instead of throwing grenades to people.

    25. Creator John Lee on July 22

      Has anyone received their refund? I know they made up a list and timeline, but has anyone actually gotten it?

    26. Creator Thiago Montenegro on July 22

      Aaron Lin: I would like to join if you consider international backers too. Thanks

    27. Creator Bill on July 22

      Here is a contact point I think people can call
      Singapore February 2013 - now phone / (+65) 8195-6256

    28. Creator Bill on July 22

      Hi David.
      I am interested to know that while the company has delayed shipping for Kickstarter follower, you have already started selling ONLINE to real customers and they are getting shipped!

      This is what I find really interesting.
      1. Pirate asks to refund us if we want, while he is making the full retail price from non backers.,

      This leaves me to think of a few possibilities.
      1. The price you have set for backers is so low, you are going to lose money to fulfill, as such you low ball us by "giving us the option for a refund", now that you can fulfill normal orders. so you can walk out of this alive .

      2. You do not value us as backers only use us as a digit to get the eyeballs of the millions of dollars and people who believed in you so you can reach escape velocity for the normal folks to support you. We are your early innovators / early majority. and that is the way we are going got be treated..

      I just want to write to clear up what you stand for. Its okay not to reply here so you can HIDE AND CONTROL the MESSAGING...

    29. Creator David Bernhardt on July 22

      Let me translate the latest update from pirate speak... "Even though you guys are correct, we're sick of you badmouthing us on Kickstarter where all of our new potential customers and the tech press can read it, so we're moving to someplace private where we can hide and control the messaging."

    30. Creator stefan danicich on July 22

      @ Stephen Inoue
      the article actually says they've shipped 700 "since January"..
      ..regardless, i'm still waiting for mine as well..

    31. Creator Alexis G. on July 22

      Aaron would like to join

    32. Creator Michal on July 22

      Aaron - would like to join you too.

    33. Creator Konstantinos Lillis on July 22

      Please update on shipments asap. We need to know the current status, this is what a large number of people are interested. Be respectful to your backers.

    34. Creator Stephen Inoue on July 22

      From the Vulcan article Pirate 3D had only shipped a total of 700 units, and I'm assuming they weren't all to backers, but new sales too.

      As backer 2.169 who was in the 2nd batch scheduled for Feb 2014 I really would like some transparency around your fulfillment schedule and who is getting printers. I'm guessing it'll be 2016 before we see anything or you quit.

    35. Creator phil watt on July 21

      @ amazon price of $999 we will never get our refunds. There's no way anyone would be so stupid to put that much out for a toy that at best makes cheap toys. Sales = refunds, remember . What a joke.

    36. Creator Branimir Tomić on July 21

      Aaron, I'd like to join...

    37. Creator David Tsang on July 20

      Hi I would like to update my address as I am about to move. How can I do this?

    38. Creator Jarrett dunn on July 20

      To busy to lie to us some more? Two years and I'm still holding out some slim glimmer of hope.

    39. Creator Andrew Ogier on July 17

      Aaron, I'd like to join too.

      In the mean time, I've seen some product listings on Amazon.………

      I think it's time we let the public know about what they can expect if they buy products from this company.

    40. Creator Carles Oriol on July 17

      Aaron. I'd like to join. How can I contact you?

    41. Creator Aaron Lin on July 15

      Today mark's the date of 2 years and 15 days. No refunds, no product, no response anymore.
      I am preparing a case with some backers, please let me know if you want to join us.

    42. Creator Ryan Carroll on July 15

      It's been a while and I have since moved (twice). I would like to update my address so that a unit, should it be shipped, will reach the appropriate location. Thank you.

    43. Creator Nick F. on July 13

      Read it! They just posted it to their Facebook. As I said before these guys are still at it and working hard.

    44. Creator Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on July 13

      These guys are at least trying to sort this out. We guys are actually lucky to have communication at least as I backed other projects and had to file with, "";. Even though I'm still pissed about the refunds I'm glad they are at least delivering their printers.

    45. Creator Tealus on July 11

      I got and use my printer. So far I'm happy. There are a few annoyances. Like no power switch, you can not turn it off except by unplugging the power.

      Of course, it would be nice if they update their app's settings to allow for temp changes so I can use filaments that they don't carry (such as wood filaments).

    46. Creator Doug Houseman on July 11

      It took SeeMeCNC exactly 3 days to deliver my 3-D printer to my door. My Rostock MAX v2 is in the house!

    47. Creator Phil Harvey on July 8

      Well got a big box delievered to my door last night, not had time to unpack it, but is my printer.

      Finally is here.

    48. Creator Doug Houseman on July 7

      I finally gave up on P3D - Ordered a Rostock MAX v2 today.

      If I ever get anything from P3D I will be pleasantly surprised, but for now, I have given up on them.

    49. Creator V Sanford on July 6

      So all the remaining refunds are promised to be fulfilled this month...

    50. Creator Domenico Taddei on July 6

      @Brendan: any chance to have un update with foreseen delivery date?

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