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To bring 3D printing technology into everyone's home by building a quality and affordable 3D printer that everyone can enjoy!
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Pirate3D Inc

3,520 backers pledged $1,438,765 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Jeremy Zehr 1 day ago

      Pledge: Batch 2
      Location: Michigan, United States

      Received my printer two weeks ago. Started printing right out of the box without issue. Things were going so well, I ran out of material on day 5. Brendan and the team promptly shipped me the extra spool of material that was supposed to come with my original shipment.

      While waiting for my additional spool of material my main logic board went out on me. After a few quick emails to the team, I also had a new board on the way.

      My new board arrived today. It was installed in 15 minutes. While I was at it, I removed some broken filament without issue. What shocked me the most was how easy the buccaneer is to work on. Even without using the video tutorials I was able to install my new board and remove the broken filament quickly and easily.

      After setting the printer up again in my iOS app (new board means new ssid) and recalibrating, I was back in action. My first print turned out even better than any of the previous prints.

      The wait for my buccaneer was just like yours. Frustrating at times. It was worth the wait. The technical support the Pirate3D team offers from across the globe was refreshing. I wish you all the best. If I can offer any assistance to any of you please let me know.

    2. Creator Nicolai Gjærum 2 days ago

      I've tried Zendesk several times, no response, so I try here.

      As pledger #75, is there a way to see if you got the right address? I'm still hoping you serve the early backers first (FIFO) but that's certainly not the case it seems.

      Best regard,
      Nicolai, backer from Norway

    3. Creator Kevin Barlow 2 days ago

      98 days

    4. Creator Nicolas Morell 2 days ago

      Still waiting...

      Refund! NOW!!

    5. Creator Kieran Billings 2 days ago

      I'm having a little trouble with the machine slicing a sculpt of mine. The sculpt is incredibly small so I scale it up through the app. It prints fine at 100% (which ends up at about 8mm across 4mm high) but when I enlarge it it doesn't slice and I get a failed slice message. I've also scaled the sculpt to a larger size in my sculpting programme but the issue occurs that I can't slice the sculpt first.
      I have a fairly slow computer and my wifi seems to be rather pathetic at night, when I was printing this. Could that be an issue or is there something else I need to do?

    6. Creator phil watt 5 days ago

      70 days.... until this nightmare is over

    7. Creator sejtam 5 days ago

      Where is my refund?

    8. Creator Kevin Barlow 6 days ago

      101 Days 'til my printer arrives

    9. Creator phil watt 6 days ago

      71 days....

    10. Creator mrxak 6 days ago

      Hey, remember that refund you promised me last year? Still waiting.

    11. Creator phil watt 7 days ago

      72 days. I'm counting

    12. Creator David Gray 7 days ago

      @Branden: Did you get your printer sent to you via a distributor? My printer was sent to Digtal3D in New South Wales, Australia who sent it on to me. Your distributor will have filament for sale.

      For those of you in Australia, Wes from Digital3D said they're going to have P3D filament in, in early June (which is good, because I'm almost at the end of my first spool)

    13. Creator Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel 7 days ago

      You know I don't mind waiting, but if you guys actually replied to us and keep us in the loop; ALOT of people would be happier. I'm glad you guys are working hard & I've pledged for other kickstarters and I pretty much gave up on them. As long as you guys talk to us please!

      Thanks for the update

    14. Creator Branden G 7 days ago

      Hey pirate3d

      Asked this in the last update comments but will ask here since I'm not sure where you guys are reading:

      Can you comment on purchasing more supplies.

      Will you be selling more filament on your site?

      Can you recommend filament that we can purchase locally?

      I have a store near me that sells makerbot Pla. Will this be ok In the buccaneer?


    15. Creator Adam Anderson 7 days ago

      Maybe I'm alone here, but I have no idea "where to get at" brendan. I want someone to respond to my inquiries, but no one does in these comments, or in messages. And I have no email to "get at" brendan. So no, brendan, I have no idea how to communicate with you.

    16. Creator Antonis Tilkeridis 7 days ago

      After one year plus there are much better printers on the market so be generous. At least after that long delay add a free filament to the first bakers !!!

    17. Creator Antonis Tilkeridis 7 days ago

      After one year plus there are much better printers on the market so be generous. At least after that long delay add a free filament to the first bakers !!!

    18. Creator javier sanchez 7 days ago


      I'd like to know when you are going to sen me the printer. I've been waiting for much longer time than you initialy estimated. Please, any advance?

    19. Creator Dungeonstone 7 days ago

      So now I am supposed to wait yet another two months before (you claim.. again) that I will get my money back?

    20. Creator Pirate3D Inc 7 days ago

      Hi there backers,

      Brendan here and I am going to give you an update about the company, what we are doing and also our schedules.


      I have prepared this schedule based on the best information I have on hand, I have taken into account both optimistic and conservative scenarios, what we are facing currently, our deals and this is somewhere in between. This is the schedule we can very realistically adhere to.

      Cold Bed: Finish final delivery 31st August 2015

      Heated Bed: Begin deliveries 30th September and finish by 31st December 2015.

      Refunds: Finish by 31st July 2015.

      In Brief

      We have finally come to a (happy) turn around where production and product stability is concerned. Production sits at a stable 10-15 printers a day and we will continue on with this for 2-3 months before attempting a ramp up.

      Fulfilment has long begun and we post mostly on Facebook for those updates and we have finished delivering to quite a few countries and will soon finish up deliveries in Singapore and continue fulfilling worldwide concurrently.


      A small portion of our production is set aside for new sales to keep the lights on. We are aware of our commitments but we need to clock some new revenue for the survival of the company which of course is of paramount importance for us to see our commitments through.

      If you do see our printers being sold somewhere, please do not assume we have forgotten about you, fulfilment occurs in parallel and as much as possible, our backers come first.

      Our Commitment

      We are fully committed to see our fulfilments through for our 2 groups of people, those who are waiting for machines and those who are waiting for refunds. While we wish to see everyone receiving what was promised to them, there will definitely be differences in the time of fulfilment.

      Our primary focus and commitment is to ensure that the printers go out to our backers who have been waiting so long for them.

      Right now we are in the midst of arranging some financing to allow us to speed up production and for R&D for product improvement.


      As mentioned earlier, we are reaching a point of stability and are now qualifying additional suppliers to help us to be more robust operationally. We just bought down materials for 1,000 printers and will receive them in steps so production carries on smoothly.

      In Closing

      We are very sorry for the delays and we manage as best we can. I am very willing to admit, we bit off more than we could chew when we first started this campaign but by and large have become a lot more operationally sturdy.

      While we know we have suffered massive delays, I do hope that our backers will remember the spirit of Kickstarter which is to help bring ideas to life and that the road of startups is an extremely rocky one.

      I am very glad of how far we have come and am immensely grateful for all of you sticking by us through the ups and downs while we sail this ship to safe shores and we stay fully committed to see this through.

      As always, if you need anything or if you want to chat, you know where to get me at.


    21. Creator Lawrence Virgin 7 days ago

      This is a scam and nothing we can do. We will not get a refund. Proof they are in over their heads. My April refund has come and gone. They will not prove me wrong. Money is lost and will no longer back Kickstarter projects. Epic. Fail.

    22. Creator Andrew Mc Kee 7 days ago

      @Pirate3D, is there a distributor that we can order additional P3D proprietary filament from, or unlikely but can you recommend another supplier that's known to work as well as the filament you supply? Thanks in advance!


    23. Creator phil watt 7 days ago

      Refund NOW! !!

    24. Creator Kevin Barlow on May 20

      Printer NOW!!!

    25. Creator Richard J Coldiron on May 19

      I went back and read the first few updates and I find all this even more depressing than before. I would really like my refund.

    26. Creator Antonis Kyriacou on May 19

      @Markus Pech I was also surprised that I wasn't on the list.But this doesn't matter.Its obviously they send the printers.And not everybody say"s it online that they received it.

    27. Creator phil watt on May 19

      You can't print anything with no printer. First get a printer from a reliable company. Not from these drunken thieves.

    28. Creator Nicolas Morell on May 19

      Refund! NOW!!

    29. Creator Michael Xiang on May 19

      Hey everyone
      Does anyone know how to print from stl file?
      Or is that not possible?
      Thanks in advance!

    30. Creator Markus Pech on May 19

      @Antonis Kyriacou - you weren't on any list they publised in the last weeks, right? Interesting. I'm really a patient guy, but the lack on information is really a problem.

    31. Creator Antonis Kyriacou on May 19

      Greetings to everybody.I have received mine today.
      I am very happy that it's printing on PLA because it's not toxic.
      I quietly waited like everybody else and it arrived.
      I printed a small duck for my children without any problem.
      Of course I paid taxes like anything else you import from any other country that"a how it goes.

    32. Creator Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on May 19

      I would contact there distributors and tell them not to do business with them. I've been tracking there logins for the past few days on here and they choose to ignore us. They've been updating there facebook the past few days. They have the time to do that and yet can't even find time to answer our questions!!!

      Digital 3D
      02 8458 3369
      246 Pacific Highway
      Crows Nest, NSW 2065
      - See more at:

      Shengzhou Imadel Trading Co.,Ltd
      No.31 Quzhongyuan Road,Economic Development area
      Shengzhou, Zhejiang
      Postal code: 312400
      Contact: Jason Zhu
      Phone number: 0086-575-83028199
      - See more at:

      品測科技股份有限公司 QTS corporation
      TEL: +886-3-6571648
      Fax : +886-2-81926187
      No.99, Xianzheng 11th St., Zhubei City,
      Hsinchu County 30251, Taiwan
      E-mail :
      Website :
      - See more at:

      Antwerpsestraat 199, B-2640 Mortsel
      Tel. +32(0)496 02 80 10
      BTW: BE0554.765.962
      - See more at:

      PLAStar3D Printing
      Address: 30/33 Soi Prachasonti Dindaeng,
      Bangkok, 10400
      Phone: +6686-060-3322 or +6682-971-9966
      - See more at:

      miniFAB Technology Ltd.
      Contact: Ahmet Tutuş
      Phone: +90 532 706 5175
      - See more at:

    33. Creator David Modisette on May 19

      The delays are getting absolutely ridiculous! I know my patience is at an end.

    34. Creator John Lee on May 19

      Still no refund

    35. Creator Quang Luong on May 19

      I am asking to change to Cold Bed, and no one response to my message. I am demand my printer now!

    36. Creator Dungeonstone on May 19

      Refund.... Still Waiting....

    37. Creator phil watt on May 18

      Refund NOW! !!

    38. Creator phil watt on May 18

      Now I'm starting to wonder if one of the Singapore investors has taken these guys out and no one has found the bodies yet. Or they got so drunk they can't remember who they are. I'm thinking I could start a Kickstarter campaign to turn this into a tragic comedy thriller who done it And take backers money smoking big splif in Jamaica mon. If they were on my continent I'd figure out how to "bump" into them.

    39. Creator Adam Anderson on May 18

      So I'm starting to want a refund. EIther provide me with a ship date or give me one, at this point. When I said I'd stay on and back you guys, I didn't know it would be ANOTHER 6 months and I still haven't heard ANYTHING about my printer. To say this is incompetence is putting it mildly.

    40. Creator James Kathrein Jr on May 18

      How do we change our shipping address again. I am relocating.

    41. Creator Nicolas Morell on May 18

      Refund! NOW!!

    42. Creator Kevin Barlow on May 17

      Printer NOW!!!

    43. Creator sejtam on May 16

      Where is our refund?

    44. Creator phil watt on May 16

      Refund NOW! !!

    45. Creator Andrew Mc Kee on May 15

      @David Gray, 2nd that! I'm running a large print that's nearly finished I started at 22:00 on Thursday, prob be 29hrs in total by the time it's complete but I'm near the end of the 400g spoil. Has anyone used another filament on the market with the same printing properties as the P3D supplied filament because I need to order more

    46. Creator David Gray on May 15

      I can confirm that white filament is brittle-ish. It's heading towards winter in Australia, and my room can get pretty chilly during the day when the heater is off. Sat down one night to start a print and heard a "TICK!". Turns out the filament had broken on the spool, so I just pulled that section off, reloaded the filament and all was good.

      Now whenever I print, I pre-heat the room (which isn't that big) with my little heater, then print with the door closed, either with the heater still on, or I toggle it on / off throughout the process

      But next time around (I'm down to my last 1/4 of a roll) I'll get another colour and see how that goes for me.

      On a similar note, has anyone tried using other non-P3D spools of plastic (e.g. other brands, or even other types of plastic that still fall within the PLA melting zone)?

    47. Creator Andrew Mc Kee on May 15

      @Gareth Lockett, what colour filament are you using? I've heard of people complaining that white is brittle, however I received white and haven't had any probs in that respect. I can only suggest it maybe an environmental cause, I print in a closed room, after first layer prints I cover the front opening, the room is cool (not much above 10 degrees Celsius, I print at 200um and select 'add support' tab. I did encounter first layer curling couple nights ago so I aborted print, used glue-stick to freshen up bed adhesion & re-calibrated, printed fine then. Regarding filament jam, if you haven't stripped down your extruder before I've post picture instruction on the Google+ group with torque settings for reassembly. Hope you get it sorted bud :)

    48. Creator Robert Lee on May 15

      Waiting for refund update.

    49. Creator Gareth Lockett on May 15

      Good god! Been trying for over a week to get even a small test print out and every single one has failed. Had several filament breakages, re-calibrated many, many times and now the damn extruder seems jammed - even the early printer from a year ago didn't have this many problems. Starting to wish I'd never backed this project! :(

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