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$14,410 pledged of $75,000 goal
By Pink Gorilla Games
$14,410 pledged of $75,000 goal

Recent updates

The Future of Level Up

We'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful support and feedback we've received regarding the Level Up project.

While the Kickstarter was not successful, we do fully intend to make Level Up a reality with outside funding sources, so please keep in touch to find out ways you can still be involved in getting the project off the ground in the future.

Please contact or with inquiries about investment opportunities for Level Up.

Thank you all again, and stay tuned! We'll make it happen.

-Pink Gorilla

Concept Design: The Main Bar

Everyone has been wondering what Level Up will actually look like. Well, you asked for it, so here it is!

The image below is an actual concept design for the interior of the lounge, more specifically the main bar area. While this image is still a rough draft, it's pretty darn close to what it will actually look like.

More concept images like this to come.

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Follow Leslie from Pink Gorilla on her adventures through Cat Quest, then share this video with your friends and help make this dream come true!

[view the extended edition here]

More news and updates to come! Stay tuned.

Hey! Want to promote your local business, website, or band?

Did you know you can get YOUR AD running on Level Up's in-house display screen for an ENTIRE YEAR!? All it takes is a pledge at the "Illusionist" Level and you'll get your name on a TV and the chance to reach thousands with your message. Hurry though--This reward is limited!

Do you make or perform music? DJ? Chiptune? Nerdcore?

You may have already guessed that Level Up will be a prime venue for music events, with a sharp focus on the music of gaming culture. Imagine YOU headlining for some of the hottest gaming industry parties and special events in Seattle's top gaming club!

Are you a game developer? Work in the industry?

Seattle is home to some of the greatest game development teams on the planet, and we want to celebrate at Level Up! Treat your staff and your fans to a private industry party, or a debut showcase of your latest and greatest games. The gaming community has never had a more fitting place to party!

Thank you all for your wonderful support so far! Share this link and keep urging friends to join in on building this place together!

-Pink Gorilla

Location Update

We know you've all been curious about the location, and while we can't reveal it publicly yet, we'd like to let you in on some more details, and provide the opportunity for you to find out.

  • First of all, we can tell you where it WON'T be: Level Up will NOT be U-District, International District, West Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, or anywhere else besides Seattle. It will NOT be south of Pink Gorilla's ID location, west of Pink Gorilla West, or north of Pink Gorilla U-District. It will NOT be in Belltown or Pioneer Square.
  • Next, we can't tell everyone yet, but here's how YOU can find out: All backers of $200 or more are eligible to find out the location upon signing a non-disclosure agreement. Contact us in a private message for more details.
  • The location will be revealed to everyone publicly the minute the funding goal is reached. But timing is essential. The faster we reach goal, the faster we can lock in our location.

In other news, we've added another new reward!--Blacksmith Level ($20): At this level, you will get to attend the Level Up groundbreaking ceremony (AKA PIZZA PARTY!), to take place at Level Up before it undergoes remodeling! You'll get a first look at the venue, and a night of food, drinks, music, and gaming, compliments of Pink Gorilla.

Remember to read our FAQ, ask questions, share the Kickstarter link with your social networks, and like PinkGorillaGames on facebook and/or follow @PinkGorillaLLC on Twitter to receive the latest updates.

Thank you again for your continued support!

Newly Added Rewards & More!

We've made some changes to the main page, and added some cool new rewards! Check it out:

* ALL backers of $35 or more, will now receive a Pink Gorilla Lanyard! Perfect to hold your Level Up membership card!

* BARBARIAN LEVEL ($75) will earn you a special PG Hoodie!

* HYDRA LEVEL ($100) will earn you a large high-quality canvas print of any of our wide selection of Pink Gorilla tee deigns, past or present, your choice!

* STORM THE CASTLE LEVEL ($300) will land you a private event at Level Up for you and up to 100 people during the daylight hours. 

* MASON LEVEL has been updated to include a canvas portrait of you above your booth, and a copy for you to take home!

STAY TUNED for more updates, rewards, and COMING SOON...

Remember to read our FAQ, ask questions, share the Kickstarter link with your social networks, and like PinkGorillaGames on facebook and/or follow @PinkGorillaLLC on Twitter to receive the latest updates.

Thank you again for your continued support!