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This Brilliant collector is the cleanest, most dog-friendly and last dog poop collector you will ever buy!
This Brilliant collector is the cleanest, most dog-friendly and last dog poop collector you will ever buy!
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Backers update - 23.9.17

Posted by Gideon Hazan (Creator)

Dear backers,  

First and most important, we would like to thank you for your continuous support.  We know that you’ve been waiting for an update for quite some time.

Our team has put a lot of efforts and made significant progress over the past three months and we are happy to announce that the development stage is now complete.

Following are some of the improvements implemented in the new clips and bags:

- New intuitive bag attachment design

- Enhanced release mechanism which is much easier to use

- Orientations and tactile markings for the visually impaired (to prevent wrong use)

- A sturdy yet soft grip that is more comfortable to both dogs and their parents 

- New high-quality materials for the reusable clip to maximize durability

- Recycled material for the disposable bag

We are happy to share an exclusive peek into the new version of the product: 


 Another important thing - 

Over the past few months we have witnessed an increasing number of Piqapoo lookalikes. These knockoffs, which have been shamelessly using our name and logo, are available for purchase on various internet sites, including eBay and Amazon. 

These items show definite resemblance to our product on the outside. However, after purchasing and testing quite a few of them ourselves, we can say with certainty that none of them work, thus do not offer any real alternative to the problem we are trying to solve. 

As our product has been developed carefully in cooperation with veterinarians and dog trainers. We’ve given a lot of thought to every little detail of the product for the benefit of the dogs and their parents. These copycats were developed in no-time, based solely on pictures and videos of Piqapoo which were published online.

We have been too busy working on the development of our product and haven’t had time to deal with these offenders. 

As we come closer to our official launch, we intend to take action and get these Piqapoo lookalikes off the online stores which they sell in. 

One last thing – As part of our preparation for mass production, we are working on new branding for the product with a matching Trademark. 

Over the next few weeks we intend to send a follow up announcement which will include our new product brand name and the final launch date. 

Again, we would like to say how much we appreciate your continuous support and feedback throughout the campaign. 

 Feel free to contact us directly through Facebook or at 

Stay tuned! 

Piqapoo Team 

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