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Jesh is a 4 player action/platformer that mixes a fun, familiar formula, and innovative twists for a comical experience. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 22, 2012.

Jesh is a 4 player action/platformer that mixes a fun, familiar formula, and innovative twists for a comical experience.

About this project

We've hit our goal! Thank you so much to everyone that donated, we really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the prototype and end product when they become available!

We'll be continuing to spread the word about the Kickstarter for the remaining 21 days and have some plans in mind for when we reach certain milestones above $1,000, so stay tuned and tell everyone you know! Any funding over the $1k goal just goes right into the game, so the more we're able to raise, the better we can make the game!




Jesh is a 1-4 player action/platformer game. It is independently developed, and aiming for a release on the PC. Our goal is to create a high quality, professional prototype to use as part of a greater pitch towards funding a finished, retail product. 

The game features a wild cartoonish style, everything being hand drawn to give the look of a slapstick cartoon. Jesh takes familiar staples of the action and platformer genres, and mixes them together with some unique and comical spins, to create a humorous and action-packed experience.

In Jesh, the players embark on a destructive journey to punch the face off of everyone between them, and the White House. All in an effort to crown themselves Ultimate Champion of the Americas ! It's a slapstick, cartoonishly violent romp around the country, where players will beat the crap out of each other, and everyone in their way, in an effort to collect bacon, steak, paperclips, and anything else they so desire.

Jesh is being developed by two key members. First is the lead designer, Joe Modzeleski. Joe is responsible for all of the design, layout, and planning of the game's mechanics, levels, enemies, encounters, and experiences. Joe is also the only artist working on the game, using a handrawn cartoon style to give the game a unique look. 

While Joe has no retail video game experience, he does have a developed and analytic approach to studying and pinpointing design elements and ideals within video games. Never content with just enjoying a game, he has to delve deeper. Study the level design, study the balance, study the encounter design. Why does he enjoy it ? What makes this part memorable and this part mundane ?

Our second member is equally important. In an effort to make Jesh not only a great idea, but a great game, we have sought to contract professional help in putting together the code for the game. The current build of the prototype was just not up to snuff, and it was made clear we needed professional talent to make this game as great as it could be. This also made the project alot more expensive than previously expected.

Lastly, although not an official member of the team, our music is being supplied by Composition Major Kevin Stobbe. A talented student with a great ear and excellent composition skills. His music gives Jesh a definite style.

Backers can expect to see regularly updated progress on the game via the game's blog at once the project kicks off. 

The independent game's industry is a hotbed of innovation and unique ideas. It's a small-time, high investment and high risk industry where great concepts and fun gameplay overweigh mass marketing and safe development. Jesh stands strong amongst the ideals that make independent games so fresh. Jesh is a strong, comical, and innovative spin on some of the best multiplayer action games of yesteryear. Combined with modern gaming conveniences like network play, leaderboards, and post-release developer support, Jesh has the potential to be a fun, outstanding hit. 

All we need is a little help getting it out the door.


What's the game like?

Jesh is a 1-4 Player Action/Platformer where players embark on a quest to punch the face off of every person between them and the White House, all in an effort to crown themselves the Ultimate Champion of the Americas! Jesh is based around fast paced, slapstick action, and comical humor. The players will compete against each other on a level-by-level basis, beating up civilians, fighting off increasingly difficult resistance, ramping up from local police officers, to military units, and even giant boss encounters. All the while collecting Power-ups to add variables to the combat, and even the dreaded Not-Power-ups designed to level the playing field and keep the players on their toes.

     In Jesh, slapstick cartoon violence, and comedy are key. In the world of Jesh, every encounter is designed to be fun and comical. As such, penalty is not a major part of Jesh. While players can die during obstacles and encounters within the game, they have an infinite supply of lives, and will respawn upon death, taking only a score penalty. In Jesh, everything is comical, and so death should be too! Players who are looking for a challenge can seek to topple the High Score Par set on every level in the game. Each High Score Par is set to a difficult number, causing players to learn the levels inside and out, find every possible way to maximize their score with flawless playthroughs in order to beat these scores. While attempting to topple these scores, players will find that things like Not-Power-Ups and deaths, which were previously non-punishing, are now necessary to avoid in order to reduce score penalties and get a high score ! In short, Jesh is a fast paced, easy to play, comical game for you and your friends, but it also has some depth there for players who are really seeking out to perfect the game and beat its hidden challenges!

Ok, but who is this Jesh guy?

The question has plagued our department since the first handcam footage showed up in our office on J-Day. Jesh appears to be an average young male, but he seems to have immense and limitless strength. Swatting down trees and military armor with little to no effort.

     Nobody knows where Jesh came from. First reports place Jesh in the Midwestern United States. Jesh came in a flash. The good citizens were going about their daily business when, in what seemed to be an instant, the buildings began crumbling around them. One outrageously muscular man was charging through the streets, clobbering and tearing holes through everyone in his path, 

     Civilian casualties were in the tens of thousands within the first hour. Jesh struck so quickly and so efficiently, he had decimated nearly the entire Eastern Coast before we were even alerted to his presence. By the time we were able to organize a military response, roughly 50% of the population had suffered his wrath. All that was left behind was rubble, corpses, and scraps of bacon.

     Jesh is on his way to Washington D.C. He seeks to raise his flag above the White House, and crown himself the Ultimate Champion of the Americas.

And we are helpless to stop him.

What kind of Power-ups are we talking, and what are Not-Power-Ups?

Power-ups give Jesh a boost of strength or a new skill. They range from things like Bacon, which transforms Jesh into a spear-gun wielding Centaur, to Paperclips, which give Jesh the ability to breath fire. These Power-ups make the player into an overpowered clobbering machine for a short period of time, giving them the edge they need to boost their score, or climb ahead of the competition. 

But watch out, amongst the Power-ups are their most evil and dastardly cousin, the Not-Power-ups. Not-Power-ups are designed to be tantalizing. You see something like a flaming t-bone steak and you feel like that's an item worth having right ? Wrong. Boom, now you are a defenseless carton of milk. Shouldn't of grabbed that flaming t-bone. Some of them are downright deceitful, sharing visual similarities to the Power-ups you know and love, trying to trick you into grabbing them. For example, while the paperclip gives you the ability to breath fire, the slightly bent paperclip just gets stuck in your eye and kills you. Watch out for that.

These are designed to add to the random and slapstick humor of the game, and also keep players on their toes in the frantic competitive multiplayer. And on their toes they must be, since everyone's out for personal gain, there will be betrayals aplenty.

Wait, betrayals? How does that work?

Every player has a designated betrayal button. It's context sensitive, meaning that it allows for different types of betrayals at different times, based on location, resources, etc. 

It's your dirty little way of getting an edge. Tripping another player, shoving them down, shooting them with a spear gun, drinking them.

Wait what ?

Let's go back a bit. Remember the flaming t-bone steak ? I know, it's a while back there. Look at the notes you were taking. Find it ? Ok good. If someone grabs that steak and is transformed into a carton of milk, this opens the door for what makes betrayals so devious. Another healthy, non-milked player is able to initiate a betrayal on the unhealthy, milked player. Once initiated, the healthy player will crack open and enjoy a nice refreshing drink of milk, courtesy of the poor jerk who picked up that flaming steak. 

Now wait, you ask, what if I'm milk? Am I to sit there and watch as this rude person consumes me? 

Not at all. This is where betrayal chains come in. Under special circumstances, with the proper timing, players can initiate betrayal chains, until somebody misses their timing window and bits the dust. In this case, players have a small window of opportunity to cause themselves to curdle while being consumed, making the other previously healthy player now sick and dead, and bonus points ! Don't forget bonus points.

What makes Jesh different than some other conceptual games ?

Jesh is the byproduct of alot of time, thought, conceptualizing and planning. Jesh is not something that was conceived overnight. Jesh is a game that started as an idea, and then grew from there for nearly two years of planning and design. As a budding designer, I have taken all the time needed to properly plan out and design the project before approaching it in a professional manner. 

Jesh is the byproduct of an amateur, but dedicated person, combined with the professional, industry experienced aid required to make a successful and consumer-worthy product. We've got one hell of a game here we want to share with you, and we have been trying very hard for a long time to make it happen.

It's also got some pretty kicking music being done by Kevin Stobbe. He's rad as well. I'd link his website but it's under renovations right now. The best I can do is link you to a youtube clip containing PowerTrip, the boss theme from Jesh.

So why should I pledge to Jesh, or to Pinstripe Games in general ?

Because Jesh is rad, and we are rad, and we have rad ideas and high ambitions to give gamers some downright rad games to play.

What if Jesh gets over it's projected funding goal ?

The reality is that Jesh is going to cost more than $1,000 to make. Easily. That was just something to help get it going. If the funding goes above the goal marked here on Kickstarter, just know that it's going that much further towards making this a more refined, content filled game.


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