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Restoration of the 1st feature documentary made about (and with) William S. Burroughs unavailable for decades.
Created by

Aaron Brookner

283 backers pledged $21,360 to help bring this project to life.

Burroughs: The Movie directed by Howard Brookner

Dear all,

It's been a few intense months and we are gearing up to show the film to the world. Many events are happening next year for the William Burroughs Centennial. For those of you interested in all things Burroughs, sign up on a site created by William S Burroughs enthusiasts that aims to gather all the events that will happen in 2014. Burroughs: The Movie will play in many events and theatres around the world and we'll also keep you posted (those who pledged for the premiere tickets may be able to select among different cities).

The super limited edition T-Shirts have now arrived! We are getting ready to send them to all our pledgers. Some of you have more than just a T-shirt in the pack you are expecting but we thought it may be nice to send the t-shirts in the meantime to share the joy. And you can wear them with pride, there are not many around the world! 

UK packs are shipping soon, USA will ship in August and the rest of the world we will try and do between now and September. That means most of you will have your t-shirt reward ahead of schedule. Thanks a lot for your support once again.

For those of you who did not pledge for T-Shirts or would like to add more to the collection they will be 40 USD, 30 GBP or 35 Euros + shipping. We have some extra ones to sell until we run out of stock so please get in touch with us on

With our gratitude as always,

Aaron Brookner and team

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    1. Creator Aaron Brookner on July 12, 2013

      Thanks a lot Brett.

    2. Creator Brett Thornton on July 12, 2013

      So glad to see that we'll be receiving the shirts a bit early, can't wait to try them on! Oddly enough I was thinking of this project just yesterday and then I woke up this morning to such an exiting email! I set the Burroughs100 page as my homepage!