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Help us KickStart the Brewery! We are two brewers with a dream of bringing to life the WORLD'S GREATEST BREWERY! (well, it'll be pretty darn good!)

We passed the $30,000 GOAL!!!! Thank you all soooo much! That doesn't mean the work is over yet. Every dollar passed the $30k mark is going to make a huge difference in getting Pipeworks off the ground. You still have about a week to contribute towards our cause if you believe in us. Don't forget that for every donation of $25 and above you'll get a coupon for 50% off your first purchase from our bottle shop (on purchases up to $100)!

Okay, here's the skinny:

- We need some $$$ so we can finally start brewing at a commercial level, meaning there will finally be beer for you to try!
- Kickstarter allows people with great ideas a chance to execute them with help from supporters like you, i.e. a small donation.
- Kickstarter will only charge your card and disburse the money to us if we reach the $30,000 goal by the deadline.
- If we can reach $30,000 by New Years Eve, another backer has come forward saying they will then donate matching funds which will allow us to actually move into our own brewing space!!!
- Also, it's quick and easy:

STEP ONE: Sign into Kickstarter - just need an e-mail and create a password, that's it
STEP TWO: Sign into Amazon (if you already have an account you're good to go)
STEP THREE: Kick us $5 or more and your card will only get charged once we reach that $30,000 goal!


"My last beer of the day was Abduction, by a brand-new local brewer called Pipeworks. They aren't strictly speaking in business yet—they're looking at a couple locations in Garfield Park, and hope to be selling beer in six to nine months—but they clearly already know what they're doing. Abduction has a long, complex profile that covers an amazing range of the flavors that a stout can have: hoppy and sweet up front, toasty and molasses-rich in the finish, with a tangle of notes in between that remind me of honey roasted peanuts, burnt toffee, and Kansas City barbecue. Look out for Pipeworks!"
- Philip Montoro Chicago Reader

We need your help to KickStart the Brewery!

We are artists with a dream. We aren't doing this project to become wildly rich (which brewers usually are not). We are doing this because we can't imagine doing anything else with our lives. We take this venutre very seriously as both brewers and business savy go getters. We understand that it is one thing to have a dream and another to have the pieces in place to execute it. Over the past two years of serious planning we are confident that we have both the brewing expertise and good business sense to not just reach for our dream but make it a sucess.

What are we doing?

- Opening a microbrewery in Chicago, IL

Pipeworks’ ultimate goal is to stay true to our home-brewing roots by producing unique, small batch, handcrafted ales and lagers. Small batch brewing allows for more freedom to experiment, providing for an ever-evolving product range rather than a fixed seasonal schedule. Examples include the hefty barrel aged 13%ABV Imperial Stout “Abduction,” previewed at Goose Island’s Stout Fest 2010, and Pipeworks’ unique take on an IPA "Glaucus," brewed with Belgian yeast, coriander, citrus peel, and Szechuan peppercorns.

We will never shy away from using non-traditional ingredients. In fact, that’s pretty much the mainstay of our brewing! Expect plenty of things aged in unique barrels, including sour beers that will spend as much as 3 years in the barrel getting funky.

What do we need money for?

BREAKING NEWS!!! Turns out, we've had a few people come forward who will match the KickStart funds provided that we can reach the $30,000 goal here by New Years Eve! If we do that then we'll have enough startup capital to move into our own space with our own brewhouse and finally start our production brewery!!! This means Pipeworks beer on the shelves for you to ENJOY! This is really a remarkable development and to say we are excited about it is quite the understatement. Remember, even $5 donations help!

We can't wait to start brewing so you can finally have a taste of our hard work, but we need some start-up funds to do it first. With help from you we can finally move our vision from dream to reality! Check out the links section below to see previews of our beers!

What Pipeworks will be...

Our ideal space will encompass either a tasting room or small brewpub type area featuring real BBQ (yes, that means smoked long cooking) and other goodies! Think small but airy, a relaxed spot to enjoy the city and Pipeworks brew. This will of course include a bottle shop for you to take home your favorite Pipeworks beer or a growler of some of our more sessionable stuff.

We love Chicago. We are city boys and we know what it means to be part of a large densely populate area where one's actions can have a very immediate effect on the community. One thing we are both very passionate about is helping creative people like ourselves that don't have the means to promote their talents in the city. Since Beejay's a painter and Gerrit's a musician, we plan on dedicating a space in the brewery to act as both a studio space for artists and practice space for local area bands that can't afford one otherwise.


Fun things your should CLICK

Visit our FACEBOOK Page! Become a FAN and share our project!

Check out our beers, label art and future releases at:

Click Here to see our Earth Day Dinner with City Provisions on FACEBOOK
or Click Here to see the Earth Day Dinner album at PhotoBucket

Here's an interview we did with Brian at The Outsiders Almanac. Very cool site and blog!

Check out the original Buckets to Barrels blog of our Belgian Adventures! Start at bottom and scroll up.


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    A snazzy Pipeworks Sticker mailed to you in an envelope! Feel free to put it on your bumper or in the stall of your favorite bar. (J/K we don't endorse vandalism)

  • Pledge $10 or more
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    89 backers Limited (1911 left of 2000)

    Any person who pledges $10 OR MORE will receive an invitation to a private tasting / brewery tour! Of course everyone wants to taste what this is actually all about! We love to have parties!

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    Surprise! We've been waiting for... right now! to tell you that anyone who pledges $25 or more will receive 50% on your first purchase at our bottle shop on purchases up to $100! What!?!? That's crazy you say! Well, we want you to drink large quantities of our beer! (Of course we'll still include the key-chain/sticker. No need to switch to this backer reward if you've already picked the other $25 reward. Anyone who donates $25 or more will receive this coupon. Coupon will be hand numbered and include commemorative Pipeworks artwork so you can keep it, frame it, hang it from your review mirror)

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    A KickAss KickStarter Key-Chain Pipeworks Bottle Opener! Fashionable and FUNctional too! (plus we'll send you that sticker from above)

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    Your choice of one of our famous "Pipe Brew Drink" T-shirts.... (you pick the size and color), OR one of our laboratory-designed scientifically-proven taste-enhancing Pipeworks Glasses (not really, but it is a very nice glass though!) (plus we'll send you the Pipeworks Sticker)

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    Now added to the $100 & above level: You'll permanently have the ability to get first dibs on bottle releases. This means we'll give you the first chance to reserve limited bottles (or general releases if you don't want to worry about them selling out). A contribution at this level places you on our 'We <3 U list!

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    The Sticker, Bottle Opener, "Pipe Brew Drink" T-shirt + Pipeworks Tasting Glass

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    Same as the $100 reward + a nifty Pipeworks Hat, extra Tasting Glass and Printed Label Art Poster of your choosing!

  • Pledge $250 or more
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    Same as $100 reward + a nifty Pipeworks Hat extra tasting glass and... YOUR INVITED TO THE BEST DINNER EVER! Hard to describe in words. Check out photos of our Earth Day Dinner with City Provisions to get a taste! under our photo albums or click on the hyperlink under our links section at the bottom of this page. (If you can't make the dinner I'm sure we can find alternate ways to make you happy) [we're moving the Beer Dinner to the $250 reward! ] (if you've already chosen the other $250 reward you can switch to this by clicking 'manage your pledge' or you can keep your original reward choice) + there's more... you'll get put on an exclusive 'Pipeworks Tasting Panel' list that invites you to the brewer to help us develop our beers. You can help us retool test batches and put in your valuable input, as well as coming in for a samples of the finished product before anyone else!

  • Pledge $500 or more
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    Same as $250 reward + 2 more tasting glasses and an extra seat to the Beer Dinner (so 2 seats for the Dinner and 4 tasting glasses total, + sticker, bottle opener, T-shirt)

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    Oops! The $1000 reward is supposed to say "Same as $500 level" not "$250" and we'll bump the dinner seats up to 4 total for this reward! + Pipeworks Wrench Tap Handle and you can have your likeness on the label a batch of 13%abv Abduction Imperial Stout ! (you can switch to this reward if you've chosen the other $1000 reward by clicking 'manage your pledge'

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    Same as $250 level + 2 more tasting glasses to round out the set, another seat at the awesome beer pairing dinner, as well as a Pipeworks Wrench Tap Handle, and maybe if you so desire we'll stick your likeness on the label of an edition of our Abduction 13% Imperial Stout (See Label Art Link).

  • Pledge $2,500 or more
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    Same as $1000 level, except instead of having just your likeness on Abduction, we'll invite you to create a beer with us from the ground up that will go into production. This includes creating the recipe with you, as well as the name and label art, which can of course be a glorious tribute to your generous donation!

  • Pledge $10,000 or more
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    Here's the grand daddy treat for the most philanthropic effort: We'll take you to BELGIUM! You'll get to relive the beginning days of Pipeworks! We'll take you to where it all started, a tour of Belgium and probably a stop in the Netherlands. Not only will you visit and experience the most holy of brewing sites (Westvleteren, Cantillon, De Struise, The Kulminator, etc...), but if we're lucky you'll get to be a part of a collaboration brew with one, or more, of our European brewing friends! Oh yea, we'll throw all that other stuff in there too, probably by the case (glasses, shirts, hats, key chains, dinner, tap handle, and maybe if there is room a sticker or two).

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