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PINE A64 is the world's first 64-bit expandable Quad Core 1.2Ghz supercomputer, tablet, media center, and more... starting at just $15.
PINE A64 is the world's first 64-bit expandable Quad Core 1.2Ghz supercomputer, tablet, media center, and more... starting at just $15.
PINE A64 is the world's first 64-bit expandable Quad Core 1.2Ghz supercomputer, tablet, media center, and more... starting at just $15.
36,781 backers pledged $1,731,465 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Lord Lethris on July 20

      I got mine. back (about a year ago) there was a survey sent out, and about 1/4 of the backers never filled it out, so a lot of the pledges were not fulfilled.

      The creator gave plenty of warnings, the last warning was on May 3rd, 2016.


      2) Unanswered Orders: There are about 1500+ of the backers that did not process the backerkit survey. You are not receiving any boards because you didn't process the survey... emailing us asking for updates.. well we have non. We've sent more than 10 emails asking to confirm your shipping addresses. If you have not entered address in your survey, PLEASE do so soon here:

    2. Scott Manzo
      on July 12

      I have never received any portion of the reward for my pledge. This has been well over a year. I know I should have said something earlier but I have lost track. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

    3. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Glass on July 3

      If you still have open issues, I would either go post on the forum or go to talk to the community irc channel. (, IRC: #Pine64)

    4. Alexander Wiebe on June 11

      also didn´t get anything :(

    5. Ken on June 10

      I still get nothing of my PINE!�

    6. Mas on June 2

      For all Pine64-related issues, visit the forum at

      or submit a support ticket at

    7. Missing avatar

      Adrien Ferrari on May 29

      Same for me, never received. Why ? The product is currently for sale on their website !

    8. Matthew Deiss on May 23

      never got mine either :(

    9. Zhou Su on May 21

      i never got mine

    10. Missing avatar

      Landon on May 12

      I am still missing half my shit! Nobody responds to email. Wtf.

    11. Glenn P on May 2

      Mine is for sale

    12. toriless on May 1

      No updates for 9 months and orders still not complete plus they are selling them commercially too. Pretty disgusting.

    13. KJT
      on April 25

      I still have not received mine too. How should I contact them?

    14. Matteo De Melgazzi on April 24

      2 case missing for me...

    15. Missing avatar

      Bharath Bhushan Lohray on April 22

      I am still missing my ZWave module.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matt Randolph on April 18

      Still waiting on the add-ons, and at this point I'm thinking I won't ever get them. It's a toss up between this project and the 2 years delayed SmartHalo for the "why I'll never bother with a Kickstarter project again" title.

    17. Jim Stryjecki on April 17

      The people at Pine were very helpful to resolve a problem I had with my board. All works now. Exceptional customer service. Thanks!!!

    18. Poul Jørgensen on April 12

      Any updates from this creator? I only received the board - no IoT-kit, no enclosure, nothing! Come on, is it that hard?

    19. Dominic Wong on April 10

      When i upgraded to android 6 or 7, the icons became so small and buggy that i was unable to use it. netflix or kodi would crash and google play services would also crash. but when i stayed at their lollipop beta version, it there were no such problems...

    20. toriless on April 9

      Truly it is "wise to look somewhere else" as Pine themselves states about their latest rip-off. Spread the word, Pine is lousy company.

    21. toriless on April 9

      Pinebook, launching in February (we did not say which year). Pine continues to deliver 80% bullshit.

    22. toriless on April 9

      @Tom™ - I just use one of my leftovers from switching my phone to smart charger that charges three time as fast as old fashioned static chargers.

    23. toriless on April 9

      Tom - Actually most use transformers and do inversion and filtering instead which is not the same. The frequency is less important since it is all reduced to back ground noise during conversion. This is the simplified explanation. I will not go into gating issues, etc.

    24. toriless on April 9

      @AD - I have had not problems with 1080P only 4K unless HW acceleration is properly set on. What software is being used. Not all software support HW acceleration on some like MX player need to be set with HW on but HW+ off to play correctly. KODI work pretty good as does VLC but neither allow much settings customization but I found KODI does not need them anyway even if it is a bit bloated and try to do to many things in a single piece of software.

    25. Dominic Wong on April 7

      @Tom. Thanks, will try that. My WiFi seem to be acting up recently. It connects for a while, then the signal just drops. My other devices has no problem, so i know its not my router

    26. Adee Tfy on April 7

      I Got mine but it wont change the os Fix this Please.

    27. Stephen Koch on April 3

      I never got the line A64, are you shipping me one? I only got the case without the pine A64...

    28. Missing avatar

      AD on March 31

      The boards been less than stellar and have issues even playing 1080p videos

    29. Ken on March 27

      I'm still waiting the pine64


    30. Russell Sawyer on March 25

      I received my unit ages ago and I'm still loving the little thing. Thank you for doing the job right. So few do.

    31. Mas on March 25

      Sorry, I meant most power supplies automatically switch voltages. The adapter is typically just a 'dumb' unit that allows you to plug it into the mains in whichever country you are in.

    32. Mas on March 25

      @Dominic Wong: most adapters automatically switch voltages, and since yours works most of the time, that doesn't seem to be the issue here. More likely, the supplied power supply doesn't have the amperage to power both the Pine64 and whatever peripherals might be attached to it. Get yourself a 5.1V 2.5A dedicated power supply, like this:

    33. Dominic Wong on March 24

      Hi, I have previously mentioned that I received a US power plug instead of a EU one. I am currently using an adapter but was wondering if it's ok because of the difference between 120V and 240V. I frequently experience my screen going blank and grey

    34. Michael Galassi on March 20

      I'm one of the many people who received a DOA unit. Unfortunately their support won't address this as they have a 30 day warranty. It's interesting that a company which has such a poor track record of timeliness expects their customers to immediately open their systems when they finally shipped. Shame on them.

    35. Kris Pyrz
      on March 12

      Addendum to my previous comment:. Didn't realize I needed to register an account first. Was able to submit a ticket, we'll see where it goes from here.

    36. Kris Pyrz
      on March 12

      Still waiting on my Playbox I ordered as an add on with my initial Kickstarter pledge. Emailed support months ago, never received an answer. Tried their ticketing service, won't allow me to make a new one. Really getting tired of the runaround crap.

    37. Missing avatar

      Matthias Stolt on March 10

      Delivery completed. I just received the last missing parts (z-wave and housing). After asking about the delivery of the missing parts pine support told me they already had a failed delivery attempt. Sadly they missed to inform me about that attempt.
      I am very keen to try out the openHab with the z-wave on the pine. Keep fingers crossed.

    38. Bernd Junker on March 9

      I'm waiting and waiting and waiting ... since ONE YEAR !!! :-(

    39. Missing avatar

      Indra Wahyudi on March 5

      Hi Tom, thank you for your info about the ticketing system of Pine64. It's really helpful!

      I haven't received my Pine A64 due to some reason. It was sent but then returned. I contacted the Pine64 sales team and they promised me to send my computer back. Unfortunately, it never arrives and they stop replying to my emails.

      A couple hours ago, I made new ticket in
      and I got response very shortly after.

      for anyone who needs help, ask the Support team through the ticketing system :)


    40. toriless on March 2

      Anyone getting a PInebook? (snicker)

    41. toriless on March 2

      @The Respectable Darius Von Hinterhelt - I sent them dozens, it takes dozens of e-mails to get them to fix all their errors but I eventually beat them down enough and got my stuff after half a year.

    42. Mas on February 28

      To get Pine64 help, either:
      Visit the forum -
      Or submit a support ticket -

      Emailing the company directly no longer yields good results, they want you to use this ticketing system they've set up. Alternatively drop by the forum.

    43. Missing avatar

      (mo) on February 26

      @Michael Rew
      I have not received anything so far, either a product or an answer

    44. Michael Rew on February 25

      It seems amazing to me how many people don't understand what kickstarter is.....YOU ARE NOT BUYING A FINISHED PRODUCT FROM A COMPANY. There are many problens that come up and I think we have seen quite a few with the Pine 64. The bottom line is that there is no recourse with a failed rollout. It's like buying can win big and you can lose big.

    45. Lord Lethris on February 25

      I received mine when the campaign finished. However, the order arrived wrong. It took over a year to get right. But they did get it right in the end and were very polite about it. So I'm happy.

    46. The Respectable Darius Von Hinterhelt on February 24

      I recieved my pledge, missing power cord so i'm out of luck. Been sitting waiting on a response from them. Plus i never recieved my 2 enclosures. Hmm i have feel for the company, because so many people were angry and made threats. I have not been vocal but have sent 1or 2 email waiting patietly. But now its to the point i am giving up hope.

    47. Daniel Brodén on February 22

      It's sad to see that so many are still waiting on their Pine64. I recieved mine over 6 months ago.
      What's going on, creators?

    48. Jim Moses on February 21

      I never received a Backerkit survey request or my kit.
      Can you help? I just requested a backerkit survey after reading your july 2016 update .. but would have expected some communication coming my way before this..?

    49. Etienne Sévin on February 20

      February the 20th - still waiting for my Pine. Second project I baked on kickstarter, second fail. I'm pissed off.

    50. link270 on February 19, 2017

      Just popping by to say that I love my Pine and use it very frequently for projects and servers!

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