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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Anergy Laser Shootout 5 days ago

      I didn't get my printer either... I guess next time we ought to be more careful when backing tech stuff...

    2. phil watt 5 days ago

      Still waiting....

    3. phil watt on October 17

      Here's your ignore button, use it whenever you want
      ! Ignore. !

    4. Missing avatar

      Markus Pech on October 15

      I would trade in my first-born son for an ignore function. Seriously, can someone please moderate this? I'm coming back here from time to time and always there's a harsh and offending comment from Mr Watts to find.
      What do you expect? That the Internet-God will read that, fly to Singapur and get you a printer? Or your local sheriff? Or kickstarter? Or that the guys from pirate3d think "Well, that's a nice person, let's put him on the first place in our list!"? Please, fiel free to file a case, if it's so important to you. But don't waste anymore space with those accusations. Thanks.
      I'll just wait, what happens next on pirate3d 'sind side. They weren' t alle to run a business on their own by now, let's see, if they have learned something during the last months and years. Cheers!

    5. phil watt on October 15

      Ship our printers, thieves

    6. phil watt on October 13

      Give the more money?? What?
      Ship the parts that you stole from our inventory, using the shipping money that we already paid and I'll build it myself.

    7. Alexis G. on October 12

      Honestly at this point you need to get some type of loan or something - and just get it done... or figure out at way to get me a refund, kinda tired of your promises, and when I say promises I mean excuses. It's like working with a bunch of toddlers, I don't know how much more we can just hang tight with nothing. All you do is show off things you are trying to sell to other people so that we could possibly get our printer. Shoot give us an IKEA style printer and throw in a PDF for us to assemble... cause this is just getting dumb.

    8. Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on October 11

      I sent them a message about just paying for the parts and having them build it and think others should too as an option. I really think this would probably be the best thing to do at this point or just keep waiting a year...two or more??.

      Can we get an update Buccaneer? Let's get the ball rolling and if it works out I think it would help spread the business further so others can be interesting in buying too.

    9. phil watt on October 9

      Throw my parts in a box, I'll put it together

    10. Missing avatar

      Trevor Ruhl on October 8

      So you disappear for years with my money and now you asking for more? You didn't even make the offer to send the filament I ordered. You haven't made an effort to communicate in a long time. All trust is lost and frankly my trust in crowd funding has been damaged and that is very unfortunate.

    11. phil watt on October 7

      Quite good at creative writing but liar liar pants on fire... they used our assets to develop and sell another model printer . Fraud.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kelly Osmak on October 7

      I am backer 3099 and probably will be able to print my coffin by time I get my printer in hand !! Thus I would entertain kicking in some cash in order to at least salvage something from this fiasco and get a printer sooner than later

    13. Mercedes (Mandy)
      on October 7

      Because of this experience, I'm now very hesitant to back projects that are a bit more costly. That was a lot of money we pledged. I hope you can refund us or send us a printer. Our money should have gone towards making printers for us and for future sales...but it looks like our money went elsewhere...

    14. Dale Craven on October 7

      So has anyone of the backers actually received a printer fulfillment or a refund in the past 6 months?

    15. phil watt on October 7

      I'd take anything at this point. Parts, refund, anything just to end this nightmare

    16. Missing avatar

      Romain Gaasch on October 7

      I would like to join Saul&Katie&Samuel's proposal, makes sense.

    17. BMWermers on October 7

      I second that. If I could pay for just parts, I might be interested in paying that just to get my printer and be done with this.

    18. Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on October 7

      How much does it cost to build one? If we pay for the supplies wouldn't it be easier to do it this way? At this point I don't mind paying a bit more just to finally have it. Let us know guys if this is a option.

    19. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Virgin on October 7

      June 29, 2013 I backed. I wonder if I could get a loan interest free that long. I read the TechCrunch article and it's a good read. Suing does little if they have nothing. Unsure if they can even save face, if so I believe it will take about 4 years. I'll add to my will my boys get the refund because I'll never see it. Worse is I have emails stating I'll get a refunded very soon ... few years ago.

    20. phil watt on October 7

      You didn't start with 0 dollars. You took our inventory

    21. Paul Gillary on October 7

      Most of us think we are still unlikely to receive our printers but I'm really pleased you guys are not giving up. You will of course have to sell 35,200 printers to fullfil your latest objective. At around $300 each you are looking at approximately 10million in sales. That is a bigger target than the original Kickstarter campaign and could take you years to fullfil. Good luck!

    22. Stijn Tromp on October 7

      You guys are amazing for still trying to get the backers their printers, keep it up!

    23. phil watt on September 30

      Does anyone know how to start a Kickstarter campaign so that we can raise funds to get a lawyer and sue Pirate3d and Kickstarter for fraud?
      They both have assets.
      I'd be in for $10 bucks.

    24. Gustav Brogren on September 30

      Still waiting for a refund!

    25. phil watt on September 30

      Brandon, how's your health?
      Just curious if the voodoo is working. If not, just wait, it will. ..

    26. phil watt on September 28

      They also used our pledge money and shipping money to develop the succaneer +
      And why would it be priced $50 less than the 'legacy'?

    27. Chayne VandeZande
      on September 27

      I'm requesting that you refund my pledge as it seems at this point that you cannot fulfill it, or are unwilling to. Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.
      Terms of use at the time of this campaign are here:

    28. Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on September 26

      Hey guys there selling printers that we never got! What a bunch of thieves. I hope karma gets them they are the worse scum of the earth!

    29. phil watt on September 21

      They were not truthful. They lied. They squandered. I invested in them bringing new technology and they failed and lied.

    30. Missing avatar

      George Borton on September 17

      This is sad. I suspect that it was probably mismanagement that brought this about but that is risk of being an investor. I have backed about 10 kickstarters of various sizes and two (including this one) failed. I know that this could happen going in but was willing to risk the money. However I was not "cheated' by this because I knew I investing in a company, not buying an item, with the promise of a reward for providing backing if all went correctly. Hopefully all other kickstarter users understand that they are doing the same thing.

    31. Missing avatar

      Mario Leone on August 27

      I've spent a lot of money in kickstarters projects in the past, but this one will be my last one. Kickstarters guys are just happy to get a cut of our money and they just dont care about us supporters. Kickstarter? No thanks.

    32. Missing avatar

      Hugo Distefano on August 24

      Hi guys, please I want my refund, I have waiting 2 years...

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris Bradfield on August 18

      Lewis, what went wrong was that you had a bunch of kids with money who didn't know how to manage a business.
      The wiz bangs got ahold of them and before they knew it the money was spent.
      Happens a lot with startups....

    34. James Kathrein Jr on August 18

      Well...I have asked for delivery or a refund almost a year ago...anybody there????

    35. Dag Henrik Bråtane
      on August 11

      The last comment from Pirate3D was January-31-2016: "Hi Backers, Apologies, the audit is taking slightly longer than expected. Should have it done by this week as well as the update". We are still waiting for this update. I understand that there is probably not much money left from the Kickstarter campaign, but we backers deserve to know how things went wrong. Thanks.

    36. Paul Rosenberg
      on August 10

      if anyone comes up with a way of getting any $$ back, count me in. This is the second small printer I kickstarted, the other has also winked out of existance with my $$$... you'd think I'd learn!

    37. Tony D'Alfonso on August 10

      What are our options to recoup funds?

    38. Mintsphere on August 9

      Kinda ugly did not get any printer or money.. gosh my first Pledge though. have a lots of faith before and very excited before.

    39. Charles Fu on August 4

      possible to email to the crooks to at least provide a final update in Kickstarter?
      I'm very sure not everyone has logged in here to read the final words from brandan. Also, it's at least ethical for these people to admit they have ran out of money, and unable to deliver their promises, rather than keeping silent all these years and leave us wondering.

    40. JHCHayward on August 2

      @Marcel - thanks for that; it's good to finally know where we stand. It's been a long three years and it's such a shame. The P3D experience has broken my trust in the crowdfunding model and I'm going to be deleting my Kickstarter and Indiegogo accounts so I don't waste any more hard earned cash on someone's flashy intro video and broken promises.


    41. Missing avatar

      Marcel on August 2

      I had still some faith in P3D after the last update but it was in vain. I contacted Brendan yesterday and got a response from him today:

      "Thanks for writing to me, yes Pirate3D ran out of money in 2015 and has pretty much ceased operations. Unless a miracle happens and we somehow get cash, I think that's pretty much it for P3D, I'm sorry. Warmly, Brendan"

      Of course I'm sad I lost the money but I do believe they did not spend it on profit or personal gains. I guess this is it, this is part of the risk of backing kickstarter projects. Unfortunately this is the second big kickstarter failure I backed so I will only be backing small projects from now on. Lesson learned.

    42. INNOcrave on July 26

      Wow. Did anyone get their printer? Money lost. #Disappointed but they don't care they got their money.

    43. Tobin Weltin on July 24

      Hey everyone, I've been out of the loop for the last two years. I've all but written off my pledge, but I was curious if anyone can give me a summary of what I've missed and who own P3D at this point? I was surprised and a little upset to see they still have a site and list printers for sale.

    44. Ilja Braun on July 24

      Bye bye to my money.

    45. David G. on July 20

      How can we get the name/company of the creditors who have deemed our fulfillment predicated on future sales? This is not some invisible hand at play, if there is a specific creditor who is restricting flow we have a right to know who that creditor is.

    46. Missing avatar

      Josh Darnell on July 19

      The biggest slap in the face was that for the longest time, they sold printers on eBay and Amazon... instead of fulfilling our printers... they seemingly tried leeching more money from more people. The printers were being mass produced at one point and even packaged... Where the heck did things go wrong? Why did Kickstarter not take legal action or force them to talk to us in some way? Can we take legal action against their creditors? After all, this is our money first and foremost. We are owed something. We are like a creditor ourselves.

    47. Charles Fu on July 19

      Some did.
      That was 2 years ago when they first offer refund, and arrogantly mentioned "hope you will produce a better printer"
      I hope they choked on their words. This is pure retribution.

    48. john kelley on July 18

      Has anyone received a refund?

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