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A new science fiction anthology taking place in the trenches of a bloody galactic civil war.

Im here on kickstarter to raise funds to help publish my first book. Writiing is my passion and i like to think i have talent, or so i have been told. I write science fiction, fantasy, and crime drama, but this time around i plan to self publish one of many science fiction pieces i have written. The money raised here will go towards one of many publishing packages presented to me by a self publishing company, or   . It was my choice to self publish because i know how hard it is to get a book contract without any previous work. Self publishing just seems like the right way to go.

The story or stories take place several hundred years in the future. Humanity has moved to a new galaxy and terra formed many planets. A resistance movement soon grows against the (GSG) the Galactic Sovereign Government. This results in a galactic wide civil war primarily between the GSG from the core worlds and the rebel colonists from the outter worlds. A super soldier project is launched by the GSG and soon backfires when the super soldiers(Genas- Genetically Augmented Soldiers) join the side of the resistance. This book is a more realistic telling of a sci-fi universe at war.

The story is written in anthology form giving you a varied view of the conflict. The story ranges from bloody muddy trenches, to a galactic news room. From the point of view of a dictorial government to a resistance movement fighting for freedom, you will be immersed in the conflict. Any questions directed towards the book feel free to ask me.

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The only obstacle I can encounter on this project is me. Finishing and submitting my work to my self publisher are what will delay this project. But i assure you I am very dedicated to this project and seeing it complete. I am very near completion now and seeing the final product will inspire me that much more for future work.


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    The Gena You are a genetically altered soldier and take no prisoners. You will receive a free copy of book, potser, a shout out in the back of the book, and free copies of future books by yours trully.

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    The Furor.You rule above all in the core worlds and will receive all of the above mentioned and a option in which book I release next.

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