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Students at Leadership High School are going to paint their 2nd mural! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 15, 2013.

Students at Leadership High School are going to paint their 2nd mural!

About this project

Week Without Walls is a fun and unique week at Leadership High School in San Francisco. Instead of regular class, students work outside of the classroom on 1 project all week long. This project offers them the opportunity to work with 2 professional artists (Kate, their art teacher & Yescka, a street artist from Oaxaca MX)  to paint a huge mural on the school's campus. Last year Kate & Yescka collaborated with students to create an incredible mural featured in the URL link below. Ever since, students have been asking when they can unite again to paint another beautiful piece. Throughout the week, the students learn the process of making a mural as well as history about how murals and street art have been tools for social resistance and change. Yescka shares with the students about his experience in 2007 when the government attacked protesting teachers and his continued dedication to using art to fight on behalf of the people in Oaxaca. Kate's been working throughout the school-year to teach students more mural & stencil skills so they are ready to make something super special during this year's Week without Walls in April. Kate & Yescka have painted together on

many projects over the last 6 years, so are excited to team up with Leadership students once again. We need your support to cover the cost of materials (spray paint, masks, gloves, paper, tape, X-acto knives), food and snacks for the kids while they are working/painting (creativity makes teenagers very hungry) & Yescka's travel. On behalf of the 30 teens who are chomping at the mural-painting bit, we'll thank you ahead of time for supporting young people to make their schoolyard a vibrant place where they love to spent time.  

Risks and challenges

Painting a mural in just one week is always a challenge but if we don't complete the mural, Kate and her students can work on the followings weekends until the mural is done. The only significant factor that might delay the project would be heavy rain, but April is a pretty dependable time in SF for clear skies. In the event that rain significantly delayed painting outside, we'll work on small sections that we'll tent each day to prevent the wall from getting wet....and then just finish on sunny Saturdays the following few weeks.

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    A daily photo update of the mural while it's in progress beginning with the power-sanding of the'll be like you are practically there! Just watch Kate's FB page for album updates.

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    A handmade thank-you note from one of the student artists letting you know about their experience participating in the project.

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    An invitation to come celebrate with the artists on the day they complete the mural. See the final product in person and meet the student-artists!

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    A signed photo of the mural & artists that you can hang in your spot to remind you how awesome you are for supporting kids paint something they are proud of.

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